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Industry Essay Examples and Topics

Oligopoly of the Airline Industry

Under current conditions it is possible to talk about special kind of a market structure which is characterized by dominancy of a small number of leading companies. The airline industry is characterized by presence of [...]

UAE Defense Force and Air Travel Economics

Although the plan of leasing aircrafts to the military is based on the idea of lowering the UAE air force budget, companies that operate the plane leasing business must standardize the design of the planes [...]

UK Energy Industry Analysis

This report evaluates the market structure of the UK energy sector, the reasons for the current structure, and the possible future structure. The report further assesses the impact of the industry structure on strategy decisions [...]

The Electricity Industry in Australia

The government and opposition parties are debating in parliament about the proposed constitution and the support for the segment as part of the overall electricity industry. The report also looks at the contribution of the [...]

The Saudi Arabian Petrochemicals Industry Analysis

Around 7 percent of the basic global petrochemical products in the world originate from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition to petrochemical products, Saudi Arabia also ranks among the leading exporters of fertilizers in [...]

Gas Industry in the Book “Oil on the Brain”

Moreover, the unpredictable future of oil market makes it difficult for independent owners to work efficiently. The book by Lisa Margonelli on challenges facing gas station owners is clear on its criticism of major players [...]

Technologies in the US Retail Industry

According to Farfan, the size of the US retail industry has been boosted by four and a half percent from 1993 to 2015; however, such a conclusion has been drawn by considering the units of [...]

Organic Chocolates Industry Analysis

According to Zander and Hamm, ethical factors surrounding the conception of the term "organic" also ranks high in the list of factors that affect consumer purchasing decisions.

Virtual Reality Industry Analysis

While it is true that the production and sale of virtual reality headsets could be in the millions in the future as the technology develops and becomes more acceptable, it cannot be stated at the [...]

Whole Foods Trends

Some of the most common trends pertaining the retail of organic food products in the industry include the ups and downs within the farming sector, concerns of the environment, and concern of healthy lifestyles.

Is Bottled Water Ethical?

One side of the debaters believes that the selling of bottled water is a practice that is unethical as water is freely available in the environment, and again it leads to unnecessary use of resources [...]

Causes of Gasoline Price Fluctuations

The price changes of gasoline have been caused by the rising demand for the commodity in the world today. In this case, when the OPEC increases supply of crude oil in the world, it leads [...]

Economics of Renewable Energy

The mentioned benefits as well as other objectives are the reasons why departments of energy around the globe highlight on the generation of electricity from the renewable sources.

Beyond Petroleum Company Analysis

BP is also in the process of developing a technology to capture and store carbon dioxide. The 10-point plan also strives to build a stronger and safer company which will in turn guarantee a sustainable [...]

The Electronic Industry Research

The researcher is planning to uncover some of the prevailing conditions of the market of the electronics in the past few years in order to be in a position to predict the future market.

Entering Foreign Markets

The failure of this system in increasing the price that supermarkets offered farmers forced the farmers to take action. Selling directly to shoppers eliminated the role of the supermarkets in the supply chain.

Nanotechnology in the Food Industry

The presence of PEG in the copolymer makes the surface charge less negative, thus enhancing the interaction of the nanoparticles with food compounds in the process of coating the food or the food ingredients.

Analysis of Japan’s Energy Policy

Be that as it may, the use of nuclear energy is still limited at bets to only a few developed countries that have the capital and the technology to produce this source of energy.notes that [...]

Dairy Industry in New Zealand

Chinese dairy companies have greatly expanded their investment in the dairy industry in the country which help increase the capital ability of the dairy firms to produce more and export to other countries.

French Wine Industry

The economy heavily depends on the wine industry so low performance in the wine industry denotes low performance for the entire economy and this is not good for the French.

British Petroleum Industry

The economies of scale in the petroleum industry are very high because of the capital intensive nature of the industry's operations which make it difficult for any oil producing company to enter the industry.

CookSafe Food Safety Management Audit

The audit also highlights some of the major problems hindering the application and effectiveness of the CookSafe system. The suitability of HACCP in food safety management is made apparent in the wide scope of the [...]

Food Security in Sydney

Despite the fact that AFNs have increased in popularity since the late 1990s in developed countries, and that academic and activist literature is continuously growing out of proportion with regard to the contributions of localized [...]

ENOC Organizational Operations

ENOC's top management, which plays the role of implementing the company's proposed activities, decides on the requisite strategies that the organization needs to adopt to ensure that it meets the demands of the emerging market [...]

Local Food Production in Malaysia

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the main challenge facing the agricultural sector is the lack of self-sufficiency in the production of food crops and over-reliance on food imports.

The Movie Industry

The meaning of the PESTLE analysis entails evaluating each of the PESTLE components and the way in which they influence the movie industry.

US Energy Security

The US Oil Reserves The argument for the increase in oil supply in the US is mainly based on the fact that huge oil deposits have recently been discovered in the country.

German Automotive Industry

Being the forerunners in the automotive industry gives the country a unique and considerable position in the international automotive market. Consequently, the German automotive industry is the most competitive in the world due to the [...]

Energy Generation Industry in India

The Ministry of Power is in charge of the power industry in India. Unfortunately, in the case of India, the rate of increase in the supply of electricity has not caught up with the increase [...]

Mattel Incorporation

The essay also describes the best practices towards improving the safety of children's toys. Government regulators should use the most appropriate strategies in order to ensure the safety of children's toys.

British Clothing Industry

In the British clothing industry, the question of whether the industry remains a major driver of the of process of industrialisation, whether it still has low entry barriers, or whether it is a source of [...]

Postwar Petroleum Order

The primary aim of the order was to maximize the production of petroleum in the Persian Gulf and supply the increased postwar energy requirement of the Europe.

Shell in Russia

The PSA law in Russia does not provide foreign investors with the desired protection and certainty which has been a major obstacle for foreign investors willing to invest billions of dollars in the Russian oil [...]

Subsidies to US Auto Industry

Furthermore, the number of people employed in the automobile manufacturing sector remained significant despite the decline over the last few years Late in 2008, two automotive manufactures, Chrysler Corporation and General Motors appealed to the [...]

Energy Demand and Supply Modeling

Such information helps determine the past and future trends in demand and supply, the determinants of consumer demand, and the relationships between energy supply and demand.

3D Printing in UK

Moreover, this research related the background of Makism 3D Corporation and the future of the 3D industry in the United Kingdom.

Distribution Channels and Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is among the factors that affect the competitiveness and success of a company in the fashion industry. This report proposes the repositioning of the company to be a luxury company through the production [...]

Classic Airlines Company Analysis

The end state goal of this paper is to create an effective solution that resolves the problems of the company while at the same time addresses the various concerns of the stakeholders that are involved.

Soft Drinks Industry

The market for soft drinks in the country is competitive and is mainly made up of two manufacturing systems, one being the flavoring and concentrate companies while the other is the soft drink manufacturing companies.

Fast Food Industry in the US

This paper will discuss the fast food industry in the US with an emphasis on the positive as well as the negative impacts it has on American economy.

New Food Product Development

In most cases the food may be free of pathogens but if the environment of preparation is full of normal flora, the possibility of gross contamination of food may take place and this is the [...]

Business and economics: The organic food sector

These environmental factors include rivalry among firms in the sector, entry of new firms, the bargaining ability of the clientele, the bargaining capability of the suppliers and the threat posed by substitute commodities.

Oil in the Middle East

To get deeper involved in the issue and understand the significance of the oil industry for the Middle East the author takes a closer attention to the following aspects, namely the structure and the system [...]

The Auto Industry

However, in the decade of the 1980s, car manufacturers from Japan began to capture a significant slice of the market and this process dismantled the oligopoly.

The rise, fall and rise again of OPEC

The financial crisis adversely affected the oil prices due to the dwindling of global demand and liquidation of operators in the commodity market but the conditions in the petroleum industry were expected to improve in [...]

The footwear industry

Footwear industry can takes advantage of the political situation in the world; the world is in the process of employing a free trade policy whereby the market is the one that determines the price in [...]

Applied Channel Systems

This has led to the development of a strong mutual relationship between the manufacturer and the dealer despite the fact that the manufacturer is slightly more powerful than the dealer.

Beer in US

The first economic aspect that has affected the beer industry is the global recession, which has reduced the volume of beer consumption in the country.

Beer in USA

The first economic aspect that has affected the beer industry is the global recession, which has reduced the volume of beer consumption in the country.

Paper Making Industry

Consequently, at the end of the processes, the factory release emissions and wastes to the environment. Some researchers trace the origins of the paper to Egypt, in River Nile while others link the origin of [...]

Food and Beverage Development

This paper focuses on how food production and food consumption has affected the eating habits and led to the introduction of junk foods because of the production and consumption factors.

British Petroleum

The problem is identifying the challenges the company is facing in the United States after the oil spillage and the impact of this event by applying ethical perspectives. The recommendations and conclusion shall be necessary [...]

Economic Indicators: Automotive industry

A research conducted to establish the employment rates of the automotive companies in Indiana from 1998 to 2008 indicated that Cummins offers employment to the largest number of people in Indiana.