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Leadership Styles Essay Examples and Topics

Indra Nooyi: A Transcultural Leader

Nooyi could compete with her sister after meals in answering questions like "How would you change the world? or "What will you do if you were to become a prime minister?" This prepared Nooyi to [...]

Leadership Development

This paper is a desk-based literature review study that summarizes the findings of a range of research study papers and other similar paper on the subject of leadership development and its efficacy in organizations context.

Management Development: Leadership Styles Analysis

To do this, this research study applies the concept of "expressive writing" as the intervention strategy for the study; self-efficacy expressive writing for the case group and expressive writing that is not based on self-efficacy [...]

Full Range Leadership Development

The objective of this study is to explore the concept of leadership by answering questions related to leadership styles such as factors that lead to effective leadership and how leaders influence people lives among others.

Important Tools of Successful Leadership

In the principle of and consistency, a leader aims at influencing people's behavior in order for them to be in commitment consistent with a leader's mission, goals, and vision as a sign of commitment.

The Leadership Values

This means that a good leader is one who can zoom in on individual employees and show empathy, while at the same time zooming out to apply the learned values to a group of people. [...]

Leader vs. Manager in Trait Theory Approach

Richard Branson is a leader, has a positive attitude towards work, and respects the fact that the attainment of his corporate goals and objectives can be attained through proper people management; he involves his subordinates [...]

Leadership and Influence: Action Plan

One of the main aspects that I am planning to change is the ability to be influential as a leader. Although I am not a leader at my current workplace station, I acknowledge the fact [...]

Transactional vs. Transformational Leadership

One of the main qualitative aspects of today's post-industrial living in the West is the fact that, as time goes on, more and more managers grow increasingly aware of the sheer beneficence of the specifically [...]

Vodafone Company’s Leadership and Management

In fact, it is safe to argue that an organization's major responsibilities are founded upon the complexities and issues arising from these environments in the sense that it must ensure that its culture and behavior [...]

Specialists in Group Work

The concepts presented in the article can also be replicated in many groups to produce the best results. The needs of the members should also be considered to engage them in the targeted group process.

Oprah Winfrey’s Success as a Leader

She knows how to earn money and she is kind to people and helpful. Analyzing all her qualities and skills, it is possible to conclude that Oprah Winfrey is an excellent example of a transformational [...]

X and Y Management Styles in Comparison

While she may tolerate the input of some employees, she does not believe that the employees want to be part of the decision making in the organization. If the employees are allowed to do their [...]

Leadership Theory Development and Measurement

This essay discusses the advantages and disadvantages of transformational, authentic, and servant leaders concerning how they respond to emergencies. In the event of an emergency, they may fail to address all issues that contribute to [...]

Dr. Hayat Sindi and Her Leadership Profile

D, Sindi went on to become a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, where she currently works with Diagnostics for All co-founder Professor George Whitesides in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.

The Book “Spiritual Leadership”

Since the title involves the study of leadership concepts from a spiritual point of view, it is essential for the authors to not only convey their points of view but also to be able to [...]

Power vs. Leadership in a Company

Thus, I was to exercise the type of power that was described as "personal power", that is, the position when "you do not have a formal position in an organization to have power" As soon [...]

Learning to Be a Leader: Never-Ending Self-Perfection

Thus, analyzing the outcomes of the practice and driving the conclusions concerning the development of the individual's leadership skills, one can drive certain scheme of the further steps towards obtaining the necessary skills of a [...]

Leadership Vision, Ethics, and Psychology

The adherence of the political behavior of leaders either to a subjective understanding of the role performed or to the expectations of specific groups is one of the key factors that are considered in this [...]

Cross-Cultural Leadership

To comprehend the obstacles of studying cross-cultural leadership, it is important to identify the types of these studies. The main findings of research on gender differences describe debate and scholarly disagreement and gender differences in [...]

Leadership: the Five Big Ideas

As derived from the term, the main responsibility of a leader is to lead the company's staff in matters of the most efficient use of an organization's resources.

Comprehensive Leadership

A comprehensive look on leadership implies the combination of the majority of approaches to the subject with the aim of conducting a deep and meaningful analysis of an individual's leadership traits as well as to [...]

Leadership: Definition and Features

As a rule, a leader is seen as a person driven by the willingness to encourage innovations and positive change. It is absolutely critical for a leader to be able to encourage innovative thinking since [...]

Leadership and Management Competencies

The positive climate is key to the improved functioning of the collective and patient-, family-, and community centeredness play a critical role in the cultivation of the needed atmosphere.

The Global Leadership of Carlos Ghosn at Nissan

Thus, the revised flow of goods and services through the company to the consumer stimulated by a broader, more careful approach to management made possible achieving the Nissan Revival Plan even earlier than expected.

Mohammed Al Abbar: Leadership Project

As a result, in order to explore the leadership style, approach, and views of Mohammad Al Abbar, it is necessary to begin with his personal, as well and professional backgrounds as the sources of his [...]

Servant Leadership and Commitment to Change

The study "Servant Leadership and Commitment to Change, the Mediating Role of Justice and Optimism" is dedicated to the problem of a form of leadership and its influence on the commitment of followers.

Group Dynamics and Leader Qualities

Finally, a leader should be always present and available for the group to listen to their concerns and discuss their ideas. Moreover, a leader must communicate with minorities of the team to learn about their [...]

Developing Leaders at UPS: Jovita Carranza

It is possible to assume that if Jovita Carranza had worked for an organization from the government sector rather than from the private one, her performance and rise would not have been as impressive as [...]

Carnegie’s Leadership Strategy of Inspiring

Maile Carnegie, a former head of the Australian division of Google and a political leader, has designed the framework that allows promoting creativity and work-life balance, as well as balancing short- and long-term results, thus, [...]

Management Styles in China and Hong Kong

Cultural influence resulted in the kind of employment relations when the senior management team gives instructions to the subordinates who have to follow the directions. The main divergence between China's and Hong Kong's prevailing management [...]

Effective Leadership Today

One of the facts behind the character of leaders being vital is that a leader who more knowingly and determinedly searchers for great self-awareness in the course of the profession is capable of questioning the [...]

What Does It Mean to Be a Leader?

Nevertheless, based on the ideas of different authors, it is possible to draw a deeper conclusion about what it means to be a leader and what qualities are required for it.

The Art and Science of Leadership

First, a meeting with the outgoing leader takes place to enable the new leader to interact and share information about the organization together with the outgoing leader to gain insight into the leadership roles.

Abraham Lincoln’s Leadership Lessons

Whereas it is not the goal of this essay to investigate in great depth, the leadership of Abraham Lincoln from the perspective of a specific theory, it is clear that he could be understood to [...]

Pepsi Company: Indra Nooyi Leadership Case

Indra Nooyi ensures the long-term sustainable performance of PepsiCo with her leadership approach that is focused on collaboration and is considered to be extremely significant for the whole company.

Tony Nicholson’s Leadership Approach

His previous occupations include the post of a CEO in Hanover Welfare Services, the post of a director in Media Team Australia, and the member of the Finance, Audit and Risk, Nomination and Remuneration Committees.

Gabriel Richards: Interview a Manager

The purpose of this report is to relate the information provided by Richards to the theoretical concepts of company management, in particular, the four functions of managers, business ethics, and organizational culture.

Emerging Leaders: Qualities and Approaches

Shedding a lot of light on the types of approaches to leadership, the attitude that a true leader must assume, and a range of other crucial pieces of information, the course served as the premises [...]

Leadership in Management: Research Project

The author presents a literature review of the previous studies on this issue, conducts an experiment in order to reach a verdict concerning the correctness of separation of the notions of management and leadership, and [...]

Leadership and Gender Prejudice

The world needs more examples of successful and inspiring women, and one of them is Jeanette Clough, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Mount Auburn Hospital, who managed to overcome the crisis in this [...]

Personal-Best Leadership Project

The main advantage of the project approach is that it creates a system of operation and considers a wide range of factors that promote the success of an initiative.