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78 eBay Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best eBay Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. The Effectiveness of E-Bay’s New Marketing Strategy: Analysis
    In the case study, e-Bay’s new marketing strategy of diversifying its product offerings and services to suit new customers produced unintended results as the traditional customers were not receptive of the new changes.
  2. Online Retailer EBay.com & Physical Retailer The Home Depot Comparing
    In comparing the two, the organizational structure of the retailers will be discussed, the management challenges facing the two reviewed and lastly suggestions are drawn to assist those wishing to embrace the online method of […]
  3. Customer Value: e-Bay
    The firm offers education to its users and this help in improving the customer’s proficiency in online activities. The company acquired PayPal to help in improving the level of the non-auction services.
  4. EBay Company’s Business Ethics
    Allowing the sale of restricted items online is an insult to lawmakers and the laws they make to protect the society against the harmful effects brought out by continuous use of the restricted items.
  5. EBay Company’s Marketing Managment
    The ability of the consumers to predetermine the prices created a feeling of control among the consumers. The online firm has been successful on the online business because of the knowledge of the needs of […]
  6. Meg Whitman at E-Bay Case
    Meg Whitman collaborated with other employees in E-Bay which enabled the firm to achieve positive performance in the market. She allowed openness in the way the firm interacted with its clients which made them more […]
  7. Meg Whitman’s Experience at eBay, Inc
    Thus, the focus on changing the environment in relation to using the eight-step model can be discussed as more effective in comparison with the usage of the strategies to promote the company’s rapid growth.
  8. eBay 2001: Increasing External Revenues
    The owners use profitability of the company to gauge its performance, employees use the amount of wages that they earn, customers use the prices of the goods, the government considers the tax compliance of the […]
  9. EBay Company in E-business
    The company’s first president was employed in 1996, thus it signaled the evolution of the company into an online e-commerce website.
  10. eBay: Balancing Expansion and Sustainability
    Introducing the modified SOSS platform at the eBay company will ensure the safety and security of clients interested in the company’s product.
  11. Ebay Problem for Marketing Strategy
    The competition is fierce and the legal problems with PayPal and the discussions on the sales tax imposition undermine the market position of the company.
  12. eBay Case Study
    The platform brings together buyers and sellers in such a way that sellers have the opportunity to list their goods for sale and buyers to place their bids for the goods.
  13. Critical Analysis of Commerce Platforms Amazon and e-Bay
    The second step was to prepare a package in which to place the item and the third step was to seal the box and attach the return label at the top of the package.
  14. eBay – The world’s largest e-business
    The internet economy and the company’s business design have fused well to give it the leverage that it needs in the marketplace thereby guaranteeing success.eBay embarked on building a free market and this can be […]
  15. eBay’s Globalization Strategy
    The value chain has been the activities that it has been involved in to ensure that its business is successful. Currently the company has its core competency in its name recognition and the high website […]
  16. Conceptual Review of the eBay Case Study
    Other information that should be included in the case study above is the financial statements of eBay and its strategic partners.
  17. EBay Corporation Internationalization Strategy
    EBay has been successful in online marketplace because of the ability of the company to manage its functionality, safety, and reliability of the trading platform.
  18. Sotheby’s and eBay Collaboration
    On the other hand, eBay will have the right to use classy commodities and purchasers and hence the importance of the collaboration for the two companies.
  19. eBay Strategic Marketing
    The company owes its success to excellent marketing strategies that have enabled it to identify and to satisfy the needs of online buyers and sellers.
  20. Meg Whitman’s Leadership at eBay
    For instance, to promote the company’s steady development, Meg Whitman, the former president and CEO of eBay Inc, initiated transformations that corresponded to the organization’s objectives and market-associated challenges.
  21. EBay’s Market Entry Challenges in Asia
    It is similar to the auction market where bids are presented on the trading ground and the customer with the lowest bid gets the item being sold.

📌 Simple & Easy eBay Essay Titles

  1. EBay Company: Meg Whitman’s Case
    In the presentation, she explained and appreciated how the company was doing and noted that the change leadership was an opportunity for the company to move forward.
  2. Taobao and eBay Companies Differences
    The Taobao has better knowledge of the Chinese market and disruptive technology than the eBay within the Chinese market. The strategy was meant to take advantage of the challenge of smallness to defeat the giant […]
  3. EBay Company International Human Resource Management
    This gives the business the insight of what to find in the market as well as giving the business ideas to use in order to have competitive advantage.
  4. EBay and E-Commerce Business Strategies
    Thus, the company should pursue a market segmentation strategy that allows it to satisfy the needs of both small sellers and corporations.
  5. EBay’s Success Factors, Fee Structure, and Future
    That is how eBay manages to attract high-volume sellers, who can contribute to the company’s success and increase its revenue. If the organization needs more buyers and sellers, that is evident that it has to […]
  6. eBay in Japan, Its Strategic and Cultural Missteps
    Its strategy of purchasing local companies in target countries as a measure of the quick establishment made it thrive in the European and the American markets.
  7. EBay.com’s Managerial Decision and Investment
    Another potential contracting problem of eBay is a buyer failing to abide by the contractual agreement and refusing to pay for the item.
  8. eBay v. Bidder’s Edge: Liability and Accountability
    The means used here is that of deception: in which bidder’s edge pretends to be so philanthropic that it just offers the linking service to other organizations but in the process uses its server to […]
  9. Cyber Attack on eBay Company: the Summer of 2014
    Thus, one of the most famous cases in the world, which related to the hacking of important information, was the attack on the database of the world-famous online store eBay.
  10. Amazon and eBay E-Business Applications Development
    In spite of the fact that Amazon.com and eBay.com have similarities in the development within the e-Commerce context, it is important to focus on differences in the business models followed by the websites, in payment […]
  11. Ebay.com: Research and Analysis
    He can also choose to offer the item on the “Buy It Now” option. Finally, the listing ends, and the buyer with the highest bid buys the item.
  12. Meg Whitman’s 8-Step Change at eBay
    One of the examples of the use of Step 2 is Whitman’s desire to work with Omidyar. The CEO managed to convince employees that the company was evolving and it needed to change the strategy.
  13. Auction Websites: eBay.com and Quibids.com
    Therefore, the wristwatch was sold at a price between the most expensive and the cheapest items sold by the auction site.
  14. Amazon and eBay Websites’ Security and Payments
    The only charges for a return or exchange of a television set are the shipping costs, which depend on the location of the customer.
  15. Amazon and eBay: Marketing Information System Comparison
    Novikova notes that the establishment of such a system requires the determination of customers’ needs, the identification of the data along with the means of its protection, and the development of a structure.
  16. Internet’s Effect: From Perspective of eBay
    The topical investigation has revealed that consumers utilize brand name as an alternative for the reliability of the retailer in connection with the non-contractible features of the goods’ stock, for instance one of the feature […]
  17. EBay: The Entering to the International Market
    In addition to which the risk of eBay failing in a new market is minimized substantially by acquisition as the business was already established.
  18. Accounting: eBay Inc.’s Stock Option Plan
    Considerably, the stock option plan provides the employees a chance to partly owned the company and be among the stockholders. It motivates the employees to work on their best in the company because it makes […]
  19. Online Market Auction: eBay’s Global Strategy
    A firm with out-of-date products is most likely to sell them at a lower value as compared to a company that could sell the same products at a higher value on eBay, for instance, 70 […]
  20. Performance Gap at eBay
    Gathering large quantities of data is essential in maximizing the performance of eBay. The collection of large amounts of data makes it more challenging to analyze and make meaning out of it.
  21. Leadership in Implementing Change – Evidence from Meg Whitman at eBay Case
    Still, there is always a resistance to the changes inside a company, as all the innovations seem to cause the loss of confidence among the employees.

🎯 Good Research topics about eBay

  1. Airbnb and Ebay Are Similar in That Both Companies Run Online Marketplaces That ‘Match’ Buyers with Sellers
  2. Accounting: Financial Analysis of Ebay
  3. A Company Analysis, History, Stock Prices,Financial Standing and Future Outlook of Amazon and eBay
  4. Analysis of Ebay’s Strategic Capability
  5. Analysis of Intel and Ebay
  6. Business Models of Youtube, Google, Amazon, Ebay, Expedia, and Priceline
  7. Can Ebay Continue Growing?
  8. Ebay vs Amazon
  9. Financial Performance of Ebay and Amazon
  10. How Do Consumers Choose between Multiple Product Generations and Conditions?
  11. How Ebay Lost China?
  12. Analysis of Shell and Ebay
  13. Is Ebay Vulnerable to Assaults?
  14. Leadership Analysis: Meg Whitman as Ebay CEO
  15. Should Ebay Be Considering Expanding Outsourcing?
  16. Should eBay Undertake an Online Dutch Auction for the IPO of Skype?
  17. Walmart, Amazon, and Ebay: Who Will Dominate Internet Retailing?

📝 Interesting Topics to Write about eBay

  1. Analysis of Ebay China’s Failure and Suggestions to Ebay’s Return Strategy from the Perspective of Cross-Cultural Conflicts
  2. B2C Business Framework of eBay and Global Sources, Difference Between
  3. Car Buying Tips For Ebay Motors
  4. Ebay Strategy in China
  5. Cause Marketing Case Study: eBay, Coco Cola, and World Wildlife Fund
  6. Craigslist vs. eBay
  7. Ebay Is An E Commerce Company And American Multinational
  8. Ebay & Paypal
  9. Ebay Problem and Market Strategy
  10. Ebay’s E-Commerce Succes
  11. E-Commerce Powerhouse Ebay Is Known Internationally
  12. Marketing Services Ebay Customer Service
  13. Motivation in Ebay’s Innovation Program
  14. Car Selling Tips For Ebay Motors
  15. Organizational Structure of ebay
  16. Role of e-Commerce in Strategy of eBay
  17. Segmentation of Taobao and Ebay
  18. The Advantages And Background Of Ebay
  19. The Globalization Of Ebay

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