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Leadership Styles Essay Examples and Topics

Developing Skills for Business Leadership

The personal level of self-management that was obtained throughout the model was mainly in the area of time management. It is through participation in teamwork that the skills of inter-personal relationships were learnt.

Google Company’s Situational Leadership

The current CEO of Google, Larry Page, is a considered a great leader because of his ability to apply situational leadership skills in resolving some of the problems that threaten the success of the company.

Reflective Practice in Leadership

This model has made me understand that I need to orient myself to the organisational culture and values cherished by my subordinates to enable me to have beneficial exchanges with my subordinates.

Developing Internal Leaders

In the scope of this task, it is of highest importance for the company to have a dedicated and experienced leader, whose guidance is a key factor in the company cadres' performance.

The Influence of Authentic Leadership

Collaboration is still one of the foundational pillars of successful transformational and authentic leadership, and contemporary organizational leaders must be ready to overcome numerous obstacles on their way to recognition and follower commitment. That was [...]

Leadership in an International Diverse Organisation

First and most obvious, the environment of a diverse organisation involves communication between the representatives of different cultures; the given scenario may result in a range of conflicts unless every member of the staff is [...]

The Nickelodeon Company: Transformative Leadership

In other words, the company has been facing serious issues in promoting its services to the target audience, and the factors enhancing the development of these issues emerged both from the conflict between the organizational [...]

The Influence of Leaders’ Feedback

It is therefore important to review the impact of different leaders' feedback attributions within the Hospitality Industry in the US and their influence on the quality of organizational behavior.

Leaders Identification in the UAE Environment

The importance of the learning agility in identifying people with great leadership skills has grown in significance in the recent times, such that leading US universities and other parts of the world are integrating the [...]

Sheikh Zayed’s Authentic Leadership

In this dimension of leadership, a leader must be able to identify the problems facing his or her organization, identify the best alternatives for addressing such issues and lead the way towards the desirable changes. [...]

Scholarship, Practice and Leadership

However, there has been a concern that some leaders in various sectors around the world do not have the skills to assess some information that would result in excellent outcomes in their organizations.

Nissan Company’s Strategic Leadership

One of the ways of accomplishing this mission was by increasing the productivity of the organization by eliminating challenges that reduced the productivity of workers such as organizational work conflicts, low teamwork motivation, and the [...]

General Leadership Style: Norman Schwarzkopf

According to the Katz model of leadership, the leader with human skills can leverage the power of the group. When the young Schwarzkopf visited his father in different parts of the world, he had the [...]

Communication Leaders and Balanced Leader

Even though the objectives of leaders and managers are often different, individuals found in the leadership and management positions often merge the leadership abilities and management skills.

Leadership Code and Experience Conundrum

Again, it is not mandatory for the management to assign only the tasks described in the work manual since the top executive has the right of assigning and reassigning responsibilities to fit the situation.

Servant Leadership and Effectiveness

In the pursuit of a career in human resource management and as the current president of a labor union, I have acquired a number of leadership skills. Secondly, servant leadership has led to a significant [...]

Mark Zuckerberg’s Leadership Style

Shareholders have complained about his leadership and failure to increase the stock price of Facebook, and others have claimed he is socially inept and too young and immature to be a CEO of a multi-billion [...]

Mary Kay Ash and Her Leadership Style

The success of this woman, as well as her contributions to the world of business, may be explained in terms of her biography, milestones, she had to cope with, and the decisions she made during [...]

Graduates’ Leadership Skills and Theories

Theoretical approaches to leadership could support new graduates to succeed in the workplace by giving the understanding of the specifics of the relationship between the leaders and the subordinates.

Jack Ma’s Business Leadership and Career

Ma is a devoted patriot, and all of his business ideas and projects have been orientated to the improvement of China's position in the international arena and the maintenance of its domestic success.

Richard Branson’s Business Leadership

It is important to make sure that the staff members and the company's managers are provided with enough room for creativity in term of decision-making processes; therefore, the flexible approach that Richard Branson's concept of [...]

Leadership Definition and Significance

Walton managed to be a leader though his values of being the model for the organization. Being a leader requires one to be involved in the process of achieving the set goals and not just [...]

Leadership Approaches in the UAE

This chapter gives the overview of the findings on leadership in the UAE and a further examination on the ways in which cultural understandings of leadership and theories of leadership cut across the contemporary institutions [...]

Leadership: Causes of Unsuccessful Approach

One of the goals of the organization was to maintain a highly motivated team of employees in order to maximize their potential and improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of their services.

Leadership: Types and Styles

The purpose of this report is to examine present leadership approach or organizational behaviour aspects of the organizations, for instance, this report will consider leadership related issues and problem management process of Apple Inc, Ryanair, [...]

Global Leadership Development

The challenge that faces cross-boundary mobility is the lack of a strategy that understands the implication of building leadership skills in a person.

The Arabian Gulf States Leadership Theory

The social leadership enables the leader to adopt leadership styles and values that do not match the local culture but must transform it to desirable ones, and equally sell their values to the traditional oriented-employees.

Credibility as Leadership Quality

It is the ability to convince followers that the path taken by the leader is the right path that would yield the desired results. This helped in making this week's course a success despite the [...]

Leadership Style and Its Contribution

Autocratic leadership is based on management theories and the leader is expected to make all decisions. Allegedly, it is easier for leaders to change a given situation rather than the leadership style.

Nike Company: Hannah Jones Leadership Style

This paper will discuss personality traits of Hannah Jones, as well as her leadership style and qualities, which have influenced her success in implementing sustainability programs at Nike. Hannah Jones used value-based management as one [...]

Leadership and Performance in the Workplace

In addition, it provides leadership concepts, which are critical in enhancing employee relationship between executives and their juniors, power influences and their impacts on in the organization and the distinction between management and leadership. The [...]

Mark Zuckerberg: Leadership Style on Practice

Mark Zuckerberg is a bright example of how young people can become good leaders using their passion, desire to work, and attention to the details and people and prove that transformational leadership is a unique [...]

Oprah Winfrey as a Charismatic Leader

The first book we are going to use, labeled Contemporary Leadership Theories: Enhancing the Understanding of the Complexity, Subjectivity and Dynamic of Leadership and written by Ingo Winkler, includes materials aimed at supplying the reader [...]

Rudd’s Concept of Leadership

Therefore, it can be suggested that Rudd should switch to a less personality-centred approach and focus on the needs of other stakeholders as well, including the company's staff.

What Makes a Leader?

Self-awareness in a leader means the acknowledgement of the impact of their feelings on themselves, the others, and the business. A self-aware leader understands their business goals and the ways of achieving them.

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Concept

The goal is to show how I applied various leadership styles to help them in achieving their full potential. To accomplish my tasks, the staff members coached us on various leadership styles that would help [...]

Leadership in the Local Context

As the third cultural dimension, applying masculinity in a multi-cultural organization would involve creating a leadership system that balances the roles between the manager of the expectations and those operating within the expectations.

Modern Strategy Leadership Approach

In any given organization, the corporate executive is tasked with the responsibility of guiding the firm in the right direction and ensuring that all the business units in the company are functioning effectively.

The Importance of Human Skills

Moreover, this discussion will also identify some of important and unresolved questions related to the development of interpersonal competencies of those people who want to make a managerial career.

Critique of Crucibles of Leadership

Even though leaders are expected to be alert and ready for management crises, this is usually not the case among other leaders because of lack of necessary information and training to allow them to have [...]

Emerging Leadership Theories

Moreover, he explains that the principal tenet of a leader in the servant leadership is to serve his followers. In a servant leadership, the leader tries to be right and serve to lead others.

The Whole-Person Approach of Leadership

One of the key leadership approaches is the use of the whole-person approach. A successful organization is able to achieve its organizational objectives and develop a culture that incorporates the beliefs, culture, and values of [...]

Concepts and Styles of the Leadership

The leadership style of Gates has enabled Microsoft to be one of the market leaders in technological innovation for many years. This is in contrast to the leadership style of Gates.

Leadership and Management

The customer in the contemporary market has access to vast information, thanks to the advanced means of communication through the mass and social media. It is an art of tying the objectives of a firm [...]

Situational Leadership Style

According to the two experts, the major responsibility of any situational leader is to become accustomed to their individual leadership style and satisfy the followers' needs.

Leadership Competency Model

A leader should understand his value and use his position to help others. A leader who demonstrates these characteristics is likely to have more influence and authority.