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Human Resources at Disneyland Research Paper

Challenges of managing a large, global team of employees

Managing over one thousand cast members is a challenge for Disney Report Paris because of discordant pay. Workers from one part of the world may have to relocate to a different region.

They could object to payments received in target countries. Likewise, cast members in, say China, may object to pay differences between themselves and employees in the US. Unionization can compound this problem as unions would be quick to identify those differences.

It is sometimes difficult for human resource personnel to understand the rules of administration in one particular country. Therefore, managers may make mistakes that could cost the company thousands of dollars.

A case in point was the issue of payroll back pay encountered in Japan during the month of January 2010. Investigations revealed that Disney’s human resource personnel were not aware of company policies concerning off-clock work.

It was for this reason that the firm had to pay $433,000 for back wages. Ignorance about company policies is bound to arise in such large firms.

Disney Resort Paris hires cast members instead of typical employees (Jackson et. al., 236). Their aim is to hire persons with personalities that suit the organization’s culture. It takes a rigorous process to get the right individuals.

This consumes resources within the company especially in the global context. Sometimes, certain cast member expectations may not be in tandem with the cultural factors prevailing in that target country.

Even other human resource practices in the organization may not match those of another country. Japanese employees have a collectivist culture, in which individuals expect their organizations to take care of them by offering lifetime employment.

Conversely, western workers are individualistic and do not exhibit much company loyalty. Human resource managers must alter their practices in order to accommodate these cultural differences.

Economic factors also affect the implementation of HR because economic models shape human resource practices. In countries where economic liberalism applies, human resource practices may be such that they prioritize productivity concerns over staff welfare. Therefore, staff cuts may be more palatable in these environments.

Conversely, in countries with socialist economic models, HR personnel may sacrifice efficiency at work for consistent employment. Disney Resort deals with these differences perpetually. It must try to find a middle ground where it prioritizes both economic needs and welfare concerns.

Management model for retrenchment program

The planned changed model would be quite suitable to the management of change during and after retrenchment of staff. The first aspect of this model is the exploration phase. Companies participate in the exploration phase by gaining awareness of the need to change.

They need to establish the need for external assistance and where to get this assistance. The second phase in the model is the planning component. At this point, one must gather information in order to rectify problems in the organization.

Change goals as well as action plans are critical at this stage. Disney Resort is under recession, it needs to let go of ten percent of its employees. It needs to explore new job descriptions, training opportunities as well as communication strategies.

Effective organizations must have an action phase in which they implement what they had planned in subsequent phases. Arrangements are necessary in order to see the fruition of results. Additionally, the process must also include evaluation of action steps.

These may include provision of feedback. The latter step is critical in preventing missteps in the future. Disney Paris’ action plan will consist of the firing of workers. It also involves creation of new job descriptions, schedules and communication of this information.

The final phase is integration where the company stabilizes changes through an integral program. This phase is designed to eliminate the need for additional support for change activities in a company.

Administrators reinforce new behavior through adequate communication, establishment of reward systems and the use of feedback. Managers must seek ways for improving their outcomes continually and training their employees to measure these changes and determine ways of developing.

Disney Paris may encounter resistance during the implementation and integration phase. Managers can deal with this problem by opening communication channels between themselves and employees. Constant communication on the need to change and how it will occur can dissipate mistrust of the organizations.

It is likely that many of them will oppose the need to do extra work for the same pay. Managers in the company need to foster participation in the creation of project plans. The organization needs to garner buy-in from these individuals by making them part of their long term strategy.

They ought to work on morale by providing strong development plans. Managers must also assure employees of the value that they bring into Disney Paris Resort. The latter components will be part of the integration phase.

Major management challenges in Disney’s future

International expansion for the organization might present certain unique challenges. The organization is likely to face different communication systems. These differences between structures and tools for business may lead to confusion and data discrepancies.

Therefore, the organization will need to establish systems that take into account different data formats as well as languages. Their systems must also make room for differentials in currencies. Some countries may be unenthusiastic about the use of technology, and this could create gaps in communication.

Disney can overcome these inconsistencies by conveying its expectations to foreign partners in those countries. It needs to follow a transparent method of business communication. Furthermore, infrastructural set ups may be necessary in target countries.

Competition from several other global players may also put excessive pressure on Disney. Different organizations in the US are eyeing the international market. It is likely that they may target countries that Disney has also selected.

This organization could deal with such pressure by carrying out its processes in a cost effective way. Such an approach would allow them to offer seamless services at affordable prices. Eventually, many of them may become more competitive.

Global expansion may also present cultural challenges to the organization. The company may be experiencing these clashes today, but further expansion may increase them. Disney will need to prepare for intense cross cultural work.

It needs to create diverse cross border teams in its current establishments. Furthermore, it should build trust between these groups so that they can learn to work with even more divergent members.

Cross border teams tend to be creative and would provide the company with immense opportunities to improve. Issues of reduced performance in these target countries are unlikely to arise if Disney prepares beforehand.

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