Globalization Essay, Research Paper Examples

Why Did Globalization Cause a Demand For Business Process Management?

Business process management (BPM) refers to a way of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes in order to adapt the business or organization to the volatile and ever-changing business environment of the modern business world (Jeston &Nelis, 2010). A business process refers to activity that achieves a certain goal or objective by eliminating […]

Competitive Advantage and Globalization

When a company is oriented to globalization strategies, it focuses on overcoming the national barriers in market and industry with references to coping with financial and cultural issues. Today, it is possible to speak about the company’s competitive advantage when the company can operate successfully globally and according to the trends associated with the globalization […]

Economic Globalization and its Limitations

Introduction One main feature of the twenty first century is globalization. This phenomenon has permeated and affected almost every facet of today’s global society, ranging from the economic to the social sphere. Brady and Denniston (2006) describe globalization as the integration of regional economies, societies and cultures of the world. This has led to what […]

Religion, Politics & Globalization: Effect of Middle East Wars on Shia-Sunni Alliances

Introduction The conflict between the Shia and Sunnis has been mainly ideological. While the two sects agree on various fundamental principles such as acceptability of the Qur’an as the Holy Book and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as Allah’s last prophet, certain minor differences mostly premised on history rather than the Prophet’s teachings, have driven a […]

How Can We Account for the Globalization of Production?

Introduction With the fall of communism, the world became enjoined in a unitary global political economy, but of great importance was the formation of global markets, crossing national borders an event that resulted into globalization. For some time, the definition of globalization has conceptualized on the process of economic exchange in finished goods and commodities […]

The devastating Globalization effects on State Sovereignty

Introduction Advancements in technology have made the flow of information, capital, labor and other factors of production considerably effortless. State boundaries are fast becoming insignificant as a seemingly seamless virtual world is created1. The expansion of international trade has led to the rise of multinationals which are not content with a strong presence in the […]

New Technologies and Globalization: Public Administration

New technologies are innovations, such as the Internet, wireless communications and information management. These technologies have a profound impact on public administration. Thomas Friedman proclaims that the world is flat (Feiock, Moon, & Park, 2008). Location ceases to be one of the factors that a business considers when it is assessing its competitive advantage in […]

Globalization and International Approach in Management

The importance of employing international approach is growing as the globalization tendencies become dominating. Every person involved in managing services has to know specifics of globalization process as they can influence the potential decisions. The development of globalization processes leads to the extension of transnational companies and corporations. Such tendencies cause the need for changing […]

The Efficient Sustainability of Globalization

Identify and describe any two key policy measures that make globalization sustainable The efficient sustainability of globalization and economic growth is largely predetermined by foreign investments and international relations of the country. According to Gaspar et al., the country that lacks an adequate system of economic policies cannot become a significant participant in the global […]

Peculiarities of the Landscape of Unions within the Process of Globalization

Labor unions as the associations of the workers and employees are proceeded from the idea of creating the good environmental conditions, including the adequate pay and fair working hours. Joined together, people can protect their rights and improve the process, developing more comfortable conditions. The purpose of unions is to communicate collectively within the work […]

The Anti-Globalization Movement

The primary aim of this research is analyzed the anti-globalization movements and their impacts on the international firms and international business. This paper conducts scholars’ research to evaluate both sides of the globalization argument. This research paper includes the views of different scientists and authors related to the topic of the anti-globalization movement and their […]

Globalization of Business and Culture

Managing employees in cultural diverse environments is important because it helps reduce conflicts. Human resources managers have the obligation of identifying the culture of all their employees so that they can establish policies which favor each cultural group. Cultural conflicts are experienced in multinational organization and it is important for managers to learn the different […]

In what ways did Globalization affect financial management?

The integration of regional economies through trade was generally seen as a unifying factor due to the reduction of international trade barriers. The objective was to increase material wealth of the people improving the economies of the nations through good global relations, competition and specialization. According to Clark (1998, p.482), globalization refers to the process […]

Comparison of the Impacts of Globalization in Developed and Developing Countries

Antagonists to the process of globalization point out that the effects of globalization on emerging economies and developed states vary. Brittan (1998, p. 8) points out that globalization pilots to enhancement of affluence in developed states and not to larger deficiency in the developing states. As an illustration of development in the emerging economies, Brittan […]

Globalization Impact on Life Career and Future

Introduction Globalization is the international unification, global amalgamation of individual national economies, social cultures, technologies, and political powers into an integrated single society. Globalization is not a recent day concept and has taken many years for the current world to develop into what it is today. Globalization has transformed the world outlook into a more […]

Impact of globalization on the market power

Introduction According to Asiedu & Freeman 12 globalization is the increase in international relationships in cultures, people and economic activity. This is also attributed to the reduction of restrictions on the movement of capital and investment. In short economic globalization refers to free market, economic liberalization and western dominance. Discussion The view that globalization, by […]

World Trade Organization and Globalization

Globalization can be defined as the increasing interdependence of countries due to increasing integration of trade, finance, people and ideas in one global market place. The main elements of this integration are international trade and cross-border investment flows. Globalization came into effect after World War II, but its growth has accelerated since the mid 1980s […]

Negative Effects of Globalization in Developing Nations

Globalization refers to global integration of cultures, economies as well as people. Globalization has benefits, for instance, enhanced relationships between nations, increased trade as well as greater acceptance and tolerance of foreign cultures. However, despite numerous benefits connected with the issue of globalization, it is also must be highlighted that globalization has some shortcomings that […]

Globalization as a change process

Globalization has been considered as a significant source of both economic and social change. It has been achieved through development of sophisticated systems of communication and technology. Today, the ability to understand, incorporate and ultimately embrace globalization towards stabilization of the global economy remains the central facet in leveraging social-economic development, political stability and fostering […]

Globalization as a positive factor

Introduction Globalization is defined as the integration of ideas, values and culture among different nations across the globe. People around the world share ideas in the different fields of practices such as technology and economy. Since the emergence of globalization, nations have realized its importance in the different spheres of life. It has facilitated the […]

Effects and Nature of Globalization

Globalization is definitely the exhortation of new millennium. The issue of effects and nature of globalization has become an insightful controversial topic and a major concern in economics nowi. There are debates surrounding the unending controversy on globalization on whether unregulated market forces will either unite or differ income in the worldii. Those who support […]

Costs and Benefits of Free Trade and Globalization

Introduction The general economic argument for free trade and globalization centers on the increased material growth brought about by trade to almost every state. In spite of the strength and numerous experimental studies that support this argument, many people are still opposed to free trade and globalization. Opponents of free trade and globalization posit that […]

Is Globalization a Threat to US Supremacy and Power in the World?

Debates on Globalization and US Supremacy Much has been said about the nature of globalization and its major waves. Researchers have not come to a particular conclusion on whether the phenomenon will positively or negatively affect countries and people. However, it is clear that globalization is real and it does affect people and countries. Development […]

Threats to Globalization

Globalization is a characteristic feature of the twentieth century. This is an inevitable result of an economic and technological progress of nations (Kirkegaard 2008). Admittedly, some nations benefit from the process but some lose (Kissinger 2008). Small nations fail to benefit from globalization as they do not have the necessary base. On the contrary, developed […]

Globalization and Identity

Nowadays, it became a commonplace practice among social scientists to refer to the process of Globalization as such that results in depriving people of their sense of national/cultural identity. For example, according to Sánchez (2010, p. 71) ‘(due to Globalization) we are facing both a breakdown and a disarticulation of institutional and symbolic mediations from […]

The Intellectual Capital in Globalization Practices

Globalization is characterized by the increased movement of capital, information and people across international borders in an unprecedented manner. In this regard, globalization is being experienced widely in manufacturing, information technology and export industry such as tourism. For instance, tourism has had a profound impact on hospitality sector in most countries. This is because it […]


ESL 015 The word globalization can be defined as the world greatest and most important force, which has an impact on economy (Mostert, 2003). In some cases, globalization can again be regarded as a whirlwind of basically relentless changes, which sometimes can leave most governments helpless and full of economical problems. In actuality globalization, globalization […]

Globalization as a Powerful Aspect of the New World System

Introduction The concept of globalization represents a powerful aspect of the new world system and may be considered one of the most influential forces determining our planet’s future course. The globalization process is continuous and involves the integration of regional economies with the international economy using trade, technology transfer, migration and injection of capital (Intriligator, […]

Globalization and the Developing Countries

Background Globalization is defined as the process by which a nation strives to widen its cooperation and involvement in global affairs. Involvement and cooperation is normally in the realms of business, communication, socioeconomic, political and environmental developments. The aim of globalization is to give nations a greater competitive position with lower operating costs and to […]

The Polarized World of Globalization

Globalization has resulted to integration and interdependency among countries; scientific innovations and inventions of transport and communication networks have made the world a global village. The major setback of globalization is that some countries are prone to benefit than others while some show some elements of suffering (Vandana, 2005). This paper analyses the article The […]

Globalization: How can it improve the Quality of Education?

Scholars and mainstream commentators are of the opinion that the term ‘globalization’ is a contested phenomenon by virtue of the fact that it does not lend itself easily to any single definition or characterization. Indeed, the term wears many faces, and is typically discussed in economic, educational, political, socio-cultural and technological terms in the framework […]

Effects of Globalization

Introduction This paper discusses the effects of globalization in regards to economic, social, and environmental realms. It also looks critically at the shift of ownership of organizations from the public sector to the private sector. In addition, it discusses the benefits and disadvantages of privatization of institutions in detail. To begin with, globalization refers to […]

The impact of globalization

Abstract Globalization has far reaching implications on several aspects of communities. With the world today being a global village, where everybody can access everywhere and everything, globalization has been seen to have major impacts on community practices and the livelihoods of people. This paper seeks to establish the impacts of globalization on meso level in […]

Political Consequences of Globalization

Introduction While there is little consensus on a precise definition, globalization usually refers to a multidimensional process whereby markets, firms, production, and national financial systems are integrated on a global scale (Brawley 2008, p. 12). This definition, however, emphasizes the economic aspects of globalization. Globalization in other areas of life such as communication, has ramifications […]

Concept of Globalization and its Impact on the International Trading Order

Introduction According to Temin (1), globalization is a subject that catches the attention of many people across the globe. Recent debates on globalization have centered on its impact in north and south countries. Globalization has an enormous impact on the rate at which countries adapt to the trading order and trend in the international market. […]

Globalization in business

Introduction Many of the corporations doing business in the global environment have had to encounter various economic, cultural, environmental, and social challenges while doing business. This is unlike other businesses that operate within confined geographical environments. The modern-day economic landscape is highly dependent on international logistical and operational capabilities. As competition in the global market […]

Consequences of Globalization

Globalization can be expressed as the rise in integration of the economies of the world making them more interdependent. This has been through the removal of international trade barriers that used to limit the movement of people, information, goods and services through the rapid development of innovation and the resultant technological progress. The term globalization […]