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Hershey’s Sweet Mission Case Study


The purpose of this paper will be that of determining the stages Hershey has to implement in revamping its performance administration framework to appeal to its more and more varied workers. The paper will also establish how a worker will interpret Hershey’s culture and value based on his or her function.

This paper will utilize established trends in Human Resources Management and explain which one may influence Hershey the most. Finally, the paper will explain the impacts that mentoring could have on adopting virtues into the Hershey way of doing business.

Redesigning Hershey’s performance administration method

Hershey’s firm focuses chiefly on confectionary goods. Hershey’s goods comprise chiefly of candies and the chocolates. The company has remained in the marketplace since 1900’s.

It markets its goods globally. My suggestion to the revamp of the company’s performance administration would be in keeping its existing performance administration model. The company has a redesign model that provides for diverse age groups and more precise to two. Such age groups may comprise the younger and the baby boomer age group (Noe et al., 2011, p. 55).

Based on these models, they encompass an event where the baby boomers coach or mentor the fresh hires to the organization. The principal purpose of training or mentoring is to establish an everlasting heritage with advancement of the entire universe. This specific model has been understood to be specifically passionate to mentor the younger workmates with a view of coping with Hershey’s guidelines (Noe et al., 2011).

The company gains from the baby boomer as the reference model, trainer and in addition to its promoter in the corporate and business world.

As far as younger recruits are concerned, the organization has developed their management systems with a view of attracting the younger recruits. This is presumed to provide the newly recruited employees with loads of enthusiasm for challenge, self-independent, and attain results in the business world.

The Hershey’s revamp assumes the bottom-up concept. Individuals throughout the organization were permitted to identify a goal and monitor the likely growth on programs. The implementation of the management method is assumed to be successful to measure business outcomes. This system is in addition applied in checking whether the outcomes are attained in accordance to the company’s major values (Noe et al., 2011, p. 56).

Interpreting values

Hershey strives to offer an active and challenging work station that gives an individual the chance of developing his or her knowledge and talents. The company’s sustained performance depends on engaged employees that are capable of meeting the challenges of a quickly expanding international market.

Hershey’s special legacy, established key values and heritage to live up to the possible acceptable levels enable the company to engage and retain greatly talented individuals (Bowen & Ostroff, 2004). If I were an employee of the company I would interpret the values that Hershey adopts based on my responsibility as an organization that believes in:

  • Treating each employee with equality, integrity, and esteem.
  • Encouraging openness by adopting diversity, implementing new technologies and advocating for sustainable growth.
  • Growing together through sharing skills and realizing human capability in a setting of shared esteem (Noe et al., 2011, p. 55).

A possible threat for Hershey is the business world and expanding states of cocoa. Cocoa is the major component in chocolate, and a decline in cocoa dealers, or low quality cocoa would greatly wreck the sector. Hershey is responsive to this extrinsic aspect, and utilizes intrinsic forces in keeping this threat from turning out to be a reality.

The organization is a member of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF), and has implemented strategies with a view of preserving the environment and of starting projects that will preserve the ecosystem in which cocoa is grown (Bowen & Ostroff, 2004).

With more than 13,000 workers and turnover of about $4.5 billion, the organization has established their intrinsic and extrinsic aspects and utilizes the trend of flexibility in remaining an expending company. This is simply one of the various steps Hershey’s has taken with a view of protecting the organization in addition to the cocoa sector (Noe et al., 2011).

Mentoring and integrating values

Mentoring is an approach utilized in instilling enthusiasm, satisfaction and a sense of possession in workers throughout the organization (Bowen & Ostroff, 2004). The next section presents a few of the effects that mentoring could have on Hershey way of doing things:

  • New-recruit mentoring on areas like vision, culture and values ought to be taught by the worker’s colleagues. The managers of Hershey Company are the true advocates of Hershey’s culture.
  • Culture ought to promote skill sharing. The company has a formal mentoring program and therefore, time spent mentoring is no longer lost time, but a chance of engaging in skill sharing and integrating key values.
  • Structured mentoring program could aid in integrating newly recruited employees into Hershey’s culture.


Bowen, D. & Ostroff, C. (2004). Understanding HRM-firm performance linkages: The role of the strength of the HRM system. Academy of Management Review, 29(2), 203-221.

Noe, R., Hollenbeck, R., Gerhart, B., & Wright, P. (2011). Fundamentals of human resource management (4th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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