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  1. Mergers & Acquisitions in the Telecommunication Industry
    There is a high probability of the two firms involved in a merger and acquisition failing to attain the desired synergy.
  2. Monopolies Proposed Mergers
    According to allocative efficiency theory, for a perfect competition to occur, there must be optimal distribution of goods and services, the consumers have a wide variety of choice to level that price equals the Marginal […]
  3. Cadbury and Kraft Merger
    It is this approach that is used by the management of Kraft and Cadbury to evaluate how the organization performed strategically. A table representing some of the BSC parameters that are used by Cadbury and […]
  4. Mergers and Acquisitions in the United States
    This means that the company that was bought existed under new ownership and as a result its identity was changed to resemble that of the bank of America corp.
  5. The Impact of Mergers on Consumers, Industry, and the Society
    The main difference between the two is that in the merger the company retains a shared interest in the corporation formed after merging.
  6. Sony Ericsson Merger: Joint Venture and Acquisitions
    The merger had great impact in the market and the coming together of the companies changed the market share in the mobile market.
  7. Merger Between Citicorp and Travelers Group
    One reasons, as to why the Citicorp and travelers merger was considered important in the financial industry of the United States was because this merger would create “a financial supermarket hence increasing the economies of […]
  8. Impacts of Different Corporate Culture in the Merger of EBMC and SR
    This study attempts to extrapolate and foresee the difficulties resulting from the merger of the two hospitals and suggests possible tactical solutions.
  9. The Mergers of Companies
    The tool used in these mergers was called trusts A number of factors pushed the firms into The Greater Merger Movement, for instance short-run factors like the need to keep the prices high and the […]
  10. Merger, Acquisition, and International Strategies
    It is necessary to add that the strategy has proved to be effective as the company is now one of the leaders of the market.
  11. The external environments effected in the planned merger between the American Airlines & US Airways
    The deregulation of the industry in the later years of the 20th century has been behind the increase in the number of airline companies in the United States.
  12. Merck & Co Acquisition of Medco
    By using share values for the merged companies before and after the mergers, the researchers report that most of such mergers result in increased share value, implying that the wealth of the shareholder and the […]
  13. OFT accepts distribution business sale in heating oils’ merger
    Considering the features of the oil market in the world and especially in the United Kingdom, it should be mentioned that the competition in the market is increasing.
  14. Impacts of Mergers of Large Firms within Oligopolies
    In the past, there has been assertion that the organization of the oil producing and exporting countries is a cartel whose main aim is to control oil production in the world and thus dictating the […]
  15. American Airline Merger with U.S Airways
    This essay seeks to examine the merger between American Airlines and US Airways with the aim of analyzing the circumstances surrounding the merger and suggesting marketing strategies that could propel the resultant carrier to achieve […]
  16. Corporate merger between Volkswagen and Porsche
    A brief description of the firms Volkswagen and Porsche and the automobile industry The automotive industry is feeling the pinch of the global economic recession.
  17. Structural Issues That Stem From the Merger of Two Organisations
    This structure will be appropriate for a firm that needs to establish a firm footing in the music and books industry.
  18. Wachovia-Wells Fargo Merger: Organizational Communication
    This paper gives an in depth discussion of the role of organizational communication in change management for Wachovia/Wells Fargo Merger with much emphasis being given to the organizational aspects that are influenced by communication.
  19. Wachovia-Wells Fargo Merger
    Wells Fargo’s main goal following the merger, according to Phil Smith, is “to expand the investment banking arm so that its footprint is comparable to the commercial business, which is one of the top two […]
  20. Recommendations for Organisational Goals for Mergers
    Businesses are entered into to accomplish the merged company’s goals and objectives, not to compete with the goals and objectives of the other entities joining the merger.
  21. Time Warner Competitive Position Before the Merger
    The company predicted that there would be synergy due to the combination of the two companies where it would be able to use the AOL’s clients, internet, and the online band to boost its contents […]
  22. Role of Mergers and Acquisitions in Achieving a Corporate Strategy – InBev
    As a result, it should be noted that it was a good corporate strategy for the CEO of InBev to invest in the acquisition of Anheuser-Busch Company at the time.
  23. Mergers and Acquisitions Effect on Organizational Performance
    The main principal underlying the concepts of these transactions is that the companies involved are always out to increase their shareholder bases, to get to a maximum beyond the sum of the current share holders […]
  24. Global Mega-Mergers and Failure Risk Reduction
    The problem with mega-mergers is that due to the big size of the two companies being merged, administrative challenges may arise during the process of working out the organizational issues such as culture and the […]
  25. Mergers, Acquisition, and International Strategies in McDonald and Carl’s Jr. Corporations
    Thus, the acquisition of Boston Market by McDonald’s Corporation expanded the market presence of the latter in Australia and Canada. The major challenge to its expansion is the competition from McDonald’s Corporation, which has the […]
  26. The Alcatel – Lucent Merger
    During the renewed merger in 2006, various issues were negotiated that were missing in the collapsed deal of 2001. The two companies failed to agree on the strength of Alcatel in the merger.
  27. HR Case Study on the Merger between Daimler-Benz and Chrysler
    The merger also offered a chance to further the strength of the companies in terms of developing new products and services which were very vital for an increase in profit margins.
  28. Daimler-Chrysler Merger: Leadership Issue
    They failed to motivate employees in one organization while the culture clash resulted in the decline of one of the organizations.
  29. BP in Russia: Mergers and Acquisitions Considerations
    Development of a merger plan- To increase the rate of success in mergers and acquisition, it is important for the firms involved to develop a comprehensive merger plan.
  30. Mergers, Acquisition And International Strategies
    This approach has shown sensitivity to the needs of consumers, leading to the phenomenal growth of the company since its inception in 1962, and forcing the company to spread to foreign markers.
  31. Merger of the US Airways and American Airlines
    In addition, the critics of the merger argue that the amalgamation would hinder the prevention of the America Airlines Group Inc.’s anticompetitive consequences. On the contrary, the proponents of the merger argued that the amalgamation […]
  32. The Factors Affecting Mergers and Acquisitions
    In the process of implementing M&A, managers assess the key cultural differences that exist in the merging/aquiring firm. From the analysis, it is evident that there are a number of factors which motivates firms to […]
  33. Air France-KLM Merger and Firm Rivalry
    Increase in competition of Europe airlines and the harsh financial position of the KLM airline led to this merger. Due to the acquired position of dominance in the industry and bargaining power during the merger, […]
  34. Ethnicity and Self-Representation in Social Media: When Cultures Merge
    Analyzing the ways in which and the means with the help of which people manifest their ethnicities in the social media, one can comment on the tendencies in the intercultural communication and the changes which […]
  35. The Merger of Comcast and NBCU
    The type of merger formed between Comcast and NBCU Based on the market definition, it is apparent that the NBC Universal and Comcast merger combined the transactions of these two business entities.
  36. Southwest Airlines-Airtran Merger
    However, considering Southwest Airlines acquired all the shares of Airtran and a complete re-branding of Airtran is part of the agreement, it is fair to conclude that the transaction was an acquisition.
  37. Microsoft Merger Considerations
    The initial aim of any business is to concentrate on a business growth and expansion strategy in order to maximize business profits.
  38. Bank Mergers and Cost of Capital
    Knowledge pertaining to the firm’s culture and systems is essential in determining whether structures of the acquired firm would match that of the acquiring firm.
  39. Utah Symphony and Utah Opera: A Merger
    Bill Bailey might use the needs theory of motivation to support the merger by denoting the financial strength that the merger will have, recognizing the financial stability of opera and the flexibility that the business […]
  40. AT&T & BellSouth: Expansion and Merger
    The basic factors to determine who is to join and not to join the market are determined by the few players with an intention to avoid fair competition or allow natural price setting in the […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Merger

  1. Merger: Managing the Transition
    Change in an organization proves to be necessary due to the technology advances and it may be of use to the organization; however, change is not always welcomed with open arms especially by employees, as […]
  2. Merger of Western Hospital and Academic Hospital
    In the case of Western Hospital and Academic Hospital, the laboratory services had their costs as; direct incremental costs in the form of labour and supplies costs, the cost was charged at Academic Hospital and […]
  3. Negotiations: Addressing the Merger Issue
    Key to the process of conflict resolution is the use of negotiation tactics and strategies. A goal is defined as a known or presumed commercial or personal interest of all or some of the parties […]
  4. Implications of the Austar-Foxtel Merger
    Over the years, the company has been making milestones in the industry that includes, among others, the delivery of up to 20 channels over Telstra’s Hybrid Fibre Coaxial network, the acquisition of Galaxy satellite television […]
  5. Acquisitions & Mergers Pros and Cons
    The involved companies in this case are regarded to be of the same size. Acquisition also leads to increased financial leverage- the power gained by a company when more financial assets are acquired of the […]
  6. Merger Negotiations between Boeing and Airbus Company
    The committee members and negotiators should ensure that the negotiation process yields the required results through identification and addressing the fundamental goals on the onset of the process in order to highlight the key issues […]
  7. Strategic Analysis of Merger: Skype and Microsoft
    Increasing the users of Skype to one billion daily was one of the strategic rationales of Microsoft when it acquired Skype.
  8. Merger Between Daimler-Benz and Chrysler
    Prior to the merger, the management of companies should pay close attention to the competitive positions of each other and the trends that emerged in a certain market.
  9. The American Airlines and US Airways Merger
    However, the practice has presented opportunities and benefits to both the firms and the airline industry. Consumers of the two airlines are expected to be part of the larger clients’ base in the new firm.
  10. H. J Heinz Company and Kraft Foods Merger
    Effective application of the SHRM will enable the firm to cope with some of the major causes of failure, which include culture shock and the employees’ resistance.
  11. Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions in the Pharmaceutical Industry
    In reference to most mergers and acquisition in pharmaceutical industries in the United States of America, Kang &Johansson observes that possession of recognized product in some pharmaceutical markets, well renowned market system and the market […]
  12. Merger Between Utah Opera and Utah Symphony
    Recommended steps prior to the Merger Before going into the merger, the two leaders should have a talk on their experiences and undergo some workshop experience in which one reveals to the other the secret […]
  13. Case Analysis Report: Management Issues in Mergers
    The success of this strategy for the case of the merger between Conavi, Bancolumbia, and Corfinsara was realised through communication to shareholders about its value in enhancing the success of the company.
  14. Mergers and Acquisitions of Chrysler, an American entity and Daimler-Benz
    However, the merger failed to meet the expectation of the managers and owners. This period should come prior to the signing of a comprehensive merger and acquisition deal.
  15. Merger of Air France and KLM
    The merger of Air France and KLM would lead to significant changes in the market. The merger of Air France and KLM would lead to significant changes in the European airline industry.
  16. Merger, Acquisition, and International Strategies of McDonalds
    McDonalds took a step of changing the value of its products and modifying their features rather than increasing the number of restaurants globally. This strategy requires a creative method in order to control the manufacturing […]
  17. Mergers, Acquisitions, and Downsizing
    This paper will highlight the differences between mergers, acquisitions, and downsizing and extrapolate the circumstances that can lead a company to adopt any of the three measures. The merging of companies in a horizontal arrangement […]
  18. Project Team Involvement in a Merger
    In this case, the report discusses the use of project team in a merger between Hewlett-Packard and Compaq companies in the computer industry. The integration of both management and cultures was used as the strategy […]
  19. China National Building Material Company’s and ABC Supply’ Merger
    However, the success of the merger will be determined by the extent to which the management teams analyze and understand the United States and China’s cultures and values.
  20. Mergers and Acquisitions of Industry Sectors
    The identity of the acquiring firm remains while that of the organization being acquired is lost. The first major shortcoming occurs in the existence of conflicting resources and organizational cultures and practices between the two […]
  21. Vertical Integration, Acquisition or Merger
    Vertical integration involves the amalgamation of the production chain to accommodate the different products that the company deals in line with the market-specific demands.
  22. McDonald’s Company Acquisitions and Mergers
    After evaluating the approaches that were exploited by McDonald’s Corporation to obtain Boston Market, its influence on the company, and its worldwide business-level and corporate-level stratagems, one is presented with an opportunity for better comprehension […]
  23. Mergers and Acquisitions: Delta Air Lines and Great Lakes Airlines
    It is possible to say that this company has long tried to increase its share in different markets and become the leading airline company in the United States and in the world.
  24. American and British Universities of Al Ain Merger
    The merging of the two universities can occur through the determination of the leaders who realise the possible advantages of a merger.
  25. Mergers & Acquisitions. Synergy Valuation Models
    Nonetheless, it is important to take them into account due to the essentiality of the maintenance of the efficiency of the business processes and the lack of knowledge of the synergies applications in the context […]
  26. Caracal Light Ammunition’s Merger and Acquisition
    This will decrease the costs of logistics and will ensure that the organization will provide its products to the customers promptly.
  27. Mergers and Acquisitions Implementation Plan
    Wang and Moini note that researchers reported different data on divestment, but it is clear that from one-third to a half of the companies were divested after M&A.
  28. Burger King and Tim Hortons Corporations Merger
    First the retail sales at the restaurants of the chain, and second the franchise incomes earned due to the reputation of the Burger King brand, these revenues are based on the royalties occurring from the […]
  29. Southern Bank and Northern Bank’s Operations: Merger Plan
    It will lead to the replacement of Southern Bank human resource management practices with Northern Bank practices. The Southern Bank IT system will be replaced with Northern Bank’s.
  30. US Companies’ Mergers and Acquisitions
    According to Dorata, the positive and negative impacts of mergers and acquisitions largely depend on the performance of the firms that engage in the consolidation process.
  31. BRL Hardy Company’s Post-Merger Success
    A number of issues are associated with the success of the company after the merger. The combination of the two organizational structures was one of the factors behind the success of the new company.
  32. Automotive Industry: Mergers and Acquisition
    This paper seeks to analyze mergers in the automotive industries with special attention to the factors that led to the mergers and the economic benefits that resulted from them.
  33. Mergers and Acquisitions Laws in the UAE
    The main laws that regulate the formation of M&A are the Competition Law of 2012 and the Commercial Companies Law of 1984, which was amended in 1988.
  34. Business Mergers: Significance and Impacts
    This has included mergers and acquisition of businesses as opposed to starting new ventures The purpose of the study will be to investigate the significance and impact of the merger between two firms that are […]
  35. Detroit Free Press and Detroit Daily News’ Merger
    The forecasts for the merged firms’ profits are the use of financial resources to implement the latest technologies, develop a new structure of papers, and provide new creative ideas.
  36. Al Bawadi Islamic Bank and Al Shurooq Bank Merge
    Customers of the two banks and the employees will be brought to the new entity hence they should feel some sense of belonging in the new name that is developed.
  37. Mergers: Cisco Systems Incorporation and Bay Networks
    The findings from the study were interpreted to ensure that entrepreneurs understand the importance of addressing cultural differences in the process of forming mergers and acquisitions.
  38. Barclays and Lehman Brothers Merger’s Issues
    The other challenge is that the workers of the American Lehman were not quick to adapt to the quick changes that were being made in the organization.
  39. MRA Associates Inc. and Xecodynamics Merger
    The constraints have been limiting the scope of the company in terms of service provision since the available resources have not been able to ensure the holistic satisfaction of its customer needs.
  40. Mergers: Financial Drivers and Performance Factors
    Defining financial drivers triggering the merger, assessing financial performance during the post-merger stage, and underlining the significance of various factors affecting the financial planning process are the critical goals of this essay.

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  1. Mergers and Acquisitions’ Effect on Shareholders
    For example, there have been cases of mergers and acquisition in the European market that has characterized lack of activity across the borders of Europe and domestically following the effect of the recession experienced between […]
  2. Synergon Capital and Beauchamp Companies Merger
    However, after the acquisition of Beauchamp, a British financial-services company, the situation is challenging. In case there is a shortage of time, I would choose to concentrate on the recent information about the company and […]
  3. Tesla Motors’ and Volvo Cars’ Companies Merger
    It dwells on the history of the success of the company, explains the challenges that Tesla faces both internally and externally, and describes the role of organisational culture and leadership in its success.
  4. US Healthcare Institutions Merger and Nursing
    The contribution of the project to the nursing profession is in accentuating the necessity of developing preceptorship programs in healthcare organizations in order to guarantee the continuous education of nurses and the improvement of their […]
  5. “The Q-Theory of Mergers” by Jovanovic & Rousseau
    In their article, the authors argue that the Q-theory can be linked to the purchasing/merging motives of the firms. The author’s theory describes 4 decades of mergers from the prospect of merger waves but does […]
  6. Holiday Seekers and Small World Agencies Merger
    The remaining administrators will have to adapt to the new conditions, learn the peculiarities of the new business, and provide guidance for the employees of the new company.
  7. Sprint and Soft Bank Merger and Its Future
    The company wants to roll out the LTE services in Japan and the acquisition of the Sprint Corporation is a good starting point.
  8. Caracal Light Ammunition’s Merger Preparation
    In this case, the acquisition’s primary goal is to enhance the flow of the processes within the organization, as the ownership of Expert Future Cargo will assist in the reduction of costs and improvement of […]
  9. Meetings in Mergers and Acquisitions
    It is for this reason that meetings between both teams become a crucial element in the process because what eventually matters is what is in the hearts and minds of the people and the culture […]
  10. General Motors and Elio Motors: M&A Strategies
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze two companies selected from one industry and evaluate their merger and acquisition strategy, the impact of five forces of competition, and corporate governance mechanisms based on the […]
  11. The Influence of HR on Mergers and Acquisitions
    One of the reasons I agree with the premise is the fact that it is the responsibility of HR to scout for potential companies to take over or to merge.
  12. Travel Group Companies Merger: Main Aspects and Analysis
    When it comes to the organizational structure of the company that is discussed in the case, it is extremely important to analyze it with reference to the key concepts studied within the framework of systems […]
  13. Sprint & T-Mobile Merger, Leadership and Decision-Making
    The questions and their responses are highlighted below: In the case of Masayoshi, it is important to take into consideration the quality of the decision made. The involvement of the team in the decision-making process […]
  14. Agthia Group’s Changes After Merger
    Consequently, the primary goal of the paper is to conduct the analysis of modifications in the organizational chart before and after the acquisition, describe the departments in charge of the takeover, and introduce the reporting […]
  15. Pre- and Post-Acquisition Concerns
    Apart from the need to develop the Acquisition Committee, give more power to the HR department, and monitor progress, it is vital to inform the employees, conduct a SWOT analysis of business cultures, and utilize […]
  16. Competition & Consumer Behavior: Reebok-Adidas Merger
    It is evident from the case that the current situation of Rebook and Adidas has progressed especially in the face of the rising competition from rivals.
  17. Mergers and Sustainability in Indian Aviation Industry
    For instance, in the case of the Benz and Chrysler merger, both firms benefited from the expanded market in luxury vehicles and improved efficiency in the cost of production.
  18. Mergers and Acquisitions: Cultural Concerns
    Despite falling within the comedy genre, the film reinforces the general perception of the Japanese and Americans in the workplace. The merger made the German work culture dominant and resulted in a negative plunge in […]
  19. Eurocopter Company’s Merger and Financial Risks
    About the plans or our company related to the expected merger, the transaction is supposed to improve our social image due to the presence of products ranked among the safest.
  20. Information Technology in Mergers and Acquisitions
    Furthermore, the creation of the configuration management database and assert management tool may be helpful to renew the IT work as soon as possible after the merger and help track the elements put into the […]
  21. Kimberley-Clark and Scott Paper Companies’ Merger
    The decision made by Kimberley-Clark to merge with Scott Paper has introduced a major problem in the company because it is difficult to manage the two companies effectively.
  22. Utah Symphony and Orchestra Merger and Communication
    In the proposed merger between Utah Symphony and Utah Opera, Utah Orchestra’s director, Anne Ewers was appointed to oversee the merge of two companies.
  23. Wachovia and First Union Companies’ Merger and Outcomes
    The acquisition of the True Comp system and SOLD system of First Union served as a remedy for the low performance in the industry.
  24. United Airlines and US Airways Merger Problems
    In the case study, the Department of Justice failed to approve the merger between United Airlines and the US airways on grounds that it would reduce competition and affect service delivery.
  25. Merger & Acquisition: Critical Success Factors
    The importance of mergers and acquisitions in the corporate world stems from their variable advantages, which include increased economies of scale, expansion of the economy of scope, increased revenues, increased market share, development of synergy, […]
  26. Merger and Its Impact on Employee Compensation
    The head of the benefits team stated that it would take the firm more time to create a new benefits plan than merging the benefits plan of both the companies.
  27. Al Razi and Ibn Sina Hospitals’ Merger Advice
    The purpose of this report is to highlight the best practices that will facilitate the merger between Al Razi Hospital and Ibn Sina Hospital.
  28. Merger & Acquisition Effects in the European Union
    The main purpose of this chapter is therefore to explain the background of the study, the research aim, the research objectives, and the structure of the dissertation.
  29. Merger: Economic Justifications and Incentives
    It should be noted, however, that the synergistic benefits of a merger are not reliable, and they may instead lead to significant losses for the new joint entity.
  30. Managing Human Resources in Mergers and Acquisitions
    When acquiring companies, it is very important to optimize the resources of the two parties, that is, to assess the person and understand what resources will create the optimal structure of the merged company.
  31. Holiday Seekers Travel Agency and Small World Travel Agency: Addressing Merger Needs
    This report discusses the impact of the merger and creation of the new Broaden Your Horizons company, including leadership, culture, communication, and sustainability issues to ensure that change will be implemented successfully.
  32. Mergers, Acquisitions, and Cultural Dilemmas
    The incompatibility of business approaches, substantial differences between American and Japanese mentalities, and wrong actions of the protagonist as a leader are directly related to the theme of the paper.
  33. Mergers and Acquisitions in the Oil and Gas Industry
    The objective of this study is to investigate the changing trends and compare0 mergers and acquisitions in the oil and gas industry over the past decades.
  34. Managing Organizational Change: IPIC and Mubadala Merger
    The entire structure of the company had to be reinvented to encompass new employees, transform the decision-making apparatus, and enhance the capacity of the organization to handle larger amounts of finances necessary to operate in […]
  35. Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Board of Trade Merger
    In the year 2007, it merged with Chicago Mercantile Exchange and stopped trading as an independent entity On July 12, 2007, Chicago Mercantile exchange bought and merged with the Chicago board of trade to form […]
  36. Vodafone & Mannesmann and Amazon & Netflix Mergers Analysis
    Specifically, the concept of a merger will be defined, followed by an example of a successful merger performed in the global economy recently.
  37. XYZ Airlines’ Mergers and Acquisitions Management
    The primary aim of this report is to analyze the reasons that are contributing to the challenges in managing the underperforming firms at XYZ airline.
  38. Change Management Analysis of Daimler – Chrysler Merger
    The German workers felt that since this was a deemed German company, the members had to be elected from the workers union and the elected members could, in turn, sit on the board.
  39. Merger of Delta & Northwest Airlines
    The efforts are usually referring to the objective of attaining synergy in the operations of the two airlines. The merger would allow the two to easily adapt the technological changes and hence it provides an […]
  40. Nokia and Canon: Company Mergers Review
    Although the form selected to unite two entities is extremely important to both parties of the transaction, companies are not primarily concerned here with tax, legal, and accounting considerations that are involved in a decision […]

💡 Interesting Topics to Write about Merger

  1. Change Management in Delta-Northwest Merger
    Pilot unions from both airlines are proving to be the harshest critics of the merger, meaning that respective management should do an extra job of convincing the pilots to embark on supporting the merger.
  2. Mergers & Acquisitions Effects in Business Ventures
    Merger combining two companies as one and Acquisition the takeover of one company by another has been one of the major vehicles in the transformation of a key set of economic activities that stand at […]
  3. Airline Mergers in Today’s Legal Environment
    Shareholders of the companies involved in M&A have to be assured of the creation of value in their investments. The FTC, therefore, exists to cater to the interests of the above-mentioned stakeholders.
  4. Mergers and Acquisitions in the Automotive Industry
    In merging, the two companies aimed to create a company with a global presence and to bring the strengths that each company had to the global automobiles market.
  5. Financial Decisions at the Merger of Lester Electronics and Shang-Wa
    The fact is that the balance between profitability and growth will be set up in the case of the company’s investment capital allocation to value-added planning. It is necessary to outline the principle challenges that […]
  6. The Inbev – Anheuser Busch Merger: A Study in US Political and Business Practices
    In the backdrop of the strict federal and state legislation for controlling the manufacture, sale, and distribution of beer in the US markets, the company Inbev needed to tailor its business strategy so that its […]
  7. International Mergers and Acquisitions: Highs & Lows
    Market condition indicate that BHP Billiton’s decision to back out of the take over of Rio Tinto was a good decision as if it had followed through the company would have to sell some parts […]
  8. Merger Between InterClean and Environ Tech: Memo
    This is due to the fact that the employees will demand a comprehensive knowledge of the direction that the organization is taking.
  9. Microsoft-Yahoo Merger Review
    The only positive impact would be as a result of competition that their merger would give to Google that would increase the value of their shares.
  10. Merger and Acquisition Scenarios: Barnes & Noble, Inc.
    The merging and acquisition practices, which are generally practiced in business are regarded to be the inevitable processes of the development of companies, and the matters of improving the business performance, as merges of the […]
  11. Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructurings
    The board of directors of the operating firm gets to be dissolved and replaced by general partners of the PEFs who have a stake in the success of the firm.
  12. Case of Westpac Bank & St. George Bank Merger
    The merger of the Westpac bank that is the member of the “Big Four” in Australia and the simple regional bank St.
  13. Merger & Acquisition in the Public Service Commission
    Merger of banks was announced in the year of 2007 and the merge was between the world’s second and fourth bank which is the largest bank in the middle east.
  14. Merger and Acquistion: Terms Definition
    The kind of merger that existed between Interclean and EnviroTech was a Horizontal merger because Interclean Company and EnviroTech were two separate companies which offered the same products and served the same market.
  15. Market Exit Strategies: IPOs and M&A
    In the last twenty years the researchers of management and finance have arrived to an immense perception with regard to the function of venture capitalists in the formation of new organizations, the formation and control […]
  16. Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways Merger Analysis
    In this light, the human resource factor of the company has played a significant role in the enhancement of efficiencies resulting in the need for expansion to widen the scope of operations and success.
  17. Mergers & Acquisitions: Mexichem and Dutch Peer
    For instance, when a car manufacturing company decides to sell its investments and production rights to a fuel exporting company this is called acquisition. This proves the power of acquiring and merging with other companies […]
  18. “A Merger in the Milk Industry” by Yaffe-Bellany
    Consequently, the development of a co-op will help to consolidate the community of farmers and build the comparative advantage that larger corporations will not be able to trump. Thus, the interests and needs of farmers […]
  19. Airline Mergers and the Case Between BMI and Lufthansa
    This can be the cause of a rough start and can be the cause of a small rift that will prove to be difficult to deal with at the end.
  20. Mergers and Acquisitions in the Cellular Industry
    Voting restrictions in articles of association of the Mannesmann also deterred voting in excess of 5% which the German rules also adopted whenever decisions of merges, consolidations and spin-offs were to be made. Orange was […]
  21. A Behavioral Finance Perspective on Corporate Mergers and Takeovers
    Corporate America has been called to task for losing sight of the proper goals of the business: generating economic returns, obtaining the resources and setting strategy for competitiveness and long-run growth, briskly fending off competition […]
  22. The Aspects of Culture During Mergers of the Firms
    It is seen that the major aspect of culture during mergers or takeovers is that both the firms in question lose their individual culture characteristics, and are blended into one integrated, composite whole.
  23. Merger Bids by Kraft and Changes in Price on Key Dates
    The point is that the bid is about 9 % higher than the previously established by Kraft, which is considered as a kind of a victory of Cadbury shareholders so that Kraft investors appeared to […]
  24. Mergers and Acquisitions in the Current Market Economies
    In the light of the population of the study, random sampling is the choice for obtaining the sample. Participants in the study will be varied according to the period of acquisitions.
  25. Hospital Merger: Situation Analysis
    Therefore it becomes the responsibility of the management to lead the business successfully through the process. The merger between the two hospitals means that the managers will have to make a number of adjustments top […]
  26. Mergers: Merger Process Issues
    In order for a merger to succeed, organizational cultures of the companies involved have to be consistent. The greater the extent to which cultures of merging companies differ, the higher the chances of succession failure.
  27. Key Financial Drivers That May Cause Health Care Organizations to Merge
    The best criteria to use would be to analyze the financial performance of the individual firms before the merger, and the new firm after the merger.
  28. The Merger between Alcatel SA and Lucent Technologies
    Frances’s Alcatel was the larger of the two companies and had to lead the way. Another reason is to build confidence in the staffs of the target company.
  29. Cultural Strategies: Causes of Failure in Mergers
    An effective combination of competencies from the merging corporations leads to the success of the merger. Customer focus is critical to the success of a merger.
  30. The Kraft – Cadbury Takeover and the Glencore-Xstrata Merger
    Kraft’s acquisition of Cadbury caused an increase in share value for the latter company’s shareholders. The plan was advantageous to Kraft in the confectionery world.
  31. International Airlines Group Rationale for Proposing Mergers
    Deutsche Lufthansa airline Group is one of the world’s groups involved in the provision of airline services. The acquisitions of Deutsche Lufthansa AG and International Airlines Group are therefore aimed at creating a new wave […]
  32. Merger and Acquisition: Starbucks and Peets Coffee
    It is important to note that the quality of coffee from farmers in world’s coffee growing countries determines the quality of coffee that Peet’s and other market players like Starbucks produces in the long run […]
  33. International Business Law: Mergers and Acquisitions
    These types of mergers and acquisitions are becoming a common feature at the global scene especially due to globalization, extensive international financial reforms, innovation and development in the information technology industry, and other developments that […]

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