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Marketing Project Essay Examples and Topics

Edimax Sportswear Limited: Marketing Plan

In a bid to achieve this goal, the firm will challenge the existing major competitors by investing in aggressive product and market development. The firm will invest in intensive market research in order to understand [...]

Polished Diaper Cakes Business

In order to make the Polished Diaper Cakes' products inclusive, the business will create multiple brands from a single package to fit within different themes without changing the composition of each packages.

Marketing Campaign: Communication Strategy

In this case, the developers should explain the main benefits that can be offered by this application. In particular, one should answer the questions that can be of great concern to the clients.

Cadbury Company Advertisement Plan

The loyal chocolate customers complain due to the change in taste as well as the shape of the Dairy milk bars from rectangle to the curved shape. This is a challenge for the company since [...]

Portland Winterhawks’ Marketing Plan

This explicit business plan will explore the above elements as a prerequisite for the successful establishment and sustainability of the Portland Winterhawks which is located in Portland.

Red Clover Band’s Marketing Plan

Moreover, the band records and markets its music in an effort to entertain a large number of music fans. The chart below illustrates a SWOT analysis of the Red Clover Music Band.

Dubai Apple Store’s Marketing Mix

The first Apple Store in the Middle East stands out from the rest of Apple Stores by its Unique Design: The design was developed by Foster + Partners The store's design is dominated by green [...]

Learner’s Hope University School’s Business Plan

The inspiration behind the development of the university idea for the establishment of the Learner's Hope University came following the increasing market for engineers, scientists, and technologists in the UAE labor market given the demand [...]

SkyRoll Garment Bag Marketing Plan

The company's first plan is to enter into the market and compete wisely with the competitors that are already in existence and if possible to phase them out of the market.

Healthcare Marketing Process

It involves determining the purpose of the study, the information that is required and how such information will be used in the decision-making process.

Ajman Net Internet Cafe Marketing Plan

The firm will acquire state of the art furniture to encourage customers to spend more time in the establishment. This approach will be used to improve the value proposition of services the firm offers in [...]

Ocean Beauty Center Marketing Program

In order to satisfy the customers, the firm will incorporate the concept of product diversification. The firm intends to achieve this objective by developing a high level of customer loyalty.

Luxury Apartments Marketing Plan in the UAE

The apartments will be positioned as affordable, high-quality residential properties to attract the middle class and the affluent in various markets. The luxury apartments will be produced for the middle class in the UAE and [...]

Qantas Company Marketing Strategies

It is also easy to reach a larger target market internationally since the internet is not limited to distance as compared to other forms of marketing that are limited to the individual customer's preferences.

Sliders Mobile Food Truck Marketing Plan

Similarly, the plan offers insight into how the business will reach out to its targeted clients and address the risk associated with the business. We plan to deliver food services through wagons to individual and [...]

The Ocean Beauty Center’s Marketing Strategy Issues

The current marketing strategy of differentiating the business from current bridal salons by offering unique customized products and services to customers has seen a decline in the number of customers, despite the improvement in services.

Wet Seal Company Marketing Opportunities

At the same time, a range of events also inspires ordinary collections In light of the above discussion and the basic marketing techniques of fast fashion, as well as the inherent product marketing strengths of [...]

Flip-Flop Shoe Company Marketing Project in the UAE

The Flip-Flop shoe product's five-year digital marketing plan will target the young digerati and home user customers since they are the majority in the digital marketing platform within the UAE. The objective of the digital [...]

Marketing Plan for Prospects Clothing Dealers

The goals of the marketing campaign include popularizing the brand of the company, securing a considerable market for the company's brand, understanding the market dynamics and assessing the viability of the product in the market.

Product Place: Lush Location Strategy

Due to the unique characteristics of the Lush Company's industry of operation, it is vital to balance the elements of intangibility, inseparability, and heterogeneity in the 4Ps of its market mix.

Marketing plan for the folding table product

Therefore, applying the costing strategy, the company producing the new folding table will reduce the prices to a certain minimum in order to attract customers from this segment and achieve the aim of the quantity [...]

Promotional Strategy for Best Clothing

The clothing market in the United Kingdom is perceived to be very competitive; with most of the clothing companies being large-scale, they can easily lower the prices of their clothes to take control of the [...]

Ck Fruit Digest Product Lines And Mix

Some of the characteristics of the products that contribute to the product uniqueness are to maintain its natural taste and freshness, and the use of extremely attractive packaging to attract the customers thus, by just [...]

Pricing Decisions Problems

This way, the couple is recommended to go with the penetration price; this will create reputation and help win the trust of customers.

Problems with Sports Consumption

As the nature of this study is focusing on the impact of brand sponsorship on the behavior of consumers towards the purchasing of these sponsors, it is necessary to understand few theories and a scaling [...]

New Product Development: Nike

Marketing strategy development This stage entails formulating a marketing strategy that will be used in the process of introducing the product to the market.

Product Launch at Credit Master

This paper gives a brief background of Credit Master Company, looks at the procedure followed in designing a launch plan and gives the SWOT analysis as well as some of the marketing strategies that should [...]

Volkswagen Polo Product

The target group has a peculiar buying motive for the Volkswagen Polo product since the company incorporated the aspects of green living in this automobile model that rhyme with the conservative culture of the Chinese.

Brand and Product Management: Ireland and Italy

Properly designed brand strategy for product management of Ireland and Italy as ideal tourism destinations facilitated the success and sustainability in restoring confidence in the industries by the end of the year 2012.

Marketing Expansion Proposal

This includes the development of a new logo that represents the aspirations of ServeSoft, to become a dominant player in the Virginia market, and eventually in the whole of America.

Product Innovation and Management

The first theory that best describes the success of the Intel Corporation and its success story in the development and marketing of the Intel Core I 7-5000 series processor is the 4Cs marketing theory.

Shackleton Brand Products

Hence, the prices applied by the Great British Banjo Company for the Shackleton brand will reflect the product quality and the position of the company in the target market.

Organic, Gluten-Free Whole Grain Products

Opportunities Introduction of major innovations and the following reinvention of the food industry in general and the whole grain production area in particular; Major advance in the specified area and the following strengthening of the [...]

Project for E-cig

The target customers of e-cig in the Great Britain and Germany are the young adults who have the ages of 20 to 34 years.

Positioning a New Product

Following the problems that Gillette faces in the Australian market, the company ought to consider carrying out the following solutions: launching a new version of SensorExcel, establishing a R&D division in Australia and reducing the [...]

Buffalo Meat Products Launch

The main purpose of the information presented is determine ways, which the current buffalo meat products would be launched in the market, the potential avenues of marketing the new brand products of Buffalo Meat, such [...]

Nike Protein Bar

The protein bars are critical in increasing the muscle mass. In this regard, the protein bars are critical in muscle building.

TOMS Shoes Marketing Project

This report provides an analysis of the TOMS Shoes marketing project and how its marketing is unique from the competitors. The marketing structure of the TOMS Shoes Company is not dependent on the traditional approaches [...]

Marketing of Apple Products in UK

The Apple Company has grown to become one of the most recognized brands in the world. The brands of the company are easily identifiable in the market, and many people are willing to re-buy from [...]

Marketing Project: McDonald’s

In this case, the aim of this strategy is to increase the level of sales in hamburger. Objectives The main objective of this marketing plan is to increase the level of the sales of the [...]