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Case Study Essay Examples and Topics

Formula 1 and Mwagusi Safari Lodge Comparison

Due to the small number of clients in the lodge, the volume of operation processes is small, thus allowing the business to have less systemization in delivering their services and instead concentrate on higher quality.

Honest Tea Company’s Triple Bottom Line Adoption

As a result, the societal and the environmental factors of the Triple Bottom Line were incorporated into the foundation of the company's philosophy, which implied that "a problem equals a solution".

The XYZ Education Agency: Start-Up Business

XYZ Education Agency will consider all stakeholders' interest in the global market for higher education to build up international student's future career; for instance, it will provide high quality solutions and offer cost effective services [...]

Kaixin Electronics Co.’s Management Dilemma

The core objective of the case is to consider the dilemma, analyze it from the perspective of a "consultant", and provide relevant recommendations based on scholarly publications to improve the current situation of the company.

Voice over Internet Protocol Supplier’s Decisions

According to the management function of the company, the plan has the potential to enhance the performance of the company. However, the leadership function of the company, particularly the board of directors, share the sentiment [...]

Emirates Gas and ENOC Plant Business Excellence Model

The firm specialises in the distribution of natural gas, which is sold locally and regionally in the gulf region. The firm intends to position itself as a dynamic and reliable supplier of petroleum gas in [...]

McDonald’s Corporate Social Responsibility Project

The Green and Clean Kuwait Company is a Kuwaiti company with environmental and ecological technology and know-how and the company is interested to bid in the CSR project of McDonald's Corporation as its project partner [...]

Rafayel Hotel Analysis

Although the initial cost of installing this technology is very high the hotel will recapture the funds by increase in the number of its guests. Through ensuring the comfort of customers, Rafayel is set to [...]

Lehman Brothers Company’s Fraud and Bankruptcy

A great scope of the problem predetermined great attention given to it and conditioned the appearance of numerous papers that tend to investigate the case and obtain a clear understanding of the patterns used by [...]

Zara Company’s Competitive Strategies

It is possible to single out several elements on which Zara competes; the most important elements are the ability to follow fashion trends and the variety of the items which they manufacture.

NADA Dairy Company: Internship Report

NADA mainly deals with the production and processing of milk and its related products. Apart from the processing of milk and juice products, NADA also directly involves itself in marketing the products.

Alibaba Group’s Strategic Analysis and Solutions

A SWOT analysis of the internal and external business environments could enable the company to define a competitive strategy without going out of the market once the consequences of implementing the solutions start showing an [...]

IKEA and General Motors Companies’ Operation Management

In operation management, the bottleneck is the process or the particular phase that has the lowest capacity. Capacity planning is the process that aims at the identification of the product availability that is necessary to [...]

Forecasting Tools in the Sales Rates Prediction

Compared to the method of SES, the tool in question is clearly more efficient, as linear regression and the MAPE analysis provide solid premises for making very accurate calculations.

Land’s End Company’s Supplier Selection Aspects

The agent acts in the interest of the company to influence suppliers who have the fabrics and materials to sell. The company believes that its customers are most likely to adjust to prices easily but [...]

Workplace Dress Code Rules and Their Failure

As it has been mentioned before, it seems to me that a company must offer a certain dress code or, at least, certain boundaries in terms of clothes, for its employees.

W. L. Gore & Associates Inc.’s Leadership Design

Gore will reveal that the promotion of the approach focused on the needs of the key stakeholders, including the analysis of staff satisfaction rates, is essential to the development of the organizations, which are willing [...]

J.J. Meyers Company and Management Theories

Unfair dismissals: to solve financial problems, Peter decides to fire 40% of the employees, although those problems are the consequences of his own decisions and acts.

Aspiro Company’s Adverse Selection

It should be noted that the firm is struggling at the moment, and it will not be an easy task to address all of the issues that are present.

Human Resource Department Director’s Challenges

But in the case of Les Partain, she overlooked his under-performance just because she did not want him to feel bad at the time of retirement. Actually, she should have given a warning to Les [...]

Martha Stewart and the ImClone System’s Scandal

However, this later prompted the committee to surrender Martha Stewart and ImClone's case to the department of justice in the United States to find out whether she was not open about that whole story.

Management: Ford-Firestone Tire Controversy

The company also conducted studies in the US and concluded that the tires were effective. The chairman of Ford also failed to respond effectively to the crisis.

Dubai National Air Travel Agency’s Employee Management

The introduction of the company had to be short but informative; this is why it included just a definition of the company and its functions, its revenue statement, and its global coverage. Finally, to understand [...]

Alrifai Nuts Inc.’s Product Mix Problems

The promotion of the goods delivered by the firm, therefore, must be carried out with the help of a smart branding strategy, which will address the unique properties of the products, such as the original [...]

Interview of Restaurant Industry Professional

As an owner of the whole restaurant, Maziar has lots of daily responsibilities, and without him, the performance of the food establishment would significantly reduce and even cease to exist as it is.

Second Cup Company’s Franchise

They needed to talk to the representatives of the Second Cup to obtain a more detailed breakdown of the expenses and projected earnings.

Hospital Integration Solutions in the Erie Region

The decision on the Metropolitan hospital reunion is dependent on the opinions of the key stakeholders, who are involved in the case. The secondary place belongs to the human resources of the hospitals as well [...]

McDonald Restaurant: the Age Bracket of the Clientele

Additionally, the entrepreneur wants to keep the seniors since they visit the restaurant during the off-peak period. Consequently, Lisa can integrate the demands of the clientele within the constraints of the restaurant's resources.

Good, Better and Best Pricing: Umbrella Case

Hit is the shop that provides the customers with the opportunity to buy one of the cheapest umbrellas. That is why the majority of the buyers will consider the cheapest one to be the best.

Chegg Company’s Problems

The owners of the company are currently facing a fundamental dilemma: whether to start adapting the company's services to the needs of the digital textbooks market or to focus on improving the existing services and [...]

Comfy Cove: Chris’ Ethical Decision Making Case

Using the rights theory, Chris can choose to turn a blind eye to the incident by arguing that the stakeholders of FCI have as much right to use the resources of Comfy Cove just as [...]

The Case of a Family Business in the UAE

In the meantime, it is critical to note that the only reason why Izat Raja's business can be called "family" resides in the fact that his nephew, Waleed works for Raja's company.

Competitive Rivalry Analysis

It is also possible to suppose that the quantity of housing available for rent is not great and that Jerry Barker does not have too many rivals in the town.

Improvement of the Clients’ Experience

In the meantime, it is reported that the level of personalized communication that the company provides is relatively low. Thus, book services try to find out the type of literature that is most popular; airline [...]

Mystic Monk Coffee Strategies Case

The mission of the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming was to improve the spiritual attitude of the society and underline the place of monks and nuns in the world.

Ford Pinto Case Study: A Letter to Mr. Copp

The situation is contradicting because, on the one hand, you did address the managerial department and advice them to postpone the product launch due to the increased risk of end-rear collision that was defined after [...]

Planning Meeting Conversation at United Way

Besides, the main agenda of this meeting will be to ascertain the success of the workshop and to establish the most appropriate manner of conducting the workshop.

D. Light Company: Business Plan and Strategies

The tour to the villages helped test the viability of the project. In addition, the business plan helped to correct the team members whenever they deviated from the objective of the project.D.

Enron Company’s Concepts

The financial statements are usually used to present the performance of a company which directly depicts the performance of its managers."Cookie jar" reserves are one of the methods applied by managers to show a positive [...]

1-800-Got-Junk Franchises’ Experience

The daily operations at the company headquarters followed a routine of a short meeting between the CEO, Brian Scudamore, and staff which are centered on discussions about important daily data and keynote addresses from the [...]

XYZ Company: Conducive Business Proposal

The study will also be useful for employees who face challenges of overtime clocking in and out, accountants who plan to embezzle employees' overtime wages.

Integrity in Management: Case Analysis

Additionally, he will prove that the top management of the company is a commitment to integrity, and can be trusted by junior employees in making ethical decisions.

Doctor Gerpheide’s Company’s Case

Doctor Gerpheide and his administrators have made the employees work together as a family regardless of the position each one of them occupies in the company.

Jack Smith: Career Launch at Toyota

The main reason was to test Smith on different levels of competency, from grand strategic planning to the micromanagement level, concerning the workplace of every worker in the facility.

Zhang Xin: The Humble Chinese Billionaire

In the case of Zhang, the hardships that she experienced in her childhood taught her to be collaborative, goal-oriented, supportive, risk-taking, and conscious of the value of money.

Age Diversity Impacts on Innovation: Coca-Cola Company

In focusing on determining the impacts of age diversity on the organisational performance of the Coca-Cola Company in the Birmingham area, Alabama, United States, this paper found that the company has adopted diversity and inclusion [...]

UFC Company’s Branding Strategies

Is the UFC doing enough to develop and encourage fighters? The company needs to understand that they are nothing without their fighters.

Cigars Heaven: Business Project Proposal

The idea of starting a cigar business is driven through our minds because it is a highly profitable business based on the fact that many people are extreme lovers of fun throughout the country most [...]

Business Intelligence Strategy: Online Music Store

Every day I had to get up in the early hours of the night to log on to http://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100 to be able to see which new songs have come into the chart and know how [...]

Expeditors International of Washington Company

Considering that it has a viable connection with local distributors and the international market, the company is able to provide services to the customers at a cheaper cost than that of its competitors.

BOK System Corporation’ Analysis

One of the requirements would be that the CEO should possess experience in the development of startups. I would give all requirements of the position to the agency to ensure that they hire a qualified [...]

The Wizard of Toys: Value Propositions

The incredible quality of toys produced by The Wizard of Toys provides you and your children with the opportunity to enjoy playing loving figures of The Wizard of Oz characters and teddy bears during a [...]

“Coca-Cola in India” by Jacklyn Jones

On the other hand, the US has many cases of obesity and thus, avoided the coca-cola syrup product and the fact that the coca-cola drink was believed to be harmful.

Hong Kong Disneyland Expansion Project

The company wanted to understand the culture of the people by working with foreign governments. In understanding the culture of a foreign country, a company should work with the people in that country.

Interim Report on Security Increase of Just Relax Inc.

Since the operations of the company are to be computerized, a high level of information security should be maintained. The systems should be linked with the available financial institutions to access the finances of the [...]

The Third Industrial Revolution

The third Industrial Revolution is the combination of energy decentralization, the use of renewable energy on a mass scale, and relying on the Internet as the main communication channel for personal and business activities.

Sony Company’s Marketing Management

The main objective is to develop an understanding of the failure in sales of the PS3 console, and to provide viable recommendations to ensure the situation does not recur in the future.

Managerial Skills in Dispute Resolution

The parties will also examine the facts surrounding the case. The decision "to have the conflict handled in court might be effective for the company".

Coors Brewers Ltd. Improves Beer Flavors with Neural Networks

The technique would enable the firm to create brands that could meet the diverse tastes and expectations of drinkers. Coors developed an improved version that included a software switch to eliminate the effect of insignificant [...]

Video Game Company Against Online Piracy

The purpose of the said DRM software is to protect the intellectual rights of the company. The fourth major issue is the encompassing goal of the VGC to end all types of piracy.

Management by Walking Around and Team Development

She realized that she needed a team that could work as a unit in order to meet the expectations of the stakeholders in this university. She was able to determine the capacity of the employees [...]

Fresno University’s Organization Development Outcomes

Through the implementation of the strategy of increasing enrollment rates, it is expected that Fresno University will increase its capability to raise the necessary financial resources to cater for its expansion to accommodate more degree [...]

Porter Novelli’s Management Strategy Case

In other words, the main objective is the basis of the judgment of the performance of any corporation or institution since it forms the focal point of all efforts and management practices.

MedTrack Company’s Risks and Growth

Market risk is the risk of losses that arises from the inconsistency of market prices. Another risk the company is likely to face in the market is a competitive risk.

Board Plus Hair Extension Company

She decided to explore this opportunity of hair extension assembly since she had got the technology and the raw material, and the only thing that was needed was to locate the business in the area [...]

Dunkin Donuts and Coffee Market Analysis

The company listens to the consumer and what sort of requests the public has. Before launching, the flavouring of the coffee takes place, which strictly tests the quality of the taste and consistency.

McDonald’s Company in the European Market

The European market is associated with the presence of a society that has a growing concern about the environmental impacts of different companies, and their respective efforts toward offsetting the negative implications on the environment. [...]

Nike Company’s Management Decisions and Marketing Research

The management decision facing Nike is whether the company should continue promoting its sportswear using product-based advertisements that it used to undertake or whether it should stick to the new mode of advertisement that is [...]

Century 21 Westside: Market Identification Approach

For the business to meet the requirements and the needs of the customers, it needs an appropriate strategy that defines the needs of these customers and the effective measures or possible solutions.

AT&T Company’s Wireless Self-Destructs

In AT&T Wireless' situation, low staff morale was caused by the fact that staff was not assured of their future with the company as the new CIO was known to favor outsourcing.

Alcoa Corporation’s Workplace Safety Practices

Even though the incidents were of great magnitude and touched on the safety of workers, Richard Green opted to seek local solutions instead of referring or even filing incident reports to the headquarters of Alcoa's [...]
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