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Industry Essay Examples and Topics

Mobile Phone Industry’s Future

As a mobile marketing manager, an individual will be in charge of mobile consumer acquisition promotions, collaborate with the major parties in the industry to supervise the regular promotion on mobile, and have authority over [...]

Rare and Valuable Industries

The industry deals with the analysis of historical archives, locating the places of shipwrecks, also analyzing the possibility of revealing valuable artifacts onboard the drowned ship. The industry deals with exhibiting items and collections of [...]

Korean Electronics Industry in Its Formative Years

The key strengths of the Korean electronics industry during the formative years include: creating highly favorable business environment that was aimed to attract international partners from developed countries, who were willing to invest into a [...]

Business Model Challenges in Energy Industry

According to Al-Debei and Avison, a business model refers to the abstract representation of a company developed by organizational management to dictate the present and future operations and address the needs, goals, and objectives of [...]

The UAE IT Market Project

The goal of the project is to locate new opportunities in the UAE economic environment and take a specific niche in the identified market by providing tradesmen and employers with an opportunity to communicate in [...]

Cosmetics Market in the US

At the moment, the cosmetics market in the U. The high level of rivalry peculiar to the beauty and personal care market demands an improved understanding of the competitive landscape.

Solar Energy Industry in the UAE

The UAE International Investors Council insists that the sustainable use of the available financial resources, particularly, FDI, should be viewed as the foundation for enhancing the development of the state industries, especially as far as [...]

Hotels and Sports Industry’s SWOT Analysis and 4Ps

According to Altinbasak-Farina, Ayaz-Arda, and Bicer, the preference and needs of the buying market population shape the business marketing strategies and product design through the adoption of new technologies and innovation to cut competition and [...]

UAE vs. Saudi and Qatari Insurance Market

The UAE is one of the dominant states in GCC, and its insurance conditions remain to be the most successful. The peculiar feature of insurance brokers in the GCC is their decision to capitalize on [...]

Trends of Soft Drink Industry

To fully comprehend the soft drink industry, STEEP analysis is used in this paper to evaluate the key elements including Social factors, Technological factors, Economic factors, Ecological factors, and lastly, political factors. In general, the [...]

Procurement Trends in the Aviation Industry

Elements of performance-based contracting that have changed the procurement trends in the aviation industry include the need to achieve maximum levels of quality during delivery, and the provision that remuneration applies only to goods and [...]

Pet Food Industry in the United States

This paper will focus on the pet food industry, microeconomics and government in the pet food industry. Pet food industry has grown to be a large business empire in the United States and in the [...]

Arabic Perfumes and the Global Fragrance Market

Within the context of an international fragrance company that has chosen to enter the Middle Eastern market, the microenvironment is associated with years of experience in the perfume market, the number of departments, and the [...]

Smoking Ban and UK’s Beer Industry

However, there is an intricate type of relationship between the UK beer sector, the smoking ban, and the authorities that one can only understand by going through the study in detail The history of smoking [...]

Oil Refinery Industry Risk Assessment

Resting on these facts, it is possible to choose a certain industry and use the risk management approach in order to obtain the idea about the main peculiarities of its functioning and the ways in [...]

Online Shopping Service

Online shopping is the method of selling goods and services that allows individuals to sell goods directly over the internet. This mode of operation is better than the use of door-to-door sales people who can [...]

Oligopoly of the Airline Industry

Under current conditions it is possible to talk about special kind of a market structure which is characterized by dominancy of a small number of leading companies. The airline industry is characterized by presence of [...]

UAE Defense Force and Air Travel Economics

Although the plan of leasing aircrafts to the military is based on the idea of lowering the UAE air force budget, companies that operate the plane leasing business must standardize the design of the planes [...]

UK Energy Industry Analysis

This report evaluates the market structure of the UK energy sector, the reasons for the current structure, and the possible future structure. The report further assesses the impact of the industry structure on strategy decisions [...]

The Electricity Industry in Australia

The government and opposition parties are debating in parliament about the proposed constitution and the support for the segment as part of the overall electricity industry. The report also looks at the contribution of the [...]

The Saudi Arabian Petrochemicals Industry Analysis

Around 7 percent of the basic global petrochemical products in the world originate from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition to petrochemical products, Saudi Arabia also ranks among the leading exporters of fertilizers in [...]