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Business Ethics Essay Examples and Topics

Ethical Principles in Business

According to Confucianism, alignment between the company's methods and person's conduct is significant for attaining the unanimity of the group. The most important factor contributing to the company's high achievement was the high rate of [...]

Product Dumping in Third World Countries

Even if there are no rules, regulations or bans in the countries these products are exported to, allowing the sale and export of goods that have been proven to be dangerous are to become complicit [...]

Unocal Company’s Unethical Decisions in Burma

The outcomes of the military activities in regards to the Karen people could be interpreted in a variety of ways; utilitarian, rights, justice, and caring approaches will be discussed in the paper to understand if [...]

Wilson Perfume Company’s Ethical Issues

The main objectives of this paper are to discuss and analyze the issues Valerie is facing at her current job that influence her decisions to follow the corporate ethics and act for the benefit of [...]

Nike Company’s Ethical Case

The harassment was viewed as a breach of ethical behavior which the public strongly expected the Nike Company to uphold regardless of whether the abuse was from the suppliers or the Nike Company itself.

Volkswagen Motor Company’s Business Ethics

The application of ethical practices in decision-making and operations helps to build a good relationship with the public. In business, the term people refer to customers, the government, the general public, and shareholders.

Nestle Company’s Business Ethics

While CRS is a great way for companies to benefit themselves as well as help the society, it is important to remember that social support and incentives to make the lives of communities better should [...]

Volkswagen Company: Social Responsibility Issues

The case of Volkswagen's cheating draws people's attention to such major corporate social responsibility issues as the efficacy of self-reporting by companies and the responsibility of customers owning compromised products.

Communication Competence and Sexual Harassment

It is important in the development of relationships, facilitates the coordination planning, and control of organizational operations, and allows employees to accomplish tasks in areas such as sales and marketing.

“Who Stole the Money, and When?” by Greenberg

The purpose of research developed in the chosen article is to identify possible personal and situational variables that may affect employee theft in a certain work setting and explain their relation to unethical behavior that [...]

Uwear & Paledenim’s Code of Conduct Implementation

This discussion outlines the unique issues to consider throughout the code of conduct's implementation process The management's role in the implementation of the code of conduct is to guide the employees, create the best working [...]

Business Ethics: Ford Pinto’s Case

To be more precise, the Ford Pinto case will be evaluated from the legal point of view to establish which laws were violated in the process of corporate decision-making that led to the production of [...]

Employee Theft, Its Determinants and Impact

The findings of the study indicate that theft can be greater among those employees whose moral development was lower, in an office that does not have an ethics program, and when the company was seen [...]

Self-Declaration Claim vs Standardized Ecolabeling

After the Rio Earth Summit, the focus was on Agenda 21 that recognized ecolabeling as a means to encourage the public to embrace sustainable consumption practices by buying products, which are more environment-friendly with regard [...]

Universalism vs. Social Contract in Organizations

Since there is a need in the multicultural and diverse environment to take the needs and cultural specifics of all stakeholders into account, the corporate ethical standards should borrow from the Social Contract Theory instead [...]

The Farrow’s Bank Business Ethics Case

The case of the Farrow's Bank is a vivid example of managerial hubris executed by the head of the company. The senior leadership disregarded the daily supervision and adherence to the essential practices, which gave [...]

A Compliance Officer Ethical Dilemma

According to the compliance officer that was interviewed for this project, the SMAA program anticipated the high cost or unnecessary expenditures that are going to affect the reimbursement process if the physicians and other health [...]

The Transistor Company and Utilitarian Ethics

The transistor company is confronted with the ethical issue of choosing to stop the supply of transistors to the heart pacemakers company and or supplying the transistors and risking the lives of patients.

Corruption and Corporate and Personal Integrity

Bribery, embezzlement of funds and illegitimate procurement always impose extra and unjustified costs to the cost of acquiring public services and damages the credibility of those institutions that are involved in the vice.

Ethical Implications of the Organizations Mediatization

In their article, "Ethical Implications of the Mediatization of Organizations," Litschka and Karmasin address the topic of mediatization from the perspective of business ethics, arguing for new and improved methods of communication between organizations and [...]

CSR in Jordan Construction Industry

In the construction industry, CSR plays a significant role in ensuring that projects create employment for the locals, the environment is protected, energy is conserved, the land is utilized in an economically sound manner, construction [...]

Ethics and Issuing a Health Insurance Surcharge

The primary reason for companies to refuse to issue a health insurance surcharge to employees who smoke or drink against medical advice is the fallacious argument that such employees in the work environment are conscientious [...]

Making an Ethical Decision in Business

In the provided scenario, Jill Jones, the vice-president of sales of a corporation, has to review Henry Potter, who is the oldest son of the business' head, as a candidate for the post of the [...]

Sustainability and Ethics in Business Management

The demands that are put on the project coordinator are extremely high since the creation of a separate model is a multidimensional task that implies matching the outcomes to the priorities of certain society groups [...]

Analysis and Comparison

These four distinct views on the conception of ethics and ethical behavior cover the whole range of matters an organization faces in business conduction, and the analysis of the given theories is expected to answer [...]

Moral Hazard in the Companies

In the case of the tenant supporting the landlord, it should be noted that the variable payment scheme ensures that the mall itself is serviced and maintained properly by the landlord since that is where [...]

The Red Campaign: Unethical Marketing Case

The case of CRM demonstrates how marketing and ethics co-exist since organizations engage in CSR by committing a given portion of profits from the sale of services or products to a noble course or program [...]

Corporate Responsibility During Financial Distress

Clearly, the situation for Dice was dire but the management still hoped it would implement a successful strategy to improve its capital structure and bankruptcy would not be in the company's future. Dice's management had [...]

The World Insurance Partnership: Ethics Program

The Ethics Program for the World Insurance Partnership is designed to declare the company's core values, to promote the ethical principles and standards among the stakeholders with the focus on principles of transparency, integrity, and [...]

Alcohol Industry and Business Ethics

At the same time, Crane and Matten state that alcohol companies can be ethical citizens as they use numerous methods to make people aware of the harm associated with the use of alcohol.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholders

According to some specialists, the intention to receive the status of an ethically grounded company might be connected with the development of social media and the Internet, which has made the details of any corporate [...]

Utilitarian Principles in Business Ethics

Bearing in mind that "utilitarianism asks us to look beyond self-interest to consider impartially the interests of all persons affected by our actions" and that happiness of the majority is more important than the happiness [...]

Engineering Codes of Ethics

All the trust is vested in the works of the engineers. Concerning human safety, engineers should adhere to professional codes of ethics; for instance, engineers will maintain the safety and welfare of the public.