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Leadership Development Plan: Challenges & Success Report (Assessment)

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My leadership development plan is to demonstrate a transformational kind of leadership among the people of my working place. This is a kind of a leadership plan where I will lead people to fix their thoughts on the destiny of what they are doing. I will let them develop vision in their lives so that they will be guided in whatever they do, together with me. I want my people to be visionary and focused to the end of everything in life. I have planned to first let people formulate objectives and goals in their lives (Avolio & Yammarino, 2002). These two concepts will act as guidelines in meeting the mission and vision of the entire organization I work. Apart from my people developing these concepts, I am to bring them together as we strive towards developing a common goal for the company. Planning is an idea that precedes everything that happens. As an IT intelligent, I have decided to do a number of things that will be extraordinary to the people I lead. This will also act to transform the understanding of the issues that I have gone through in life and the future destiny that I have decided for the people I am leading (Wren, 1995).

Theories that influence personality

There are various theories that have influenced and supported my leadership plan. These theories are based on the way people have taken me as their leader. Moreover, they are guided by the influences that come from the desires, interests and wishes of these people. It is therefore my concern and responsibility to make sure that their needs and rights are obeyed at all times. Transformational kind of leadership has actually done a lot on my personal life. This is the main reason why I am involving it in my leadership plan for now and the future lives of the people. The theories are actually what the people are saying and perceiving out of me as their leader. They say that I am one of the leaders that they have been waiting for. This sets me to a higher level of responsibilities to fulfill among their lives (Clawson, 2006).

Strategies of transformational style of leadership

As a unit, we have actually gone through a number of issues that have influenced our lives in one way or the other. These issues have influenced sheer determination in my life and the lives of the people we are working together. Theories have arisen due to the situations that we have gone through. People have thus believed in me and due to the way I have taken these situations in life. As a transforming leader, my concern has mainly been to let people be transformed from one situation to another.

Among the duties that I am to activate within my people are transforming the society culturally, physically and financially. These are the three main concepts that are lacking among my people. They are among the most crucial aspects in the lives of the entire human nature. This also influences me to be careful in carrying out my leadership plan (Avolio & Yammarino, 2002).

Challenges and successes

In every leadership style, there are always challenges and successes that surround the leader and the people who are being lead. In my transformational leadership style, I have experienced strengths and weaknesses. I like the fact that I am able to realize and know that I am strong in this and that I am weak in the other. As exemplified in the course work, this knowledge is one of the strategies that an individual develops in order to be a stronger leader even more than he was. I embrace these ideas. My strengths have bee on managing the members of my health care department. Through my effective skill of interacting with my fellow workers, I have always been able to win their preferences. This has been my joy always. All the promises I make to them are suppose to be fulfilled with every possibility.

I have been finding it easy to persuade a state of understanding among all the members of the health care unit. This has made me to be optimistic in whatever I do. Built on this state of optimist, I am humble. I always let people come to a common understanding that will satisfy each and every individual. This is not very easy, but it is very possible. Moreover, I have the attitude to accommodate each and every individual in my heart. This has enabled me to be considerate to all the members of the hospital. Through this, I am able to settle disputes among each and every member in the society. Another strength that I have been able to demonstrate is the ability to turn bad situations into opportunities for success and good performance. My members have been able to fall in love with this in most cases (Clawson, 2006).

In my leadership style, I have been having some weaknesses in some instances and situations. One of my weaknesses is to be patient for all the members to get satisfied. It has actually been a challenging situation for me. Another weakness that I have been told to witness is the ability to make quick decisions during moments of trouble and need. However, these weaknesses are subject to alteration and rectification. This is based on my acceptance to have them corrected with the help of my other workmates. With my strengths, I always take caution to ensure that I have maintained perfect standards that I have set before my fellow workers. I also aim to perfect them time and again. I read and research into ways to grow and maintain these leadership qualities. With my weaknesses, I have accepted them. Secondly, I have always been having time for my people to have their say so that they also can train me to correct on my weaknesses (Luftman, 2004).

At the moment, I am still young and growing in my leadership abilities. I am not in a position to handle those issues that are frenzied in nature. In future, I would like to be able to handle them and assist members of my care department. As a leading programmer in the DOD, I want to be able to handle those issues that are most difficult for me to handle at the moment. For me to be able to get to the kind of the leader that I would like to be, I have to extent my skills. I will get involved in more training, which is to be reinforced by practical examples from my elders and those with more expertise. Moreover, I have decided to formulate situations that will enable all the members of the company to share ideas that are beneficial to the individual members and the company as a whole (Avolio & Yammarino, 2002).

By the time the company I am working for gets to be certified as an international organization, I must have completed my plans and strategies to improve on my weaknesses and have a firm establishment in my leadership plan. In this scenario, I will be able to handle international situations that may be affecting people. The plan will act as a guide for people to follow and implement in their lives. My followers will thus be able to follow my footsteps towards the destiny that we have invented together. With my organization, the objectives and goals that will be implemented will actually have the first reaction from the organization. This means that the organization will be transformed to another level better than the previous one (Clawson, 2006).

Evaluating of the leadership plan

At the end of the implementation of the leadership plan, there are a number of ways that will guide me to know if the plan itself is on track. Primarily, I will have to collect views from the people who are to act as distant observers. They will be able to give me an estimate on the kind of leadership that I am exemplifying. Secondly, I will carry out examination of the plan objectives and goals to distinguish the extent to which they have been met. This will therefore show me if the plan is on track. Finally, I will have to depend on the influences that the company is receiving from my fellow workers. Moreover, this will assist me to determine the direction of the leadership plan (Luftman, 2004).


In conclusion, there are numerous ways in which leadership plans can be made and implemented among the people. The strategies that will be taken will be to be from the individual who is to implement them. The techniques that I will implement will be those that I have had personal experience with in the society and the working place in general.


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