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The Leadership of Lubna Al Qasimi Case Study

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Updated: Jan 12th, 2022

Lubna Al Qasimi leadership analysis

The powerful leadership of Lubna Al Qasimi is facilitated by three qualities namely: strength, intelligence, and knowledge. These qualities are enabled by the associated and important character traits that the leader has been identified to possess. Al Sharabani and Boer (2007) identify her ministerial position in UAE with these traits. The strength of the leader is reflected in her capability to take several demanding responsibilities and achieve great success. Lubna Al Qasimi is a minister, a manager, a businesswoman as well as a mentor in various political and business arenas. As a woman, she stands out to be influential beyond the expectations of many observers. Her achievements in reviving the UAE economy and the command she has over many people only suggest the strength of this leader. The selection to patronize “The Emergence of UAE Women as an Economic Force” project as well as the position Sheikha Lubna holds in the list of the most powerful women in the world is a clear indication of her strength (WAM News Agency, 2008).

The intelligence of Lubna Al Qasimi is reflected in several ways throughout her leadership. First, to achieve success as a minister required considerable intelligence. Sheikha Lubna has not only revived the UAE economy while she was a minister for economy and trade but is currently doing a great job as a minister for foreign trade. Moreover, Hessa Al Dhaheri (2009) explains Lubna’s intelligence in empowering UAE women through her achievements such as her connection to the progress and modernization of the UAE as well as her participation in the World Economic Forum and the Council on Foreign Relations. It requires an intelligent leader to spearhead projects at national and global levels such as those Lubna has patronized successfully.

Knowledge is a great attribute that Sheikha Lubna has demonstrated through her powerful leadership. Working as a servant of the UAE people, she portrayed ample knowledge about diversification of investments that assisted in recovering the economy after the recession. Apart from economic know-how, the leader understands other issues that especially pose threats to the country. The threat of environmental deterioration is real since UAE is a desert country. Secondly, Sheikha Lubna has intelligently involved herself in global warming issues. She portrays her knowledge of environmental issues by participating in related conferences and encouraging people to preserve the environment. Nonetheless, the leader has great knowledge about the role of women in improving the UAE economy. She has even embarked on a mission to inspire these women to work hard and achieve higher.

Lubna Al Qasimi vs. Talal Abu Ghazaleh

The leadership of Lubna Al Qasimi as depicted in the discussion is mission-based while that of Talal Abu Ghazaleh is vision-based. This means that the former is focused on solving the problems in place while the latter aims for long-term success and solves problems as they arise in the process. Accordingly, Lubna demonstrates power as the leadership quality that helps her to seize the opportunities that frequently emerge. For instance, the economic decline in UAE or the global warming issues requires a powerful leader who can have a significant influence on the subjects. On the other hand, Ghazaleh demonstrates intelligence as the leadership quality that enables him to maneuver through the challenges and opportunities that arise in the process towards the particular vision. For instance, the leader starts from a very humble background and intelligently climbs towards his global vision. Despite these differences, the success of the two leaders is partly contributed by their personality skills such as the ability to motivate others and create mission- or vision-focused relationships.


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