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Business Ethics Essay Examples and Topics

Analysis and Comparison

These four distinct views on the conception of ethics and ethical behavior cover the whole range of matters an organization faces in business conduction, and the analysis of the given theories is expected to answer [...]

Moral Hazard in the Companies

In the case of the tenant supporting the landlord, it should be noted that the variable payment scheme ensures that the mall itself is serviced and maintained properly by the landlord since that is where [...]

The Red Campaign: Unethical Marketing Case

The case of CRM demonstrates how marketing and ethics co-exist since organizations engage in CSR by committing a given portion of profits from the sale of services or products to a noble course or program [...]

Corporate Responsibility During Financial Distress

Clearly, the situation for Dice was dire but the management still hoped it would implement a successful strategy to improve its capital structure and bankruptcy would not be in the company's future. Dice's management had [...]

The World Insurance Partnership: Ethics Program

The Ethics Program for the World Insurance Partnership is designed to declare the company's core values, to promote the ethical principles and standards among the stakeholders with the focus on principles of transparency, integrity, and [...]

Alcohol Industry and Business Ethics

At the same time, Crane and Matten state that alcohol companies can be ethical citizens as they use numerous methods to make people aware of the harm associated with the use of alcohol.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholders

According to some specialists, the intention to receive the status of an ethically grounded company might be connected with the development of social media and the Internet, which has made the details of any corporate [...]

Utilitarian Principles in Business Ethics

Bearing in mind that "utilitarianism asks us to look beyond self-interest to consider impartially the interests of all persons affected by our actions" and that happiness of the majority is more important than the happiness [...]

Engineering Codes of Ethics

All the trust is vested in the works of the engineers. Concerning human safety, engineers should adhere to professional codes of ethics; for instance, engineers will maintain the safety and welfare of the public.

Corporate Citizenship Philosophy

Corporate citizenship philosophy as declared by a firm are the set of ethical guidelines and principles that a firm works by to ensure it carries its ethical responsibilities to stakeholders over and above the requirements [...]

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

This is because the company has a good relationship with all people, and these people will not act against the company; they will not interfere with the running of this company since it keeps the [...]

Philip Morris Company’s Ethical Case

This is as a result of the way the rights are exercised and the overall outcome on the people. However, it is ethical for the company to claim protection by the law; for instance, when [...]

Business Ethics of Negotiation

The application of ethics in negotiations has become an important practice, and hence the importance of the report on the ethics of negotiations.

Moral Agents Concept in Business Ethics

However, just like decades ago, businesses of the present days earn their revenues due to the participation of the customers, and this means that the businesses are constantly evaluated by their clients from the point [...]

Business Ethics in Sales Processes

Thus, further sophistication of relations between people and the development of society combined with the appearance of philosophical thought led to the increase of complexity of the issue of ethics in sales.

Ethical Dilemma in the Workplace

Her partner is adamant, which means she should overlook the guidelines and influence the audit to reflect an outcome that will be good for both her career and the company.

Ethical Judgment Philosophies at Starbucks Company

The employees are expected to be disciplined, avoid substance abuse, observe the company's ethical values, and remain proactive in inter and interpersonal communication to ensure that the objectivity of a positive moral environment is sustainable.

SuperCom Company Ethical Dilemma

This section of the paper shows that the lack of informed consent, failure to report the ethical issue to authorities, and integrity issues are the possible ethical pitfalls in the case study.

Nike Company: Business Code of Ethics

It is necessary to note that the code of ethics is a document to be taken into account by all employees of the company though it is clear that some points are likely to be [...]

General Motors Company Ethical Issues

Overall, the basis of this issue is the unwillingness of the management to consider the interests of the main stakeholders who can affect the performance of this corporation.

Effective Ethics Program Developing Concepts

Also, to implementation of effective communication and monitoring channels, it is necessary for organizations to have officers who should help in making sure employees adhere to specifications in the program.

Business Ethics and Problem of Bribery

Business ethics is defined as the moral standards that regulate business activities. Consequently, unethical business activities such as bribery and abuse of labour laws should be discouraged because they create many challenges in the business [...]

H&M Company Ethical Culture Analysis

Furthermore, the firm is committed to improving the level of customer satisfaction through the adoption of long-term improvement in its product lifecycle and supply chain. H&M has also developed a culture of inclusiveness in its [...]

Dishonesty and Warranties

Moreover, I thought initially that companies do all they can to protect the lives of consumers who use their products. I agree with the author that companies should base their strategies on the inevitable failure [...]

Twitter Company’s Code of Business Ethics

It is important to note that Twitter's ethics code meets the requirements of a code of conduct, particularly in terms of stating the principles and expectations governing the behavior of the company's stakeholders and describing [...]

Business Ethics Dilemma

The results that will be achieved will be used to justify the means that were used to achieve the results. It is imperative to note that in the end, the performance of the director will [...]

The Individual Ethics Influence on Decision Making

I have learned that my leadership qualities associated with ethical decision making are developed enough in order to influence my communication with colleagues or team members to persuade them to focus more on the effective [...]

Thinking Critically about Ethics

This scenario poses two questions, who will inform the society on the availability of the drug and who will ensure the health of the community is taken care of- the community which is the customer [...]

Marketing Research Ethics

The approaches used in the research should not harm the relationship that exists between researcher and client, researcher and research subject, and the researcher and the marketing research industry.

The Philosophical Approaches to Ethics

The main point of the argument is that philosophical approaches to business ethics provide guidelines for making ethical business decisions, but some of these approaches are controversial and have no support from most moral scholars.

Company Analysis of Bi-lens

The research examines the performance of the business in terms of the simulation exercise under discussion and the team's performance. The report evaluates the Bi-Lens Company and the various mechanisms it used to compete with [...]

Ethical Issues in Organizational Behavior

In line with its context, this paper addresses major ethical issues that affect organizational behavior through the following three questions: Why ethical issues are major distress in different organizations How individual influences impact on organizations [...]

Business Ethics Policies and Practices

In an ethical dilemma where personal ethics conflicts with a company's ethics, a person ought to comprehend the ethical values of the firm that he/she works for in order to initiate the process of mediation.

Business Ethics Concepts

The main idea of business ethics is that it closely correlates with the laws of a society and the kindness of people who make it up and in order for the companies and organizations to [...]

Discrimination in the Workplace

DeStefano, the defendant strived to prove that promoting black employees was vital to the activities of the fire department. The New Haven Civil Service Board is the agency that endorsed the results of the results [...]

Morneau Shepell acquires Collage Pediatric Therapy

It also offers outsourcing services to other firms The company provides assistance programs for employees and families as well as pension plans and retirement plans for employees Collage Pediatric Therapy is a private firm that [...]

Ethics in Research

It is without a shred of a doubt that some of the ethical norms in most of the adopted codes and rules for research ethics in many organizations can be found in the law.

Kant’s Philosophy: Water and Ethics

Owing to the fact that water is essential for life and a common good that should be accessible to all, privatizing water may not be the morally right action to do according to Kantian ethics [...]

Workplace Ethical Issues

Harassment of the co-workers or clients is one of the major workplace ethical issues that involve violation of the employers' workplace ethics policy.

Google and Ethics

The purpose is to show that a company like Google must behave ethically and all the decisions made by managers and other superiors should be guided by the highest morale and respect to the surrounding [...]