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Meg Whitman at E-Bay Case Essay

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Updated: Dec 26th, 2018

Meg Whitman collaborated with other employees in E-Bay which enabled the firm to achieve positive performance in the market. She hired new employees and made them aware of corporate changes she intended to introduce in the firm. Whitman employed older and more experienced employees with multiple skills, who did not have any background in Information Technology. The group of employees assembled was competent and had the necessary qualities needed to initiate positive change in the organization.

She also hired another team of employees whose were given the responsibility to assure customers that E-Bay’s financial systems were not susceptible to fraud. This restored consumer confidence in the firm which had been severely eroded. She updated the firm’s systems by installing advanced programs which helped to protect E-Bay from online fraud. These two instances show that Whitman was willing to improve the internal capacity of E-Bay to make its operations more competitive.

Whitman improved the company’s policies to make them responsive to new changes which she had introduced. She learnt new technological skills which demonstrated her willingness to learn and understand problems which the firm was facing at the time. This made it easy for her to understand the firm’s situation which enabled her to communicate key aspects of her vision to subordinates. She collaborated with technical staff to solve system problems which E-Bay was facing at the time.

Whitman also made E-Bay’s customers more loyal because they were receiving high quality services from the firm’s employees. All employees were aware of the importance of customer focus, which Whitman had introduced, as part of the firm’s market strategy. This encouraged them to interact with clients to understand their issues better. This was helped to elevate the company’s position in the market.

Whitman removed obstacles which existed between the firm and its customers. She allowed openness in the way the firm interacted with its clients which made them more loyal to the firm. The ‘Voice of the Customer’ allowed the firm to identify areas in operations which needed improvements to ensure customers were offered high quality services.

This strengthened E-Bay’s brand in the market because customers were more confident about the firm’s reliability and its willingness to satisfy their expectations. Under Whitman’s guidance, the firm transitioned from an auction website to a full e-commerce website. This expanded the firm’s customer segments and led to positive growth in revenues. The firm was in a better position to benefit from a larger revenue base because these approaches enabled it selling more products in the market.

Whitman made customer service a key part of the firm’s vision. This changed E-Bay’s corporate culture and the way it conducted its operations in the market. She also changed the mode of purchasing from auction to fixed price which reduced the time products were sold to different customers. This approach helped the firm expand its reach into new markets which helped it grow its revenues. Her guidance helped E-Bay acquire B&B and Kruse International, high profile firms which helped E-Bay change its market strategies.

Whitman encouraged major companies to sell their high priced products through E-Bay by giving them favorable terms. This expanded the amount of goods sold through the e-commerce website and improved its earnings. This helped the firm increase the number of high income clients who purchased products through its website. She improved the reputation of the firm in the market which improved its long term performance in key consumer segments.

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