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  1. Organizational Behaviour: Leading Human Resources
    Due to such a quick expansion of staff, Listo Systems cannot provide all its employees with proper training, and this is why addition of new layers causes the decrease of productivity, and increase of turnover. […]
  2. HR Department and Employee Relations
    Some of the responsibilities of the employee relation include; enhancing quality and efficiency of all workers in the organization, establishing and maintaining positive relationship between the management and the employees of an organization, handling conflicts […]
  3. Human Resources Management and Future Career
    The main role of the human resource management is therefore ensuring that the organization receives maximum benefits from the human resources.
  4. Human Resources Management’s Incentive and Compensate for Performance
    Incentive Plans are for the most part used in commerce managing to encourage human resources and in sales in order to create a center of attention and hold on to clientele.
  5. ‘Designing and Implementation of HR Scorecard’
    This article shows the importance of the HR scorecard in measuring performance in a business situation as an important step towards improving the business in terms of cost and value.
  6. Three Methods of Performance Appraisal in HR Management
    When straight ranking is to be done it is expected of the evaluator in terms of those who have the best attributes to those who have the worst attributes and those who are effective in […]
  7. The Many Facets of HR Management in the Organization
    In addition to assessing the performance measures of HR it is crucial that an organization use this data to understand the contributions HR makes to the organization.
  8. Human Resources of a Hotel in the Swan Valley
    The image of the hotel to the outside world is very important and thus, the PR manager is responsible for ensuring that a good image of the hotel is portrayed to outsiders.
  9. Role of Human Resources Management in Health Care Industry
    Due to the increased diversity of cultural backgrounds of both patients and employee, the human resource managers should pay closer attention to the influence of globalization and technology on healthcare delivery and teamwork training, leading […]
  10. Human Resources as a Competitive Advantage
    It is then multiplied by the performance rating to make it 2. The labor cost for one unit is 583.
  11. HR Management in the 21st Century
    The HR management involves the business strategic plans and failure to incorporate the IT is one of the root cause of the current collapse or liquidation of some firms.
  12. Human Resources: Knowledge of Relevant Legislation
    Recommendation Proter $Gamble, should have a recruitment process organized in such a way that the new entrant gets a chance to learn all the process of the company not his area of future engagement only, […]
  13. Human Resources Management in Hilton Hotels, Delta Airlines, and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd
    Human resources are the driving force of an organisation; they need to be well managed and preserved for the benefit of the company.
  14. Human Resources, Conflicts and Relationships in the Team
    If the union could intervene for the termination John Briggs, the employer would be guilty of violating the rights of employees to join and participate in unions voluntarily.
  15. Understanding Human Resources in the Business Environment
    The synopsis will only look at the common problems from the perspective of the human resources and the human resource executives.
  16. Role of Human Resources Management: Policies, Programs, and Practices
    The secret is in incorporating every employee into the organization not as a lesser important member but for each of them to feel as an integral part of the organization and the success or failure […]
  17. Human Resources Planning, Recruitment, and Selection
    Human resource management is a very essential function in every organization as it enhances overall efficiency and effectiveness of the organization through smooth running of all the activities and operations that are carried out in […]
  18. Marketing and HR Order ID.
    A participative management approach refers to the process of management that involves the employees to participate in the decision making process of the organization.
  19. How to Develop an HR Program
    Human resources planning is the unique and important activity that considers the need of an organization with the view to putting down processes of how the organization will answer to her needs.
  20. Implications of Converging Economy for Human Resources Management
    It stands for the convergence of different economic systems under the influence of the social-economical factors or in the result of the economical development.
  21. Technology of Human Resources and the Human Systems
    The invention of printing, the slide ruler, the mechanical calculator, analog devices as well as algorisms between 0 CE and 1700s all culminated to the development of the computer by the start of the 1800s.
  22. Health Care and Other Benefits for Human Resources
    Cutting down the cost of healthcare that a firm has to pay for its employees is one of the ways through which a firm can increase its profitability.
  23. Supporting the HR Function Retention Within the Organisation
    It is after the report submission that the HRM is able to determine some of the weakness and strengths of every department within the organisation.
  24. The HR Profession Map
    The four bands describe the contribution that the professionals in HR departments make in the fostering of proper relations with clients in consideration of where the financial resources and time are directed.
  25. Human Resource Planning and Recruitment
    The organization has to ensure that organizational structures are intact, and all the departments clearly outlined for proper deployment of employees.
  26. Change Impact on Human Resources at JCPenny
    Today, business is shifting from a culture of management to that of leadership. In order for the business to be competitive, there should be a strong focus on leadership and not merely management.
  27. A Strategy for Maximizing the Use of Human Resources
    The optimal result of the process is to evaluate performance of employees so as to get ways of developing them to ensure that there is continuous improvement in the organization processes that relate to employees’ […]
  28. Mobilizing Talent – Human Resources Management
    The program comprises of questionnaires which seek to get answers as to whether employees are satisfied with the management of the organization.
  29. Knowledge Requirements for a Human Resources Manager
    The formal education should impart the manager with deep knowledge of the following aspects; Management of Human Resources The HR manager should have deep knowledge of principles as well as the procedures involved such process […]
  30. Developing Yourself as an Effective HR Practitioner
    This ensures that the kind of training offered by the organizations through the human resource department is one that is linked to the needs of the organization thereby assisting an organization in achieving its goals.
  31. HR Unique Concept and Perception in Different Organizations
    The identification of the specific part played by human resource in adding business value to an organization, the establishment of the general perception on the use of employees to gain competitive advantage within the organization […]
  32. Human Resources Management: Material, Psychological, and Social Expectations
    An employer who offers a good package is likely to attract employees to stay in the company and have the willingness to go an extra mile providing more revenue to the company.
  33. Human Resources: Talent Management to Accomplish Its Principle Purpose
    The organization has to handle the talent management in the organization through a holistic approach based on the organization structure. This calls upon the human resource managers to ensure that talent management in the organization […]
  34. Leadership as an HRM Strategy and Policy in MNCs: Apple Inc.
    The innovativeness of the employees of Apple can be attached to the excellent leadership strategies of Steve Jobs, the president and co-founder of the company.
  35. ‘Human Resources Management’ and ‘Trade Unions’
    Conventionally, the roles of trade unions have been to safeguard jobs and to protect the real earning of workers, provide them security and better working conditions and to struggle against mistreatment and uncertainty in order […]
  36. Introduction to Strategic HR Management and Strategic Business Objectives
    Thus, SHRM is concerned with attainment of two main objectives, that is best utilization of the human personnel which is achievement of the organizations strategic business and operational objectives as outlined in the organization’s mission […]
  37. Loyalty Schemes Effect: Information, Finance, and HR Management
    The main function of the customer information management is to facilitate the operation of customer segmentation strategies by figuring out the values and preferences of customers via customer loyalty schemes.
  38. Human Resources Management in Small Organizations
    Employees always need to be assured of continuity in their careers and want to know that the organisation they are working in has a future for them.
  39. How Human Resources Relates to the Opposition to Unionization of Wal-Mart
    The value and the integrity of the human resource management are virtues that are reflected to the employees and the entire company.
  40. Human Resources Management: Expatriate Adjustment Management
    The outcome after a certain period and the strategies set by the expatriate and team should be effectively evaluated to ensure they are in course. Motivational measures should be put in place to ensure that […]
  41. How Does HR Department Use Motivation to Increase Employee’s Retention Rate
    This source is important as it highlights the importance that motivation has to organizations which is one of the aims of our study since we seeks to identify if there is any relationship between employees […]
  42. Collective to Individualism Employment Relationship HR
    There is an increasing rate in the shift from collectivism to individualism in major parts of the world and it is highly experienced at the workplaces particularly in the management of employment relationships.
  43. HR Management: Role, Competencies, and Functions
    There are a bunch of diverse roles and responsibilities to facilitate performance of the HR subdivision depending on the dimension of the association, the demographic outline of the workforce schedule, the manufacturing where the production […]
  44. General Motors – Outsourcing HR
    In its basic sense, outsourcing HR means employing the services of an external agency in the recruitment and selection of candidates on behalf of the internal HR department of an organization.
  45. HR Critical Thinking: Where Do You Find the Bodies?
    In order to maintain the employees, they should be treated well in that there should better working conditions and terms. The mechanics should be hired on better working conditions and terms in order to maintain […]
  46. ABZ Corporation Human Resources Department
    The chair of the interview panel that most likely will be the head of the concerned department will decide with the help of his subordinates the assessment stages that participants will go through and the […]
  47. The Role of Human Resources Management Department
    The department and profession that plays one of the most important roles in any organization is the Human Resource Department because it deals with workers, their motivation, appraisal and strategic focus that determine the overall […]
  48. International and Comparative HR Management
    These differences in the systems of economy practiced in the UK/US and China are likely to cause major challenges to multinational corporations planning to start their operations in China and in the UK/US.
  49. International Human Resource Managing: Preparing Expatriate Employees
    The need to understand the particular processes that human resource managers in an international company have to follow in the transfer of some of their employees to a subsidiary of their organization that is located […]
  50. Sony Evolving Human Resources: Factors in Choosing the Staff for the International Subsidiaries of a Multinational Company
    The fact that the global approach of recruitment will pool in workers from different parts of the world will mean that these workers need to be able to cope with one another and communicate well.
  51. Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India: HR Management and Communication Issues
    With regard to the above presented situation, specific emphasis should be placed on the analysis of culture noise phenomenon that became the major reason of discontent and friction between the employees and their managers.
  52. Aligning HR with the Business at SBC
    To address the issue facing the bank, the human resources management team should not limit their operations to the symptoms of the problem, which include absenteeism and having employees who are worn out, and not […]
  53. HRM in the Fast Food Industry: US, Germany, and Australia
    It should be mentioned that the term human-resource relations refers to the programs that an organization puts in place in order to ensure that the employees receive the benefits that are guaranteed by legislation.
  54. HR, Culture, and Business Results
    HR must focus on developing the capabilities of the firm and its workforce in order to excel in a dynamic business environment.
  55. Strategic Human Resource Management Concept and HR Manager Role
    The use of the adjective ‘strategic’ gives the implication that HRM functions should be designed in such a way as to enable an organisation achieve its intended overall objectives (Storey, 2001 SHRM therefore connects the […]
  56. Staff Training Methods and Further Assessment
    The fourth method of training is the on the job training which entails training the trainees as they perform the job.
  57. HR Managers and Cultural Differences
    In this paper, I will provide an argument that support the belief that human resources managers must be aware of cultural differences to be effective in the management of people. This theory can assist a […]
  58. HR Case Study on the Merger between Daimler-Benz and Chrysler
    The merger also offered a chance to further the strength of the companies in terms of developing new products and services which were very vital for an increase in profit margins.
  59. Joint Ventures: Trianon HR Management
    It should be noted that one of the requirements of the position is extensive travelling especially for the first year. The job description needs to be detailed outlining what is expected of the person who […]

👍 Good HR Topics to Write about

  1. Human Resources: Organizational Advantages of Performance Pay and Compensation
    To that end, pay for performance helps organizations to retain and recruit highly qualified employees who are able to offer their skills for improved performance of the company.
  2. International Human Resources Canada and France
    They have the opportunity to control and understand their work, firms use this strategy to gather intelligence, ideas and motivation from the employees and match their potential with the right tasks.
  3. International HR Management in Australia: Technological Advancements
    The employer has the responsibility to ensure that the safety of all employees is well taken care of both within the plant and when sent on duties outside the firm.
  4. Relevancy of HR Planning in a Changing and Dynamic Economic Environment
    In the light of this, HR planning entails having prior knowledge of what the staffing requirements will be, evaluating the supply of appropriate employees in the organization and labour market, and developing mechanisms to fulfil […]
  5. Human Resources Professionals and Compensation
    In my opinion, the elements in the compensation package that have the greatest impact on the employee’s performance as well as commitment to the organisation is that of health benefits.
  6. “Top 5 HR Trends in 2013”
    One of the trends is the rise of the HR Business Partner. This is necessary to gauge the effect and work of the department.
  7. HR Management Issues in Canada and France
    It is the responsibility of management to ensure that each and every employee is satisfied with the conditions of work so that the employee can deliver to the maximum.
  8. Human Resources Management in Multinational Enterprises
    The human resource management structures that multinationals adopt for their foreign operations and the socialization strategies applied for host national staff are examples of strategies that may differ in accordance to the adopted policy.
  9. Marginal Utility Analysis in Human Resources Management
    An evaluation system that has the support of top management of an organization and is viewed by all the stakeholders in the organization as fair and productive is the one suitable for effective evaluation.
  10. HR Strategies in Creating a Favorable Environment in a Workplace
    Strategy is part of their goal, enabling the organization to learn how to lever the knowledge to their advantage. It is the responsibility of HR departments to ensure that their organization creates a favorable environment […]
  11. Contribution of Occupational Health and Safety to Human Resources Environment Management
    Occupational health and safety is an integral part of the proper functioning and running of an organisation since it affects the employees’ level of performance and their overall conduct in their areas of work.
  12. HR Knowledge and Talent Managment
    Importantly, before getting to understand the contribution of knowledge management to talent development in today’s business world, it is appropriate to understand initial development that results to knowledge management.
  13. Challenges Facing Human Resources: Organizations, Employees, and Trade Unions
    Finally, another challenge although external to an organization is challenges that may arise due to stress and conflicts on the side of human resource managers.
  14. Soap Producers and Distributors Ltd Human Resources Management
    The human resources management team should focus on the operating environment that employees work in; in this context, the management should ensure that employees enjoy their duties. Motivational measures should be put in place to […]
  15. HR Roles and Responsibilities Within the Organization
    They include keeping accurate records of what is happening in the organization and the actions of the employees. Indeed, they have administered the change and enhanced the restructuring of programs to guarantee the retaining of […]
  16. Strategic HR Management: Achieving Sustained Competitive Advantage
    In the search for a good employee, the HR department is normally faced with the challenge of observing the behavior of an employee and determining if it is a good fit for the organization.
  17. Human Resources Actions That MNCs Should Take To Facilitate Expatriates Adjustment
    If the country uses a different language than the language that the expert understands, measures should be put in place to ensure that the expert and the team learn the language.
  18. Human Resources Management: The Case of Carrefour in UAE
    The management has to define the destination of the organization and it is the employee to drive the entire firm to that destination.
  19. The Role of HR Management in Facilitating the Individual Adaptation of the Employees
    The basis of this theory is that a task in itself forms a basis for motivation of employees. The motivation to perform excellently is stifled by a job that is boring, mundane and monotonous.
  20. Human Resource (HR) Management in Facilitating the Individual Adaptation
    The HR managers have to take up this role of orienting new employees to the organization for them to fit in effectively and the role of orienting the existing employees to new changes in the […]
  21. Human Resources: Effective Personnel Selection Procedure
    Personnel selection is inclined to asking who should be given the available job opportunity given the available number of applicants, qualified and sometimes-experienced people.in modern days, where people have been educated in different areas, it […]
  22. Business Issues and the Contexts of Human Resources
    Therefore, the main aim of this study is to identify and explain different models of the Human Resource function, the forces shaping them and evaluate the role of line managers in delivering HR review and […]
  23. Human Resources Department of the Nuplex Company
    The paper focus on the analysis of learning event and assessment practices based on technology advancement in the company, and the measures that the human resources department of the company has taken to address the […]
  24. HR Performance Issues and Motivation
    Going by the hierarchy of needs theory, it is clear that the provision of health benefits in an organization leads to the motivation of employees and better productivity in the long run.
  25. Human Resource Database Application
    In essence, the DDBMS will serve the interests of the organisation in addition to other physical aspects of the HRIS. For this reason, the design of the HR database should provide appropriate tools and techniques […]
  26. Organizational Issues and their Implications on Development of Human Resources at RACQ
    Development of human resource has to be to be in a position to engrain the goal of the organization and the need to provide excellent service for the benefit of the members.
  27. Using Information in Human Resources: Global Competition for Prominence and Performance
    The questionnaire allows the researcher an opportunity to adjust the questionnaire to suit the research and the objectives of the research.
  28. Human Resources and Organisational Change Management
    In order to achieve the above goals, human resources management facilitates the training and motivation of the employees through the communication of those policies that the organisation considers to be vital for its sustainability.
  29. Human Resources Management in the Saudi Arabia Airliners
    In order to utilize the resources of the business effectively, the managers of the business must consider the mission, the objectives of the business and the vision of the business in order to develop the […]
  30. Human Resources Development: Theory in Practice
    He examines the concept of the expansive learning answering a number of questions concerning subjects and objects of learning, motivation and learning strategies used.
  31. How HR Responsibilities Assist in Organization Change
    As a result of the changes in the healthcare market, the human resource department of the hospital had to develop collaborative efforts with the top management of the hospital. Organizational change involves the shift in […]
  32. Human Resources Management Profile for a Multinational Company
    The senior WiMax engineer normally surveys the topography of the area in which the client is based and selects the most suitable site for the construction and installation of the necessary equipment.
  33. HR Management at British Airways: The Hardest Times of the History of Airlines Industry
    In 2008, tremendously raising of oil price and the shock of global credit crush has seriously injured the national flag carrier of Great Britain and now British Airways has shown success to overcome from the […]
  34. Apple Human Resources and Knowledge Management Strategies
    The human resources management department at Apple has the role of ensuring that the company has the right number of people with appropriate knowledge to drive the organisation to the next higher level.
  35. Human Resources Management in the Children Medical Research Institute
    In order for a Human Resource administrator to prop up employees adequately as well as to be able to deal with attitude or performance trouble, they must initially have a perception of the reason that […]
  36. IBM HR Strategies in Talent Management
    However, to achieve the current popularity and success that the company is enjoying, IBM has come up with and implemented a number of strategies in its operations.
  37. Starbucks High HR Commitment Practices
    To increase the performance of employees, managers increase wages to match the performance of employees. After the selection process, the company trains the employees to acquire skills relevant to the activities of the company.
  38. Four Seasons Human Resources and Employee Development
    On the other hand, the second category according to the definition postulated by the same Burbach and Royle view employee development to be the creation of a huge talent pool which ensures that there is […]
  39. Strategic Significance of HR
    To maintain a competitive edge and improve organizational performance, new set of priorities should the center of attention for HR professionals.
  40. The Effect of Implementing a HR Planning Process
    Since a lot of factors may contribute to the broad organisational impact of training, this dissertation will only dwell on the effect of planning for training on the actual training process.
  41. Adult Learning and Motivation in the Human Resources Setting
    One of the areas of adult education that is of great relevance is adult learning and motivation in the human resource setting.
  42. Managing HR in International Businesses
    To oversee the foreign operation, the CEO is to gain the reports that reflect the work of the manager and the whole department.
  43. HR Practices: Abu Dhabi Education Council
    Drawing from the discussion and analysis, it is evident that the organization is yet to benefit from available HR practices due to challenges in implementation, misalignment between the HR practices and the organization’s overall goals […]
  44. Functions of Human Resources Management: More Complex Management of People in Global Organizations
    The main objective of this essay is to understand the leadership requirements in organisations by looking at the way the managers spend their time in the handling of human resources.
  45. Strategic Human Resources Management and Changes in Work Environments
    Human resource as a department and the focus of this essay is considered as the lifeblood of the organization. In addition, it will augment the behaviour and performance of an employee.
  46. HR Management: Riyad Bank
    In this respect, Riyad bank has strategized a number of trainings and workshops that the employees have to attend in the course of their employment in the bank.
  47. Management Performance System: Human Resources
    The purpose of the performance benchmarks in an organisation is to evaluate the workmanship of employees within the organisation by looking at certain aspects of the employees’ performance.
  48. Occupational Health: Safety and Human Resources Law
    Providing important facets of the case, Mendelson, discussed important matters concerning the employer’s negligence and circumstances leading to reasonable ‘Foreseeability’ in the case of ‘psychiatric injuries’ in the workplace.
  49. How HR Approaches Match Up With the Strategic Initiatives
    The HR, being charged with the roles of maintaining employees’ discipline as prescribed by the HR approaches, matches with the strategic decision of an organization to apply diversity to enhance the success by treating any […]
  50. HR, Communication, and Integration Management
    Through discussion of the case of the Victorian desalination project, the paper applauds and associates success of the project to the creation of a teamwork culture amid the varying diversity differences of all personnel charged […]
  51. Organizational Behavior – HR Practices
    In the article “The value of human resource management for organizational performance”, the authors dwell on performance of an organization as greatly influenced by the organization of its human resources department.
  52. Emotional Intelligence in HR
    The high scores recorded in the rise of IQ are because of the changing trend in evaluation taking a turn from strictly intellectual testing to testing of competence in the light of psychological statuses gauging […]
  53. Human Resources Management: The Key to Strategic Success
    Human resource management entails the recruitment, selection, training, and development of the body of people that make up an organization in any sector of the economy.
  54. Signal and Noise HR Technology
    Going forward, the company needs to ensure that the human resource management system has proper inputs and parameters to work with to ensure that telecommuting and the use of web 2.
  55. Strategic Human Resources in the Current Highly Dynamic Work Environment
    After defining the desired career destination, the next important step is to identify the personal strengths and weaknesses that may have an impact in one’s life journey.
  56. Toyota Motor: The Role of Line Managers in Delivering HR Practices
    Objectives of the Proposal The purpose of this proposal is to evaluate the delivery of HRM in TMC and the role of line managers in execution of HR responsibilities.
  57. BOS Solutions: HR Solution
    The aim of the new ERP and the new Applicant Tracking System is to streamline the HR processes so that executives can focus on employees’ development and productivity rather manually tracking, filing and shuffling their […]
  58. Importance of Human Resources in Modern World of Severe Rivalry
    First of all, it is obvious that the main purpose of human resource management is to align effective work of a company which will bring great benefits, by interfering in all spheres of its work.
  59. HR Approach in Recruiting Senior Managers
    With regard to succession plan, a HR manager should ensure that new employees are recruited based on their experiences in the fields where they would be working.
  60. Strategic HR Practices in Emirates Airlines
    This approach encourages employees to take the initiative to improve their own performance in the firm. Managers inform employees about specific changes that are implemented in the firm and how they conform to its long […]

💡 Most Interesting HR Topics to Write about

  1. How Netflix Reinvented HR Case Study
    The fourth focus of the company was to create a business-oriented company culture that allowed all its employees to understand the business model, goals, and mission of the company.
  2. Human Resources Professionals Associations: The Advancement of HR Skills and Knowledge
    In addition, the CIPD has a Professional Map that shows what human resource managers do and deliver in all facets of the HR profession and offers full details of the underlining behaviors, skills and knowledge […]
  3. The Strategy of ‘Localizing’ HR Practices from the Perspective of Multinational Corporation
    When it comes to the issue of local employees, they are able to connect to the market and have deeper analysis of the situation on the ground; this facilitates making of market effective decisions and […]
  4. Managing HR in a Global Environment
    The aim of this paper is to explore the international HR strategy of China. The traditional development partners such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are difficult to work with in comparison […]
  5. Crisis Breakdown: International HR Manager Role
    In this context, it is the mandate of IHR manager to ensure that he or she sources cheap and competent labour that will help in propelling the productivity of the concerned MNCs.
  6. Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work Life, Profits
    The employer can look at the rates paid by other employers and use this as a base for the compensation plan.
  7. Advantages of Joining an HR Professional Association
    In this case the point of concern will particularly be the importance of joining a human resources professional association and the implications to the person joining.
  8. Human Resources in the Healthcare Sector: A Profit-Based Organizations
    The management of human resources in the healthcare sector plays a very crucial role in ensuring that the sector meets the expectations of the public.
  9. Recording and Analysing Data in HR
    In an organization, employee data is collected as a part of HR data. In an organization, payroll data is a constituent of HR data.
  10. Analyzing Data in HR and Presenting Findings to Make Decisions in Crown Prince Court
    The organization also seeks to foster the interaction between the Prince and the residents of the United Arab Emirates by means of general correspondence.
  11. Can HR Make a Strategic Contribution in Volkswagen India?
    For the purposes of this report, the definition of strategic HR is the activities undertaken to secure the future of a company or to give it competitive advantage.
  12. Setting up a Human Resources Department in the Conditions of Growth of the Company
    Considering the fact that the company was a state and federal subcontractor, the need for reporting really increased. This would ensure that the company was in compliance to the labor laws and that all reports […]
  13. Stress Management and Work Performance in the UK
    The goal of the study is to establish the relationship between stress management and work performance and the best approach to manage stress to meet organizational goals.
  14. Human Resources Training Class and Difficulties in Interactions and Communications
    The five factors which are traditionally discussed as influential for the development of a needs assessment are the necessity to select the most appropriate training program for the new employees; the necessity to contribute to […]
  15. Remaining Competitive: Zappos and Its HR Practices
    It is likely that they could copy the same focus that Zappos has towards its employees and customers resulting in lower sales for the company due to increased online competition.
  16. HR and Labor Relations: Unionization in Ensuring Employee Rights and Welfare
    To get the revenue required to cover the huge wage bill, the government may resort to levying high taxes on the income of the people and on the essential commodities.
  17. Management of Human Resources: Sound Recruitment and Selection Systems
    The authors discuss the importance of reward systems in regard to persuading, and influencing workers to support the goals and objectives of organizations.
  18. Strategic Role of Human Resources and Promoting Effective Teamwork in the Workplace
    As the team leader, I had to ensure teamwork and cooperation among the players in order to enhance the team’s performance.
  19. Human Resources at Disneyland: Experience of a Large International Company
    Companies participate in the exploration phase by gaining awareness of the need to change. Managers in the company need to foster participation in the creation of project plans.
  20. Human Resources Recruitment Strategies in the Education Sector
    Additionally, a kindergarten teacher should be someone gentle to the kids – this is crucial because if the teacher is too harsh towards the kids, it will be difficult for him/her to establish a friendship […]
  21. Human Resources Management and Entrepreneurship
    The company management provides the employees with the freedom to implement their innovative ideas within the company irrespective of the prevailing risks.
  22. Ferco Company’s Quality, Safety, and Human Resources
    The experts in the department interpret the production drawings and rectify the inaccuracies, including the geometry verification of the drawing and supplying the same to the personnel.
  23. Saudization: Human Resources Political Strategy
    Nowadays, according to the new policy of Saudization, every company has to create a list of requirements that have to be met by each worker:
  24. HR’s Future and Effective Organizations
    Considered as a driver to the success of the organization, the HR profession covers both diversity and leadership aspects of success that varies considerably in all the levels of the organization.
  25. HR Management: Legal Selection and Recruitment
    The reason why human resource education is important is that human capital is the most basic asset of any organization and its success is dependent on the motivation and zeal of employees to achieve set […]
  26. Impact of Psychological Contracting on Relations With HR
    It is also important to point out that a psychological contract is often perceived as a “two-way exchange between the individual employee and the organization”; it is affected both by the actions of the employer […]
  27. Effective Business Planning: HR and Data Management
    One of the most valuable reasons to promote the participation of HR in the business planning is the relation between the construction of executable plan and consideration of the special skills and knowledge possessed by […]
  28. Human Resources Information Analysing and Using
    Employees are also aware of the way their data can be used at the organization. Under this act, employees have the right to obtain information and consultations on a variety of issues.
  29. XYZ Construction LLC: HR Management
    To achieve the best results in its operations, it is necessary to restructure the HR department in order to come up with an effective HR unit that can cope with the developments that the firm […]
  30. Law Firm HR Director Choosing
    In this paper, the selection of the worker for the position of the HR director in the law firm, Nairduwel, Inoalot, and Imslo, is sustained.
  31. Human Resources at the School District of Philadelphia
    This approach will enable the district to improve the relationships it has with teachers and other employees to improve the quality of education, which is offered in different public schools.
  32. HR Management Practices: ABC Inc.
    In as much as ABC is determined to solve the issues arising in the case study, it is required to equip the human resource staff with a comprehensive outline of the hiring process as well […]
  33. Earthquakes Effect on New Zealand HR Management
    Similarly, the occurrence of the incident led to the loss of lives that had the potential of promoting most businesses into great heights.
  34. The Prime Healthcare Group: Applied HR Policies
    These two aspects of the service delivery model of the Prime Healthcare Group demonstrate its mastery of the value discipline of product leadership.
  35. Recruitment and Selection: HR Competency Models
    The paper analyzes the use of competency models by HR professionals within SHUUA Capital, in the UAE. In addition, an organization could assess the capabilities of an individual by testing him or her on specific […]
  36. Human Resources for the Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health
    Woods commented that there were two major problems in the hiring process, which included failing to hire the right person for the job and the costs of advertising the vacancy.
  37. Healthcare Management and Human Resources
    This career is not only helpful in the development of the health sector but also in the economic development of the country.
  38. Future Trends and Challenges in HR Management
    In the future, HR professionals are likely to embrace a scenario where they will have to deliver sustainable value for the organization in terms of achieving top-line growth and bottom-line profitability rather than focus on […]
  39. HR Management: Ethical and Diversity Issues
    Despite the existence of differences in a work environment with regard to remuneration, human resource managers should explain to the other employees the ethical reasons upon which the differences are based.
  40. HR Management: Reward System in the Workplace
    It is common for organizations to use rewards as motivators for their employees; however, to ensure that rewards are being used effectively, employers should ensure that employees are not deceitful in order to attain the […]
  41. HR Managers Challenges: Recruiting Expatriates
    It is possible to note that, when it comes to training concerning the use of some machinery, software, tools and so on, expatriates can be very effective irrespective of their cultural competence, so-to-speak.
  42. Corporate Social Responsibility and HR Connection
    The culture is created and spread by people, and the human resource department is responsible for the people who work for the company.
  43. Wang Tea Company’s Human Resources Plan
    The paper targets an elaborate description of the Wang Tea business conception as well as explores the specifications of ready to drink tea marketing in the USA. The Wang Tea industry in the USA is […]
  44. Dubai Government Human Resources Department
    It would be expected of a human resource department management to realize the importance of human resources and the potential of the ideas that they can provide; however, I have noticed that initiative is not […]
  45. Employee Development and the Role of HR in It
    To promote the career development of an employee, a mentor and a career organization could help an employee develop the behavioral patterns that will assist the staff member in question to integrate into the workplace […]
  46. HR Reward Management: Royal Bank of Scotland
    This map will simplify the process of identifying what the firm has in its current portfolio and the approach in which it is offered.
  47. Strand Housing Company: HR Reward Management
    It is the process that determines the ranking of different jobs in the hierarchy of the organization. The hierarchy of jobs and different tasks in the organization is obtained through the process of job assessment.
  48. Human Resources Executive Interview: A Viable Human Resource Strategy
    By identifying the current trends and addressing the benefits and the drawbacks of the policy implemented by the organization, one is likely to locate the patterns in the contemporary HR tools development, the problem areas […]
  49. Business Research: Management, HR and Marketing
    The main research question therefore in this article will be; what is the definition of marketing? The theory and empirical research that is presented in the article seeks to suggest that a new school of […]
  50. Human Resources Management Negotiation
    One of the first things I did was to find common ground with the HR manager by accepting that a drug testing policy was required for the company considering the nature of the industry.
  51. Healthcare HR Planning and Employee Relations
    For instance, the workforce can refer to the employment contract in case of the illegal actions of the management and its unlawful termination.
  52. Starbucks’ Human Resources Processes and Policies
    While recruitment is aimed to attract applicants, the process of hiring has to start with determining and selecting which candidates have the best characteristics.
  53. Longxiang Building Material Co.’s Human Resources
    As the company is looking to expand and reach out to the markets outside of China within the next 5 years, it subsequently faces a challenge that every Chinese company has to face the problem […]
  54. Taiwanese Multinationals’ Human Resources in the UK
    One of the key variables in the transfer of practices is the institutional distance, the difference in the country’s institutional profile between the country of origin and the country of operation.
  55. Human Resources Data Collection and Storage
    That must be done for a number of reasons, starting with the need to manage workers and communicate with them and ending with various legislations that force companies to do so. The HR department needs […]
  56. Saudi Arabian Mining Company’s Human Resources
    Initially, the company focused on gold mining, but it has expanded its scope to cover aluminum, phosphate, and other industrial minerals.”To be a world-class minerals enterprise” “Champion the responsible development of the mining sector as […]
  57. The CIPD Map and Human Resources Professionalism
    As such, HR professionalism implies the ability of employees to offer value to the shareholders of the organization in an ethical manner by considering the outcome of their actions to the society.
  58. Employee Engagement: Important Issue in HR Studies
    Importantly, workforce engagement leads to greater rates of employee satisfaction, for the workers who feel energetic, vigorous, confident, and interested in their tasks will have higher rates of satisfaction with their job.
  59. Parallel HR Solutions Company’s Poor Communication
    Their best practices include research in the needs of the customer, quick reaction to feedback, good communication with the client, confidentiality, following up on commitments, and empowerment of the workforce. This review shows an example […]
  60. Resourcing Talent in Human Resources and the Current Supply Versus Demand for a Certain Skill in the Labor Market
    In the case of high demand and a low supply of talent, an organization is compelled to seek ways to attract the right candidates.

✅ Simple & Easy HR Essay Topics

  1. Human Resources Information Usage and Analysis
    Acquiring and retaining different types of data about employees is an integral and essential part of a company’s function. Academic record and degrees; Although an employee’s academic record does not guarantee performance in the workplace, […]
  2. Colorado Community College System: HR Department
    The results of the program that was first implemented at Pueblo Community College and at the system office of CCCS showed the decrease in leave time abuse, the elimination of the equivalent of one full-time […]
  3. Al-Futtaim Logistics Company HR Manager Interview
    The prestige of being employed by Al-Futtaim is one motivator and we are able to attract the right people for the jobs we have in the company.
  4. The Influence of HR on Mergers and Acquisitions
    One of the reasons I agree with the premise is the fact that it is the responsibility of HR to scout for potential companies to take over or to merge.
  5. Apple and Samsung Companies: HR Practices
    The company identifies and attracts competent individuals who can revolutionize the world through the provision of premium products. Student programs encourage students to be part of the company and achieve their aims.
  6. Hofstede’s Dimensions Impact on the HR Program
    In case it is high, an HR program should prepare a solid base and explain people the main goals for them to participate in it and to enjoy.
  7. Greenway Hotels: Cultural Differences and HR Practices
    As the company plans to use their staff from the UK to manage the business in Germany, where they plan to open new hotels, it is necessary for the company to understand the cultural differences […]
  8. The Joint Commission: Human Resources Policies
    Although the significance of medications and procedures applied in the course of treatment is hard to overestimate, effective communication and trusting relationships established between the patient and the care provider is none the less significant […]
  9. Bossini International Holdings Ltd.’s Human Resources
    The interviewee has been undertaking the most appropriate activities to support the needs of different workers in the organization. He was always liaising with different stakeholders in order to acquire new ideas that can support […]
  10. Bossini International Holdings Limited: HR Manager Interview
    In the first place, one of the topics covered is the influence of global economics and trends on the operations of the enterprise and the sphere of HR.”Bossini operates internationally, and it opens new opportunities […]
  11. Employee Experience and New Human Resources Model
    The main idea that is being promoted in the 2018 article Strategically Create the Employee Experience: Redefining the HR Operating Model is that the time has come for the conventional paradigm of Human Resources to […]
  12. Chicago Food and Beverage Company: Human Resources
    This is the case because the targeted workers should be empowered and guided to pursue their roles diligently. This model also guides companies to balance the salaries of their expatriates.
  13. Human Resources Management Methods and Planning
    Some benefits that the companies attribute to the telecommuting are as under: With the extensive use of telecommuting, there will be less use of vehicles like automobiles, buses, trains, and aircraft as a result, less […]
  14. Psychometric Tests in Human Resources Management
    Psychometric tests are useful in the management of human resources to the extent that they are used for hiring and recruitment, job analysis, job satisfaction assessment, performance appraisal, team building, training and development, and turnover […]
  15. US Army’s Human Resources and Knowledge Management
    Assessment of the effectiveness of organizing functions of managing human resources of the US Army has accepted the Army Leadership Program long ago.
  16. Ethical and Human Resources Issues: Thomas Green Case
    In my view, if the stern action taken by Frank against Green is purely based on the fact that Green was promoted to his current position by the company vice president then this is not […]
  17. Soap Producers and Distributors Ltd: Human Resources
    When the management of the company customizes the benefit program to fit the individual needs of employees, the problems of high employee turnover, frequent employee complaints, and the frequent need to undertake costly recruitment programs […]
  18. Organizational Behavior: Leading Human Resources
    The case under analysis turns out to be both private and public because it grounds on the personal attitude of certain people to the situation and influences the general development of the company, its growth, […]
  19. Labor Market: HR to the Fore as Business Hit Reset
    In the article under analysis, the current macroeconomic situation and the labor market in GCC countries is characterized by several changes that cannot be understood by huge and small organizations.
  20. Bettie Page Clothing Company: Activity and HR Management
    It is possible to agree with the conclusions of the NLRB and the court about the illegal actions of the Bettie Page Clothing Company in relation to three employees who discussed the aspects of the […]
  21. The New Dubai Shopping Mall: Marketing and Human Resources
    When formulating policies, the employees who are always in the field are needed to help inform the top management about the current situation in the market and the changing tastes of the customers.
  22. Necessary Qualities in HR Profession
    Basically, it seeks to establish the proper character traits of an HR professional together with selection methods for successful identification of success traits for an HR director.
  23. The Financial Industry and HR Management
    Therefore, the shortage of these groups of employees is set to affect the operations of BOA and other financial institutions in the future.
  24. Emirates Group’s Human Resources Compensation and Benefits
    As the name suggests, the Compensation team provides compensations and benefits to the firm’s staff and supervises the management of HR strategies within the context of the organization.
  25. Managing Human Resources in Mergers and Acquisitions
    When acquiring companies, it is very important to optimize the resources of the two parties, that is, to assess the person and understand what resources will create the optimal structure of the merged company.
  26. Privacy, Social Media and Human Resources
    Thus, I can make some assumptions about the potential of my web content to affect the likelihood of being rejected a good position in a company of my dreams.
  27. Setting up an HR Department
    The leader can consider the financial position of the company and decide the number of workers it will be able to afford.
  28. HR Data Analytics at Google Inc.
    One of Google’s approaches is collecting information about the effectiveness of the reward system promoted to retain and stimulate the activities of subordinates.
  29. Key Business Issues and the Contexts of Human Resources Management
    It is assumed that the most optimal national economic programme is the creation of flexible and dynamic markets of labour, goods and capital able to quickly and effectively adapt to the changing environment, reflected in […]
  30. Talent Management in Adidas: HR Training Programme
    As an object of review, the HR sector of the international Adidas corporation will be considered, and the analysis of this organisation’s activities will be carried out in the framework of talent management as an […]
  31. Strategic HR Management: An Effective Professional
    The map also identifies other factors that an effective HR professional should not ignore as they seek to achieve personal and professional growth.
  32. Human Resources Management System and Organisational Performance
    The authors cite seminal works in the field to explain the background of the study and provide a comprehensive review of the material.
  33. HR in Event Management: Role of Volunteers
    Kim and Cuskelly assume that the key purpose of the volunteers is to accompany the athletes, referees and guests of the championship, assist them in hotels, the airport and arena.
  34. Organizaional Marketing as a Method of Cooperation With Human Resources
    The goal of OD is the elaboration and achievement of positive changes in the company through the methods of business psychology, which affects the growth of the company’s profitability, the performance of management systems, and […]
  35. Human Resources Management Perspective at the Turn of the Century
    Furthermore, the book “Insecurity and Work Intensification”, which is devoted to the insecurity of the job nowadays, takes us to the conclusion, that the importance of the job agreement, as the main indicator of job […]
  36. Farmers Exchange Bank’s Strategic Human Resources
    Every employee of the bank is bounded to maintain the secrecy of the customers. This principle of the bank has greatly contributed to the success of the firm and increased the profitability of the business.
  37. A Perspective on the Piece of Human Resources
    It’s also a process where an individual controls a group of individuals to attain a common goal (Michel & Jacuis, 1975.due to lack of enough authority leaders in Singaporean association face problems of deficiency in […]
  38. T-Mobile: HR Overview, Critique, Recommendations
    Despite all the achievements and despite being in the ranks of the best companies, T-Mobile is not going to stop at the achievement.
  39. Permanent HR Manager or Temporary Manager
    The purpose of this report is to assist the BOT with the important decision of whether to include the HR Manager in the downsizing of the HR department beginning January 2009 or hire a temporary […]
  40. Human Resources in the Automotive Industry
    Globally, the evaluation of organizing functions of management of large industries such as the automobile industry is critical to ensure the effective and efficient use of human resources and technology.
  41. Human Resources Management in China: The Contemporary Period
    The country’s potential traditionally depends on a set of characteristics that include, first of all, a set of governmental policies on economic growth, the approach to arrangement of education and training, employment and working conditions, […]
  42. The Research on the Human Resources Management Competencies
    Finally the conclusion has been given for the report “Human Resource Management is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment of, management of, and providing direction for the people who work in the […]
  43. Becton Dickinson: Recommendations to Improve HR Functions
    In order to improve the strategic orientation of the HR department, some serious changes need to be made in its functioning. This needs to change and the HR needs to be more proactive in implementing […]
  44. HR Manager: Strategic Partner in Today’s Organisations
    The possible reasons for this evolution of the role of HR managers were explored in the Introduction, with the succeeding section describing the key roles of the HR manager based on five activities workforce planning, […]
  45. Human Resources Priority Application in Terms of Financial Problems
    As the ultimate aim of all companies is to survive in the market no matter what it takes, and to satisfy its stakeholders so they keep investing in the company and keep it from facing […]
  46. Multicultural Teams and Trends in Global HR Management
    The HR professionals will need therefore to learn the global economic market and the international labor laws as they combine the needs of the whole organization and those of the local country.
  47. Job Evaluation: Interview with an HR Assistant
    The purpose of our meeting was to gather information on job evaluation within their organization.Ms. Reeds also pointed out that job evaluation is performed to provide general guidelines in structuring the compensation scheme vis-a-vis the […]
  48. Human Resources: Retrenchment of Workers in a Company
    The second step that should be applied in this process is the involvement of the workers and the company’s union of workers, in weighing the skills and knowledge of the existing employees.
  49. Compensation and Benefits Challenges in HR Practices
    Meanwhile, the effect of the compensation and benefits remain the major topic of scholar discussion, as, although the non-financial leverages affect the loyalty and productivity even more, their implementation can sufficiently result in the employees’ […]
  50. Management of HR Talent and Teams: Psychological-Contract Perspective
    Thus, the study provides the detailed examination of the application of psychological contract theory in the talent management and the authors’ contribution to the theoretical knowledge of the issue opens further possibilities for the research […]
  51. HR Department Steps to Provide Health Information: Tuberculosis
    The first step, or lecturing, should include the causes and conditions for the occurrence of pulmonary diseases with the emphasis on tuberculosis, as well as the results and consequences of treatment.
  52. Mountain Lodge Resort: Effective HR Solutions
    Employee proficiency and engagement are among the most significant factors of business success in the hospitality industry. The satisfaction of customers and their desire to revisit the site depends on the efficient recruitment and staff management. In the presented case, this thesis is confirmed by the decline in seasonal profits of the resort and an […]
  53. Job Evaluation of the HR Manager: Performance, Safety, and Professional Development
    Experience is usually the primary criterion for selecting a candidate as it relieves the employer of educating the new employee. Ability is the fitness of the person to perform the job, meaning talent or a […]
  54. Written Human Resources Policy: Recognize and Address Employees’ Needs
    All in all, I consider that my company is to establish written policies that reveal employee rotation plans because it is the best way for the management to ensure that the staff will not face […]
  55. Emirates Airline HR Department: Leadership and Its Effect
    The aim of this research paper is to identify leadership styles and their effect on the performance of employees at the human resource department at the Emirates Airline.
  56. Healthcare in the USA: Human Resources Challenges
    When organizations are able to retain their employees, they not only benefit from the lack of the need to continuously train new employees but the employees are also able to establish healthy relationships with the […]
  57. Analyze HR System, Systems Analysis and Design in a Changing World
    The rapid change of the research environment requires organizations to adopt flexible information=gathering techniques to meet both the research environment changes and the specific needs of the organizations.

❓ HR Essay Questions

  1. Does Cloud Computing Impact Corporate HR Practices?
  2. What Are HR Functions in Indigenous Companies?
  3. Are There Barriers to Implementing Green HR Practices?
  4. What Are the Key Environmental Forces That Have an Impact on HR Functions?
  5. How Can Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning Be Used to Improve HR Management Systems and Practice?
  6. What Human Resource Skills Are Most in Demand?
  7. Why Is the Human Resource Team at Google Efficient?
  8. What Are the Differences Between Personnel Management and HR Management?
  9. Do Macro-Environmental Issues Affect HR Practices?
  10. What Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviors Are Required to Be Effective in HR?
  11. Why Are HR Policies and Practices Important in the Development of Company Cultures?
  12. How Does Social Media Affect HR Practices in Recruitment?
  13. What Factors Affect the Efficiency of HR Management?
  14. Can Positive Intelligence Help an HR Professional?
  15. What Is the Biggest Challenge in HR?
  16. How Do Managers Use HR Practices to Meet Multiple Goals?
  17. What Is the Difference Between the Traditional Approach and Contemporary Approach to HR?
  18. Why Does the Role and Status of HR Vary so Much Between Organizations?
  19. What Are All the HR Policies and Procedures to Be Formulated in a Company?
  20. How Does Culture Affect HR Policies?
  21. Do Cultural Differences Affect International Human Resource Operations?
  22. What Are the Most Important HR Issues for Contemporary Organizations?
  23. How Does Environment Affect the HR Policies of the Company?
  24. What Data Does the HR Management Process Use?
  25. Have Human Resource Practices Changed the Image and Appearances of Organizations?
  26. What Are the Major Human Resource Activities?
  27. How Does Human Resource Planning Contribute to Achieving Goals?
  28. Why Is Human Resource Planning an Essential Activity for Organizations?
  29. What Are the Main Factors That Influence the HR Philosophy in the Organization?
  30. Which Industry Is Best for Human Resource?

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