Business Critique Essay Examples and Topics

Research Findings from the Costa Concordia Accident

Introduction The Costa Concordia disaster is the greatest tragedy to occur in the cruise ship industry in recent decades. This accident resulted in the death of 32 people and the injury of 64 more. By the end of the rescue operations, two passengers were reported missing and rescue personnel believe that these individuals are dead. […]

Process Analysis and Problem Solving in Wal-Mart

Introduction Currently, information technologies are regarded as a valuable tool for improving various processes within an organization. They can greatly benefit both private companies and public organizations. This paper is aimed at discussing the strategies adopted by such a corporation as Wal-Mart since this example can demonstrate how information technologies can contribute to the financial […] and Bankruptcy

The occurrence at Amazon-com in 1999 was an amazing experience in the world market. Applegate (2010) observes that “the momentum buying that fueled the meteoric rise in stock market valuations in the late 1990s turned into momentum selling during the latter half of 2000” (p.1). Momentum buying led to the onset of bankruptcy of this […]

The Issues in RACQ Insurance

Executive summary Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) Insurance Company suffers a serious issue in realising successful operation. The senior management team of the company is at the forefront when dealing with disruptions and challenges that hinder effective operation. RACQ is well capable of managing its risks, since risk management is its chief agenda. The […]

An Analysis of The Rise and Fall of Enron Corporation

Introduction C. William Thomas is a professor (J.E Bush professor of Accounting) at Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business. The Baylor University is a Christian University, located in Waco, Texas. The article “The rise and Fall of Enron” First appeared in the March-April magazine Issue of the year 2002 – Today’s CPA, which is a […]

Poor Leadership at J.C Penney

Executive Summary This paper is a company analysis of J. C Penney. The company is in the retail sector and mainly sells women’s apparel as its most lucrative product category. Other products sold at J.C Penny stores include men’s clothing, children’s apparel and home products. The store’s performance in the last seven years has been […]

BMW Group RBV & Dynamic Capabilities

Introduction The BMW group is a renowned maker of premium automobiles. It targets the global market when manufacturing cars. The company has remained operational for close to a century now since its foundation in 1916. One critical aspect that has been successful in sustaining the group’s many years of business and production is its focus […]

Apple Inc. – Contemporary Issues in Marketing and Consumer Research

Introduction Contemporary issues in marketing and consumer research provisions are critical in the business contexts. This paper discusses Apple Inc. in the context of the contemporary issues it adopts in its marketing and consumer research provision. Such concepts have helped the company to remain competitive in the market and enhance its competitive advantages in the […]

Security at OMH

Introduction NYS OMH operates more than 4500 facilities, including 1300 psychiatrist facilities in the New York State. It has its Headquarters based at Albany. It conducts mental health research with the goal of providing prevention, treatment and recovery. Furthermore, it provides state operated inpatient and outpatient mental health support and services to residents of the […]

Brand Critique For Walmart

Walmart Stores is a retail firm which operates a chain of large department stores in various countries in the world. It is listed on the Fortune Global 500 list as one of the largest firms in the world. The firm has built a strong reputation for offering a wide range of consumer goods in its […]

Issues at Uber

Executive Summary Undoubtedly, Uber is a game changer in the global taxi industry. However, two major issues emanating from poor governments’ regulations or lack of thereof and hostility from traditional taxi drivers pose serious operational risks to Uber. Nevertheless, Uber will survive and perhaps focus on technologies that are more advanced such as driverless cars […]

Bernie Madoff’s Securities Fraud

Introduction Following an escalation in the number of business scandals being reported by companies in the twenty first century, many firms are looking for solutions to overcome this challenge (Ferrell & Ferrell, 2012). The fact that ethical and legal lapses have occurred at several renowned firms such as Fannie Mac, AIG, Countrywide Financial, and the […]

Environmental Sustainability Audit: The Oman Environmental Services Holding Company

Executive Summary The Oman Environmental Services Holding Company (OESHCO) or Be’ah has been known as the first privatize waste management company in Oman. Previously the government of the Sultanate was responsible in the implementation of waste management systems and environmental projects of the country but come 2007, such responsibility was given to Be’ah. The primary […]

SWOT analysis of the Environmental Agency of UK

Introduction SWOT analysis which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, is an essential tool in organizations and business decision making. SWOT analysis is used in strategic planning, evaluation of a competitor, product development and marketing. Normally, the SWOT analysis template is in form of a grid with four sections, each one consisting one of […]

Social Enterprise in Context

Social enterprise According to Price (2008, pp 1), “social enterprises are businesses with primary social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose in business or in the community, rather that being driven by the need to maximize profit for shareholders and owners.” Social enterprise is mainly associated with non-profit organizations, mainly privately owned, […]

A non-profit organization Angel of Hope

Introduction Non-profit organizations are among the most prominent social unit worldwide. They are the social institutions of the modern era with high moral and intellectual value, possibly the only outstanding and helpful social institute. They also carry burdens in the areas of health care, child care, protection of privacy, and education of all individual in […]

Oracle & California

Introduction/Background On May 31, 2001, Oracle Corporation (Oracle), with the assistance of its dependent broker Logicon Inc (Logicon), sealed a six-year enterprise licensing agreement (ELA) with the state of California to provide statewide database software and maintenance support to over 270,000 state employees. On face value, the contract, worth almost $95 million, seemed beneficial to […]

Microsoft Opens the Gates: Patent Piracy and Political Challenges in China

The article, “Microsoft opens the gates: patent piracy and political challenges in China”, explores the difficulties that an American software firm has faced in its effort to establish a profitable market in China. The company has been trying to make progress in its relationship with the people and the government of China. China’s business environment […]

An analysis of Southwest Airlines

Executive Summary Problem Statement- This report is a study of Southwest Airlines, considering its strategies, strengths, weaknesses and the recent acquisition of AirTran. Analysis Southwest faces problems of drastic weather changes, natural calamities and inflation. These problems also apply to the industry as a whole. The strongest force among the Porter’s five forces in the […]

Sustainability Analysis: British Airways

Introduction Organizational sustainability is often a very key ingredient to the survival or long-term presence of a business in a given market. However, the concept is often misunderstood to mean the financial sustainability of an organization because if an organization is unsustainable, the problem normally manifests itself in terms of financial challenges (Authenticity Consulting 2011, […]

Work place fraud

Introduction There is no clear definition of work place fraud. It can be described as activities involving dishonesty and deception, which can drain value from a business directly or indirectly. It does not only involve distortion of financial statements, but it can range from exaggeration of minor expenses, to international fraud. Today work place fraud […]

The Aftermath of the Enron Scandal

Introduction The Enron Scandal, uncovered in 2001, was one of the largest accounting frauds in history. The fraud occurred as a result of accounting gaps and poor financial reporting which allowed top executives to conceal billions of debts from failed deals and projects. The company’s CFO and other executives not only lied to its BOD […]

Global Business Issues

Introduction Contrasting from history when intercontinental business was reticent for large organizations, the current market is characterized by dealings from both intermediate and large-sized companies (Gerrefi & Memedovic, 2003). New trade accords have opened operation channels, thus boosting the levels of overseas dealing interactions. These interactions have necessitated new hypothesis, regulations, and practices in the […]

The Situation Analysis Term Project of T-Mobile

Economy Analysis The U.S. economic performance gets greatly influenced by mobile technology. Mobile influence is an economic engine across the U.S. business and marketing landscape. The U.S. generated $139 billion from the mobile marketing ecosystem, an incremental output in 2012, a significant surge from $48 billion in net sales reported in 2010. Over the next […]

Organisational Issues at Lufthansa Airlines

Introduction and Background With increased oil prices, airlines all over the world have found themselves in a position where reducing their operation costs seem the only viable way of remaining profitable. The situation in the industry is so bad that British entrepreneur Richard Branson, in his characteristic jest, once said that becoming a millionaire is […]

Report on a Social Business Opportunity

Competition creates interest and ignites curiosity among people. In the pursuit of demand, most of the entrepreneurs strive to gain a competitive advantage over the others to bring in revenues for their company. However, when it comes to not-for-profit organizations, profits cannot be regarded as the focus of an organization. The main purpose of this […]

Impact of Internal and external environmental factors on business

Internal and external environmental factors have almost equally relevant impact on any business. Marketers hold to the view that external environment influences the general performance of an organization whilst internal environment only impact on a few departments, this could be the case with Orangin Juice Squeezer. Companies that specialize with product creation are in most […]

International Business and Cultural Dimensions

There is no need to elaborate on the fact that there are many countries in the world. There are many different people and different groups with their own unique identity and culture. It can be argued that culture is both invisible and visible. The visible part is the expression of culture which can include how […]

Business and Society Today

Introduction Business refers to the exchange of goods and services either for themselves or for money. A society on the other hand is a group of people who are bound by a relationship in a given territory. The society is made up of people while business is an activity carried out by people. This paper […]

Judging from past experience/internationalization- Should IKEA continue to internationalize?

Introduction Global marketing is defined as the process where business companies focus and strategize on ways of investing their resources within the world market. This is often faced by certain challenges and threats which either drives or restrains the processes involved. The challenges are experienced since marketing practices vary from country to country and require […]

The Problem at the Agency and Negative Impacts on the Department and Patients

The quality of the provided services and care at the department significantly depends on the aspects of the staff’s organization and communication. That is why, it is necessary to determine the problem areas in relation to the employees’ organization and their communication within the department. The medical staff experiences significant difficulties in sharing and exchanging […]

Diversity in Business Organizations

Introduction If an organization adopts diversity management, the performance and output are bound to increase. Conversely, if an organization doesn’t pay much heed to managing people from diverse cultures and ethnicities, the results can be drastic and appalling. When it comes to relationships, they are mutual (equal response from both sides). So if employees don’t […]

Bloomingdales Balances Selfies with Beauty Tips in Instagram Contest

The target audience of the #Bloomieselfie instagram contest were fans especially women who had interest in the competition as well as the participants. Women value beauty and this competition was important as it was able to enlighten them on tips to ensure they stay attractive (McCarthy, 2013). The #Bloomieselfie instagram contest was looking for fans […]

Impacts of the market structure on the business behaviour of companies in the Structure & Conduct – Airline Industry

Introduction Business structure can be viewed as organizational and other attributes of a market. These are the characteristics which have a significant impact on competition and hence the pricing (Tuto2u 2011). The main aspects of the market structure includes the total number of the firms, the extent to which the industry is vertically integrated, the […]

Professional Development and Contemporary Issues

Introduction The purpose of conducting this study will be to examine the impact of globalization with particular focus on the international hotel industry. Globalization is defined as the process of integrating the economies, financial markets, cultures and societies of various countries through the use of global communication and trade networks that exist around the world. […]

Choosing a Business Ownership

Introduction Venturing into the business world poses great challenges though it is much more promising than seeking to be employed. In general, you get the privilege to be your own boss which is a personal favorite advantage for many individuals who have dared to start their own businesses. When one finally makes up his/her mind […]

Failure of Accord Hybrid

Summary Recent annulment of the Honda Accord hybrid is one of the greatest marketing failures to have ever occurred in the automobile industry for the last five years. Honda stopped selling its Accord hybrid arguing that the car had not been doing well in the market relative to hybrid cars manufactured by Toyota. The Accord […]

Hidden Airline Charges and the Related Issues: Searching for a Grain of Rationale. What Customers Want

There is no secret that companies strive to make as much money out a their clients as possible, resorting to all sorts of marketing tricks. One of the most widespread and definitely the most notorious one is the policy of hidden charges; defined as the supplementary services which are not included into the ticket price, […]

Discussing Production and Offshoring

Business must be one of the most fast-changing spheres; what used to be the key principle of running a business might prove completely inefficient in several years, and the recent innovations date within a millisecond. Taking a closer look at such parts of business process as production and offshoring will help understand what has changed […]

Business issues and the context of human resource

Human resource strategy is shaped by globalization. In the modern world, not only human resource management is important to ensure a sustainable competition of organization in the market. It calls for a labor market force with a global outlook which entails finding the right people at the right time and giving each person the correct […]

Legal and Ethical Issues in Business

Ethical Issues in Business: Antitrust Laws and Mergers Bristol Myers Squibb faces similar problems represented in the first example because of its attempt to avert generic competition to represent their new anti-depressant and anti-cancer drugs to the market. Along with its major blockbuster, drug Plavix, the company has experienced $ 7 billion revenues (Mody, 2012). […]

Frame the Case: Johnson&Johnson and Dow Corning

Both companies Johnson & Johnson and Dow Corning were framed particular issues which helped the make a decision in their cases. However, those frames also presupposed the effectiveness of the decision in cases under consideration. The choice of the tools for solving the problem and the vision of the problem are effective aspects which are […]

Starbucks vs. Tim Hortons

Debates about coffee exist since Hortons and Starbucks, the two major coffee joints, were launched. Both Hortons and Starbucks have some similar features and the common feature is that they both serve coffee and donuts. Hortons and Starbucks serve more coffee than any other product. Certainly, Starbucks is much more famous than Tim Hortons since […]

Used Books Business

Abstract There is a huge demand for used books because it is easy to acquire cheap books that are still in good condition. It is therefore high time to develop an online bookstore because of the low-risk involved. However, there are three things to consider. First, the existence of a reliable procurement team that can […]

Finding Opportunities for Forming Your Own Business

A narrow-focused orientation and implementation of straight strategies constitute the basis for business success. Judging from the case under consideration, CompuDyne has managed to define its main position, as well as the range of products it manufactures. The experience demonstrates that the company’s prevalence over other security software organizations is due to the introduction of […]

Business Issues – Perspectives on small business in Canada

Introduction The report on business issues contains the perspectives on small business in Canada. Many Canadian citizens value small business and appreciate what they do daily. This report contains the views of the public on small business as well as the views of the small business owners. It outlines the importance of technology in achieving […]

Legal Structure

Sole Proprietorship This is the simplest form of business organization with the least level of regulation. It is managed by the owner who controls the profits and the tax issues of the business. The proprietor controls every bit of the business till death after which the business can be inherited by family members. There is […]

The Case of Madoff

Summary of the Article about Madoff Scandal Lots of people have already heard about the scandal, connected to the activities of Bernard Madoff. So many papers present numerous articles, where the writers are eager to share their points of views about the situation and present more new captivating facts. The article from Economist attracts my […]

My Suitability as an Entrepreneur

In starting a business, one must identify a business opportunity and be willing to take the risks of venturing in the business. He/she mobilizes and manages resources thus creating an organization to enable him/her exploit the opportunity in an innovative manner. Brandstatter posits that, entrepreneurship gives one the ability to enjoy financial rewards/profits, independence and […]

Reasons of Budweiser Buyout

Circumstances that led to Budweiser buyout Budweiser opted for a buyout because it was facing a long-term sales decline in the United States market. Consumers begun to develop thirst for wines and spirits and imported beers and this resultantly dented the desire for products that were manufactured by Budweiser. Another reason that fueled the buyout […]

Resource Allocation

Introduction The rapid globalisation rate facing the world has led to increased competition in most of the resources used in the running of business organisations. It is because of this that the subject of resource allocation is of great importance to all business enterprises. The limitation in the supply of most resources while their demand […]

New Business Issues

Identifying the Purpose and Unique Features Distinguishing a Product United Foods Company is located in Dubai and specializes in producing vegetable oil, butter, and margarine (United Foods Company (psc) n.p.). Its main concepts consist in producing healthy products for a healthy life. However, due to the fast-growing vigorous competition that has recently exploded between other […]

Solving the raised issues

First, I would want to thank you for being a committed and loyal member of Gateway Resort Ltd. Your continued support and presence at Gateway Resort is highly recognized and appreciated. The entire family group at the Resort want to express its sincere appreciation to all our members and assure them that the Resort is […]

Negotiation Article Analysis

When negotiations are held, the main intention is to come up with an agreement that will provide a roadmap for an action to be taken (Howard, 1982, p.5). Negotiations have mostly been aimed at ensuring that existing conflicts are resolved amicably. They occur over a wide area and have no restrictions. In addition, negotiations can […]

The Situation at Segal Electric and Deming’s 14 Points

Comment on the Case at Segal Electric The case that happened at Segal Electric deserves too much attention and examination. Of course, the events cannot be changed, and the losses turn out to be rather considerable for the company. But still, this situation may help to prevent possible troubles in future and improve the organization […]