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“Top 5 HR Trends in 2013” Essay (Article)

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Updated: Jul 17th, 2020

Source Of The Study

The source of this study is an article titled ‘Top 5HR Trends in 2013’. This is a source obtained from the society for human resource management, India. The source’s materials are all copyrighted.

Area Of The Human Resource Covered

The area of human resource covered is the Top 5 Human resource trends in 2013.

How The Text Book Covers This Topic

‘5HR trends in 2013’ elaborates on the changes in the corporate business and how organizations want to cope with these changes. It talks about the highly competitive market and the influence of the nations world powers (Parry, 20).

There are various changes in the global market that exist such as massive reliance of the social network and shift in global power. The HR tries to respond to all these changes by amending their policies and practices in the most effective way.

Summary Of The Article

The article ‘Top 5 HR trends in 2013’ addresses some of the critical issues that are being implemented by organizations. This has been associated with benefits that the organization is likely to receive.

One of the trends is the rise of the HR Business Partner. Here, the HR department is required to establish and implement new methods of recruiting staff members. This will ensure that the organization is at the same level with its competitors.

The article confirms that success will be attained by organizations that want to thrive. This is through deploying of work to people optimally. For this to happen, the organization needs to get the right people for their respective jobs. Organizations tend to become agile, cohesive and responsive in their function as a whole and to the organization.

With the emergence of competitive corporate world, organizations are embracing the idea of One World, One HR. This is urgency of globalizing their strategies and operations. Currently, there has been the emergence of shift in the global balance.

Asian countries, particularly India and China, are gradually becoming world powers. In fact, the practices and models of Asian management have become influential. The emerging countries tend to cooperate and trade between themselves. As a result, it builds tensions and risks that can cause a financial crisis.

Organization leaders tend to be multilingual, adaptive and internationally mobile. By globalizing their strategies, HR has to be flexible with the diverse cultures and political status of various nations.

This requires thinkers who are conceptual and collaborative. They should be diverse to blend in different environments. Best global organizations have a flow of authority, information and ideas from various directions rather than one point (the top).

For a while now, it has been difficult for organizations to engage employees to the maximum. Human Resources have tried to Enhance Employee Engagement. The article states that, though there has been an improvement in enhancing employee engagement, the issue has always been a massive problem to Human Resources.

The article reveals a report from AON on the Global Employee Engagement in 2012 (Sharma, 1). The report shows that there is a small improvement in the employee engagement levels. However, AON concluded that the employees’ issues are not a primary focus to organizations.

In line with that, a study on the Global workforce revealed that only 35% of 35,000 workers are highly engaged. It is quite evident that organizations need to focus on uplifting the physical and social wellbeing of the worker. They need to provide appropriate resources, tools and a friendly workplace for the workers.

The article reveals that HR and Technology have become inseparable and indispensable. The HR has fully exploited the existence of technology. This is the use of facilities such as emails, e-learning and other forms of database tools. Most readers acquire information from the internet.

The internet is a cheap, reliable and an efficient means of communication. Organizations have created websites to disseminate information to the people. Workers have engaged in sharing information through ‘blog posts’ in the websites.

Organizations use the internet as a networking tool in order to reach out to their customers. Mobile tools and the social media have become a ground of opportunity for organizations to share knowledge. The social media are an interactive ground where organizations can interact with the people. However, use of the social media is highly sensitive on controversial matters. Organizations tend to be cautious when using the social media.

HR and Analytics have also been associated with the new trend in HR management. Analytics is something that HR cannot do without. Analysis is vital for any department. This is necessary to gauge the effect and work of the department.

The HR requires analytical data of their work to be aware of the human capital management policies and practices on the business goals (Parry, 75). The analytic data should come from both the HR department and other departments. HR analytical data is useful in evaluating the performance of the HR.

Analysis Of The Article

The corporate world has become a competitive arena. Organizations want to strive to maximize profits and be the best in the market. The HR wants to move forward in steering the company to achieve its goals.

Organizations seek to recruit quality personnel to provide quality services. The HR requires professionalism in the work. This involves being agile, cohesive and responsive.

The employees are the core of the organizations output. There has been a slight improvement in the employee engagement according to the AON survey. The slight improvement is not substantial to improve the performance of the employees. Organizations need to improve their employee engagement in the best way possible.

Organizations are on the verge of globalizing. This means that there will be a lot of competition in the global market. With the shift in world power, other nations will seek to find appropriate strategies to reach top heights. Globalization will bring in diversification, flexibility and collaboration in the global organizations.

Technology is the only tool that the HR has exploited. Information from the internet is accessible to most organizations. The deductions from this are that organizations want to reach all parts of the world. The idea of organizations being locally based restricts organizations to various benefits and opportunities.

HR needs analytical data to gauge its performance. The data results on the HR status will determine the next step.


Despite the economic turmoil, political indifferences and social diversity, organizations want to strive in the global market. Organizations want the best quality in order to give quality results. Through the HR, organizations can employ appropriate strategies to thrive in the competitive corporate business.

The HR has coped well with the current global changes, most notably in the Technology sector. However, it has done poorly in trying to engage the employees to the best manner possible. This year will see a massive change in the HR which will try to cope with the global trends.

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