Industry Essay Examples and Topics

Whole Foods Trends

Whole Foods Market, the world’s largest retail chain of organic and natural foods supermarket was founded in the year 1980, from what was initially a local supermarket for health and natural food stuff and products. For nearly three decades now, since its inception, Whole Foods Market has proved to be a leader in the supply […]

Fundamentals of Fashion and Design

Abstract This report outlines how Jimmy Choo, which is an emerging firm in the UK fashion industry, can strengthen its competitive advantage. The report focuses on the strategies that the firm’s management team should take into account. Some of the strategies evaluated relate to investment in information communication technology (ICT). The main technologies cited include […]

Is Bottled Water Ethical?

Introduction The bottled water industry is one that has grown tremendously in the contemporary society, with multinational corporations such as Pepsi, Coke and Nestle earning billions of dollars in the form of returns annually from the sale of water. Bottled water is simply clean water produced either by reverse osmosis, distillation or de-ionization of regular […]

Causes of Gasoline Price Fluctuations

Introduction Over the past decade, there have been continued fluctuations in oil and gasoline prices globally. These price fluctuations have been facilitated by the increase or decrease of crude oil prices in the international market. The price fluctuations of oil and gasoline have had profound effects on many economies and businesses across the world. It […]

Keystone Pipeline political, economic and environmental implications

Introduction The Keystone XL pipeline is a venture that is estimated to cover a distance of about one thousand nine hundred kilometers of thirty-six inch diameter in transporting crude oil that stretching from Hardisty, Alberta and extending all the way south to Steele city of Nebraska. Keystone XL pipeline project is critical for the improvement […]

Fuel consumption for cars made in the US and Japan

The 2007 global economic recession left devastating financial problems with many companies. After failing to recover from the effects of the recession, many firms turned to cost cutting as the main business strategy. In this regard, a tour company called company A uses cars made in the United States to transport clients. The firm wishes […]

Economics of Renewable Energy

Introduction Renewable energy is becoming more attractive to many governments and investors not only for its ability to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere but also because of its cost advantages (Heal, 2009). Countries involved in green energy investments would increase their novel economic activities by over fifty percent. Investing in green energy would boost […]

Beyond Petroleum Company Analysis

BP, with a tagline “Beyond Petroleum”, is a company that centers its primary goals in terms of meeting the incessantly heightening demand for fossil fuels, product advancement and transitioning to a lower carbon future. BP learnt some indispensable lessons from the Gulf War when its expansive strategies were undermined. The lessons have since resulted into […]

The Electronic Industry Research

Background A piece of research is always geared towards achieving specific objectives in a specific area of knowledge. According to Hakim (2000, p. 85), a piece of research will always be focused on giving more insights on a given topic within a specified period of time. In this research, the researcher was interested in conducting […]

Entering Foreign Markets

It is a fact that economies of scale enable companies to reduce their costs of production. Therefore, companies strive to increase their production capabilities to benefit fully from economies of scale (Mankiw, 2011). However, in so doing the company should not compromise the quality of products. Reduced costs of production due to economies of scale […]

Nanotechnology in the Food Industry

Introduction The use of nanocarrier systems as a way of stabilizing bioactive agents such that no changes, whether chemical or environmental, occur as well as enhancing the bioavailability of the bioactive materials is called food nanotechnology. The practice of food nanotechnology results in improved uptake and bioavailability of nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals. It is also […]

Analysis of Japan’s Energy Policy

The Energy and Environmental Council of Japan (2012) points out that, the oil price shock that was experienced in 1973 had a fundamental impact, as far as the energy policies of many countries is concerned. According to The Energy and Environmental Council of Japan (2012), this event resulted in many countries reconsidering their energy policies, […]

Key Success Factors of the Global Online Fashion Business

Introduction ASOS has developed greatly since its inception in year 2000. In its early years of operation, the online fashion store was dealing with products that had been inspired by celebrities such as ephemera and other design products (Alexander, 2010). Adoption of growth strategy and launching of Marketplace in its website has significantly increased its […]

Dairy Industry in New Zealand

New Zealand’s dairy products trade internationally accounts for about 35% of the world trade. The dairy industry has been growing and it remains the largest exporter of dairy products (ABARE & MAF, 2008). Its major dairy products are exported in Latin America, China, Japan and the United States. Fonterra is the largest milk production firm […]

Global Oil and Gas Industry: Shell UK Company

Introduction Shell is one of the largest companies in the global oil and gas industry. The company focuses on production and distribution of petroleum, engine oil, and lubricants. The company has over 87,000 employees and operates in more than 130 countries (Shell 2014). Shell has over 70 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution […]

French Wine Industry

Introduction The French wine industry is respected for its competitiveness and its lead position within the global market (Heien & Martin, 2003), (Anderson, 2004). In terms of the market share, French wine has been known to take up the largest portion; it currently stands at approximately seventeen percent of all the world’s wines. Spain and […]

British Petroleum Industry

Introduction British Petroleum Company (BP) is the third largest energy supplying company in the world based in London and with operations in over 80 countries around the world. The company supplies over 22,400 stations with 3.8 million barrels of oil in one day. It also provides petrochemical products and retails services to over 100 countries […]

Expanding the Australian Food Processing Industry into the United States

Executive Summary The Australian food processing industry is a vital part of the country’s economy. This paper is a strategic analysis of the industry’s structure. Coupled with a similar analysis of the American food processing industry, this report suggests that Australian food companies should expand into the US market through four strategies – joint ventures, […]

CookSafe Food Safety Management Audit

Introduction to HACCP Principles and CookSafe Food Safety Management System HACCP Principles Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is defined as a system concerned with food safety management (Eves & Dervisi 2005). According to Riswadkar (2000), the system’s major focus is identification and prevention of hazards likely to cause food borne illnesses (FBI). HACCP is […]

British Petroleum Versus New British Library

Introduction Construction projects can achieve desired outcomes in a relatively short time and with relatively minimal resources. However, for this to occur, then certain criteria must be adhered to as seen in the construction projects of British Petroleum (BP) at the Andrew Field and the New British Library (NBL) project. Comparison of the projects British […]

Opportunity and Challenge of Malaysian Beef Industry

The beef consumption patterns in Malaysia have demonstrated a significant growth over the last several decades (Johari & Jasmi, 2009). The change has been facilitated by a number of factors such as the growth of the national GDP per capita and globalization that increased the demand for mean-based proteins the diet and various convenience foods […]

Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Introduction In every part of the world, the business sector is streamlining its operations through diverse types of amalgamation approaches. Amalgamation is done in order to triumph over the many challenges but also harness opportunities created by globalization. The intensity of such operations has been witnessed in different major sectors of the economy in many […]

Food Security in Sydney

Debate There has been rising debate as to whether local food systems as opposed to lengthy commodity chains would substantially reduce the high reliance of food systems on oil and carbon footprint. As part of the heightening debate on peak oil and global warming, the concept of reducing food miles (distance covered by food from […]

ENOC Organizational Operations

Introduction The Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) is a huge energy production corporation that is based in Dubai. The corporation was established in the early 1990s under the control of the Dubai administration. The Jebel Ali Processing Plant whose operations are mainly in Dubai runs the ENOC Processing Company, which is one of the corporation’s […]

Local Food Production in Malaysia

Introduction Food security is a subject that has attracted global attention, particularly in the third world economies. The World Food Program estimates that nearly one billion individuals are suffering from hunger and undernourishment. As the population keeps on growing, there is a need to enhance food production to take care of the ever-increasing demand and […]

The Movie Industry

Introduction The movie industry refers to the businesses that primarily deal with the exhibition of movies. It comprises of the film festival exhibitors, cinemas, outdoor and drive-in movie theaters. The PESTLE comprises of the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors. Both PESTLE forces and the Porter’s forces affect the performance of the movie […]

US Energy Security

Introduction Energy is one of the most important factors of production in virtually every country. In addition, energy is increasingly becoming a political weapon at the global level because of its limited supply. Consequently, the US believes that it must improve its energy security in order to achieve its economic and political objectives. In this […]

German Automotive Industry

The German automotive industry is one of the oldest in the world with over a century of operation. The industry is renowned for the invention of the four-stroke engine (Germany Trade & Invest 2013). The earliest vehicle to be powered by gas was developed by Karl Benz. Thereafter, the copyrighting of the vehicle gave rise […]

Energy Generation Industry in India

Introduction The Ministry of Power is in charge of the power industry in India. The country has the fourth largest total energy consumption in the world; 1.052 terawatt-hours (TWh) (India Brand Equity Foundation 2015). Companies are divided into generation, transmission, and distribution segments of the industry. There are central, state, and private levels under the […]

Mattel Incorporation

Abstract Mattel Incorporation has been using different contractors in countries such as China, Malaysia, and Singapore. This essay highlights the issues associated with toy safety. The paper discusses the actions undertaken by Mattel after the incident. The essay also describes the best practices towards improving the safety of children’s toys. Mattel and Toy Safety In […]

New Look’s Resource Base and the Taiwanese Apparel Industry

New Look’s Resource Base Tangible and Intangible Resources A firm’s resources are the tangible and intangible assets and capabilities that give it a competitive advantage in its industry. According to the resource-based view, resources are sources of value and competitive advantage for a firm (Delaney 2013). Tangible resources include assets like workforce, capital equipment, and […]

Automotive Industry in the United States

Abstract The main purpose of operating any business entity is to generate profit. As a matter of fact, expanding the revenue base and maximizing profits are key concerns of any business enterprise located in a competitive business environment. This implies that business organizations should create competitive advantages by developing viable marketplace strategies. The latter is […]

British Clothing Industry

Introduction Organisations in all industries are interested in maintaining their levels of competitiveness for continued delivery of value to their owners (shareholders). Bertscherk and Kaiser (2004) maintain that any organisation that does not embrace new trends that minimise costs is prone to disappointment due to the associated reduced global competitiveness. One of the major changes […]

Postwar Petroleum Order

Post-1945, there emerged an international oil establishment named the postwar petroleum order. Before 1939, the output of petroleum in the Middle Eastern countries was not high and the region contributed only a marginal share to the world petroleum production. Before the postwar years, British Petroleum (BP) was the dominant player in the petroleum market however, […]

Shell in Russia

The energy demand has been on the increase in many countries around the world including Russia and other oil producing countries. The international market for oil and gas has different regulations and market dynamics (Grace 2005, p. 35). The oil and gas market has been affected to a large extent by the regulatory pressure. The […]

Subsidies to US Auto Industry

Over the last decade, the world has been facing economic crises. One major crisis was witnessed in 2008. In necessitated legislation of an act that would enable the government to help struggling industries survives the occasional economic depressions. In the same year, the congress passed into law a bill popularly known as the troubled asset […]

Operations Decisions for Krafts Foods Inc. and Manute Foods Company

Companies’ Background The two companies referred to in this study operate in the foods and beverages industry. In addition, the companies concentrate in the production of low calorie microwavable foods. Krafts Foods Inc. is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of beverages and packaged foods (, 2011). It has its headquarters in Northfield, Illinois, but […]

Energy Demand and Supply Modeling

Introduction Modeling the demand and supply of crude oil in international and regional markets has many benefits. The models provide policymakers with information to predict the fluctuations in supply and demand, and adopt policies to cushion the local economy from external shocks. Moreover, the models give vital information regarding consumer demand and the impact of […]

3D Printing in UK

This study focused on the introduction and aspects of 3D printing in the United Kingdom. The marketing strategies that needed to be implemented in the field of 3D printing were analyzed, and in addition the study focused on the various macro environments affecting the 3D industry. Moreover, this research related the background of Makism 3D […]

Quartz Watches Strategic Management

Introduction Emerging technologies have been vital in improving operations of firms in the currently competitive marketplace. However, watch manufacturers have found themselves facing a new threat that they had not anticipated. There has been a shift in tastes and preferences when mobile phones were introduced to the market. Mobile phones have become almost a necessity […]

Distribution Channels and Digital Marketing

Introduction The luxury segment of the fashion industry is one of the most profitable industries. Many companies are involved in the development of luxury items. The marketing strategies employed in each of the companies in the industry determine their success and competitiveness. Digital marketing is among the factors that affect the competitiveness and success of […]

Promotional report campaign for DMO

Introduction The report was about a tourism promotion campaign that involved the reopening of the Africa Lion Safari performed by the Greater Western Sydney (GWS) tourism in Warragamba, Sydney in Australia achieved between 2008 and 2012. The GWS consisted of 14 local government areas (LGA) that comprised of Auburn council, Wallondilly Share, Camden Council, City […]

Classic Airlines Company Analysis

Describing the Situation An examination of the case study shows that Classic airlines has experienced a considerable decline since January 2005 wherein it has experienced a decrease in not only the amount of passengers that have subscribed to its “Classics Rewards Program” but also in the number of repeat passengers that are already part of […]

Soft Drinks Industry

Overview The market for soft drinks in the country is competitive and is mainly made up of two manufacturing systems, one being the flavoring and concentrate companies while the other is the soft drink manufacturing companies. The industry is majorly dependent on the syrup produce, with analysts observing that it is the driver of several […]

What Impact Has Fishing Quota Regulation Has the Fishing Industry of South Africa

Executive Summary The purpose of this dissertation is to assess the impact of fishing quota regulation on the fishing industry of South Africa and this study focus on the Irvin & Johnson case to observe the current position of fisheries. The first chapter concentrates on the historical background of fishing quota regulation, importance of quota […]

Liquefied Natural Gas Role in Catering the Energy Demands

Abstract As we enter into 21st century, the availability of traditional energy sources like fossil fuels is elongated to the maximum supply factor and inter-associated subjects of ever escalating demand and limited supply have resulted in exerting pressure for increased voice over “ energy security “ as both consumers and producers fight back to control […]

Fast Food Industry in the US

According to studies conducted in the last 30 years, America continues to lead other countries in the consumption of fast food. Indeed, it is no secret that the country has the largest industry in the world offering fast food to people in over 120 countries (Burstein 34). In the U.S., it is estimated that an […]

New Food Product Development

Introduction New product development is pivotal to bring added value in the market. In most cases the new product entering the market would shake up similar existing products in terms of price and quality. Development of new product takes into account several factors that must align together to enable effective implementation of the entire process. […]

Business and economics: The organic food sector

Trends in the sector The organic food sector has grown tremendously in the last two decades. This is attributable to various factors such as the changing dietary habits among the masses. The change has resulted in an increased demand for organic food. Studies have linked several cancerous ailments to the consumption of genetically modified food […]

Oil in the Middle East

The chapter The Political Economy of Middle Eastern Oil written by Mary Ann Tetreault is focused on the issue concerning the transportation, development, improvement of the oil industry and controversial nature of the Middle East conflicts over the oil and natural gas sources. The author of the chapter claims that the hydrocarbons can be considered […]

Economic implications of oil import reduction during the Special period

Introduction The Special Period went down in history as one of the most difficult economic phases ever experienced by Cubans. Problems started in1989 and continued until the end of the 90s. Most of Cuba’s woes began when the USSR collapsed; this had immediate implications for its oil import, as well as its economy (Erikson 216). […]

The Auto Industry

The twentieth century was the period in US history when Americans discovered their passion for cars. In the words of a historian, “The development of the motor vehicle revolutionized American systems of production and patterns of consumption … in 2000 the nation had more motor vehicles than licensed drivers” (Rubenstein, 2001, p.1). It was Henry […]

Abaya Fashion: Six Major Forces in the Broad Environment

When entering the abaya fashion business in Saudi Arabia, the following external forces need to be taken into account Demographic Currently, the population of Saudi Arabia equals 27,752,316 people with the growth rate of 1.5%; the number of female citizens above the age of 15 years amounts to 8,985,547 (“Saudi Arabia” par. 3). Given the […]

Global Pharmaceutical Industry

Introduction The global spending on drugs has increased over the years and in the year 2006 it reached an all-time high of over $ 643 billion (Schoonveld 8). These revenues are mostly concentrated in the US, Europe and Japan with the US accounting for almost half of the pharmaceutical revenues in the world. However, emerging […]

How Saudi Aramco Communicate Its Image Nationally and Internationally

Introduction In the modern business environment, marketing is viewed as a way of doing business rather than a function of business and touches on every aspect of life. Due to the emergence of a hypercompetitive economic environment, marketing in contemporary business is often characterized by increased dynamism, which requires organizations to adjust their marketing strategies […]

The rise, fall and rise again of OPEC

Introduction The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries was founded in September 1960 by five major oil exporters namely Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Venezuela. Its initial objectives was to cordinate petroleum policies among the member countries and to formulate measures to stabilise prices. In addition, the cartel sought to ensure consistent supply to […]

The footwear industry

Globalization, international trade and good international relations have enabled companies to target international markets. International trade has greatly favored the world footwear industry; players can enlarge their market base to countries other than their country of incorporation. The industry is composed of both new and second-hand footwear. The industry can further be divided into women […]

How Companies Can Successfully Enter The French Fashion Industry

Introduction Background to the study Over the past few decades, firms in different economic sectors have experienced an increment in the intensity of competition. One of the reasons for the increment in competition is the high rate of globalization. As a result of globalization, management teams of large and small enterprises are considering implementing strategies […]

Applied Channel Systems

Audi is one of the leading car dealers in German that has specialized in the trade of Mercedes and BMW car models. This has led to the development of a strong mutual relationship between the manufacturer and the dealer despite the fact that the manufacturer is slightly more powerful than the dealer. However, the dealer […]

Capacity Development in Practice. Organizational Development Model and Plan

Problem identification Development of models that helps solve important issues depends on a company’s desires to tackle its problems in a scientific approach. This will need sound mechanical orientations to attempt and unravel such mysteries, once identified institution of appropriate measures becomes long overdue, In this context the company does adventure to provide basic military, […]

Beer in US

Introduction The following essay analyses the beer industry in the United States. It looks into the beer industry and developing growth mechanisms in the light of globalization, integrated technology and strict industry regulations. The analysis examines the political environmental, social, technological, economical and legal factors that affect the beer industry in the United States. The […]

Beer in USA

Introduction The following essay is analyses the beer industry in the United States. It looks into the beer industry and what can be done to ensure that the beer it develops an appropriate growth mechanism in the light of globalization, integrated technology and strict industry regulations. The analysis looks into the political environmental, social, technological, […]

Paper Making Industry

Introduction Today, there is massive competition in the corporate world. Companies continually seek ways to stay in business and to outdo their rivals. Consequently, many institutions have embraced advertising to stay in business. There are many ways to advertise especially by use of media. In this century, use of internet and audio-visual media is gaining […]

Food and Beverage Development

Introduction The conversion of raw materials for food and other substances is all entailed in the process of Food production. Food Production necessitates gathering the harvests and meat products from the farms and processing them to produce marketable food products. Due to the increase in population the rate of the food consumed has risen. Due […]

British Petroleum

Introduction BP is an organization involved in oil and gas industry globally, its headquarters are in London, Britain. BP is one of the largest global companies and is involved in activities such as exploration, refining of crude oil, distributing, generating power and production of renewable energy among other roles. The company operates in over 80 […]

Economic Indicators: Automotive industry

Description of the economic indicator Employment pattern in the automotive industry of Indiana is an economic indicator that provides details about the distribution of workers county by county. In the Indiana automotive industry, employment is categorized into two: The employees working on vehicle parts and those working on complete vehicles. In 2008, the automotive industry […]

Competition in Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks & Vitamin Enhanced Beverages – Alternative Beverage Industry

Background material The soft drink industry has been dominated by some major companies like the Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo. Prior to the 21st century, these companies concentrated in the processing of carbonated drinks. The drinks had an exceptionally high demand and companies that processed such drinks flourished by making enormous sales. However, as consumers have […]

Carlton Dry. The Product Profile

Carlton dry is featured like no other beer in Australia. It is an Australian fosters beer that has been promoted through several campaigns in Australia, as a stand out dry beer. In its campaigns, it is featured repelling all forms of water such as from a bowl, a tap, and even from water pistol. The […]

The Effects of Oil in the Development of the UAE: Digging for the Gold Mine

Nowadays one of the most successful companies in the entire world, the United Arab Emirates has faced a number of complexities on its way to the realm of prosperity and wealth. Tracking its peculiar development and understanding the social, economical and financial challenges that the country had to encounter, as well as the specific tactics […]

Sustainable Initiatives in Energy Industry

Energy Background Any industrial and technological progress depends on energy that is readily available. The industrial and technological progress experienced in developed countries was made through exploitation of fossil fuels found under the earth surface (Ayres, 2002). These fuels were often imported from countries which did not have the required technology for effective utilization, therefore, […]

Latin Restaurant operations plan

Operating Strategy The business itself will operate under the concept of a fine dining establishment with live entertainment 4 days a week. Aside from being a restaurant the business will also operate as a catering and merchandising establishment wherein customers can either buy in-store made products such as cakes, snacks and sauces as well as […]

Strategic Plan for the Indiana Automotive Industry

Introduction The U.S. boasts of some of the largest automotive industries in the world. There are many factors that support the consumption of products from the automotive industry. One of these factors is the large population in the country (Cooney & Yacobucci, 2006). The state of Indiana can be regarded as the leading in assembling […]

Cognitive Ergonomics

Introduction Cognitive ergonomics is focused on modifying processes to suit the human capability (Budnick 2001, p. 1). Ergonomics in its entirety is focused on redesigning processes to suit human meaning. This can be done through modifying equipments, tools, environments and such like elements to increase efficiency or production (Budnick 2001, p. 1). For example, a […]


Introduction In the business world, there are many ways of getting into business. These entry areas vary depending on the type of the business. The interest of the businessperson is also a major factor. As such, many people wishing to get into business seek one of the many avenues that are open to them. This […]

North American Textile Industry analysis

Northern America has a well-developed cotton industry; the industry emergence and growth can be traced from early days of slave trade where slaves were used as forced labourers. Mass production of cotton started in the 17th century. NAICS 31522 (Men’s and Boys’ Cut and Sew Clothing Manufacturing), is classification code of establishments and outlets made […]

Branding British Tomatoes: Responding To New Foreign Competition Threats

Background British growers are facing competition from foreign exports and this has prompted them to put up an intense fight. Whereas the trend towards the domestic sustainability has indeed assisted the British farmers to secure some sales, in the future market, this only may not be sufficient enough. John Giles said this while addressing the […]

Foreign Market Entry and Diversification

Introduction Foreign market entry refers to the process through which companies join overseas markets in order to expand their operations. Businesses expand in order to increase their market share and competitiveness in the market. Diversification refers to the process through which companies invest in different industries in order to improve their growth and stability. This […]

Nutrition information vs. consumer behavior

Introduction Various researches that have been carried out have shown that the presence of nutritional information has direct influence on food consumption choice. For instance the public awareness campaigns about nutritional disease have greatly impacted the consumer behavior. These campaigns are meant to enable the consumers to make the best choice of food and avoid […]

Minimum Price for Alcohol

Why it can Prevent Excessive Consumption The government’s intention to set the minimum price for alcohol products is based on the concept of price floors. Under this concept, the minimum selling price is set above the equilibrium prices (Frank, Bernanke & Kaufman 2007, p. 71). For example, equilibrium price for Grant’s whisky was 11 pounds […]

Energy Entrepreneurship: Southern company

Introduction The southern company is one of the largest producers of electricity in the United States and it is located in Atlanta. Having commenced its operations in 1949, the company supplies energy to a wide range of consumers in the US from its wide network of plants across the nation and involves both the competitive […]

“The end of fashion: How marketing changed the clothing business forever” by Teri Agins

The history of fashion dates to the 17th century. French designers described fashion using beauty models. By the 19th century, few designers lead the fashion world. Quality and expensive garments were displayed by high income earners. The latest designs were exposed at civic events and weddings. The elites controlled the operations of fashion designers. By […]

Expansion of Large Food Retailer into Emerging Markets

Why Expand Into Emerging Markets Emerging Economies have the Numbers The United state, European countries like UK, Germany and France and Canada have already reached the saturation point in terms of the retail domestic market for food products whereas the emerging economies’ food market remains relatively untapped. Over the past 15 years, many large food […]

Potato Chips Industry

Introduction The question of which market structure accrues most benefits for all stakeholders can be attributed to a number of factors. There are four major market structures, but for the purpose of this assignment, focus is on monopolistically competitive and monopoly markets structures. “Wonks” is a conglomerate of many potato chips companies, which initially operated […]

The Problems in Car Industry in the Developed Countries

The car industry has proven to be an important segment of the economies in the developed and the emerging countries. The different countries involved in car making offer different models which compete in the international markets. In the modern day, manufacturing cars is considered an important milestone in the process of development. However, due to […]

Setting an Agenda for Social Justice

Introduction Written by Mark Brundrett and Rachel Anderson de Cuevas in the journal of Management in Education, and published in 2007, this article is titled Setting an Agenda for Social Justice through Leadership Development. According to Wilkinson (2007), Brundrett is a professor of Educational Research in the Faculty of Education, Community, and Leisure and the […]

“Proposed Tax on Sugary Beverages Debated” by William Neuman

In a recent, interesting article penned by William Neuman (published on September 16, 2009), reporting on the recent debates among a variety of interested parties concerning ‘Proposed Tax on Sugary Beverages’, he in turn expresses an equally varied range of views regarding – as the title of this article suggests – this new and controversial […]

The Fortune Cookie Car Parts International Business

Target Market Being the Fortune Cookie Car Parts, our aim is to manufacture automotive parts that we shall export to industries in other countries that assemble parts to complete automotives. With the globalization of trade, we can be able to export our products to the other nations without incurring many costs. Our main objective is […]

Vietnam’s Petroleum Industry

Oil is one of the most valuable resources. This is because it is the principle source of energy. Therefore, effective management of revenues from oil may lead to economic prosperity of a country. United Arab Emirates is one of the countries that provide evidence of how good management of revenues from oil may lead to […]

Sportswear Merchandise in UK

Introduction Businesses operate in industries characterised by unique attributes, which emanate from interaction between internal and external forces. These forces interact in both predictable and unpredictable ways. Silber and Kearny (2010, p.110) argue that the ‘interactions are both complex and uncontrollable’. Action oriented business executives have an obligation to understand the industry in which their […]

Case: AES in Nigeria

Introduction Before the establishment of AES in Nigeria, the country experienced enormous challenges concerning the distribution of power supply. The National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) was the major stakeholder in Nigeria power industry. On the other hand, due to monopoly granted by the government, the body was not able to utilize its potential factors in […]

Agricultural, Economics and Environmental Considerations of Bio-fuels

Introductory Background Dufey (2006, 3) provides the definition of bio-fuels as the liquid fuels made from biomass intended for transport or combustion. From a broader perspective, Robertson et al. (2012, 1) views that all bio-fuels originate from plant materials. The main sources of bio-fuels are products from agriculture as well as forests. In addition, matter […]

The Problems in Food Ethics in Modern World

We are not able to control what we eat. This is because we are not involved in the production, transportation, processing and marketing of the food we eat. Some people say we choose what we eat, but there are many factors that should be considered before drawing such conclusions. There are some factors such as […]

Industry and risk analysis

Discuss the future outlook and industry trends related to the new venture The new the venture is a healthy snacks business that target mostly, commuters in the transport industry and also households within the country. In Kenya through improved infrastructure transport industry has been growing steadily. This has been evident in major towns and cities […]

The Contribution of Biofuels in the Food Crisis in 2011

Food crisis refers to the shortage of food that occurs as a result of poor climatic conditions, environmental factors and poor distribution of food in different regions leading to famine. Previous food crises have threatened the livelihoods of many people across the world. Some of the common effects associated with food crises include things such […]