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Case Study Essay Examples and Topics

Gap Inc.’s Global Workforce and Outsourcing

Firms that were mainly based in the USA and Europe have moved their operations into developing nations such as India, China, Indonesia, Brazil, and so on to take advantage of benefits such as the availability [...]

Numi Tea Company’s Case

Even though Numi's relationship with its producers is important, I consider the relationship with their customers to be of more importance in marketing their products because it is the consumers who act as the backbone [...]

The Collapse of Enron Corporation

This lack of accountability and integrity resulted in the recklessness of the senior executives and their failure to address the inefficiencies of the organization.

Forgiveness for Workplace Conflict Resolution

The problem with the relationship between the two workers is that Jake feels that Monica is a relatively malicious individual. In the outlined scenario, Jake is doing all that he can to avoid dealing with [...]

Alaska Airlines’ Crisis and Change Process

The most dramatic argument for change that the company experienced was a case of mishandled bags that led to an increase in complaints against the company and can be considered the beginning of the company's [...]

Stubhub: Ticket Scalping

The seller of the tickets is also at minimal risk, in that the fee is separated between the person buying and the company that is selling the tickets.

Akamai Company’s E-Commerce Case

A critical analysis of the case study indicates that optimizing network performance to achieve real-time delivery of web content and solve the problems identified above depends on the use of distributed servers.

Sexual Abuse and Workplace Investigation

In addition to the statement, several documents will be used during the planning stage of the investigation: the organization's harassment policy, personnel files of the complainant and the respondent, and attendance records.

Ford Pinto Litigation and Business Ethics

Secondly, many prosecutors are eager to find out some weaknesses of the companies, which may threaten people's health and even lives."Human beings are seen as 'units'" So, if after the case of Ford Pinto, such [...]

Frito Enterprise: Operations Management

Certain sources of pressure exerted on FEEDO to ensure environmentally friendly and harmless production largely determine the mode of the operation of the enterprise and its current operating principles.

Leading Change in a VUCA World: Qatar Airways Company

The report covers three major issues: the analysis of the suggestions for leadership and the management of strategic change in a VUCA environment; the investigation and evaluation of the company's change leadership capability, including our [...]

Horror Show at the Cineplex: Concepts and Cases

The analysis employs Porter's Five Forces of Competition to delineate the specific changes in the entertainment industry that have adversely affected the revenue generating capacity of the large screen movie theater industry in recent years, [...]

NASA: The Right Stuff Case Study

The given group of potential consumers provides opportunities for the business growth as the demand for high-quality and innovative products in this market is very high.

Conseco Company’s Problem Case

One of the strengths of Conseco's company is the fact that it is one of the big players in the insurance market that reaches its clients through independent agents.

Zappos Company in the Footwear Market

Many investors had no desire to consider the opportunity of providing funds for an online shoe store even though products offered in the classic shops failed to meet the needs of the targeted market due [...]

Grundfos Company: Processes, Products and Services

Overall, Grundfos demonstrates effective alignment with the fifth criteria of the EFQM model, putting a particular emphasis on customer services and relations and stakeholder value. The model supported the organizational restructure and was used to [...]

China Shenhua Energy Company: Pollution Reducing

Although the Chinese government recognized the issue of pollution and announced a course for liberalization of the economy and a greater emphasis on ecology during the 12th 5-year plan, the transformation from a coal-based energy [...]

Flash Memory Case Analysis

As a result, a number of rather uncomfortable proposals were made to the founders of Flash, but the company's members had to accept certain offers for the financing to continue and the firm not to [...]

Vert Sofa: Product Design Project

In the case of Vert, its primary functions will be easy to comprehend because the overall structure of the sofa will be similar to the one observed in traditional furniture designs and will invite users [...]

Natureview Farm’s Strategic Plans

The chief executive officer of Natureview analyzed the market stance and tasked his team to develop strategic plan to ensure that the revenue growth increase by over 50% at the end of the year 2001.

Production Priorities: Southwestern College

The importance and role of these factors depend on the nature of a business, and the present paper will seek to explain the factors of production-related to Southwestern College. The factors of labor, technology, and [...]

Frito Company: Production Process Productivity

When determining the productivity of the production process at Frito, one of the main approaches that would be appropriate is compare output against the cost of production. The lesser time it takes to process a [...]

Dunia Finance LLC: Upselling Approach

Hence, Dunia's steady growth can be linked to its embracement of analytics, which has made it successful in offering financial services that are in line with the desires of contemporary customers. In addition, analytics has [...]

Volkswagen Company’s Emission Scandal

This brief outline of the events, which has led to the outbreak of the scandal, was provided to give a proper context for the explanation of the primary cause of the adverse effect, which this [...]

The Treasury Team and Investment Decisions

Based on the role played by the messages that were stored in the inbox of the Treasury team members, it is essential to invest in the middle office that is responsible for control, reconciliation, risk [...]