Strategic Marketing Essay Examples and Topics

Fitbit Flex Company’s Marketing Channels Strategy

Current Channels and the Channel Mix Fitbit Flex is currently using a mix of channels in selling its electronic products. The snapshot shows that this firm is selling its products directly to its consumers through its own website. Its clients can easily go to the site and make an order for a given product. After […]

Wet Seal Company’s Social Media Marketing Strategy

Introduction Wet Seal is one of the most famous women’s clothes retail chains based in the USA. The company is now facing numerous constraints due to intense competition. The retailer also had a number of scandals concerning racial discrimination that also led to certain losses (Greenhouse par. 1). Hence, Wet Seal needs an efficient marketing […]

Marketing Strategies: Business-to-Business Transactions

B2B involves buying and selling transactions between businesses. One business buys a product from another business for the purpose of using it for developing its products or reselling it. This type of business does not involve consumers. The amount of goods the traders exchange in B2B transactions is, usually, larger than that in business-to-consumer transactions. […]

Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing involves appraising the market trends and evaluating the market potential. The business analyst identifies the risks, potentials, strengths and weaknesses of the business from the potential marketing plans. Strategic market also involves understanding the customers’ behaviour in terms of buying the company’s products and the effects of a shift in government regulations (Drummond, […]

Strategic Marketing Principles

Introduction Marketing is primarily aimed at identifying and meeting customer preferences to and retain them (Coxhead Et al, 2005, p v). Consumer education has increased and they are more demanding than ever before. The changing business environment calls for a change in the methodology, perception and approach from marketing managers. Continuous review of marketing strategies […]

Marketing and Strategic Plan: Hope Network Hospital

Healthcare organizations should use powerful marketing strategies in order to realize their goals. Marketers should also be aware of the unique needs of different individuals in every targeted location. Every population can be divided into different segments. Singh (2009) believes that “a proper marketing approach should consist of different strategies in order to attract members […]

Strategic Thinking and Effective Change: Samsung

With over 200 subsidiaries across the continent, Samsung has devised a powerful business model in order to remain profitable (Samsung Global Strategy Group 2015). The firm uses innovative strategies and practices in order to produce new products. The concept of research and development (R&D) is also taken seriously. Such changes include eye-catching electronic devices and […]

Strategic Marketing: Apple Inc.

Apple Inc.: Organization Description Products Apple Inc. was founded in 1977. The company specializes in the production and marketing of digital and mobile communication devices. Some of the most well-known products of Apple are iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Mac, iPod, iCloud, operational systems such as iOS, Mac or OS X, and a wide range of […]

Strategic Marketing Nature of the Business Environment

Firms obtain the information they require by studying the internal and external environments so that they understand the present and foresee the future. The general environment consists of components in the wider society which has impact on an industry and the firms in it. Such components can be classified into six environmental sections: global, technological, […]

Strategic Marketing Management of Coca-Cola

Introduction Starting up a new product is taking a risk; however if the decision is well thought there are numerous benefits that come up with launching new products. Before one is set to start a new product there are short and long terms parameters that he should consider to ensure that there will be continuity […]

Wal-Mart Strategic Marketing

Introduction Strategy has many different meanings; in business, it refers to the mechanism that an organization uses to create and reach its objectives (Poctor 1). Marketing serves as a concept of business that exists within the mechanism that the organization uses to achieve its objectives. Marketing concerns efforts by an organization to satisfy customer wants […]

Marketing Situation Analysis

Introduction Billabong international limited is a leading manufacturer, marketer, distributor, wholesaler and retailer of accessories, apparel, eyewear, hard goods and wetsuits in board sports. Billabong products are licensed in several countries worldwide and are distributed through the company’s privately branded retail outlets. Promotions and marketing are done with high-profile athletes, both amateur and professional. Billabong […]

Singapore Market and its Issues

The Geo-demographics To understand the Geo-demographic factors of the Singaporean market, age, education level, household structure, population, and income distribution of its consumers should be analyzed. According to the current demographic studies, the population of Singapore is approximately 5.9 million. The native population is 3.84 million, whereas the immigrant population is 1.56 million (Wilson, 2011). […]

Effectiveness of the Websites of Unionized and Non Unionized Organizations

Introduction Due to the need of interactive capability to communicate with the clientele, internet has turn out to be an essential marketing tool in almost all industries. Researches indicate that almost all organizations ranging from small enterprises to large firms use internet to interact with their consumers (Wen et al., 2001). Thus, the associations are […]

Strategic Marketing Management of Tim Hortons

Executive Summary Tim Hortons is a Canadian restaurant that has recorded a very high level of performance over the past years. The company is widely known for their quality product that has attracted a large number of customers from all over the world. The company is widely known for its coffee and doughnuts. It has […]

Fundraising and Marketing in Nonprofit Organizations

In marketing terms, a firm that is unable to promote itself is unlikely to sell their products or services no matter how good they are. Thus, organizations always actively ensure that public awareness of their merchandise is present. The most basic form of marketing for fundraising programs can just involve using fliers and broadcasting announcements […]

A Better Approach to China’s Markets

Introduction China’s market is complex and therefore needs an appropriate entry strategy to be able to succeed. Multinational corporations which enter the country with mono-dimensional mindset, ignoring China’s multi-faceted diversity, may fail to capture China’s market. China’s market economy has expanded opportunities for doing business in the country and therefore many companies both domestic and […]

Marketing as a business process

Marketing has long become an inherent business process in every for-profit organization. Moreover, it is believed that the performance of modern companies is largely dependent on the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. This paper will be aimed at showing why this activity is important for modern businesses. In particular, it is necessary to define this […]

Market Orientation, Product Innovation and Market Performance: the Case of Small Independent Companies

Introduction The article selected for this critique is titled, “Market Orientation, Product Innovation and Market Performance: the Case of Small Independent Companies”. The 23-page article has been authored by Frans Verhees. By writing this article, the author intends to provide a brief review of the available literature on market orientation. Further, the author also intends […]

Strategic Marketing: Planning and Control

Introduction Performance and productivity of an organization depends basically on the strategic management systems that have been put in place. Strategic marketing management aims at selecting accomplishments that are reality-based as well as developing effective business strategies. The accomplishment of strategic marketing management depends basically on the management systems that are put in place in […]

Strategic Marketing

Introduction Sainsbury’s is a large retail outlet that was started by John Sainsbury in 1869, in the City of London, United Kingdom. During its earlier years, Sainsbury did not face any major market competition, and this helped it prosper in the market. As Griffin (2010, p. 67) notes, this firm grew to become the largest […]

Modern marketing approach

Introduction This paper supports the statement “the product/service dichotomy in marketing theory is no longer sustainable.” The present day marketing approach is a result of the many revolutions and changes that come about in marketing as a result of increased competition. Modern marketing approach emphasizes “cost leadership, differentiation and focus” (Baker and Saren, 2010) The […]

Strategic Market Entry Modes

Introduction With the rising levels of internationalization and globalization, business executives are faced with complex strategic decisions. One of the most difficult decisions that they are left to grapple with is the mode of entry that the firm will use to explore their target foreign markets. Studies show that as many businesses seek to exploit […]

Marketing audit

Introduction Business enterprises usually asses their capability in the market by conducting audits. These are analytical procedure conducted to plan for the future needs of the market. Market audits can be conducted by the company or with the assistance of an external entity. Analysis of Du indicates that the management will access the company’s capability […]

The Importance of Marketing in Organizational Success

Marketing has many definitions. Definitions that focus on customer needs and that are customer oriented can be used to explain the success of an organization much clearly. Marketing can be defined as the process through which potential clients and customers who are willing and able to buy are enticed to buy your products or services. […]

Strategic Marketing Plan for Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Executive Summary This report analyses and presents the “Strategic Marketing Plan” for “Marina Bay Sands” Hotel. This is a five-star inn located in Singapore, which has excellent leisure facilities, fashionable architecture, and offers first-rate MICE services to clients. The report highlights the overall company history in terms of hotel description, its location, services offered, its […]

Ecotourism and Voluntourism Strategies and Recommendations

Introduction Conservation is the process of human beings utilization of natural sources in order to produce the maximum sustainable benefit to current generation at the same time upholding its responsibility to achieve and ensure that the same resources are reserved for future generations. Conservation therefore entails maintenance, preservation, restoration and sustainable utilisation of natural surroundings […]

Marketing Strategy

Executive summary The basis of this report is information on the shoes used by trainees to achieve success of maintaining personal fitness. The report involves evaluating the marketing strategy used by Guangzhou Kala health shoes Technology Company Limited in China. It suggests solutions for ensuring development and improvement of the company. The purpose of this […]

Australian Consumer Electronics Market

Introduction The consumer electronics market is one of the markets with the highest prospective for growth in Australia. Even during the economic recession of 2009, this market has shown great performance indications due to the growth of the economy which was stimulated when the government of Australia extended fiscal support (Smith, 2009, P 56). This […]

Real Estate Marketing and Advertising

Introduction: Real Estate Marketing and Its Importance Marketing for the real estate Contemporary society is a well-organized group of people with some needs and ways of reaching certain goals. It is natural that some individuals are more informed about the benefits of certain sectors and devices than others. In this respect, information plays one of […]

The success of a marketing strategy

Marketing remains one of the key determinants of any business’ success. Consumers get to know about the existence of a product through marketing. The success of a marketing strategy depends on the approach taken by the business. All marketers must consider several issues about the targeted market(s) in order to meet the set sales goals […]

Marketing Philosophy of Business Operating

Marketing involves the whole philosophy of operating a business after developing a clear understanding of what the customers’ needs are. According to Stephen (2007), marketing is the whole process of management which begins with identifying the requirement of the customers, after which the business plans on how to meet these requirements for the benefit of […]

Marketing Environment Forces

Introduction Marketing environment is a term used to refer to the forces outside of marketing which have an influence on the marketing manager’s ability to create and maintain a healthy relationship with the customers he is targeting. In other words, these forces affect the demand and supply of goods and services. In this write up, […]

Market Strategy

Abstract This article explains the market strategy of Persil laundry detergent Company which was developed from close consideration of the current customer needs and the market environment. Market segmentation is strategy that has been used and segments Persil laundry detergent Company differentiates itself from the other competing companies such as Aerial and Omo detergents. Some […]

Market Entry Strategies

How to launch the service Choosing an effective market entry strategy depends on a number of factors such as product and positioning portfolio practiced by other competitors in the industry (Blythe & Zimmerman 2005, p.118). Home from Home Cooking can launch its new service by introducing the services at a reduced rate. This makes it […]

Marketing as the Most Important Function of Management

Introduction There are different functions of business management. The functions of business include controlling, leading, organizing and marketing among others. These functions are essential in successful operation of the respective business entity. The management functions should be effectively coordinated to achieve goals and objectives of a company or organization. Each function plays an important role […]

Marketing Mix Planning

Introduction Several marketing decisions are crucial while conducting an examination on a product before any given marketing strategy is implemented. The aspects whose consideration is of fundamental include current product, target market, distributor network, current competitor, financial analysis and external forces among other factors (Armstrong & Kotler, 2008). The current product is called laundry detergent, […]

Perpetual Maps in Marketing Simulation

Introduction Perceptual maps have become popular in the projection of business situations especially in sales and marketing (Petta et al, 2011, p.453). Graphic illustrations created out of data that is generated from scales of rating are called perceptual maps. It is important to note that the validity of the maps generated depends on the parameters […]

The Right Marketing Strategy Role for Any Organization

Choosing the right marketing strategy is very important for any organization that wants to establish a competitive advantage in the and in the process increase its sales. There are three fundamental marketing strategies commonly used by business organizations to penetrate the market and at the same achieve a competitive advantage in the market. These strategies […]

Strategic marketing “Supergroup”

Introduction Super group was begun in the year 1985 by Julian Dunkerton as cult clothing. The original store was located in Cheltenham which later grew and expanded to other parts of the world. In the year 2003, Julian Dunkerton joined business with known designer John Holder. Holder had previous founded the bench brand. The merger […]

Marketing Implementation

Good marketing strategies, marketing skills, and innovativeness are essential components in implementing a marketing plan. In essence, marketing is a social activity that incorporates the satisfaction of customer needs and wants, and is a wholesome activity with organizational outlook, focusing on future and anticipated needs. Marketing incorporates issues such as corporate social responsibility, which determines […]

Marketing Principles

Introduction Marketing principles refer to those principles that govern marketing. To be successful in marketing, a business organization should identify its customers’ needs and fulfill them (Bose 2000). The companies that will be discussed in this paper are McDonalds and the Bloomingdales. Discussion 1a) Numerous marketing definitions have been put forward with each definition straining […]

Critical Evaluation of Marketing Strategy

Marketing forms a very integral part in the channel of distribution of goods and services. As a result, desirable entrepreneurship skills and competence requires workable marketing plans to be instituted in place. The critical evaluation of marketing strategy contained in this paper focuses on a new product, the Dove body wash which was launched by […]