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Marketing Project Essay Examples and Topics

Agthia Group’s Entry into UK Market

It is important to state that geographically Agthia has expanded its production facilities not just in the UAE, but also in countries like Turkey and Egypt in order to respond to the doctrine of globalization; [...]

Dubai Healthcare City’s Marketing Plan

DHCC is a free zone dedicated to developing a healthcare and wellness destination for investors and patients from all over the world. DHCC is found in Dubai, and is considered the global largest free zone [...]

Small Canada Hotel’s Marketing Plan

The marketing strategies of this hotel will be based on such elements as the unique design of the interior, the use of online media that can reach many potential clients, and flexible pricing policies. Nevertheless, [...]

The Sweet Bits Company: Marketing Plan

With a focus on quality and the willingness to cater to the needs of the target audience to the greatest extent possible, the entrepreneurship has rather big chances to gain recognition among the local customers.

Elegant Mobile Salon: Marketing Plan

We intend to leverage innovation and personalized services as the primary competitive advantages of the salon. The salon will also offer manicure and pedicure services.

Nature Cola Company’s Marketing Plan

Since the business plan for the Cola product is a product of research, the creators have identified the potential competitors and other market dynamics to make it practical to implement.

Doctoral Research Interests in Marketing

The outcomes for enrolling for a doctorate in marketing will permit me to acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of the field of marketing and ensure sufficient synthesis of academic literature and research.

Travel Supreme Website’s Marketing Plan

To better understand the start-up costs, the landscape of the industry, competition, and other elements of the marketplace in which the organization will operate, it is necessary to apply logical and analytical methods to discover [...]

Nike Sportswear Company: Marketing Strategy

The company has the largest market share in the industry because of the effectiveness of its marketing strategy. Also, the marketing strategy is less diverse than that of the company's competitors.

Travel Supreme Company’s Marketing Plan

Eventually, engaging people of a venerable age in a campaign would evoke sympathy and honorable attitude to the clip content from the major part of viewers and would hold those from skipping the video or [...]

Takeaway Food in Saudi Arabia: Business Plan

The Saudi government has diversified its economy to the private sector involvement especially in the food production. The main drivers of the food sector in Saudi Arabia are its huge population and the increased growth [...]

Salty Snacks Market in Australia

By the end of 2007, the salty snacks market reported total sales of US $ 16 billion and the market is expected to reach the level of US $ 21 billion in 2013, as reported [...]

Netflix Inc.’s Marketing Strategy Proposals

The first objective of this proposal is to review the background information about the company and the business context in which it functions and to estimate the timeframe and budget for the implementation of the [...]

Handmade Knitwear Company’s Marketing Plan

Therefore, in the course of choosing the proper marketing technique for the company's product, it has been decided that the emphasis must lie on the fact that the clothes are produced manually; hence the name, [...]

Macdonald’s Hotel in Kenya: Marketing Plan

Before establishing a company in Africa, it is necessary to understand the African consumers and overcome the challenges of poor infrastructure and inadequacy of modern technology to reach the target market sections with a tailored [...]

Edimax Sportswear Limited: Marketing Plan

In a bid to achieve this goal, the firm will challenge the existing major competitors by investing in aggressive product and market development. The firm will invest in intensive market research in order to understand [...]

Polished Diaper Cakes Business

In order to make the Polished Diaper Cakes' products inclusive, the business will create multiple brands from a single package to fit within different themes without changing the composition of each packages.

Marketing Campaign: Communication Strategy

In this case, the developers should explain the main benefits that can be offered by this application. In particular, one should answer the questions that can be of great concern to the clients.

Cadbury Company Advertisement Plan

The loyal chocolate customers complain due to the change in taste as well as the shape of the Dairy milk bars from rectangle to the curved shape. This is a challenge for the company since [...]

Portland Winterhawks’ Marketing Plan

This explicit business plan will explore the above elements as a prerequisite for the successful establishment and sustainability of the Portland Winterhawks which is located in Portland.

Red Clover Band’s Marketing Plan

Moreover, the band records and markets its music in an effort to entertain a large number of music fans. The chart below illustrates a SWOT analysis of the Red Clover Music Band.

Dubai Apple Store’s Marketing Mix

The first Apple Store in the Middle East stands out from the rest of Apple Stores by its Unique Design: The design was developed by Foster + Partners The store's design is dominated by green [...]