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Case Study Essay Examples and Topics

Consumer Buyer Decision Process

Loyalty is one of the greatest motivators for older consumers, and therefore, it is possible that they will recontact people or businesses whose services or products they purchased in the past.
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Fiscal Policy in Macy’s Department Stores

This is because the success of the business depends on customers' preferences and the demand for the products. The government raised interest rates and this caused the organization to increase the pricing of its products.
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  • Words: 843

Amanco Company: Sustainability Scorecard

The formulation of the 'Triple Bottom Line' scorecard in Amanco was done at the corporate level, but the stakeholders are not shown to have been involved in any part of the formulation.
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  • Words: 866

Empress Luxury Lines: Ethical Dilemma

The dilemma infringes on Antonio's principles and values because he thinks that the conduct of the company is not by the insurance company's policies and principles and that, the management team should face the law.
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  • Words: 847

Singapore Airlines: Revenue Management

According to the financial statement of the company, Singapore Airlines group achieved a net profit of $1092 million in the 2010/2011 financial year.
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  • Words: 603

Orbit Limited: Conflict Resolution

The challenge is that at the time of the conflict, everyone is normally convinced that his or her stance is the best. The second communication theory that will be of equal importance, in this case, [...]
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  • Words: 740

Maximum, Market and Choice Principles

The current event from the company's functioning which is going to be explored in the following paper is evaluated from the point of view of the maximum principle, market principle and choice principle; and it [...]
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  • Words: 839

The Secrets of the Lincoln Electric Company

In regards to the case of Lincoln Electric Company's popularity in the world market during the last years, the following question arises, what are the main secrets of the strength of the company?
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  • Words: 518

SAS’s Approach in Brazil

On the other hand, Brazil has a score of 76 in uncertainties avoidance meaning this is a society that fears uncertainties.
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  • Words: 585

Major Failures of Apple Inc.

To begin with, environmental concerns from its use of toxic minerals like Mercury and Lead form the most important shortfalls of the Apple Company.
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  • Words: 587

Jeffrey Wigand and the Movie “Insider”

His interview with "60 minutes" depicts his open character and In the movie "insider", his character is revealed in many instances for example when he talks about the effects of tobacco, he makes sentiments about [...]
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  • Words: 550

Walmart in Europe: Entry into the German Market

Many had expected that with the success it had witnessed in the USA market, it was going to be very easy to conquer the others owing to the high competition in the home retail sector.
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  • Words: 1462

Nucor Company: Solving Problems Faced by Nucor

The matter of refocusing the corporate objectives, as well as changing the primary development direction of the company is closely associated with the necessity to change the marketing strategy, as well as improving the company [...]
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  • Words: 809

McDonald’s: Crisis Case Study

This is the trickiest area of human resource management, as with liberalism of labour, it is very uncertain on the part of the institutions to retain their best quality. This was a clear signal that [...]
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  • Words: 1387

The Body Shop: Case Study

The Body Shop pursued the matter in favor of the Ogonis and got a compensation of US$15. As an advocate of human rights and environmental issues, The Body Shop has ensured that they put in [...]
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  • Words: 955

Coca-Cola: East Africa Case Study

The article discusses the results of investigations conducted within different medical establishments with the purpose of identifying all the possible forms of bias in questionnaires including bias in the way of designing questions, in the [...]
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  • Words: 548

The Acquisition of Netezza by IBM Corporation

Certainly, the strategy of acquisition of the Maryland-Based Conquest by Boeing has propelled the tow companies higher in terms of their performance in the complex, and competitive air-craft manufacturing industry.
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  • Words: 567

Enron: Corporate Debacle

Because the company was involved in the provision of wholesale services and risk management, it was allowed to act as an agent in the provision of goods and services to the consumer.
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  • Words: 1130

Sony vs. Hackers Game

It is alleged that such option contributed to that PS3 could not be jailbroken for a record period of time, as opposed to other video gaming devices, as it gave hackers the opportunity to install [...]
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  • Words: 1123

The Fall and Rise of Fiat

The company had a lot of struggles within its management and as a result of the stiff competition from its main competitors like the Volkswagen and Japanese car manufacturers especially due to the lack of [...]
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  • Words: 1029

FedEx: Case Study

All that is needed to be done is just putting the mail that is to be sent in an international destination into a FedEx bag that is designated as international mail service.
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  • Words: 1154

Classic Airline: Marketing Strategy

There is no shortage in the Classic situation in the real sense because it is not a good being sold it is a service but the important factor to consider is that the demand is [...]
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  • Words: 579

Eastvaco: Company Profitability

Table 1 below summarizes profits and rate of return before tax for the flagship envelope and cup product lines when total production overhead is applied pro-rata according to share of gross revenue.
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  • Words: 471

Morton’s Management: Case Study

He may have been afraid of the fact that if he did not retain all the powers and authority, employees like Wilson would take the running of the restaurant.
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  • Words: 1246

Wegmans Company’s Training for Ethics Development

Considering the fact that some training methods are not suitable for the Company, the task will be resolved from the perspective of the existing managerial practices and approaches associated with training the newly hired personnel.
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  • Words: 848

IKEA Company’s Innovation and Marketing Strategy

The main innovatory idea behind the flat pack is to make the idea much beneficial for the economic class in the disaster situation, the flat is designed in such a way that the investment is [...]
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  • Words: 1027

Personal Trainer Inc.’s Context Diagram & System

The role of context diagram for understanding the principles of system activity is generally explained by the statement that the diagram gives the visual representation of the company's structure, and.
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  • Words: 477

Culture and Family Business Management

Far from the above, Moho can ask for a unique scenario where he agrees to perform on a contract basis whereby he will ask for the permission to apply his principles in a department of [...]
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  • Words: 840

Australian Supermarket Chain’s Change Program

The main objectives of the organization are to develop a performance appraisal system and to maintain a smooth and successful environment that is free from high turnover and chaos."Performance appraisal has different objectives for management [...]
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  • Words: 1314

Cisco Systems Inc. Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning

According to Randy Pond, the director in the manufacturing and co-leader of the project, the failure experienced at the embryonic stage of the program's installation was twofold. This is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, [...]
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  • Words: 953

Kava Business Scenario: Decisions in Paradise

In the case of Kava, decision-making with the help of leadership and strategy formulation would solve the problem. Most important of the aspects is that the employees have to connect with the people in a [...]
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  • Words: 876

SOL Cleaning and Its Management Principles

The effectiveness of the application of organizing as a function has of management has been further demonstrated by their levels of success and the ability to attract, recruit and retain the best skills in the [...]
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  • Words: 1126

The eBay Global Strategy Analysis: Case Study

A firm with out-of-date products is most likely to sell them at a lower value as compared to a company that could sell the same products at a higher value on eBay, for instance, 70 [...]
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  • Words: 836

Statistical Application

A study was carried out in the United States to determine the frequency and benefits of advertising and promotion strategies that were being used by restaurants in the urban center.
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  • Words: 850

Columbia Mills Inc. Case Study

Further, the company's management seemed to be less competitive in strategic planning as compared to other related companies in the industry; which also led to loss of popularity of the company's products in the market.
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  • Words: 733

Engineering Ethics in the Organizations

The firm manager found out that there was not ground and surface water pollution of the firm's location and as a result of this he decided not to react.
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  • Words: 1386

Employee Rights Case Study

Allen's decision to come up with a new website with a striking resemblance to his current company was because he was never listened to, and that was the only way to draw the attention of [...]
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 561

The Vodafone-Mannesmann: Case Study

The case has disclosed the encounter of two strategic policies of corporate governance on the part of Germany, which is in favor of collective decision-making and mutual agreement and on the part of British mergers, [...]
  • Pages: 3
  • Words: 827

Gap Inc.: Current and New Strategic Position

Nevertheless, the company is well aware that it is getting harder and harder to compete within the apparel industry. The creation of four distinct brands Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Piperlime may have at [...]
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  • Words: 724

Tom Monaghan – Who Founded Domino’s Pizza

It was at the orphanage that was run by catholic sisters where Monaghan got his devotion to the Catholic faith. However, he decided to hold on to life in the face of stiff competition.
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  • Words: 629

Toyota: Situation Analysis and Decision Making

The nature of demand of the Toyota's products is largely determined by the age of the buyers. The market can be segmented accordingly in terms of region and the age of the buyers.
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  • Words: 1372

Kraft and Cadbury: Acquisition Case

The impact of this move by Kraft would result to the disappearance of Cadbury products in the market and as a result of this; employees and business people who traded these products would lose a [...]
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 604

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.: Case Study

It can be stated that the main factor in the formation of organizational structures is the desire to control the production and the manufacturing process, the division of labour, and the occurrence of management functions.
  • Pages: 5
  • Words: 1345

Changes of Facebook’s Policies Over Time

Facebook has not always managed its users' data well and this is the main reason as to why the Facebook team has come and reason together on the new policies in order to manage and [...]
  • Pages: 3
  • Words: 1291

Adult Day Care Center: SWOT Analysis

The legal framework and licensing of the homes and centers is vital in regulating the industry to ensure compliance to the government laid standards and measures that ensure the elderly people get the best services [...]
  • Pages: 4
  • Words: 1479

Quality Management in Hotel Escargo

The present procedure used to verify check-in, check-out, and offers of the hotel is ineffective equally for the consumer and Hotel Escargo.
  • Pages: 4
  • Words: 1178

The Market Share Case: Allstar Brands Corporation

This paper will also discuss the pricing system of the products and how the products are marketed. In this paper, it is evident that the AllStar brand has an edge in the market compared to [...]
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 544

Verizon Communications Inc.: Case Study

The company will be the first to offer consumers absolutely new services and this is sure to attract new consumers and strengthen motivation of the existing ones.
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 626

The Case of Mark Whiting:Perceptual Concept

In the case of Mark Whiting, there was a probability that he would be made the president of the 'Universal Chemical Corporation' in future, since he progressed from sales and marketing manager to the vice [...]
  • Pages: 3
  • Words: 1060

The Chrysler Corporation: Stakeholders Sue Case

Other minor stakeholders involved in the Chrysler case though much indirectly; are the members of the public who were involved in the accidents that were caused by the smuggled use of the Chrysler cars.
  • Pages: 4
  • Words: 685

American Therapeutic INC: Stakeholders Violations

The other stakeholder involved in this case is the Food and Drug Administration agency; which is the firm responsible for the approval of the Generic brands manufactured by the Generic drug manufacturing companies; before they [...]
  • Pages: 4
  • Words: 615

Best Practices of Walmart Company

This is well-strategized by the company which results in the growth of the company, an increase in its revenue, and high profits being reported to the shareholders of the company.
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 564

Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt Company’s Foreign Entry Mode

Pinkberry Yogurt will thus be able to benefit from the fact that it will not have to invest in its own establishments as Ireland has an already established franchising industry meaning that its franchisee has [...]
  • Pages: 3
  • Words: 1335

The New York Times Newspaper’s Strategic Management

Considering the analysis of the business performance, and the related aspects of the publishing business, there is a strong necessity to emphasize that the New York Times should focus on the issues of strategic management [...]
  • Pages: 3
  • Words: 852

Harley Davidson Company’s Troubled Times

Core competency is used to portray the personality and is drawn from the capabilities of the company. A Harley Davison bike is considered luxurious because of the years and heritage that it maintains.
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 614

Scout Mortgage Inc. Implementing Change

The first ethical issue encountered by Walsh and Mangels was the rationale that they would use to convince the workers of the need for such a change. Walsh and Mangels used a transitional approach to [...]
  • Pages: 4
  • Words: 1114

Dell Company’s Management Philosophy

The erstwhile images Michael Dell and Rollins were considered to be the reasons behind the slowdown in overall operations, but it seems things have not improved too much even after the frank admission by the [...]
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 588

Hewlett-Packard Company’s Marketing Issues

The main problem that can be identified from the case study on H-P is the bureaucratic operational structure of the company, which crippled the efficiency of the sales force of the company.
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 629

Johnson & Johnson Company’s Market Opportunities

J&J high investment profile in research and development costs, high costs of acquisition and decisions whither this could be profitable and sustainable in the long run are all matters that need to be viewed and [...]
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 618

Grameen Bank’s Concertive Control Systems

In this paper, I examine the empowering and controlling aspects of Grameen's development organizing, focusing on its management style options. The structured analysis of development organizing with Grameen bank is as follows: Concepts of concertive [...]
  • Pages: 3
  • Words: 1115

Inoui Wins Commercial Interior Design Award 2009

"Bahraini based and owned company Inoui Designs took home the prize for "Young Interior Designer of the year" as one of the winners of the Commercial Interior Design Awards 2009 held in Dubai on 15th [...]
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  • Words: 290

Microsoft Endorses Gateway Gulf Company

The model of Gateway is rightly addressing all above mentioned issues and, its collaboration with Microsoft will help in improving technology and reducing prices to a great extent.
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  • Words: 315

Bahrain Airport Company’s Global Aviation Hub Initiative

Objective is "to unify the goals of the Bahrain International Airport entities for the benefit of travelers, stakeholders and staff, in a future-ready facility, which in turn, contributes towards the shared vision of the kingdom [...]
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  • Words: 328

Nurana Project: Great Lakes Grabs $26m Contract

The project has been conceptualized as a self sustained island facing waterfront."Nurana reflects a considered contribution to the social and economic objectives of the Bahrain 2030 Vision" awards $26m deal for Nurana waterfront scheme to [...]
  • Pages: 1
  • Words: 359

Sahara Petrochemicals Company Partners with Hewlett-Packard

The new set up by HP, a pioneer in network systems development and implementation, will aid in reducing administrative, managerial and system cost for Sahara."Sahara Petrochemicals Company partners with HP to transform its datacenter operations".
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  • Words: 323

Mumtalakat Transfers Gulf Air Ownership to Government

Gulf Air has said it expected to post an operating loss of $510 million in 2009"."Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company is the investment arm of the Kingdom of Bahrain and was established as an independent holding [...]
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  • Words: 361

Al Jubail Petrochemical Plant, Saudi Arabia

Sabic is the biggest petrochemical producer in the Middle East and has been concentrating mainly in Saudi Arabia since its foundation in 1976".."ExxonMobil is the second largest ethylene manufacturer in the world.
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  • Words: 330

Alrajhi Capital and Arcapita Announced 500 Million Funds

Simultaneously, Al Rajhi Capital and Arcapita announced the completion of the first acquisition for the fund, the largest logistics and distribution center in Riyadh"."Al Rajhi Capital will serve as fund manager for the fund.
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  • Words: 410

The Saudi Telecom Company Launched Viva Bahrain

MANAMA: "The Saudi Telecom Company became Bahrain's third mobile operator with the launch of a new company called Viva Bahrain". Zain, a Kuwait company, is another threat sharing mobile market in Bahrain.
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  • Words: 315

Siebel Limited: Case Study

Siebel found the Company in 1993 and the company was one named to be the fastest growing technology firm in the United States. The failure to satisfy its customers affected the publicity of the company [...]
  • Pages: 4
  • Words: 1175

The Martha Stewart Case

The objective of this paper is to analyze the 'Martha Stewart Case' and discuss the communication skills that she used. In relation to the Martha Steward case, business communication is a fundamental aspect for one [...]
  • Pages: 5
  • Words: 1378

Financial Position of AT&T Through Downsizing

As mentioned, due to the tough economic conditions that were being experienced the world over in the year 2008 and partly through 2009, the company decided to lay off close to 4% of its workforce.
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 489

Barnes & Noble INC Merger or Acquisition Scenario

The merging and acquisition practices, which are generally practiced in business are regarded to be the inevitable processes of the development of companies, and the matters of improving the business performance, as merges of the [...]
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 541

A Bitter Guest Worker by Julia Preston Review

The author of the article "a bitter guest worker', is effective because he has portrayed the instances of mistreatment of the workers that included; the fact that they were commissioned by the company on pretenses; [...]
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 810

Leading Change at Simmons: Case Analysis

Managers at Simmon need to recognize the need for change as it would bring positive results to the company. Because of this universal change it is fundamental for the company to adopt strategies that would [...]
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 590

The Fall of Enron: Failure of Stakeholder

The company was involved in an unprecedented scandal that came to the spotlight late in the year 2001. According to experts, the scandal came about mainly as a result of the culture adopted by the [...]
  • Pages: 3
  • Words: 862

Feedback Loops. Types of Organizational Feedback Loops

In the case of the former the organization would set necessary procedures to ensure that the standard is maintained and where the latter is the scenario, an investigation would be carried out to identify potential [...]
  • Pages: 4
  • Words: 1159

National Association of Broadcasters Transparency

As defined by David Rehr, President and CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters, the Association "is a full-service trade association that promotes and protects the interests of radio and television broadcasters in Washington and [...]
  • Pages: 5
  • Words: 650

Airgun Products, Inc.: Case Study

As the primary decision-maker in the case, it will my duty to first take stock of the present situation in terms of the strengths of Airgun Products, Inc.and the current challenges it faces concerning maintaining [...]
  • Pages: 4
  • Words: 1393

The Case of Empress Hotels Group

In sum, the needs assessment model will help the Empress Hotels Group to identify a gap between current skills and knowledge of employees and the required service procedures.
  • Pages: 3
  • Words: 905

Toyota and Dale Inc.: Case Analysis

The strengths included the reduction of the dependency on the Japanese in terms of the day-to-day operating activities and the use of American designers for the US cars.
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 1265

The Greta Camp; Grace Organic Age Defiance Cream Crisis

In order to sidestep any possibility of regulatory oversight and a consumer backlash, we have to explain the incident with nothing but the unvarnished truth: the quality and therapeutic value of Organic Age Defiance is [...]
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 710