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Leadership Styles Essay Examples and Topics

“Ways Women Lead” by Judy B. Rosener

The strengths of the article lie in the description of innovative leadership approaches and strategies. The article has shown me that the flexibility of leadership is important and beneficial.

Leadership: Top Talent Retention

The issue of attrition is further complicated by unknown reasons responsible for employees' departures, and employee survey failed to reveal much information about the cause of the attrition to the management executives.

Improving Effective Leadership

This move by the CEO led to the elimination of many suppliers' services despite the untouchable relationship the suppliers had with the manufacturers at the time.

Leadership in a Working Environment

Overseeing the wellbeing of the company and the employees is one of the functions of marketing. Both the establishment and the staff have a major role in the growth and sustainability of the company's goals [...]

Leadership Profile and Statement

The role of the leader is to analyze the goal in relation to the resources at his disposal; and then, he must develop a strategy that brings into consideration the success of the whole team.

Strategic and Ethical Leadership Styles Comparison

Since the leaders' decision and behavior may be considered a decisive factor in the efficiency of the organizational business conduct and the employees' productivity, the selection of right strategic approaches in leadership may have a [...]

Coach Assessment by Zenger Folkman

This paper is aimed at the assessment of Coach P's strengths and weak points by Zenger Folkman's assessment tool resulting in recommendations to enhance his leadership skills and the success of West Point Company.

Leadership in Practice: Leading Teams

The authors of the article explain the importance of the ICTs in the modern leadership setting and state that the use of IT increases the efficiency of the leadership style and helps visualise the necessary [...]

Major Leadership Qualities

The context of the leadership concept usage is broad it includes the characteristics of domination, and it can be used for the reference to the governing forces in the life of society.

Leadership in Saudi Arabian Family Firms

The evaluation of the methodologies used in the field of leadership development helps to clarify if leaders could use action learning as the way to improve the performances of their companies and promote personal development [...]

Leadership and Team Effectiveness

The authors point out that despite the general interest towards the leadership development, the individual experiences of the leaders are less researched, and they consider it to be an issue since, apparently, the individual leader [...]

China’s Cultural Differences and Leadership

They conduct business in a manner that is responsive to the needs of the surrounding community. Another important behavior of successful Chinese managers is the ability to work in a complex business environment while maintaining [...]

Transformational Leaders Influence on Performance

Researchers have offered their ideas on how to use the skills of transformational leaders to improve the work of people and to achieve competitive advantage. The chosen literature is relevant to the concepts of organizational [...]

Transformational Leadership and Shared Values

Gillespie and Mann anticipated that the perception of sharing common values with a leader would relate positively with confidence in a leader and that such conviction would lead to higher effort at work, the effectiveness [...]

Leaders and Followers Theories

According to the theory, the tasks of the leader are defining the goal of the organization, outlining the path of reaching the specified goal, and eliminating obstacles on the way.

Contingency Theory: Behavior, Pros and Cons

This theory is relevant because it creates room for managers to focus on the deliverables of the targeted project. The contingency theory supports the need to change leaders throughout the project life.

Costco Wholesale Corporation: Leadership of People

In other words, the adoption of this principle will allow for a shift to an alternative leadership focus instead of concentrating on particular employees and their performance, leaders will reconsider the way the workflow is [...]

The Concept of Situational Leadership

As to the main components of Situational Leadership, Performance Readiness is associated with the extent to which the group of followers can accomplish a task given by the leader.

Leader-Member Exchange Relations

The third and the fourth hypotheses are related to the potential of LMX to intercede relations between ethical leadership and employees' commitment and between empowering leadership and subordinates' loyalty, respectively.

Coaching and Mentoring in Executive Leadership

Moreover, it supports the view that coaching and mentoring are effective tools to build leadership qualities in the executives and use of these programs has a positive impact on the personal and professional growth of [...]

21st Century Leadership

Based on the character of these issues, researchers distinguish six major areas of the new leadership, and each one of them includes a set of practices which are considered to be contributive to the organisational [...]

Authentic Leadership’ Perspectives

However, the beliefs of Ibarra are somewhat opposite: this author states that to be effective leaders and adapt to the changing environment both in a company and outside it, leaders should adjust to that environment [...]

Gary Erikson’s Leadership Values

Aesthetics is also among Erickson's key values; in fact, quality and creativity are at the foundation of the company. A combination of Aesthetics and Power values makes his business decisions more efficient and contributes to [...]

Mary Kay Ash and Anita Roddick as Entrepreneurs

Ash invests in the growth and sustainability of her business by creating career opportunities for women, diversifying her product offering, and investing heavily in her employees' motivation. Roddick, on the other hand, is inspired into [...]

Leader Traits, Issues and Experiences

As my personal experience has taught me, a true leader must have the skills of getting his/her point of view across, the ability to mobilize people and set goals and be able to hit them, [...]

Adaptive Leadership by Glover, Friedman, Jones

Arguably, the argument "modern knowledge of human organizations and leadership has evolved to a high level that it can now allow people to control and adapt it to be compatible with the dynamic business environment" [...]

Leadership Input to the Community Development

Accepting the fact that the modern approach to leadership is different from the ancient one, it is vital to understand the background that promotes the alteration of the perception of a leader and the role [...]

Reflection on Leadership in Management

In my reflection, I will integrate the aspects of the course that have had the greatest impact on me, and give an overall summary of the critical readings assigned for the cause as I interpreted [...]

Peter Vyas’ Leadership and Project Management

The first two generations of the mini water-oxidation product failed thus affecting the sustainability of the Filtration Unit. The management approach embraced by Peter Vyas played a significant role in the failure of the first [...]

Transformational Leadership in Hotel Industry

This research strives to contribute to the understanding of the functions of level three leaders in the hotel industry. The study's contribution helps to shed light on the context of L3Ls in the hotel industry [...]

Shepherd Leadership Theory

The shepherd theory indicates that leadership is a journey and the theory is so strong in its overtone and greatly affects the modern leadership theory.

Use of Power in Organization

The manager should have the knowledge to be able to give direction in the implementation of task. Power should not be used to implant fear in the hearts and minds of the employees.

Different Types of Leadership Styles

Choice presents an opportunity for Martin to decide what and how to act in the case of Erik. Martin has to decide on what strategies to use to pursue the departmental objectives, work aspects, delegation [...]

Leadership and Intuitive Decision-Making

In developing a decision, a leader has to follow the laid down procedures that guarantees correct implementation of the decision. Although training in decision-making has the capacity to build a leader's position, effective decision-making is [...]

School Leader Interview and Leadership Theory

James Erickson, District Superintendent of Webster School District located in Webster, Wisconsin, was interviewed to analyze his leadership style and practices in the context of the leadership theory applied to environments of the K-12 educational [...]

Personality and Leadership Style Relationship

According to his approach and tests, stable and introverted people are phlegmatic, stable and extroverted are sanguine, unstable and introverted are melancholic, and unstable and extroverted are choleric.

Hammond Aerospace Company Leadership

Considering that leadership involves the leaders and the followers, it is imperative to comprehend the relative connection between the two. Some literature suggests that leadership in view of the followers is the ability of the [...]

Developing Skills for Business Leadership

The personal level of self-management that was obtained throughout the model was mainly in the area of time management. It is through participation in teamwork that the skills of inter-personal relationships were learnt.