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For one to be said to be a successful leader, one must possess some qualities that would put him in such a category. Some argue that leaders are born leaders and may naturally possess the characteristics that put that person in such a position (Burn 24). However, someone who previously did not possess such traits may develop good leadership skills. There are various characteristics of a good leader, and they lead to the company’s success.

One of the characteristics of a good leader is that he must have an exemplary character. It is very important that he is trustworthy to lead others. He needs to be trusted and be known to lead an honest and upright lifestyle. Integrity must be a key priority in his ventures. This is what is famously referred to as walking the talk. This way, such a person always earns the right to lead others and is accorded with the responsibility.

A good leader is always enthusiastic about the work they have been accorded and should respect their position as leaders. People always appreciate and talk openly about such a person with passion and dedication. Leaders should inspire others and motivate them to move forward towards certain goals. Responsibilities of leaders vary, but they should all be viewed as team players rather than bosses. They should be part of the team. Such leaders are not proud and might be seen pulling up their sleeves to get involved in the dirty work.

Good leadership needs one to show confidence. In order to lead a team successfully to achieve certain goals, one should show confidence. A good leader should also function in a particular order and with a purpose. During difficult moments, employees look up to their leaders to help them out of the uncertainty or unfamiliarity. Good leaders would lead their employees out of such situations or propose alternatives. Good leadership requires one to be committed to excellence since being second best is not an option.

A brief history of Carlos Ghosn

Carlos Ghosn is one of the greatest leaders saw since he has displayed great leadership skills that led him to be very successful. Born in 1954, Ghosn lived in Rio de Janeiro with his family. He studied and completed his engineering degrees by 1978. He then worked with Michelin & Cie., which is the largest tire maker in Europe. He later worked at different companies in France and later became the chief operating officer of Michelin Company. At the moment, Ghosn heads many companies and has been greatly recognized for his successes as a leader.

Ghosn is a successful businessman who holds big positions in the corporate world. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Yokohama, which is a Japan-based Nissan. He also holds a similar position at Renault Company in Paris. Together, the two companies produce more than ten percent of all vehicles in the world.

He is also the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Renault-Nissan Alliance. He was later known as Mr. Fix it when he managed to bring up Nissan from near-bankruptcy to an aggressive and successful company. He orchestrated the turnaround of the company and made it a success story. After this successful venture, Ghosn earned a celebrity status and was elected as one of the fifty most famous men in politics and business worldwide.

He has also been printed in comic books, and his life is narrated in the comic book in Japan. He is currently planning to spend over €4 billion in order for Renault and Nissan to manufacture the first group of electric vehicles jointly. The first of the electric vehicles will be the Nissan Leaf (Motivalli 3).

Good leadership traits displayed by Ghosn

People-oriented leader

Ghosn can be said to be a people-oriented leader since he believes in involving the people of the company at all levels of the processes towards achieving the set goals and objectives. He believes that the number one priority is to establish a very simple vision about where the company is leading and involve all the employees in this activity. He believes that sharing this vision with all the individuals and at all levels of the company is vital to achieving the goals.

The other thing that Ghosn values are the formulation of a strategy. This is a plan of how they intend to achieve those goals or how they are to achieve the objectives. This plan outlines the action plans. This plan is then deployed at every level of the company to ensure that all individuals are involved. This way, an individual knows what part to play and should know what the company expects of him or her towards achieving the goals.

The third thing that is of importance to Ghosn is commitment. He emphasizes people’s commitment to the cause. This commitment should come from both a personal level and the team level. The people should understand that if the goal is to revive the company, then they should be committed to just that – reviving the company. He says that failure to do this would mean that they are all doomed.

He says that in the end, the results are going to cement everything together. This would give the leader credibility, and the employees will feel safe with the company. Other people out there will also desire to work with the company.

Democratic leadership

Carlos Ghosn has been a successful leader in the world of business and has managed to use democratic leadership styles in his company. This leadership style has characterized the turnaround and success of the Nissan Company in 2000 (Rivas 12). Democratic leadership revolves around several principles. One of them is self-determination. Inclusiveness is another one and the appreciation of equal participation in the decision-making process.

Democratic leadership involves the distribution of responsibilities and empowering other employees. Ghosn has employed this strategy since he is also a people-oriented leader. He appreciates the efforts of every individual in the company. Such leaders are usually empathetic listeners. They like encouraging open communication through all levels of the company. Ghosn has practiced democratic leadership by fostering a positive culture in the company and motivating corporate culture to be instilled. He empowers employees to perform at their greatest capabilities possible. Ghosn emphasizes reward rather than punishment. He values teamwork and encourages the participation of everyone at every level in the decision-making process.

Democratic leaders such as Ghosn are most appreciated when managing a professional or an experienced team of employees. Ghosn leads a team of experienced and professional individuals, including engineers. The companies that he leads to uphold creativity and employ creative problem-solving techniques (Shirouzu 23).

Alert to the social environment

Ghosn may be described as a leader who is alert to the social environment since he is a transcultural leader. The basis of a transcultural leader such as Ghosn is empathy. Ghosn acknowledges that the term is not very popular these days, but he loves the country he is in and the culture of which he is part. He believes that a good leader should learn about the strengths of the culture and focus more on the strengths rather than its weaknesses. He also says that one should make sure that all the individuals of whom one is transferring with should be sailing in the same boat with you.

Ghosn appreciates the fact that he was raised in a different country, and he says that it was not by choice but by coincidence. He was raised there because of the circumstances that the family was going through. He acknowledges that fact and says that it helped him a lot in life. He emphasizes the importance of cultivating a particular mindset that leads one to appreciate the challenge of living in a completely new environment.

He says that if someone has to work in a different country and wants to do something significant there, he needs to connect with the country and like it in order to experience success easily.

Carlos Ghosn is a very successful leader because he has managed to incorporate various leadership styles in the companies he manages and heads. He appreciates and respects all people at all levels and works with each one of them since he believes in the power of a team. He is a good leader and a role model for all other managers.

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