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Globalization’s Impact on China and the USA Essay

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Updated: Jun 19th, 2021

In the following essay a socio-economic profile will be made of two countries and will be discussed that how does globalization effect those countries. China and America have been selected for the discussion of globalization because they are the leaders in today’s world of the economic activities. China and America have the largest population among all the countries of the world, China on the number one place and America on number third. The table drawn below gives all the necessary economic and population based information about both the countries. In the following essay those issues of the both countries will be discussed which are the challenge of most of the families and how does globalization is related to it.

Variables China America
Racial and Ethnic composition
  • Han Chinese: 91.5%
  • The remaining 8.5% are Zhuang, Manchu, Hui etc
  • White: 79.96%
  • Black: 12.85%
  • Asian: 4.43%
Age grouping
  • 0-14 years: 19.8%
  • 15-64 years: 72.1%
  • 65 years and over: 8.1%
  • 0-14 years: 20.2%
  • 15-64 years: 67%
  • 65 years and over: 12.8%
Median Age 35.2 years 36.8 years
Occupational Breakdown
  • Agriculture: 39.5%
  • Industry: 27.2%
  • Services: 33.2%
  • Agriculture: 28%
  • Industry: 50%
  • Services: 30%
Levels of Income
  • Urban: $1000 per year(average)
  • Rural: $300 a year (average)
  • Average middle class: $7500 per month.
  • Lower Classes: Below $2500 per month.
Percentage below Poverty 2.8% 12%
Rural and Urban population
  • Rural: 57%
  • Urban: 43%
  • Rural: 79.21%
  • Urban: 20.78%
Literacy Rate by Sex
  • Male: 95.7%
  • Female: 87.6%
  • Male: 99%
  • Female: 99%
Labor Force (Women) 49.67% 56.6%
Birth Rates 12.7 births/1000 population 13.83/1000 population
Average number of Children 3.63% 3.14%
Single Parent Households 57.3% 54%

Source: (CIA, 2011; CIA, 2011)

The term “Globalization” is widely used but hardly ever defined. Globalization is basically the rapid raise in the economic activities which take place across the national boundaries. Globalization assists in expanding the economical and social linkages worldwide which in fact increases the flow of information and contributes significantly towards spreading of economic benefits. It basically means economies getting interrelated with another through transportation, trade etc. It is a universal definition which explains what the term commonly means but still its meaning has raised a lot of debates and most of the time people do not agree.

It revolves around variety of processes which may vary in their definitive analysis. Globalization has a negative sphere among the critiques of capitalism and global injustice. Globalization is a very complex matter and its definitions vary in different areas. The term globalization is biased and its definitions express varying evaluations of global change (Sociology emory, 2001). Globalization contributes in the downfall of the poor across the globe but this only happens if the governments do not apply the correct policies when globalizing.

There are number of countries those who have failed the globalization process and any country which is about to start the globalizing process, than it is very necessary for them to look at those countries who have failed in this process and not to repeat the mistakes as the other countries made. If a country is globalizing, than it is very necessary for that country to take decisions very carefully. In today’s world, avoiding globalization is next to impossible because if any country tries to do so than there are many chances of that country to end up the same as Sub-Saharan Africa.

China is an agro based country but still the way they are taking over everything they can get is something which can’t be understood. There was a generation gap in China from 1960 – 1980 which could be the biggest reason of globalization in China. This generation gap caused a lot of problems for the people. In 1979, one child policy was implemented. No one could give birth to more than one child and if somebody went against then they faced problems including fines and social discrimination by the people who employed them. Whereas those couples who accepted this policy and agreed to having only one child then they were rewarded with bonuses, bigger homes etc (Tian, 2010)

This one child implemented policy may have helped china in controlling the population at that time but surely damaged the Chinese if we link it to the globalization. This was a democratic policy by the government of china commonly known as DINK, double income, no kids. It meant that if any couple will not have kids than their pays will be doubled. Because of this policy, Chinese stopped giving birth which is the cause of the generation gap which has been built in China (Loveless & Holman, 2001, p. 103).

There is a huge age difference between the old ones and the young ones which brings a communication barrier between them. Imperialism has become a part of China’s culture, the younger generation has been attracted by the western trends that they have started to adopt almost every western culture. Due to this generation gap the older generation is not able to compete with the development of today’s world which is the biggest drawback of the Chinese people that they were not able to connect with the world. Policies are being made to remove the DINK policy but whatever damage is done, it can’t be changed. Applying this policy was the biggest mistake because it damaged the country from globalization but the work which younger generation of china has done is immense and because of them China has become a part of the super powers.

Even in the developed countries racism is found in today’s world as well. Racism in America is a lot. Two different communities are formed by the citizens, one being the white people and the other black people. Black communities have been complaining from over decades now that they do not get their right which is quite true. The solution for them to be successful in today’s world is not to protest for it but to get good education for their future generations and to accept the changes which are taking place in today’s world (Dudley & Cozic, 1991).

The most authoritative trend of our time is globalization. Almost every multinational company has become a part of this process. Countries like America have many multinational companies and these are easily able to earn more than a country does. America being the developed nations of all but still there are parts of America which do get affected by the process of globalization. For example Puerto Rica in South America is affected by globalization where black people working Del Monte banana plantations have been complaining for a while now.

They say that the working and living conditions are just too dangerous for them. After the few months employees are usually fired because they are not able to cope with the requirements and this all happens because of the fields in which pesticides are sprayed without any warning which become a cause of different diseases. This Industry is not giving the workers its complete rights and not treating them the way they should be.

Black America not responding to globalization has also caused major problems for it. Everyone in today’s world is accepting globalization but the Black America is not ready to accept it. Globalization is a very complex matter, it can turn out to be good for a nation but it can be worse for the other nations as well. Educating the Black community of and sending them to American schools without any motive has come into a bad situation. Black people blindly depended on the education system of America has made them fall very much behind.

The Black people need to bring a change in their lives and they have to accept the process of globalization which has become a part of every country. It will become very difficult for the countries to prosper in those areas where black communities live. Education is the basic need of every black person from the black community if they want to succeed in this world. The education systems for the black communities of all over the world should be made better so that black communities are not left behind while the others march forward to success. Success only comes to those people who are ready to accept a change for their betterment. Black people also need to accept the process of globalization if they want to become a successful community (Jackson, 2010).

The UN is trying to find solutions for the kinds of problem discussed above; Millennium Development Goals also called MDGs are set of goals which are made by them for the progress of different communities till a future date. Many of them have been achieved but many are yet to be. MDGs might be able to solve these problems which we have discussed throughout this essay, that how does globalization effect both of these countries and to conclude this discussion, it can be rightly said that globalization which is spreading day by day might be a good thing for the countries to get integrated but still there are some points which require the need of being highlighted.

Globalization is causing a lot of problems for the developing nations in different areas, some of which were mentioned in this essay yet there are many other issues which are not being heard. There is an urgent need of finding a solution for the kind of issues which were discussed above. If a country does not wishes to end up same as the other countries that did not take this route and are regretting now than that country is in need of globalization but with the right kind of policies set by the governments.


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