Case Study Essay Examples and Topics

Smart Cup Coffee Shop Business Plan

Executive Summary Due to minimal barriers to entry in the Canadian coffee shop industry, the ‘Smart Cup Coffee Shop’ would start its operation in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada with relatively effortlessness and with minimum establishment costs by choosing rental premises at the south gate of Cape Breton University; however, the company will start with leasing […]

Marks & Spencer Company Compensation

Introduction Compensation at the workplace influences the performance of any organisation in a number of ways. Most researchers have established that compensation of employees is directly related to the motivation that they get from their places of work. The result is the output that they generate for the organisation (Moriarty 2014). One of the commonest […]

Zara Company: RFID and Inventory Issues

Benefits and Downsides of RFID There are a number of benefits that accrue from the use of RFID chips in the fashion retail industry. First, fashion retailers are now able to track their supplies and restock their clothing racks more quickly and effortlessly due to the chips’ capacity to provide great stock visibility. Consequently, retailers […]

Zara Company and the Automatic ID System

The benefits that accrue from RFID tags in this industry The automatic ID system (RFID) has won over the retailers’ use of barcodes in their operations. The effectiveness of radio frequency identification has proven to be very efficient especially in stocktaking. Radio frequency ID is automatic, and cans scan multiple items at the same time […]

Customer Relationship: Best Buy, the Body Shop and Walmart

Introduction In the last few decades, customer relationship management (CRM) has been developed as competitive advantage strategy. In fact, as competition intensifies among all retailers, CRM has become one of the most effective strategies of maximizing their share of wallet. It is imperative to review the tenets of CRM strategies that retailers use to earn […]

Vodafone, Lush and American Express Customer Relationship

In the world of nowadays the most successful businesses are built on the excellent relationship with the customers. Client oriented businesses prove to be the most popular and the strongest competitors in their markets. The biggest and most renowned business awards of Europe, America and Australia consider the companies’ customer focus as one of the […]

The Apple-Microsoft Companies Relationship

Microsoft and Apple are among the household names in the world of Information Technology (IT). These companies have enjoyed a healthy relationship initially, and as such shared technological ideas of mutual benefit. However, in the late 1980s their relations strained, culminating into a legal battle. Importantly, it is hard to mention Apple without recognizing its […]

Walmart, Amazon and Dunkin’ Donuts Customer Relationship

The relationships developed by businesspeople and their customers determine the success of different companies. Many companies that embrace the power of Customer Relationships (CRs) emerge successful. The decision “to use various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs has made many organizations profitable” (Fishman 19). Many retailers have established their competitive advantages using effective CRMs. Retailing companies […]

Target Corporation Security Breach and Legal Consequences

Following a security data breach at Target Corp, the retailer will face several lawsuits for monumental losses incurred by banks and customers. Trustmark National Bank and Green Bank NA filed complaints against Target and accused it and Trustwave Holdings Inc. of failing to “secure customer information effectively, which resulted in the theft of nearly 40 […]

General Electric Company Growth Strategy

How difficult was the task Immelt faced when he assumed the CEO role in 2001? Was there any imperative to maintain the past operation? Immelt task was not an easy one. First, a lot was expected from him considering the fact that his predecessor (Welch) had made GE thrive into a successful firm. Immelt needed […]

British Petroleum: Social Performance of Organizations

British Petroleum British Petroleum is a UK oil company with extensive global operations in more than 80 countries (BP, 2014). Recent reports show that the company is among the six biggest global oil corporations, in terms of revenues and oil production capacity (Jennings, 2010). The main activities of the UK-based company include oil exploration and […]

America’s Strategic Shoe Reserve

If the American military considers purchasing shoes from local manufactures only, a number of the economic phenomena are likely to occur. Both short-term and long-term impacts are possible. One of the major short-term effects will be an increase in the rate return on sales for the local companies. The current situation, where the military obtains […]

Macy’s Retail Store Marketing

Introduction Since my childhood, I have attended the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with my peers. I have never missed the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade because it offers diverse forms of festivities, which entertain, create fun, and form massive celebration. Owing to the numerous activities that it offers, I have been dressing for the occasion with […]

JetBlue Company Employment Compensations

Introduction This essay focuses on human resource management at JetBlue Airline as a startup company. It explores employment opportunity laws that may affect the company, recruitment method, selection process, appraisal, compensation, and discretionary (voluntary) benefits at JetBlue. Three national equal employment opportunity laws that impact JetBlue’s hiring practices Ann Rhoades must observe national equal employment […]

Career Path in Industrial Contractors Company

Introduction Although interior design offers designers a wide range of careers and exciting career paths to pursue, most designers often specialize in several areas in the profession to apply their skills and make it more rewarding. Through exciting designs, interior designers express their research skills, creativity, and knowledge to promote aspects of environmental responsibility in […]

DubaiStar and SunRoll America Franchise Agreement

Introduction DubaiStar is one of the small hotels in Dubai. Over the past five years, the hotel has been performing dismally and continued to incur any losses. To maintain its operations in the hotel industry in Dubai, DubaiStar hotel sought a Franchise relation with SunRoll America. SunRoll America is a chain of hotels whose operations […]

The Etihad Airways Theoretical Perspectives

Introduction A person’s ‘frame of reference’ influences the way they understand organizations. As a result, several theoretical perspectives have been developed by scholars in the field of industrial relations to help understand organizations. According to Cradden (2011), the three notable theoretical views that have been developed are the unitarist, pluralist, and radical perspectives. Each of […]

Flushing Hospital Medical Center Strategies

Introduction In the wake of a technological resurgence of the 21st century, the evolution of global economy seems to have affected the operations of a range of organizations, including the ones that belong to the realm of healthcare. A recent overview of the activities of the Flushing Hospital Medical Center (Flushing Hospital Medical Center, 2015) […]

UCR Women’s Basketball Marketing Strategies

Introduction UCR Women’s Basketball is an upcoming sport, which requires extensive marketing and promotion for fans, stakeholders, and the general population to know its existence. Given that different sports have established competitive brands through marketing and promotion over a period, UCR Women’s Basketball also needs to apply effective marketing and promotion strategies. Other women’s sports, […]

Google Self Driving Car’s New Idea

Having achieved great success in the world of computer technologies, corporation Google, however, does not rest on its successes. The best thing is that it is trying to guarantee the introducing of digital technologies into real life with the main goal to make our life easier. It is no use denying the great success of […]

Mountain West Health Plans Company’s Leadership Styles

Evelyn Gustafson’s leadership style Evelyn Gustafson has developed situational and participatory leadership skills in managing customer services at the Mountain West Health Plans. The main characteristics of Gustafson’s leadership style include adaptability, empowerment, commitment, contribution, and proactive participation in motivating the customer care agents at the organization. The aspect of adaptability influences the adjustments that […]

Netflix Company Brand

Opportunities and Threats Opportunities Netflix has become a synonymous brand with internet streaming of television content and movies. It can capitalize on this brand recognition to grow its business globally. The Netflix service is pure, as that it does not bundle streaming with other products to frustrate customers by bogging them down with unwanted product […]

Athletic Training and Miami Sports Medicine

Executive Summary Miami Sports Medicine is a business initiative that seeks to offer training services to the residents of Miami. The firm will be based within the city of Miami. It will target the locals and tourists who need physical training for various reasons. The targeted market is expanding rapidly because of the increasing population […]

Case of Analyzing the Ez-Abc School

Background EZ-ABC school is an ESL (English as a second language) school in the Kangnam business district of Seoul City. The school has two major problems. One of the problems is employee retention under the human resources management department. The other problem is lower student enrollment, which should appear under general management. General management deals […]

BP Energy Company’s Business Ethics and Strategy

Introduction Business ethics is an important aspect of businesses in the modern world. In this respect, businesses have developed codes of ethics as the guides to all the internal stakeholders in the dispatch of duties to customers. The codes of ethics are integrated into the long-term strategy of businesses to form the companies’ cultures. This […]

Euro Computer Systems and Order Fulfillment Center Conflict

Customers’ Complaints & OFC’s Measure of Efficiency From the case study, it is evident that customers of Euro Computer Systems (ECS) are upset due to an underperforming Order Fulfillment Center (OFC) as demonstrated by the delay in the delivery of computer terminal components to them. The customers’ complaints are justified because the order fill rate […]

China National Building Material Company’s and ABC Supply’ Merger

Introduction China National Building Material Company [CNBMC], which is a firm in the Chinese building and construction industry, intends to merge with ABC Supply that operates in the US roofing and building material industry. The objective of the merger is to establish a multinational company, hence attaining competitiveness in the global building industry. However, the […]

Zappos Company Culture Analysis

Zappos is an international online company located in Las Vegas that deals with the sale of clothes and shoes. Having been founded in 1999, the company has managed to gain an international reputation for quality products, thus seeking admiration from other online shops and companies. The two main founders of Zappos were Nick Swinmurn and […]

The St. Jessica’s Urban Medical Center’s Management

The new performance management program will ensure that employees are guided and reviewed frequently to enable them to perform optimally at work. It will also improve motivation among workers that will be noted by the increased productivity. Due to this program, it will be easier to identify top performing employees and realize the organization’s strategic […]

The Restaurants Chain Tim Hortons and Its Business Model

Executive summary Tim Hortons, the Canadian restaurant’s chain, is going to penetrate to the US market. The analysis of the peculiarities of the American market is an essential part of the strategy development. It is recommended to use the adjusted strategy with co-branding and entering the new market niches. Background The same business model of […]

Case of Relativism in Company

There are several areas in this case study that illustrate relativism. Relativism has been defined as the belief that human beings have their own unique versions of the truth. This simply means that different people have different thoughts about the truth. Willard and Henk interpreted differently what transpired on that day where a supervisor by […]

Car Detailing Business: Strategic Plan

The car detailing business at Northern Virginia has a vision and a mission statement that aims at satisfying their customer’s needs and achieving leadership in the car market. Therefore, the company should implement various strategies and tactics to fulfill its mission and vision. In implementing these marketing and information technology strategies and tactics, the company […]

The Market Analysis of Car Detailing Business

Car detailing The market analysis conducted shows that the car detailing market segment is characterized by a significant business opportunity. Customers are increasingly modifying their cars to meet their personal needs, and this trend cuts across customers of diverse age and gender. Therefore, the probability of maximizing the level of profitability by venturing into this […]

Riordan Manufacturing: Diversity and Conflict Management

Identify, address, and mitigate conflicts that may arise from differences among team members From the communications shared among employees of Riordan Manufacturing, it is evident that resistance to change is a major source of conflict in most organizations. For instance, some employees at Riordan Manufacturing are supporting the initiative of going green so that the […]

Small Auto-wash Business Environment

The business environment will always dictate the success or failure of a firm in the market, depending on how management handles it. The business environment is always categorized into an external and internal business environment. These two business environments are very important in shaping the performance of a firm in the market. This research will […]

Business Organization – Car Detailing Shop

When starting a new business, there are several important aspects that must be kept in mind. Few of them relate to the moral part of society and individual, while some are mechanical or procedural. The way the company becomes known as one of the key business steps, as popularity in the market will determine the […]

ABC Company Mismanagement

The case study provided is an example of how mismanagement can lead to huge problems for an organization. The case revolves around a recruiter named Carl Robins who was hired by ABC Company. Robins being a recruiter, hired fifteen new employees whose orientation was scheduled to take place on 15th of June. However, during the […]

McDonalds and Nike: Organizational Impact

Organizational Impact Paper Technological advancement keeps on causing changes in various industries through innovations, creativity, and advanced designs. Currently, change is inevitable in every organization, and thriving organizations include those that adapt and adopt to change immediately once it occurs. Through innovative and creative designs, the efficiency of processes and quality of products and services […]

Strategies of the American Society of Civil Engineers

Introduction American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is a professional body that is exempted from taxation. ASCE was founded in 1852. It provides “essential values to members of the civil engineering profession globally” (American Society of Civil Engineers 1). The professional body has over 140,000 members. It is also “the oldest national engineering society in […]

Lincoln Company Management

Lincoln does follow a hierarchy in their way of management as it flows from top to bottom. The top managers usually have the key role in decision making and the decisions made are implemented by the managers below them. In the text, it is mentioned that the company has top executives, middle managers and production […]

Centrax Corporation’s E-learning Programs

Introduction E-learning is a type of learning that uses electronic tools and methods to teach learners different subjects. However, it differs from other forms of learning because learners are taught in a virtual learning environment where they interact with their fellow learners and teachers through technological tools. Electronic learning is one of the major forms […]

Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s Managment

There are very many hotels in the world, and a great amount of them are five-star luxury hotels. The management of these hotels has an important job of retaining the best possible service and attracting new, as well as previous customers. Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel, located in Shanghai, is considered to be one of the best […]

Greenbelt Banking Company’s Human Resource Management

The Greenbelt Banking Company was founded in 1991 with a mission to provide reliable, efficient, and affordable banking services to the public. Although it took a while before taking off in other countries due to tight legal constraints, the company has since set other head offices in most countries. The organization has more than 700,000 […]

Nokia Company Marketing Plan

The Firm and its Products Nokia is a global firm within the communications and information industry. The firm is headquartered in Espoo, Finland (Grünewälder, 2008). Also, the firm deals with mobile phones, mobile computers as well as networks. Also, the corporation offers internet services comprising music applications, games, and media as well as messaging services. […]

Resistance of Change in Kuwait’s Petroleum Industries Company

Executive Summary This project seeks to examine the resistance of change in organizations based on the actual evaluation of a recent case in Kuwait’s Petroleum Industries Company (PIC) where employees resisted a proposed change to adopt paperless technology. The company also wishes to adopt a new hierarchy and promotional system that has received profound resistance […]

Preston Plant’s History and Management

What are the most significant events in the story of how the plant survived because of its adoption of quality-based principles? Having control over organizational processes is the most crucial kind of power that a company must possess to achieve success in the business world. In the case study designed to explore the history of […]

IBM Company Changing and Adjustment

The fluctuating market is never the same, making a business environment hard to predict and often, demanding changes in a company so that it stays successful. Ethics, socio-cultural adjustments, and modernization of the world have to be adhered to. Global companies have to make changes, and IBM is one such organization. The general adjustments that […]

Morrison Supermarkets Company Marketing Planning

Executive Summary WM Morrison Supermarkets PLC is a leading market player in the arena of stores and supermarket chains in the United Kingdom. At the close of the previous financial year (2012/2013), it had an overall turnover of 18,116 million pounds and a net profit of 1206 million pounds. Whereas this turnover was an indication […]

Case of Grace Company and SAP

Grace Company manufactures and sells chemicals and construction products. Previously Grace Company had been facing problems brought about by its complicated ledger system. The company had two operating sections: Grace Construction Products and Davison. Therefore, Grace Company used SAP to solve these problems. The main function of SAP was to make ledger systems coherent and […]

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

A survey carried out by Universum revealed that Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is the most preferred employer by students in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) . The growing global demand for oil has necessitated ADNOC to initiate a process that will increase its oil producing capacity from 2.7 to 3.5 million barrels per […]

Clothing Retail Store’s Promotional Plan

The program is aimed at training mid-level managers of a clothing retail store. It is necessary to consider some characteristics of the learning community. These employees are professionals who have the necessary education, knowledge and skills to complete certain task. However, these professionals may lack for the most recent advances in the field. They may […]

The Burke Furniture Store Market

The furniture industry in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, is large and highly profitable. This is evident due to the availability of many well-established furniture stores, apart from Burke, that has a huge command of the market. The market share of the competitors in this industry is evenly balanced since each of them commands a particular […]

Avenue Park Accountants Marketing Plan

Executive Summary Avenue Park Accountants is a small business based in Manhattan and Mott Haven division of the South Bronx. The company was founded in 1990. The company offers a wide range of tax and management accounting products and services for small and medium size businesses in a geographical area covering Manhattan and Mott Haven […]

Arizona State University Sustainability Efforts

The purpose of this essay is to evaluate Arizona State University (ASU) sustainability efforts by focusing on economic, environmental, social, and educational contexts. However, measuring sustainability is a complex process among many organizations (Lozano, 963). The author proposes that the focus should be on economic, environmental, social, and educational contexts. ASU remains a regional model […]

Tampa Organization Compensation Plan

Financial issues are rarely impeccable in any organization, and the case of the city of Tampa is no exception. Providing a raise for the staff employed in public companies, the authorities did not take the age issue into account. Even though the people who received raises below the average were over 40, technically, the compensation […]

Leadership in the Workplace: Apple Inc.

The progress of Apple, Inc. truly is one of the most impressive phenomena in the modern business world. Starting from scratch, facing rivalry with such brands as Microsoft and Google, surviving the death of its founder and still managing to provide its customers with innovational products of impeccable quality, Apple deserves being made an example […]

The Passenger Motor Vehicle Business in the UK

Executive Summary Starting a business in the United Kingdom requires an understanding of the business environment in which one wants to invest. This paper presents an analysis of the UK as a chosen business destination for the passenger motor vehicle assembly business. The paper is divided into three main parts. The first part of the […]

Hurricane Katrina’ Economic Effects for New Orlean

New Orleans was one of the cities greatly affected by Hurricane Katrina. Subsequent efforts to rebuild the city back to its initial state have proved much expensive and a real burden to the citizens. The estimated cost for the refurbishment of New Orleans is expected to be about $200 billion. The biggest compromise is whether […]

Kinokuniya Dubai Company Strategy

Company Overview Kinokuniya Dubai is a subsidiary of Books Kinokuniya, which is a leading Japanese bookstore chain (Kinokuniya UAE par. 1). The business is run by Kinokuniya Company Ltd, which has been in existence since its founding in 1927. The business originally began as charcoal selling enterprise before it was transformed in 1927 into a […]

Caterpillar Company’s Ethical Problems

Background Caterpillar’s ethical problems are worth examining because of three factors. First, it is a global company, with more than 500 dealer and facility locations all over the planet (Murphy, Laczniak, & Prothero, 2012). Second, the company achieved worldwide sales amounting to $42 billion in 2010 alone. Finally, Caterpillar produces heavy equipment that is needed […]

Outbrain and Taboola Companies Service Marketing

Service marketing is distinct from the marketing of tangible products. This type of marketing is growing in stature because of the increasing number of services available for consumption through the internet. Service marketing is also growing because of the increase in the number of active people on the internet. This article examines the activities of […]

TOMS Company Operating

TOMS depicts a unique organization that is modeled along with the two seemingly distinct elements of organizational sustainability. These elements are philanthropy and profit-making. It is exciting to note the manner in which the Chief Executive of the company, Mycoskie, establishes a company by integrating the philanthropic motive and the profit-making motive. Through travel and […]

MacDonald’s New Service Standard

In this article, Vanessa Wong discusses MacDonald’s intention to set a new service standard for their restaurants. In particular, the author speaks about the decision to reduce the amount of time which is needed to serve clients in the so-called “drive-through” parking spots (Wong). In particular, the representatives of this company promise that they will […]

Virgin Megastore Company Business Model

Executive Summary A trend in employment can be seen among several of the foreign brands that have entered into Dubai as of late, wherein younger employees have been chosen over their older counterparts. Stores such as Apple, Virgin, and Levi’s seem to hire individuals that are between 21 to 27 years of age. This particular […]

Wendy’s Restaurant Vice President of Operations

Introduction Wendy’s restaurant is the third largest fast-food restaurant in the world (Wendy’s, 2013). It only lags behind Burger King and McDonalds in the selling of the hamburger sandwich. Wendy’s is involved in the business of developing, running, and franchising fast-food restaurants, which serve high-quality foods (Wendy’s, 2013). At the end of 2012, the restaurant […]

Case of the Donor Services Department

Joanna Reed considered all details of the work of the Donor Services Department and found several issues. She understands that the department is not efficient enough as employees do not understand their roles and do not complete their tasks correctly. Joanna concludes that employees need the training to be able to complete their work properly […]

The Music Band’s Parmalee Promotion

Admittedly, it is crucial to choose the most appropriate visual and verbal message to attract the target audience. The flyers used as well as Facebook posts have to include the most evocative messages which can be created with the help of images, colors, layout and so on. The band performs country music with some elements […]

The Ford-Firestone Brawl Company’s Decision

Why Ford might have decided to continue with the production of the Explorer SUV despite its own studies showing that the vehicle was unstable? The decision made by Ford to carry on with the production of the ‘Ford-Explorer’ also known as a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) was grounded on the returns generated for the firm […]

Fraud at WorldCom Company

During the 1990s, WorldCom disrupted the telecom industry through multiple acquisitions. The company acquired over 60 companies. The compathe any acquired MCI in 1997 to become the second largest data carrier. By 2001, the company controlled a third of all data cables in the US (Obringer, 2011). The company eventually collapsed due to mismanagement arising […]

Organization Management in FOX and Johnson & Johnson Companies

There can be no possible doubt that FOX and the J&J crossed the line between a reasonable compromise and a breach of the corporate ethical principles (Stewart & Paine, n. d.). In regard to the conflict that Johnson & Johnson had to deal with, the nature of the problem, particularly, the conflict between the ethical […]

Del Monte Fresh Juice Marketing

Product Description Del Monte Fresh Juice is a product of the Del Monte Foods Company which is located in San Francisco, USA. The Del Monte Fresh Juice product falls in the category of fruit drinks that are retailed in enclosed packets. The product comes in varieties such as Fresh Cut, Sun Fresh, Fruit Chillers, Super […]

The Nike Sports Watch Marketing Plan in Australia

Executive Summary The marketing objective for the Nike+ Sportwatch GPS is to sell 500,000 units in Australia. The profit expectation for the first year is AUD 20,000,000. The product will be similar to the ones sold all over the world. Nike will use television, the internet, and sports magazines to promote the watch. The company […]

Kawasaki and H&M Companies Market

Every company that operates internationally must respond to local needs as well as global needs (Daniels, Radebaugh, & Sullivan, 2011). This paper analyzes the demands placed on Kawasaki and H&M when trying to respond to local needs and global pressures. Kawasaki’s pressure for local responsiveness comes from the needs of the Japanese economy. The company […]

Tazreen Fashions Company’s Fire Tragedy

Introduction In the year 2012, a fire tragedy in a clothing factory in Bangladesh killed more than 110 people and maimed hundreds of other employees (The Accord, 2012). The plant was part of clothing factories managed by Tazreen Fashions Ltd. Tazreen Fashions is among the largest Bangladeshi clothing supplier in Europe and North America. The […]

Starbucks Company Organizational Strategy

Key Elements of Organizational Culture Starbucks has managed to increase its competitive advantage in the industry using its organizational culture. Its culture consists of five key elements which are collectively referred to as ‘The Starbucks Experience.’ The first element focuses on customizing services to ensure they satisfy unique customers’ needs. The second element focuses on […]

Adobe Company’s Managment

Characteristics of Adobe’s corporate-level strategy Companies or organizations that are diversified in nature often make use of the corporate level strategy (Hong-Wei, 2008). Adobe Inc. is a typical example of such companies. To remain competitive in the market, Adobe has coordinated and integrated several types of businesses within a single unit of software development. For […]

Alliant’s Total Quality Management System

This paper is a case study of Total Quality Management at Alliant Health System. It explains Alliant’s TQM strategy, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the actions Alliant took in implementing this strategy. A key component of Alliant’s TQM strategy is the creation of Patients Care Centers (PCCs). The paper suggests ways that could help […]

Starbucks in Abu Dhabi

Product Positioning Starbucks is a well-established brand in Abu Dhabi. People love Starbucks cafes as they appreciate the high quality of the products and the service. Notably, coffee is a very popular product in the region, and Starbucks’ coffee is one of the people’s favourites. However, to position Starbucks coffee capsules in the tops of […]

McDonald’s Marketing and Principles

Dealing with the racial issues is not an easy task, especially when it comes to discussing the relationships between the Native Americans and the people who moved to American in search for new opportunities and the need to try his/her luck. The sad outcomes of these relationships have become notorious not only in American history […]

Hawk Car Company Organisational Behaviour

Sending Negative Organizational News Strengths One of the strengths of the letter is that the executives can easily understand the content of the message because the letter opens with bad news, a strategy that directs an approach for the negative news applies. In the first sentence, the executives get the message that the organization needs […]

Web Exercise-Online Sources of Assistance

All the three websites that have been given for this discussion are websites with lots of quality information aimed at assisting small entrepreneurs to conduct their business operations well. The first website is for the Canadian Federation of independent businesses. The second one is for the Canada business network, and the third website is for […]

Business Plan For Second Cup’s Coffee Outlet Startup

Executive Summary This business plan shows the available trajectories that Ken and Mary Hatch, referred to as principal co-founders, could use to establish a coffee outlet in the Markham area under the Second Cup franchise. The purpose of this plan is to demonstrate the market, competitive and industry forces that will undoubtedly influence the start-up […]

Eco- Shack Marketing Standards

Efficient and prompt entry of Standard Eco- Shack into the New Zealand market will require a comprehensive and rigorous market and consumer segmentation. Market segmentation is a strategy used by businesses to ensure that the company’s products are directed towards appropriate customers. In this regard, it will be necessary to investigate the customer’s needs so […]

Laura Ashley Company’s Theory of Business

To what extent did Laura Ashley’s theory of business under Anne Iversion represent a fit with reality? Anne Iversion expanded the operations of Laura Ashley to foreign countries. This was indeed a fit with reality bearing in mind that expanding the business portfolio was the most viable way of reaching out a wider market. Since […]

Springs Industries Management Principles

Introduction Management is essential in the successful operations of all firms. Management entails strategies, which are made to ensure productivity and profitability. Scholars have stepped in to explain the nature of management and its application by organizations. The essay will focus on outlining nature of management in Springs Industries. The focus will be on responding […]

International Accounting Standards Board Deliberations

The major IASB agenda includes Replacement of IAS 39 under Financial Instruments, rate-regulated activities, and revenue recognition. The timetable identified for milestones on each of the projects is discussed below. The replacement of IAS 39 underwent three phases. The 1st phase included the classification and measurement of financial instruction. IFRS 9 was in print in […]

Oyster by Rolex: Decoding an Object

When it comes down to discussing what attracts people to a particular material object that they would like to own, it is important to understand what they consider the object’s perceptual value. In its turn, this specific type of value cannot be discussed outside of what constitutes the desired object’s discursive significance. In my paper, […]

Human Resources Management and Entrepreneurship

Nonaka’s Knowledge-Creating Company It is true that Nonaka’s Knowledge-Creating Company encourages entrepreneurialism. Entrepreneurship suggests involving stakeholders in creating new ideas to build a new business mind and innovative ideas. In this case, the company explores facts that help Japanese companies to make profits irrespective of the economic environment. At the same time, the company incorporates […]

Pioneer Enterprises Benefits Program

Understanding the competitiveness of the environment and the importance of providing favorable working conditions, Pioneer Enterprises should work out an effective employee’s benefits program and select the most appropriate option. The employees’ benefits program will consist of medical, life and disability insurance paid time off, after-retirement plans and other benefits. Regarding the medical benefits, the […]

Pioneer Enterprises Employees Benefits

Introduction Pioneer enterprises have the responsibility of providing a good working condition for its employees. For that reason, it is essential for its management to consider the various insurance benefit programs that can help to facilitate the employees’ welfare for the period of the service and after retirement. The following are the options available for […]

PPD Company Leadership and Controlling

There is no much difference between management and leadership. Both of these people carry similar activities. However, there are notable differences between these people. PPD Consultants is such an organization that has both leaders and managers. The following are some of the differences between these individuals. To start with, the managers are involved in the […]

GlaxiSmithKline Company Leadership and Controlling

Introduction GlaxoSmithKline plc (GSK) is an international pharmaceutical that was formed in 1904. The organization has its headquarters in London. The corporation produces and supplies medicines, oral healthcare, and nutrition drinks. Over the years of operation, the organization has enjoyed strong leadership from the CEOs’ operating under a predetermined framework and organization structure. However, each […]

Pine Breeze Administrative Applications

The rapid development of technology has enabled organizations to adopt administrative applications that utilize web-based tools to assist in the efficient delivery of services as well as lower administrative and operational costs. This paper has discussed several regulatory applications such as automated health records, computerized staffing applications, digital financial reporting and management systems, and social […]

VSE Corporation Management Applied Research

Introduction The VSE Corporation was established in 1959 and dealt with technical services. Currently, the corporation has more than 2,700 employees who work in ensuring that the technical services are provided to its clients. The company was founded with the mission of reducing the cost and increasing the reliability in the equipment and systems of […]

H&M Clothing Company’s Marketing

What Macro-Environmental pressures are identified in case? The first macroeconomics parameter identified in the case is a slowing global economy; consumers spending on clothing have reduced. The clothing and apparels industry is driven by changes in consumers’ preferences and fashion. Fashion and changes in consumers’ preferences are macroeconomic parameters portrayed in the case. H&M clothing […]

Players Salaries’ And Ticket Prices’ Relationship

Introduction Over the past few decades, sports have undergone a phenomenon of growth (Leeds & Allmen, 2007, p.3). Wo world Cup is increasingly being considered as one of the most popular sporting events in the world. For example, South Korean team success during the 2002 World Cup made football to become a popular sport in […]

Dean & Deluca Company’s Marketing Mix

Introduction Dean & Deluca was started by Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca as a grocery with the main objective of providing the customers with the best artisan-produced foods. The dream of Joel and Giorgio is to offer their customers a superb celebration of food at a place that best suits the desires of the customers. […]

Zappos Company Management

Synopsis Zappos Company outsources work to handle selling, shipping for other companies and its customer services. This company offers training to its entire staff at, new employees and interested parties outside the organization (Chafkin, 158). The writer states that Hsieh is a customer oriented manager who goes out conducting research studies on what makes his […]

Toyota Company’s Sustainable Product

Introduction Toyota Australia produces high-quality vehicles and engines at the plant located in Altona. To improve the production process and respond to the principles of sustainability and environmental protection, it is necessary to implement the new technology to save the water used in the technological process. The project is developed to demonstrate the advantages of […]

Consep Pty Company’s Innovations

Executive Summary Consep Pty Ltd is a global international company based in Australia. The company has a reputation for providing innovative engineering solutions to the mining, construction, water, and wastewater industries. It applies innovative technologies, wide experiences, customized design, and excellence in manufacturing for the production of outstanding equipment for its global customers (Consep, 2013). […]