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Case Study Essay Examples and Topics

Organization-Level Information Security Program

The Internet-based traders implement, review, and manage business operations by legislations and regulations of the industry to avoid the consequences of losing vital business information. The analysis of the plan helps to identify the consequences [...]

Mattel and Toy Company Case Study

The company could have ignored the retailer's complaint by going on to distribute the toys to the unsuspecting customers. This recall was a costly venture that the company was going to meet, but above all, [...]

Thailand Golf Course and Triple Bottom Line

Sustainability refers to the progress that satisfies the desires of the present society while protecting the needs of coming generations. The goal is to determine the success of the course using the TBL concept.

The Gelato Cheese Factory’s Case

The fact of the matter is despite the presence of an educated white majority within Heartland Corners, it is still necessary to have a certain level of employee diversity within the company so that it [...]

Zespri Company Major Challenges

The production of new cultivars such as Zespri Gold will support the company's goals. Zespri should focus on new markets in order to achieve the targeted goals.

Nissan Company Organizational Changes Theories

In contrast to the described above statement, the theory O suggests development through the experience, the changes are impossible without the participation, and the help of the external consultants seems to be not needed.

The Scholarships Office’s Lack of Transparency

One of the main causes of organisational ineffectiveness is the lack of collaboration and cooperation among employees. Many employees are unwilling to take part in teamwork activities because of negative attitudes toward the manager and [...]

Tata Nano Company’ New Product Development

In order to enhance the purchasing process, the organization will need to consider the promotion campaign, which will ensure the target Indian population in the safety of the car and the reasonability of the purchase.

Home Gardening Veggies Business Plan

It is to this growing concern that the home gardening veggies business came up with an idea of developing a vegetable and fruits home garden to help the town residents to purchase fresh and healthy [...]

Business Plan: Repairing Old Things

The offered business idea is the possibility to provide people with an opportunity to save money, learn how to create something with their own hands, and use the products that are necessary and convenient.

Cadbury Takeover by Kraft: Failure Analysis

The job cuts, however, were the main cause of resistance and poor work relationship between employees and the management. According to The Independent, employees were dissatisfied with how the acquisition and restructuring of the company [...]

Enron Company’s Organisational Culture Problem

The profit-priority power culture literally broke the company's corporate strategy's ability to control and retain the company's success condition. In this regard, the Enron employees must implement the profit-priority culture or resign from the Enron [...]

Business: Harold Burns’ Transferring Case

The role of original sales manager as the facilitator of the transfer procedures is visible. His discovery of an underperformance in the new district of appointment is a good indication that the post came up [...]

ABC Ltd Liquidation Process Issues

The issues include the failure to prepare financial statements for the period ending 31st March 2008, discrepancies in the financial statements of 2009, failure to prepare financial statements at the commencement of liquidation and discovery [...]

Merrill Lynch Company’s Fall

Regulators and Industry experts observe that such upfront-pay packages and bonuses can only encourage brokers to undertake transactions that are not to the best interests of their clients.

American International Group Bailout

However, since AIG was already on the verge of collapsing, there is no way its collateral could have measured up to the standards of the New York stock exchange requirements.

The Maya Hotel Online Booking System

As of the present, the Maya Hotel booking function is run at the front desk of the hotel. About us: This page will provide a detailed history of the hotel, its policies, and past achievements.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

The leadership and management teams at Abu Dhabi Islamic bank constitute part of its organizational structure. The business has also managed to maintain the same structure of management and leadership in its international market locations.

The Amazon Strike and German Trade Union Culture

Organizational culture relates to the unwritten norms and working condition within the organization while national culture relates to the rules, norms, customs, and habits of people belonging to a region/country/religion/ethnic background. In a cross-cultural community, [...]

Hoonda Powermach USA: New Product Analysis

The metrics for evaluating ZEF Transmissions and BoggWorner, as potential suppliers, include the total cost of the transmission, the available cash discount, tooling cost, carrying cost, transportation cost, ordering cost, and quality cost.

Payday Loans: Tonya Burke Case

A series of regulators and lobbyists take an interest in the unscrupulously operated payday loan schemes in order to prevent most unwitting American from falling prey of the lenders.

The Pages Book Café: Management Strategies

The success of Pages Book Cafe is attributed to the lean and efficient management team. The goal of Pages Book Cafe is to nurture the modern reading community by providing the latest technology in literature.

Used Books Website: Business Model

The company would of course charge for a certain percentage of the cost of the book, however, this still ensures that the seller can get back most of the cost of the book that they [...]

Cisco Systems Inc.’s ERP Implementation

The project was a success since the corporation benefited from the complete support from the top executive. The choice came during the period when the legacy setting of the corporation was incapable of sustaining the [...]

Blue Ocean Strategy: New Market Space

The new and uncontested sphere of market makes the competition irrelevant, so while all other companies and business makers struggle in the red ocean full of sharks fighting for influence, power and revenues, the inventor [...]

Accounting Ethics and Standards

A closer examination of the alternative strategies adopted by Brent, Megan and Scott revealed short-term gains, and long-term consequences to the reputation of the auditors.

Kelly’s Business: Planning for Growth

The plan to relocate is underway since she has hired a business consultant to help in the expansion. This will help her know the resources she has at her disposal to start the expansion process.

Cola Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi in 2010

Focusing on Porter's Five Forces of Competition, it is important to pay attention to the high threat of substitutes for CSDs in the form of non-CSDs and alternative beverages and to the high bargaining power [...]

Promitor Capital Management LLC and Investors

In the following paper, the Promitor Capital Management LLC case will be addressed in detail with an objective to identify the nature of the crime involved and the issues related to the fraud detection and [...]

Bennett Group’s Fraud Detection and Prevention

The case study is about the detection of Bennett Group's repeated false claims made on the radio show by the company CEO, Dawn Bennett, and subsequent falsification of the company accounts and declaration of fictitious [...]