Case Study Essay Examples and Topics

Lai Company Training and Development Program

Introduction Developing a training program requires creation of relevant objectives and realistic budget. Thus, this reflective treatise attempts to present a comprehensive training program for Lai Company focusing on team building and sales techniques for thirty participants to be held at Ramada Palace Hotel than is located 30 miles from the company’s headquarters. Delivery mode […]

Adapt of Texas: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Introduction Adapt of Texas organization assist mentally disabled in the community. It consists of the ACT team which is further divided into one supervisor and one case manager with ten managers under him. Case managers are expected to handle ten clients for at least eight hours a month. Clients should be served with notes of […]

ClubCorp Inc Recommendation

Introduction Problems are inevitable in the process of conducting business. Change has become a part of every industry. Though change comes with its advantages, the major setback that it brings is the urgency to deal with unpredictable phenomenon. Businesses find themselves in the middle of unforeseen competition while others wake up to the reality of […]

Bilinga, a Growing Suburb in Sydney

Introduction Bilinga being a growing suburb in Sydney, it requires various commercial buildings to cater for the needs of the growing population. The area has a site has been identified as viable for the construction of commercial building that is compliant with environmental sustainability. This construction will involve the conversion of the existing building into […]

TAL Apparel Limited: Stepping Up the Value Chain

What are the benefits to retailers of adopting TAL’s VMI system? The TAL VMI system is beneficial to retailers because they can make replenishment inventory decisions on behalf of consumers. The VMI system also allows retailer to initiate purchase order transactions. Under normal circumstances, the buyer would have to initiate such a transaction. Through the […]

The New Zealand International Business

Table 1: strategic characteristics of the industry players Company (market share) strategy price frequency Quality/styling Number of fleet Advertisement ($M) Pacific Blue Low cost Below average limited high 50 1.5 Air New Zealand 10% Low cost below average extensive good 14 6 Qantas airline Low cost Below average limited good 4 6.2 New Zealand market […]

Benefits Offered by the Introduction of the Textile Alliance Limited Vendor Managed Inventory

TAL Apparel Limited: Stepping Up Value Chain The case study will look at benefits offered by the introduction and use of the Textile Alliance Limited (TAL) Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) by retailers. Also, the viability of VMI system as a strategic resource for TAL will be analyzed. Also, the obstacles that might stand in VMI’s […]

Dairy Crest Company

Appendicies Balanced Scorecard The balanced scorecard refers to the strategic planning and management system that is deployed widely in business institutions, as well as governments with the aim of aligning business operations to the vision as well as strategy of the organization, enhance internal and external communications, and examine organization performance in terms of attainment […]

Natureview Farm: Problem Case

Introduction Natureview is facing a rather daunting challenge ever since its inception in 1989. The farm’s attempt to maintain its profitability saw the hiring of Jim Wagner as chief financial officer whose central role was to formulate and implement strategies that would ensure continued growth in profits. It is in this regard that Wagner’s recommendation […]

Report Evaluation of Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Company valuation is a cardinal process in an organization that is used to assess the elements of performance and financial condition. As a process, evaluation entails examination of economic and non-economic factors to determine the position of a company. The results of the evaluation process enable a business to increase efficiency and effectiveness of various […]

Fair Trade US organization

Introduction Social enterprises encompass organizations, which deploy commercial strategies to enhance the maximization of environmental and humanity improvements. Their focus is not principally on maximization of returns on investments to the company external shareholders. Social enterprises are structured to assume models for non-profits making, for profits making, or a blend of these two models. However, […]

Where Kittyhawk Failed: The Case of Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive technologies have always been a very dubious concept, clearly promoting further evolution of technological thought, on the one hand, and blocking the development of the current technological advances, on the other side. Perhaps, one of the most notorious cases of disruptive technologies affecting the current market and ruining the opportunities of promising technologies to […]

Solving of macro problems and their prevention in Quantum

Problems Macro The macro problems can be defined as those, which affect the whole organization or Quantum Software, in this case. We can also say that the success and performance of the company depend on the effective solving of macro problems and their prevention as well. The case deals with the issue of corporate parties […]

Lotus Rental on Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Introduction Alternative fuel vehicles are automobiles that do not rely on petroleum-derived fuels or partly depend on them. They may include hybrid electric vehicles, battery electrics, solar powered vehicles, dimethyl ether automobiles, biofuel, nitrogen and hydrogen-powered cars. Lotus rental should only consider these products if the demand for the fleet exceeds the costs incurred to […]

Cost Effective and Sustainable Practices for Project Construction in the UAE

Rational The construction industry is a major sector of the economy that impacts heavily on the livelihoods of many people. UAE is a region that has witnessed tremendous growth in the construction industry. This industry employees many immigrants and make use of resources from different parts of the world (Weber, 2005). As a result, several […]

Volvo Management

Introduction Organizations are part and parcel of every society. This is because human beings are involved in the process of forming organizations with the aim of attaining certain objectives. In essence, human beings are social animals who have the tendency of organizing and ensuring that their affairs are managed within their anticipated objectives. This is […]

The Challenges Faced by Leaders in Different Organizations

Abstract This case study paper explores the challenges faced by leaders in different organizations. The characters of unethical charismatic leaders, which make them withstand critics and have avid followers, are highlighted in the first case study. In addition, factors that limit the board of directors and the chief executive, in making of decision that influence […]

Microsoft’s Sustainable Development

Executive summary The business world is drastically evolving. In an attempt to address the global environmental and social challenges, big companies through their actions and influence are adopting new policies, products and approaches and are also demanding their dealers and their clients to change too due to both the market demands answers that assist a […]

Nestlé’s Outsourcing Issues

Contemporary global markets obligate companies seek the best available services to enable them retain and have competitive advantages through effective customer service. Organizations are nowadays forced to compete internationally with the severe competition in interlinked markets, which have resulted in a convergence of customer demands. Consequently, Nestle SA, a Swiss based intercontinental corporation, has managed […]

Decision Making: Starbucks Transformational Experience

Starbucks Historical Background Howard Schultz was among the founders of Starbucks. He transformed the entire community into an upscale cultural phenomenon by introducing a legendary product. At Seattle Pike Place, Gerald Baldwin, Gordon Bowker and Zier Siegl were among the pioneers who opened a small coffee shop by 1971. It specialized in selling Arabica beans […]

Google in 2008

Abstract Google has been a successful company for more than a decade now. The company conducts millions of searches daily that come up with relevant results that satisfy the needs of its users. Therefore, this paper critically analyses its operations and success. To achieve this, the paper focuses on the growth of search engines, the […]

Significance of social media in business operations

Introduction Background to the study Contemporarily, change is one of the most constant elements that businesses have to take into account in the course of their operations. This assertion highlights why the past few decades have been characterized by profound social, economic, and technological transformations emanating from external market forces such as political, economic, technological, […]

Popularity of Singapore Airlines

Introduction – Problem Statement Singapore Airlines (SAL) is one of the largest airlines in the world with a fleet of 103 aircraft that service both the domestic market within Singapore as well as several international locations (Company profile Singapore Airlines Limited SWOT Analysis, 2013). Starting from 2008 to the present, SAL has attempted to gain […]

Broadway Training Partners

Introduction Broad way training partners is an incredibly well established corporation in the corporate market. It offers several training courses including management skills, technical skills and executive training. As a result of the steady gain in the number of clients, broadway Training Partners has decided to develop new training centre to accommodate this rise in […]

Third-Party Intervention at Lincoln Hospital

Abstract Labour turnover is one of the controllable, but unavoidable situations in any organisation. For example, where labour turnover is caused by workplace conflicts, proper management of such inconsistencies is required. If the situation is not tackled, employment turnover due to destructive workplace conflicts might have serious effects on the performance of an organisation both […]

Thomas Green Case

Introduction The case of Thomas Green is, perhaps, one of the most graphic examples of a communication process going wrong because of a wrong leadership approach adopted and the lack of conflict management skills demonstrated by all parties involved. Despite the fact that some of the ideas that Green voiced during the meeting seemed rational, […]

Management Dilemma for Apple

Research Objective It is but obvious that iPad faces severe competition from brands like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom and Blackberry playbook. In order to be in the competitive race and to sustain the competition, the Apple Company should be well aware of the strategies being adopted by its competitors. It is also necessary […]

Suzuki Media Plan

Background Suzuki began operations 105 years ago by producing weaving looms to the silk industry in Japan. Twenty years later, Michio Suzuki had to patent his products to prevent replication. During this period, he managed to protect over 120 machineries and exported most of his inventions to other countries. Since the 1900’s Suzuki has improved […]

ISO standards implementation on TQM strategies at Sheik Khalifa Hospital

Research background Total quality management is critical in monitoring the efficiency and proactive organisational culture in line with the objective, goals, and mission of such an organisation. Quality improvement facilitates sustainable and optimal use of resources in service delivery. Sheik Khalifa Hospital has been in operation for more than three decades. The hospital is government-owned […]

Hilton HHonors Worldwide

The hospitality industry is one of the most competitive sectors in contemporary global market. To survive, companies operating in this sector have come up with innovative measures of retaining existing clients and attracting new ones. One of the strategies used is the loyalty program. For example, the Hilton group of hotels has come up with […]

Gate Gourmet International Business and Management

Executive Summary In this study, the researcher was interested in determining the possible market entry strategies and staffing models for a firm that is planning to go global using real cases of Gate Gourmet and Target Corporation. The researcher used secondary sources to compile a report that would be informative to the firms planning to […]

Executive Summary on the Wounded Warriors Project

What Is Our Business? Wounded Warriors Project is a non-profit organization that is preoccupied with issues wounded American veterans face every day (To honor and empower wounded warriors, 2015). The organization provides a wide range of services to those who sign up. These services include counselling, psychological help, assistance in landing jobs, communication with other […]

Apple Business Environment

Executive Summary This treatise reviews the Apple’s business environment with reference to generic strategies, Porter’s five forces, and competitive advantages. The iPad and iPhone products are geared towards market dominance. Through this approach, the Apple Company will automatically have the discretion to reap maximum benefits ahead of its closest competitors. The company has adopted trend […]

Competitive Market Study in the United Arab Emirates

Background According to Butt, the performance of the oil and gas industry of the United Arab Emirates in the local and international markets is influenced by the work of the industry players and the productivity of the workforce (231). Productivity is influenced by the availability of skilled personnel who are well trained to use modern […]

The Clowning Around Company

The main idea, what is the key selling proposition across all communications? The main idea is to employ marketing communications to help the ‘Clowning Around’ business to grow faster than ever before. This will involve using messages and related media to pass information and engage or communicate with the target audiences. The key selling proposition […]

Toyota Plant Case – Lexus RX 330 Line plant location

Introduction This paper looks into factors that will determine the Lexus RX 330 Line plant location. The plant can be located either in Canada (Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada) or in the United States (North American plant in USA). The team asses the location decision using a Weighting Model. The team tasked with the work of […]

Operational Decision Making at the Rotana Jet Company

Company Description Rotana Jet is an Airline Company in the United Arab Emirates operating both Scheduled Airline and Executive Charter services. Rotana Jet aims at improving its services and connectivity not only to the Arabian Gulf region, but also to the entire world. In its operations, the company has maintained standard benchmarks in order to […]

Energy Drink Competition Analysis

Executive Summary The beverage industry faces high competition amongst the highly established industry players, which also command the global market. The buyer power is relatively average, as consumers do not have immense powers to drive prices lower. The industry, however, lacks switching costs, which provides consumers with the freedom to determine their drink of choice. […]

Fuel contracts with AACO (Arab Air Carrier Organization)

Introduction In business, it is always wise to sit back, reflect on all the business activities, and determine if they are worthwhile. Suppliers are the major stakeholders of any business because they determine the production cost, as well as the profits that a company makes. Oman airline is the company in discussion in this case. […]

Epistemological Nature of the Knowledge and Skills Needed for Real Estate Management

Real estate management involves the operational control and responsibility bestowed in an organization or an individual person over some given assets. A real estate manager needs to apply science, pseudoscience and ideology of the day to day operations so as to achieve their desired goals. Successful real estate managers require epistemological knowledge relevant to the […]

The Economic Environment of Business – Haier Company

Introduction Economic environment is a study area of economic and has a major focus is environmental issues. The central part of economic environment is market failure. Therefore, for effective economic environment, the management of an organization must focus on market success. For instance, marketing strategies must be employed to have effective environmental economics. An international […]

Online auction for charity

Business Proposal and Research Plan The UAE society has made great contributions towards the support of charity and humanitarian work at local, regional, and international levels (Walker, 2007). Over the last few decades, the country’s rulers have established several charitable organizations. The Emiratis believe that charity and volunteerism enhances social solidarity and social development. The […]

Evaluation of Walmart

Cost Leadership Walmart’s main business strategy focuses on building and maintaining cost leadership in the market. The company’s slogan reads, “Everyday low price”. This highlights its main focus on cost leadership. The strategy entails offering the same market products offered by rival firms at lower costs, but without compromising the quality. Walmart manages to achieve […]

Innovation and Its Positive Impact on the Society

Innovation is the process through which new ideas, products and methods are introduced. This new ideas and products are believed to have a positive impact on the society. Governments from all over the world have been encouraging their citizens to be innovative, especially the youth. In order to encourage innovation among young people, governments have […]

IT projects: Understand framework of scope

Understand framework of scope and strategic objective to classify IT projects based on risk? Understanding the scope and strategic objectives of an IT project is essential for any business contemplating to invest in new technology. They also provide a company with knowledge about classifying IT investment projects based on the risks involved. The IT department […]

Caesars Organization

Information determines whether an organization, such as Caesars, would achieve its business objectives in the highly competitive market. Through effective communication, the organization is likely to establish strong relations with its customers. However, poor circulation of information results to poor service delivery, as it brings about lower inefficiency. For instance, the top management might draft […]

Maersk Line

Introduction This paper presents a detailed analysis of the Maersk Line case study. Maersk Line is the world single largest shipping company. Despite its organic growth over the years, the company is grappling with several challenges, which include increasing competition and high fuel costs. In this regard, the analysis will focus on three areas. First, […]

The Power of Togetherness: Adidas and Its Brand New Advertisement

Introduction Promoting sportswear might seem easy – as long as sport exists, there will always be high demand in the given niche. However, Adidas was one of the first companies that decided to appeal to the general audience, thus, opening more opportunities for the companies producing sports clothes. The given step, however, also opened the […]

AT&T to take Control of Leap

AT&T, one of the largest mobile carrier companies, has agreed to purchase Leap wireless Company. The move aims to maximize the telecommunication’s company dominance over the airwaves. The deal will cost approximately 1.2 billion. This deal will be the first acquisition for Randall Stephenson, AT&T Chief Executive. Randall’s initial deal to buy T-Mobile was stopped […]

Competitive Advantage of Universal Weather and Aviation Asia Pacific Company

Introduction Overview Universal Weather and Aviation Company was founded in 1959 by the late Tom Evans. The founder was often commended for his visionary foresight to establish an all- inclusive service provider in the flourishing aviation industry. Universal Weather and Aviation Company is the first company to offer support services for businesses and private flight […]

Softchoice Corporation is an information communication technology

Industry Profile Softchoice Corporation is an information communication technology (ICT) firm. The firm particularly deals with programming tools, database products, and obscure software, and has been authorized to deal with corporate, government, as well as educational licensing programs (Government of Canada, 2013). Canada’s ICT industry mainly comprises of small companies, numbering about 33,300 in total. […]

United States of America v. Apple, Inc. and seven other publishers

Summary of facts The plaintiffs, the government of the United States of America, and thirteen states jointly filed a suit against Apple Inc. The Antitrust suit alleged that the defendant and other e-publishing companies had conspired to destabilize the retail prices of e-books. This was based on the significant rise in the prices of books […]

The Case of Stolen Donation Money

Introduction: The Challenges of Accountability in Public Organisation Preventing the instances of fraud within an organisation or a specific community is extremely hard, since the phenomenon and mechanics of accountability, which is being pushed as the key to succeeding in inspiring people for being responsible, have not been studied yet to understand the issues that […]

Wal-Mart. International Current Event

Wal-Mart has recently announced that the company is terminating its agreement with Bharti Enterprises, an Indian conglomerate (Riley n.p.). The American multinational company will not cooperate with the Indian conglomerate and the two companies will develop on their own. Notably, Wal-Mart has operated in India for decades. However, the recent agreement is one of the […]

Impact of Global Warming on Wine Makers

Introduction Global warming is one of the most important issues affecting the world today. Most of the world’s climatologists agree that the planet is warming and will continue to do so as more greenhouse gasses are emitted into the atmosphere. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) declares that while global warming has been happening […]

The East West Link Project

Introduction The past several years have seen human activity transform the world into a complex array of state-of-the-art cities. These cities serve as hubs in which many vital services are centralised to facilitate the conduction of business and other important human engagements, which are necessary for the overall welfare development. Currently, the population distribution in […]

Herman Miller case

Identify problems and the issues Herman Miller, one of the leading companies in the office furniture industry is widely recognized as an innovative company (Stephen, Frank, Karen & Charles, 2012). However, despite being the leader in the industry, the company has faced several challenges since its start. During the period of recession, the company’s sales […]

“Tommy Hilfiger – Li & Fung”

The Tommy Hilfiger – Li & Fung case study demonstrates how firms can reap immense competitive benefits from adopting a more strategic and integrated approach to the concept of global sourcing (Chiang et al., 2012). In the discussed case study, Tommy Hilfiger, the reputed U.S. based designer and marketer of casual fashions, sold its global […]

Toyota Motor Corporation: Bus 692

Toyota Toyota is one of the biggest automobile companies in the world. The company is based in Japan, but it has operations in numerous countries across the globe. The company is ranked 11th largest in the world in terms of revenue. Its headquarters is in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. Toyota operates in the automotive industry. Its […]

Preparing a Case Analysis: SWOT

The firm will use a SWOT matrix to help it analyze its future growth plans in the industry. The SWOT matrix involves an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, which a firm faces in the industry. It will help the firm identify all advantages and threats it faces in the industry. The first column […]

Innovation in Various Companies

Innovation is the establishment of new or improved equipment and processes that are often driven by information technology, among other key factors. Product innovation comes with many benefits to both the supplier and the consumer. Companies can only prove their responsiveness to customers’ demands through improved product quality and design. The mobile phone evolution is […]

Contribution of Playstation and Playstation 2 to the World

In most economies, entertainment is one the fastest growing industries and video games occupy top positions. As a video console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, the Playstation game is rated as one of the greatest games in the history of video games. In September 2011, a total of seventy one million units were sold. It […]

An Analysis of a Real Fraud

Bernard Madoff, popularly known as Bernie, took the art of fraud to new heights after he defrauded investors off money in excess of sixty five billion dollars. This single scheme is one of the biggest frauds in the American history (Lenzner, 2008). Madoff was an investor and a business consultant when he created his fraudulent […]

PC Unit Shipments Analytical Report

Purpose This analytical report provides quarterly PCs shipment from the second quarter 2011 to the same quarter 2012. It would allow PC vendors to evaluate and measure their sales performances against their major rivals worldwide. As a result, they would be able to adopt new sales strategies. The report provides data on previous shipments of […]

An Analysis of Productivity of Major ApplichemCompany Plants.

ApplichemCompany was one of the leading manufacturers of specialty chemicals in the early 1982s. As a result of the increased demand for its products in the global market, the company’s top management was forced to establish additional branches in different places across the world. Four of its major plants were built in Gary, Mexico, Frankfurt, […]

Trucking provisions in NAFTA

What are the potential economic benefits of the trucking provisions in the NAFTA treaty? Who benefits? The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is aimed at reducing the costs incurred by nations in transportation of goods by road. The member states of the treaty are to benefit. The policy is expected to increase efficiency in […]

Quality Case Study

The business environment has become highly competitive over the last couple of decades. Consumers’ demands have increased and the pressure on business organizations to meet these demands has continued to pile. In addition, more business organizations are coming up and competing to get the best share of the market in terms of number of customers. […]

Netflix Case Study

Although Netflix is still the leading online movie DVD rental firm, it faces numerous challenges, both internal and external. Internally, the firm has to deal with high operational costs, customer relationship issues and high costs of revenue sharing agreements, among others (Reidenbach and Goeke 111). Externally, the firm’s most critical challenge is the emergence of […]


Introduction The rapidly growing world of industrialization and globalization has witnessed a sharp growth of industries, which are substantial in economic and social growth. Technological advancement is probably one of the major characteristics of the industrial revolution in the postmodern world with virtually every important aspect of a technical profession, largely relying on technological support […]

Analysis of Swiss Reinsurance Company

Introduction Swiss Reinsurance Company is a large reinsurance firm, considered as the second biggest reinsurance firm in the world. Helvetia Insurance Company started this firm in December 19, 1863 at St. Gallen. This firm has experienced a massive growth in the recent past. This may be attributed to the government support it received from the […]

ALM Unlimited and the Trump Organization. Business Conflict

Introduction Business conflicts are inevitable. Conflicts may range from small disagreements to big and costly disagreements. Sometimes, if left unattended, minor conflicts may easily become major conflicts, thereby creating devastating consequences for the parties involved. Businesses may suffer reputational damage, time and resource wastage, and the loss of future investment opportunities (among other ramifications) from […]

Six Sigma: A Case of Samsung Supply Chain Management

Introduction Businesses are working toward limiting their operation costs to achieve competitive edge against competitors in their respective industries. One area where quality management has been focused on by organisations is supply chain management, which is considered as a perfect way of managing inventory. Supply chain management has increasingly received recognition as a strategic means […]

Case study Proposal: How organisational business and personal business can use social media?

Introduction Background to the study The 21st century is characterised by numerous macro-environmental changes that present a myriad of opportunities and threats to businesses. For example, the Internet has motivated inventors do develop different applications and platforms thus improving degree of connectivity in the society (Brunty, Helenek & Miller 2013). To achieve business continuity, organisations […]

Five-Forces Model in Google

Introduction According to Porter, five forces influence competition in any sector or industry. These forces include threat of new entrants, threat of substitute commodities or services, buying power of customers, bargaining power of suppliers, and rivalry (Porter, 2008). These forces determine the intensity of competition in any industry. They determine the strategies that organizations and […]

Idaho Wildfires: Health and Economic Challenges

Wildfires are a common phenomenon in various parts of the world, especially during summers and dry seasons. In most American states, especially in the north, wildfires cause massive loss of vegetation and lives. In particular, the states of Idaho, Montana and others in the region are adversely affected whenever the phenomenon occurs. However, the current […]

Internship Experience in Hydra Trading LLC

Organisation Background Hydra Trading LLC is located in Abu Dhabi. The company provides logistic services to the army. Hydra’s mission is to provide the best logistic services and solutions to assist customers meet to their strategic objectives. Hydra works with other international organisations to deliver various products and services to their customers. The company’s areas […]

‘Unilever’ and ‘Proctor and Gamble’ review

Many companies come a long way in order to reach a position that is deemed sustainable and competitive. Companies usually come up with strategies whose implementation helps them to increase their chances of surviving in the market. Some of the strategies implemented might work in favor of the company while others might not be successful. […]

The Role of Information Technology in Business Organization in Oman

Overview of information technology and business advancement According to Wu, Mahajan and Balasubramanian (2003), the role of information technology in the contemporary business environment cannot be overemphasized. Information technology is one of the vital tools that are being deployed by business organizations as a means of increasing efficiency and effectiveness in business activities, as well […]

British Petroleum Crisis Analysis Report

Introduction British Petroleum (BP Plc) is a multinational firm that deals in the exploration, production, as well as marketing of fuel. The company was founded in 1909 as Anglo-Persian Oil Company with the main aim of exploring the Persian oilfields, the present day Iran. The firm’s production and marketing activities spread over several countries in […]

Cleveland Clinic in the UAE

Introduction The Cleveland Clinic is a medical centre that is located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The clinic is a multi-specialty institution. Cleveland Clinic has a bed capacity of 364 people, which can also be expanded to 490 bed capacity. The hospital is currently under construction and is expected to be complete by the end of […]

External Environment Analysis for the P’kolino Company

Needs the business is meeting Within the playroom products and accessories industry, business magnitude of P’koloni is so wide and well organized that it would be very difficult for a new entrant into this industry to easily establish a niche or sway customers towards its new store. Thus, the company’s wide distribution network, large catchment […]

E-business for Pete Moss

E-business is the most appropriate strategy for Pete Moss. The strategy will enable the entrepreneur to increase profits and improve customer service. It is highly recommended for the man due to the nature of the business he runs. Based on the nature of the business, it is evident that Pete does not offer physical products, […]

Publix Grocery Store

Publix is a private food retailer company that operates in five states across the US. George Jenkins founded the company in 1930 in Winter Haven, Florida (Publix, 2013). Over the years, Publix has grown tremendously to be a Fortune 500 company. It has over 1073 supermarkets in different states with more than 160,000 employees. The […]

Change Management Analysis

Introduction Management of change refers to an approach that encourages employees, team members, and institutional managers to changeover from the current systems that seem ineffective to the best practices that would facilitate the achievement of the desired results in the future (Graetz, Rimmer, Smith & Lawrence 2011, p. 89). This entails the introduction of several […]

Organisational Change of Clemenger BBDO

Introduction Business operational dynamics require an organisation to embrace changes. Variations of economy, political climate, and technological dynamics create the necessity for organisational change. Clemenger BBDO, which is a leading advertising organisation in Australia, sought to create organisational change by implementing various changes among them being leadership structures together with improvement of the business of […]

Swansea Metropolitan and University of Wales: Trinity St Davids

Introduction Communication within organizations is vital for full attainment of goals and objectives to enhance customer satisfaction in terms of service experience. Company interactions with customers involve applying different methods that ensure that customers’ pieces of information reach the sales department. Since this communication process involves many people, it requires appropriate management to guarantee best […]

The CSR models for Toyota, Nissan, and Honda

Introduction Corporate success greatly depends on the success of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Implicit in the CSR discipline is the acknowledgement that most companies have to fulfil their corporate responsibilities to all stakeholders to succeed. CSR falls firmly within this stretch of corporate responsibilities, and it manifests as an implicit social contract that different […]

Market model patterns of changes. AT&T

Description of the business, its general pattern of change of market models and how such a change impacts its business operations AT&T is a renowned corporation that was initiated with an objective of providing quality telecommunication services to customers. Since its inception, the company that started its operations in a monopolistic business environment has been […]

Comparison and Contrast of The Hollis v. Vabu Pty Ltd

The Hollis v. Vabu Pty Ltd1 highlighted the person who needs to be held liable in case an employee injures a third party while performing the duties of his employer. The trial judge upheld the decision that the bicycle courier was an employee of Vabu Limited and the company was responsible for his actions. The […]

Impact of Emirates Airlines’ Operations on the Environment

Abstract Emirates Airlines is a major global air transport company that is based in Dubai, UAE. The company’s operations cause significant impacts in terms of environmental degradation. The company has established an environmental policy that seeks to highlight its commitment in addressing its associated carbon footprint. These policies and statements, however, have no impact in […]

Case Study: Smart Car

Introduction The creation of the ‘smart’ car was due to the collaboration between Swatch Watches and Mercedes-Benz. Swatch Watches intended to use the car to embody the brand name into a vehicle. The ‘smart’ car is a 2-seater car. It is fuel-efficient. The car is available in bright colours. Fuel efficiency is one of the […]

Levendary Café Analysis

Management Challenges Faced by Mia Foster Leadership Change When Mia Foster took over Levendary Café as the Chief Executive Officer, it had been led since its inception by Howard Leventhal and a group of long-serving heads of departments who were responsible for all packages that Levendary offered. This move created a conservative way of working […]

Supply Chain Design: Honda Gulf

Abstract The study seeks to offer an attentive examination of the supply chain design in the auto-industry taking BMW as the case. In addition, this study will explore how supply chain design increases the competitive advantage to the firms within the auto-industry. With the use of theoretical and empirical studies, the paper will further explore […]

European Airline Analysis

Introduction Airline industry in Europe has been in operation for a long period, and its market has continued to increase over time due to air traffic demand. The industry expanded to include destinations in most parts of Europe. The industry has various airline subsidiaries, and operates with other subsidiaries not from the airline business. It […]

Performance Appraisal in Organizations

Introduction Performance appraisal has a very short history. It only began taking root in the early periods of 20th century. Performance appraisal is a common concept in the field of contemporary personnel management. It began as a simple way of justifying employees’ income. Since its inception, the concept has become universal and seems inevitable for […]

Case Study: Royal Numico NV

Numico has grown from humble beginnings to become of one of the largest companies that manufactures nutritional products. Acquisition is one of the major strategies of the company. Throughout, the history of the company, it has acquired companies in various locations. This has enabled the company to venture into foreign markets. This company has helped […]

Bombardier Aerospace Case Study

Introduction Bombardier aerospace is a division of Bombardier Incorporation that deals with the production of aircrafts. In the past, the company has been among the leaders in production of business jets as well as regional aircrafts. Nevertheless, there has been dynamics in the customer tastes and preferences thus requiring rather customized aircrafts. On the same […]

The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies – Managers

Progressive Auto Insurance has a rich history of implementing effective, cost saving and efficiency enhancing information technology solutions. The company’s everyday operations are technology driven in a bid to not only improve revenue and saving costs but also to improve customer service. In August 2011 for instance, the company launched the “Snapshot” in Florida, a […]

The Contribution of the Luxury Fashion Industry in Economic Development of the World

Introduction From time in memorial the fashion industry has made significant impacts to the politics, economy, education and art of various cultures. Today, as illustrated by Brun et al. (2008 p. 558), it marks as a significant element of increasing globalisation. Furthermore, Brun et al. (2008 p. 548) brings out the significance of the industry […]