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Business Ethics Essay Examples and Topics

Business Ethics Issues in the News

The article starts with a statement of the several laws that require disclosure of any conflict of interest in organisations and the implications of the failure to follow such laws.

Sustainability Report and Its Purpose

Their efforts in the area of environmental sustainability are contents of sustainability reporting that show how businesses affect the natural environment and the community in which they thrive.

Positive Ethical Culture in Business Organizations

Disney's guidelines on corporate social responsibility and business ethics have been published online, and have become a model and benchmark for other companies.

Sustainability Issues in Responsible Business Course

I now understand sustainability themes, issues, challenges, and approaches that are critical to businesses and society. It is also important to mention that individual or business sustainability is anchored on availability of capital.

The Importance of Ethics in Finance

For this to happen, the managing director wanted me to give a false account of stock goods to portray a rosy picture of the company's operations.

Organizational Justice Theory and Its Application

Regardless of the situation where this theory is applied, it is important to try and strike a balance between successfully applying the organizational justice theory, meeting the organization's set objectives, and passing the right information [...]

Cheesecake Factory’s Business Ethics and Conduct

In this essay, the codes of ethics and business conduct of the Cheesecake factory are examined in a bid to determine the extent to which they can influence the organization's business activities.

Unethical Issues at Workplace

The employees will also have a chance to ask any questions or clarification concerning the issues of unethical and ethical practices.

Legal and Ethical Issues: Discrimination Remedy

Using reverse discrimination can strike the balance between the white populations presenting the majority in business organizations of the United States and the minority groups.

The Business Conduct of BAE Company

The second task will look at the standard ways of placing blames in the context of the case study. The production of cluster bombs is a threat to human rights.

Business Ethics Theories and Values

The theory of Moral Unity is amongst the fundamental opinions featuring within the age-old debacle of seemingly tolerant morals within the business environment.

Business Ethics: A Managerial Approach

In this context, the word frontier is used to describe the situation when the management does not know how a product can affect the life of the community.

Ethical Self- and Organizational Evaluations

It is due to this that my personal code of ethics in any business practices that I enter will be based on the concept of corporate social responsibility wherein the company will ensure its actions [...]

Chapters 2-3 of “The Corporation” by J. Bakan

From this point, social responsibility can be observed with references to the corporations' sponsoring different social events and promoting the environmental initiatives, and the activities of Pfizer and BP corporations can become the examples of [...]

GPS Tracking of Salesperson Activity and Its Ethics

In a sales environment, it is of utmost importance to identify the degree to which salespeople and sales managers differ in their view of what is ethically acceptable.

Audit Professional Associations and Business Ethics

The collapse of the scheme meant that he had failed to recruit more investors to pay off the already existing ones. The company employees as well as the founders have an ethical responsibility to members [...]

Chick-fil-A Restaurant Chain Ethical Case

It could be said that the cause of the adverse chain of events was an unthoughtful enterprise's choice of the area for a donation.

Business Ethics as Rational Choice

In a real sense, the character is the total sum of cumulative choices and decisions made daily. From these definitions, it is irrefutable that the concepts are interrelated and can indeed be used to define [...]

Ethics in Workplace and Organizational Culture

Understanding the expectations of the consumers by the business proprietors is valuable enough to help in making decisions to attract and retain different personalities of the customers.

Ethical Theories in the Business World

That is why it is not surprising that the issue of morals has a great influence on the world of business.

Business Ethics in Crisis Situations

In the event that there is a crisis, it can be evaluated if the company or employees responded to signs of there being a problem.

“Fab Four” Companies and Their Public Scandal

Due to this, there was a public outcry over the issue as both Facebook's and Burson's actions were both unethical and in breach of the trust, they had in the industry.

Problem of the Moral Choice in the Business World

It is possible to state that Benji should not sign the contract proposed by New Gen Health Sciences because the company seems to fail to follow the ethical codes, respect employees' needs, and customers' interests, [...]

Ethical Business Cultures and Their Features

Apprenticeships in the form of mentoring can be considered a useful method for fostering ethical behavior since it enables a senior manager/executive within the company to impart the necessary ethical mindset needed to ensure that [...]

Post-Westphalia and Its Discontents

The article's strength is that it handles the different mechanisms that are involved in each approach and how some of the mechanisms can be beneficial in international business ethics.

Managing Business Ethics

Moral awareness gives a person an opportunity to understand the moral nature of the ethical problem or dilemma and to make certain conclusions on the issue.

The Fortune “Change the World” List and Its Values

Lately, the concept of "corporate social responsibility" became of great interest to both researchers and practitioners mainly because the public started to recognize that international trade, commerce, and manufacturing harm the environment and the communities [...]

Ethical Issues: Occidental Engineering Case

The ethical dilemma is whether Wayne should choose between protecting the professional ethics and anyone who uses the software and delivering the product on time to protect the jobs of many workers and the image [...]

Ethical Decision-Making: A Real-Life Situation

By declining the approval of the loan for the tobacco-producing organization because was advantageous to the company because it portrayed the willingness of UBC to uphold ethical practice and social corporate responsibility.

The Code of Ethics: Royal Caribbean Cruise Case

The code of ethics describes how Royal Caribbean Cruise should conduct business, and it's clear that the company is committed to conserving the environment.

Business Ethics in John Q. and Wall Street Movies

John Archibald sees the decision of the problem only in taking the hospital hostage and demanding to add Michael to the list of the hospital's patients for the transplantation.

Value of Ethics Theory: Lillian Case

In a bid to conceal the faults about the system, William has approached Lillian and informed her to draft the reply in line with his earlier report, which lied that the system was efficient.

CSR Reporting Role in Organizations

The development of any organisation in the sphere of CSR implies only personal interests of its owners or corporate managers to improve the living standards of this firm's employees, their families, and other members of [...]

Brenda Franklin: Business Ethics Case

Arguments for some of these items are that they cost next to nothing to the company; in addition, it is very likely that employees do some work for the company for free, so it is [...]

Business Ethics and Law Relationships in Examples

Both ethics and law may sometimes overlap, and what may be considered or perceived as ethical in some instances may be against the law, therefore, ethics and law are not the same things.

Ethics in Digital Marketing: Course Reflection

These could involve consulting all the stakeholders and provision of the penalties to the breakers of the laws provided to provide security to the confidential information. I have also learned how to ensure the privacy [...]

Unethical Closing Pressure Techniques

From the point of Jean, the most positive consequence of engaging "the other party" technique is the increased number of closed deals and the subsequent remuneration.

Educational Materials Suppliers’ Responsibility

The application of industry-supplied teaching materials in schools becomes a common practice which, however, is associated with a few controversial implications on the one hand, it allows enterprises to achieve both corporate and social benefits [...]

Corporate Ethics and Organizational Culture Relationship

Conversely, the Organizational Culture Scale was used to investigate the organizational cultures of the firms included in the study. The study concluded that there was a slightly significant relationship between particular cultural characteristics and employee [...]

Workplace Fairness and Business Responsibility

However, it was better to outsource the production process as it impacted the lowering of the firm's prices and manufacturing expenses as well.

Code of Ethics for Audit Organizations

A code of ethics is composed of a guide of principles and rules that help professionals in the workplace to act with honesty and integrity.

Maintaining Ethical Standards for Young Leaders

The report concludes that young leaders encounter difficulties in maintaining ethical standards primarily due to the lack of experience. The changes in the perspectives of leadership ethics also suggest that experience is vital to maintain [...]

Bribery and Gift-Giving Policies at Companies

This company is committed to the detection and deterrence of bribery. Every person should be ready to support and follow the existing code of ethics.

Strategic Planning and Ethical Issues: Data Governance

Data governance also referred to as data management, is a term for the creation of cross-functional teams and establishing laws and boundaries in providing data services to various stakeholders. Data stewardship, on the other hand, [...]

Corporate Social Responsibility and Its Regulation

Many corporations implement CSR programs that are detrimental to people, communities, and the environment. Indeed, the IOE considers CSR as a fundamental element of corporations' activities and operations and recognizes it as a strategy required [...]

Environmental Issues in Business Regulation

Business regulation refers to the measures that the government imposes on businesses in order to control the activities that they undertake.

Holy Angels Company: Ethical Policies and Training Plans

The attitude of employees to ethics and moral norms, both corporate and social, often reflect that of their employers, and if managers and leaders are found to be breaking the law, circumventing the prevalent code [...]

Business Ethics in the Used-Textbook Store

The purpose of this paper is to review the case study and provide arguments to support the position that the conduct employed by the used-textbook store is unethical.

Volkswagen Group’s Corporate Governance and Ethics

According to the narrow approach, corporate governance is perceived as a set of procedures and activities for governing the company in order to remain accountable to major shareholders' interests.

Nike Inc.’s Corporate Social Responsibility Project

The following paper aims at analyzing the CSR program of Nike, a publicly traded sportswear company, in order to determine the transparency and effectiveness of social and environmental responsibilities stated in their report.

Volkswagen’s Emission Scandal and Behavior Standards

The objectives of this paper include determining whether VW's move to use the defeat device was wrong and to establish the unprincipled standards of behavior within the company with the view of analyzing areas where [...]

Sustainability Quotients and the Social Footprint

Among other aspects of the discussed problem, the authors introduce and explain the notion of sustainability quotient that is used in order to understand the relationship between the resources used by the company and the [...]

Edge Incorporated: Ethics and Social Responsibility Plan

To achieve these goals, it will prioritize fair and honest attitude and gratitude, follow non-discrimination laws, and constantly increase the diversity of the workforce to reflect and support the concepts of multiculturalism.

California Micro Devices Company: Ethical Dilemma

In 1989, Price Waterhouse, the firm's chief auditor, observed that the company was engaging in questionable accounting practices and business dealings.

Professional Implications in the Construction Industry

Most legal implications of one's work are closely connected to the ethical ones, and the issues of these spheres are related to each other. In this business, the ethical and legal implications are related to [...]

Ethical Corporations in the Business Environment

The authors of the article draw a line between the recognition of the legal boundaries and the ability to comply with the current legal regulations.

Accounting Ethics and Sales Representatives Activities

For the analysis of the sales representative activities, the situation with the supply of switches can be considered, which relates to the inconsistency of these goods with the needs of the modern market.

“How Markets Crowd Out Morals” by Michael Sandel

Therefore, the strategies in Satz's and Anderson's articles seem more justified and have a better impact on the audience due to the fair consideration of the opposing perspective than the approach of Gintis whose use [...]

Ethical Issues in Management Researches

To achieve the stated purpose, the authors conducted a document analysis of articles reporting the study findings of the topic of HRM practices as a management area.

The Volkswagen Company’s Emissions Scandal

The fixing of the software in the vehicles followed a requirement by the EPA for the automobile industry to regulate the amount of carbon emissions.

Ethics Program Implementation

An appropriate example of rewards is a chairman award for taking measures to comply with the company's values and eradicate unethical behavior in the workplace. A special biennial survey was designed and completed in order [...]

Sponsorships, Sins and PR: What Are the Boundaries?

Considering the case of the University of Phoenix sponsoring Head Start, putting into consideration the PRSA's codes of conduct and arguing from the position of PR officer who works for the non-profit-making organization, the problem [...]

Nepotism in the United Arab Emirates’ Business

It is inspired by the feeling of mutual trust."Wasta" is the name that is commonly used in Arabic, Urdu, and other languages in Dubai to refer to nepotism.

Promoting Unethical Behaviour towards Customers

It becomes hard for organizational heads and staff to choose between lying to clients to preserve a company's profit and telling them the truth, which might result in the business losing the customers.

An Ethical Audit: Nike Controversy

The purpose of the present paper is to examine Nike as the company that follows some principles of corporate social responsibility but fails to meet the ethical requirements in relation to its workers from the [...]

Ethical Companies and Consumer Rights

Using the case of the soda industry, this discussion explains why the needs and rights of the consumer should guide a firm's business model and products.

PharmaCARE Company: Workplace Ethics and Responsibility

In this context, PharmaCARE, CompCARE, Wellco, the employees, the Colberians, and the investors of the company are the stakeholders. The Colberians are the potential customers of the business, and they will be directly affected by [...]

PharmaCare Company’s Ethical Issues

Besides, the ethical advertisement should cover the interests of the business as well as the customer. Misguided presentation of the products through advertisement happened in the process of communicating to the consumers.

International Legal and Ethical Issues of Businesses

The "Department of Labour Protection and Welfare", a department in the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, has the responsibility of enforcing and administering labor-related laws. The laws related to environmental protection and management in [...]

Social Responsibility in Global Environment

However, the ISO standards can be used to narrow down the definition, describing SR as "the responsibility of an organization for the impact of its decisions". The introduction of SR allows for a range of [...]

Equality and Diversity in Business Ethics

The leader will identify the skills and dexterities of the workers and design the best teams that can deliver the targeted goals.

Introduction of “Social Responsibility” by Duckworth and Moore

The authors of the first chapter "An Introduction to Social Responsibility" begin with the definition of the term "social responsibility" and introduce a number of contexts within the frames of which it is possible to [...]

Unethical Child Labor on Sugarcane Plantations

This situation leads to a high percentage of the illiterate population in the Philippines and consequently creates obstacles for the development of the country in terms of culture and technologies.

Trust in Business Ethics and Customer Relationship

Ethics in sales and business relationships in general pertain to not taking advantage of the organization or customers, to which a salesperson is trying to sell.

Unhealthy Food Access and Choice Ethics

The question of ethics is thrown into sharp relief when it comes to the activity of companies in the food industry and their attitude to providing end-customers with an opportunity to choose unhealthy food that [...]

Consumer Ethics and Social Responsibility

It has driven industries to cope with the trend in demand that results in the use of both cheap labor and also the production of substandard products to meet the cheap demand.

Internal Organizational Control and Ethics

In an article written by David De Cremer and Henri-Claude de Bettignies, the business ethics becomes a subject of a thorough analysis in order to determine what are the true moral values of the individuals [...]

Social Business Responsibility and Its Types

While all of the four types of social business responsibility, namely economic, ethical, legal and philanthropic, are important for today's companies, the legal responsibility can have the strongest effects upon the company's success.

Carmina Campus: Principles of Ethics and Sustainability

The research is a case study of Carmina Campus, which is a renowned fashion company that uses the ethical fashion business model to incorporate the principles of ethics and sustainability in its operations.

Ethical Dilemma in Business Communication Today

This paper explores this dilemma in terms of the extent to which a firm may abide by the ethical provisions against the backdrop of the heightening competition.

Target Corporation and Customers’ Secrets

Nowadays, companies are eager to try different methods to attract the attention of customers and make people believe in the necessity to use the products and services of one particular company.

Etihad Airways Company’s Organizational Behaviour

All employees at the group are inferior to the Interim Group Chief Executive Officer Ray Gammel, who is responsible for managing and consulting all departments in the Etihad Aviation Group.