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Kofi Annan Leadership Abilities Essay

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Koffi Annan is one of the most sought after peacemaker and mediator in Africa. Annan became more popular after his successful mediation in Kenya where he brokered a peace deal after months of political unrest. Annan is good leader. His abilities to mediate peace and facilitate various core social-political issues are indicative of this.

Background information about Koffi Annan as a good leader

Annan’s rise to international affairs when he joined the World Health Organization and went ahead to become the Humans rights commissioner in Geneva. Annan has served as UN Economic Commission for Africa. He later led the UN Peacekeeping Department where his success led to his elevation as a key person within the United Nations. His stint with United Nations saw him become the 7th UN Secretary General. Annan leadership skills are observed throughout his career in the United Nations. In fact, it is correct to imply that his ascendancy in the United Nations echelon is an indicator of leadership traits.

As a leader, Annan has shown humility and nobility. He has emphatically called for dialogue and the use of diplomacy in conflict resolution. In his tenure as the UN secretary General, Annan faced hostility and pressure from UN Security Council members who were making errs. Annan was always apologizing for the mistakes of the council members. Such occasions were observed during the Rwandan genocide and the Bosnian conflict. This is indicative of good leadership qualities. Annan’s leadership abilities are observed in his role in various delicate global situations. He has contributed in the global anti-terrorism efforts and made combating HIV aids a priority as a diplomat.

Koffi Annan as a leader

Management and leadership have little difference. Leadership touches the process of managing people and guiding the people in development. In most cases, leadership is about peace making and cohesion. Annan has been successful in leadership. Annan’s management skills are observed during his tenure as the head of UN Security Council and the World Health Organization. Annan is innovative and independent. He listens and seeks his officer’s opinion before making decisions.

Good leadership is about listening to others and allowing them to contribute in decision-making. Employees and those one is working with develop a sense of respect towards such a leader. The United Nations staff liked Annan for his charismatic leadership (Jacobs). Annan works collaboratively and is ever reasonable. He won a Nobel Prize, which he said he owed to the UN staff. His efforts in the UN helped restore confidence in the UN, especially from the society, which viewed the UN as dangerous and irresponsible outfit.

Annan has a unique leadership style. He couples humility and teamwork as his management and leadership style. This has earned him acclaim. Koffi Annan emphasizes the need for peace, health, and social economic empowerment. He has been selfless in environmental conservation, empowering people, equality, education and shunning ethnic hatred and poverty (Jacobs). Koffi Annan leads from an African perspective where every organization is like an African village where all elders have to sit together, reason and reach consensus.


Koffi Annan is a charismatic leader. He is a man who is always guided by reason and humility. He allows people to decide the direction of their lives rather than dictating terms to fellow humans. His leadership style allows cohesion and integration of ideas from all departments in the consensus building process. This is the ideal leader and the kind of person the society needs to guide it towards the next level.


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