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Case Study Essay Examples and Topics

Personal Financial Planning: Insurance Case

Given the fact that the rent for the house is comparatively low, as well as the fact that there are valuable personal possessions, it will be reasonable to spend a significant number of the financial [...]

The Carrefour Department Store Operations in Abu Dhabi

The flexible service approach adopted by the Carrefour Department Store is comprehensive of the exploratory perspectives, for example, the specialized procedure of comprehension of the operations and legitimate utilization of measurable devices.

Recalls Within the Last Years

For example, in case the manufacturer of the food for pets has sold the product that might consequently lead to the death of the animal, the company should make public announcements and ask the customers [...]

Tesla Motors Company’s Impact on Health

It is worth noting that the primary objective of Tesla Motors and fundamental concern is the fostering of the transition of the society towards eclectic cars and providing the customers with a choice.

Sony Corporation’s Financial Losses and Rivalry

Sony Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of electronic products in Japan and worldwide, anticipates losses for the 2011-2012 fiscal year at $ 1 billion against the backdrop of strong yen, floods in Thailand, and [...]

McDonald’s Company: How to Win Again?

Second, increased awareness of the adverse effects of unhealthy eating backed by the efforts of the Affordable Care Act and Patient Protection undermined the trust of the target audience and decreased the inflow of new [...]

Sony PlayStation 3 vs. Xbox 360 and Nintendo

However, due to the company's policy on protection of intellectual property rights, the reluctance to license its technology to competitors, it lost its market share to inferior technologies. With a price tag of $600, PS3 [...]

Fronterra Company’s Innovation Requirements

This phase involves the generation of ideas and is enabled with the help of the structured idea management designed to nurture and stimulate the production of ideas; this way, the process of innovation and the [...]

Management Trainee Programmes and Approaches

Su expects Tom to be conservative and show respect for the company hierarchy as is the case in Singapore. Additionally, Tom encourages the employees to be independent and creative in their daily activities at the [...]

Getting Beyond: Show Me the Money

Nevertheless, underpayment and overpayment are common, leading to dissatisfaction. Notably, compensation is part culture, but analytics will gain traction in the big data era, as start-ups leverage such advantages from experts to manage a sales [...]

Centurion Media Company’s Decision-Making

Fowler's disregard to the opinions of the vice-presidents would potentially result in losses in the tune of millions for Centurion Media, and as revealed by the Bennett's systematic reasoning, the contract with Northpark would ultimately [...]

Parallel HR Solutions Company’s Poor Communication

Their best practices include research in the needs of the customer, quick reaction to feedback, good communication with the client, confidentiality, following up on commitments, and empowerment of the workforce. This review shows an example [...]

New York Shoe Company: Business Plan

In addition, investment freedom scores an index of 70.0. The target group in France values: Modernity and variety in life Humanism and care Key features of the company's target group Ethics and values guide the [...]

The WRSX Group’s Business Strategy

The formulation of the appropriate strategic objectives, the maintenance of sound interrelations and communication between the organisational units, goal-oriented execution, elaboration of tactics for the strategy implementation, and the level of employees' commitment influence the [...]

Blue Apron Company: Struggling for Investors

In the article Blue Apron, Struggling to Woo Investors, Lowers a Price Range for IPO, Corrie Driebusch explains the attempts of Blue Apron Holdings Inc.to attract investors by means of offering lower prices for shares [...]

Salad Vending Machine Business Plan

Communication will be an integral part of creating opportunities for the implementation of the presented business plan, as it is recognized that more potential customers should be reached to be informed of the new service [...]

Redbox in the Future of DVD Rental Business

Online sale of movies will guarantee the future of Redbox by enabling it to minimize operating cost while expanding market share. Online distribution of movies is the only way to ensure Redbox remains a market [...]

FedEx Company’s Health Policy for Employees

When a group of adults from diverse backgrounds is brought together by the management to work for the general good of a given firm, the firm should avoid negative consequences of failing to involve members [...]

Uber Technologies Inc.’s Way to Success

Having considered Uber's history, it is possible to conclude that the company became successful worldwide due to the following reasons: The company's appearance coincided with one of the biggest problems in San Francisco in 2010: [...]

Fiat Mio as a Collaborative Innovation

The head of the Fiat Brazil Style Center, Peter Fassbender, gathered the company's best representatives in the innovation, publicity, and communication departments and offered an open innovation paradigm in which Fiat consumers were invited to [...]

Volkswagen Company’s Emissions Scandal

The software was developed explicitly for the purposes of regulating the emissions according to the situation. The main decision of the company's management that is ethically questionable is the decision to invest in the development [...]

Fisher-Price Toys Inc.’s ATV Explorer Product

The paper will also outline the following elements of a positioning statement for the product: accessibility, attitudes, opinions, and motivations. The following positioning statement will be used to clarify a marketing strategy for the product:

Tesla and Toyota Companies’ Decision Ethics

Ethics is particularly important in the context of organizational decision-making as, in this case, the process involves a wide range of stakeholders, and the potential outcomes should be assessed with particular care.

San Diego Zoological Society’s Employee Appraisal

Despite the scope and multidimensionality of operation, the Society's management failed to provide an adequate appraisal for the workers and was never held responsible for that. The system was designed to guide managers through the [...]

Apple Inc. and Chinese Workforce Challenges

The high quality of Apple's products is attributed to the adoption of technology and emphasis on innovation in the company. In this paper, the author takes an in-depth look at one of the major challenges [...]

CustomInk Company and Its Compensation System

The necessity to take the needs of all stakeholders into account sets a company on the crossroads between investing in the employees' professional growth and designing the tools that will make the company recognizable in [...]

The ELITE Team Development

This paper will discuss the main stages of the development of the ELITE team and explain the main predictive factors of its success. Forming was the first stage of the development of the ELITE team.

ProVita Acquisition by New Medical Centre

In the recent past, the UAE and the greater GCC healthcare sector has experienced accelerated growth. Several hospitals have undergone mergers and acquisitions in the region, specifically in the UAE.