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Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Essay

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Updated: Apr 23rd, 2021

What did you take away from reading your classmates’ posts on the changing role of HR?

The posts on the alterations, which the role of HR has suffered over the course of the past few years, have shed much light on the significance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) (Mousavi et al. 2013). Moreover, some of the posts have also shown the ways, in which the role of an HR specialist may possibly evolve in the future. The specified feature of these posts set the premises for understanding the very nature of HRM. Moreover, the posts helped me understand the effects, which internal and external factors, including economic, financial, political, and sociocultural ones, have on HRM as a concept.

To be more exact, the posts of the classmates contributed to a better understanding of the essence of the CRS concept implementation in the framework of an organization. Traditionally defined as the rearrangement of the company’s priorities and the redesign of the leadership style so that the staff could understand their role in and impact on the social and economic aspects of people’s lives (Torrington et al. 2014), the phenomenon of CSR is essential for redesigning the patterns of the organizational behavior within the company so that the staff could handle the tasks that they are assigned with.

In other words, the responses of the classmates have shown that the role of HR has been shifted towards enhancing corporate values and reconsidering the company’s ethics, thus, motivating the staff. The responses helped gain a deeper insight into the methods, which may help enhance the process of introducing the staff to the CSR principles as well. The above-mentioned changes in the leadership strategy have been especially helpful.

How might you apply HR strategies discussed this week to your own organization?

Seeing that a range of HR strategies have been discussed in the course of this week, choosing a specific pattern that my organization is going to follow is quite complicated; each of the avenues suggested seems rather promising. However, when it comes to defining the ultimate tool that will galvanize the process of CSR principles implementation, the reconsideration of the corporate values should be viewed as an option (Augins & Glavas 2012).

More importantly, the HR strategies analyzed during this week may be put into practice with the help of a location of a proper leadership strategy (Torrington et al. 2014). As I have been stressed above, CSR integration into the organization’s framework is only possible once the staff is motivated enough to follow the company’s ethics and take the organizational values into account. The motivation issue, in its turn, can be resolved by adopting a corresponding leadership pattern, which will create a model for the employees to follow and make an example of.

In addition, the enhancement of communication between the staff members and the managers of the organization may enhance the RH changes by increasing the rates of CSR within the community (Dhaliwal et al. 2011). The encouragement of CSR among the target population may be triggered by participation in various projects and, therefore, the development of a community spirit of togetherness among the members. It is essential that the members of the designated community should be capable of making a team effort, as the latter will teach them the value of team spirit and the significance of information sharing. As a result, the basic principles of CSR will be established among the organization members comparatively fast.

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