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Skills and experiences Reflective Essay

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Skills and experiences play vital roles during recognition and determination of the best workers. The modern world is competitive and requires people who are motivated when working to facilitate high achievements in life. Consequently, learners must be accurate and precise about the knowledge they possess in regard to various issues. Personal evaluation could exemplify the strategies suited for determining this preciseness and accuracy.

Apparently, personal reflection allows me to distinguish between the ideas I have from those that I need to learn. This essay will review the assessment aiming at revealing the skills I have attained from my educational activities. In a bid to perform this task, I will lay each argument according to a personal reflection before discussing other attributes of the subject topics.

Workplace Health and Safety, and PPE

Personal Reflection

Apparently, I have identified that participative management style establishes assertiveness in working environment. This interactive style allows employee to appreciate the work and feel motivated to fight all working challenges (Muir 1996). Precisely, the negative attitude driven against the management is transformed to a system of delivering ideas to the management and helping the management to solve issues.

Unlike most directive and authoritative management techniques, participative technique does not assume the employees versus the management stigma. Instead, it develops a harmonized system where employees work together with the management. Essentially, my perspective argues that authoritative style is inappropriate, less productive and mean to the employees.

Consequently, managers ought to take the role of motivating employees and showing them how much they appreciate good performances in work. They need to change their models of management which serve as constraint to motivation. Interaction between the managers and employees boosts motivation. Consequently, I would like to address the strategies of socialization at workplace through studies and practices during work.

Topical Discussion

Managers control and evaluate the advancements attained from workplace through gaining access to employees trust (Vanderheijden & Verhagen 2004). Basically, employees do not relay sensitive information to managers who are not open and sociable. Logically, expression of workers to their bosses depends on how they relate.

Managers appreciate the loyal employees and reward the best performers to facilitate the success of their motivational role. In regard to Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), managers set high health standards to be followed by the employees. Therefore, they act as the pacesetters and the directors who tell people how an organization operates.

McCloskey (2008) identified that workers follow practices that are acceptable to their managers. McCloskey argued that the surest way for workers to please managers is by acting in accordance to their directions. Additionally, managers are responsible of organizing health back up, placing health meeting, addressing health issues and fixing WHS in team planning.

However, managers’ operations are not always successful or unchallenged in the construction sites. First, large construction sites cannot receive close supervision from the managers. Consequently, employees who are arrogant on safety issues could pose threats to other people. Secondly, communication is not efficient due to noise and lack of accessible information that could be retrieved from the employees.

Additionally, efficient and appropriate equipments for construction are limited or unavailable. However, it is possible to nullify these challenges by hiring many supervisors and adopting radio communications between the managers and supervisors. In fact, communication could be facilitated through writing and sending text which factors out the effects of noise.

Otherwise, equipments producing little noise could be used to perfect the communication strategies. Resources should be accounted for during the initial budget of arranging the construction. Therefore, proper planning and budgeting could remove the effects caused by lack of sufficient equipment (Danzon & Viscusi 1983).

Proper designing and use of quality standards are vital in ensuring the safety of both employees and the public. According to Danzon and Viscusi (1983), unprofessional building strategies cause twenty three percent of the total deaths during construction.

They identified that the problems arise due positioning of the building, poor mixing of building materials, use of weak strengthening metals, and lack of qualified personnel to direct the construction. Essentially, the buildings collapse when residents or workers are in the building. In other cases, the exposure of the building sites give the public a right to pass through without considering the risks of falling items from upper floors.

When a construction site is exposed, workers and other people do not distinguish between the points that are risky to stay. However, creating boundaries could help every person to identify the risky construction site from other areas in the field. For instance, constructions at Jordan springs ought to consider creating these boundaries to warrant safety of worker and other people.

In regard to professionalism, Jordan Springs must hire qualified and experienced personnel to ensure secure buildings. This must consider all workers, supervisors, architects and managers participating in the constructing. Moreover, construction materials must be of high quality to prevent weaknesses in buildings.


Personal Reflection

Desires have an attribute that motivates a people to fulfil their goals. My aspirations have never been further from becoming an engineer who could make new inventions in the world. After completing my high school education, I knew that the journey to achieve my ultimate goals was coming close.

Therefore, I made the fastest step to join the University of Western Sydney (UWS) which was close and offered the degree of my choice under quality standards. Apparently, I knew that attending this university was effective due to the short distance from home. Moreover, engineers arising from this university have aroused fame depicted by their achievements.

In fact, I visited an engineer from this university to seek advice about the engineering course. He encouraged me and facilitated my final decision. However, challenges of adapting to the new environment and different mode of leadership.

Writing note during lectures and attending classes punctually were among the many problems that demanded adaptation. However, after attending classes late and skipping notes for approximately one month, I adapted to the system and continued my course.

Topical Discussion

Marketing facilitates the dispersion of information to call upon people who could be interested something (Danny 2005). The previous paragraph has described how achievements of engineers from UWS influenced my choice of university and course. This approves the idea that quality building and high appreciation of the Jordan springs plot value could trigger investors into selecting the area.

Apart from advertising, spread of information through customer based appreciation is vital and productive. These strategies could call investors into Jordan spring to facilitate growth of businesses and raise the economy of the country.

Additionally, basic services and products required by the residents are offered by the investors. Moreover, the construction industry markets its qualified personnel and shows their achievement through marketing.

This attribute enables architects, managers, and engineers to receive international jobs that bring foreign income to Australia. Also, new skills are introduced into the country when foreign investors bring international experts dealing wing construction and management.

Apart from the investor, the construction industry must apply marketing strategies to facilitate buying or hiring of the buildings and plots (London & Hart 2004). In fact, marketing allows new estates to establish by informing buyers to occupy the houses. If the buildings are recommended by industries and stakeholders, such projects could be given to the distinguished construction industry.

Popularity of the industry increases the chance of receiving more internal jobs from businesspersons and people within the country. The construction ideas are sold to other parties leading to profit increment.

Marketing could be done through publishing pages, using media, posting of websites, using social media, and passing information through word of mouth (Danny 2005). In other cases, launch events are held to popularize the buildings. This could be done by announcing winning events where people compete to win a house from Jordan Springs.

Moreover, marketing could also be used to educate people about construction through posting educative information during advertisements. The construction industry consists of many businesses that could facilitate conclusive and penetrating strategies of information delivery to the stakeholders. For instance, marketing could be done by informing the material suppliers about the advances made by the industry.

For instance, a business that supplies steel for building reinforcement could have adequate connections with the stakeholders. Therefore, they could recommend the industry to work for their customers due to high and qualified construction techniques.

Finally, Penrith City Council should provide checkups and licenses for qualified building. The council should sign the legal documents to approve the constructions and to clarify that the plots are well situated. This assurance will remove doubts about whether the plots are proper positioned. Additionally, the council should play part in announcing the plots to the public and recommending them to buyers.

The council could try to reduce the taxes imposed on the industry as a way of reducing the buying costs. Also, it the role of the city council to provide standard security services to this region. Security is a factor that influences stakeholders’ decision when buying houses. Most stakeholders prefer secure, clean and quite areas than noisy, insecure and polluted zones.

The council must ensure that these attributes are catered for by all possible means to please the stake holders. Otherwise, the stakeholder will be pulled towards other competitive estates that offer better provisions than Jordan Spring. However, Jordan Springs is quite clean and quite to present significant competition among of areas.

Communication and Interpersonal Roles

Personal Reflection

My communication strengths lie behind identifying the mood of people and their social class. I can manage to identify and utilize most communication methods such as voice calls, emails, and text messages among others. Moreover, I pay attention to the ideas of other people without distracting them when talking. However, I must recognize my poor identification of cultural and educational distinction with other people.

This ineffective communication happens when I apply complex terms when instructing. This leads to poor delivery of information to the people concerned and wrong outcomes due to misinformation. Avoiding this problem has demanded close supervision of my English term through recording speeches and determining the points where information was not relayed appropriately.

Topical Discussion

Conflict resolutions require a person possessing good listening and communication skill to ensure proper outcomes. Most participative managers apply informal resolutions that are not demanding or authoritative to the employees. For instance, a manager identifies a conflict and makes arrangements to debate about the conflicting ideas between employees. The managers follow a system of resolution involving 5 steps.

First, there is identification of the problem that is causing a conflict. Secondly, various solutions are assessed and determined according to their vulnerability. This step allows the manager to weigh the most suited solution that allows implementation of the solution. Finally, an evaluation is performed on the solution to approve or disapprove its efficacy. Other cases require review of information to approve a claim.

Even though a conflict could favour the idea of one employee, it is vital to facilitate an understanding between the two parties by acknowledging the strength of each point given. Otherwise, siding too much with one individual could initiate a repellent perspective from the person opposing the argument.

Additionally, Hope and Mearns (2007) identified that conflicts are sources of new discoveries where people think differently due to different practical experiences. This implies that close examination of conflict should be performed to determine the root causes. The investigation could lead discovery of construction problems or discovery of critical faults.

Formal resolutions could be authoritative where the conflicting individual are fined or warning. Rules are set to prevent conflicts through requesting presentation of conflicting ideas. These ideas are assessed to determine the appropriate resolutions. This model prevents conflicts because employees avoid warnings and fining from the management.

Construction worksites have equipments and heights that could harm any person. Aggressiveness could lead to fights and use of working equipment to fight opponents. The management of construction sites must pay attention to educating workers and discouraging conflicts in the worksite. The manager should give clear instruction about how conflicts are resolved to prevent employees form fighting.

The worksite must have a supervisor to give directions and handle questions regarding work. If conflicts arise, quick response should be taken by other employees to inform the supervisor. However, preventive strategies could be applied to avoid conflict. This involves determination of possible causes of conflicts and addressing them by providing rigid solutions.

Mangers must ensure that work is divided well among the employees without favour. These work categories prevents the employees from having adequate chance to conflict as they work independently. Edgar (2005) describes that lack of work division creates conflicts and fight between employees. He indicated that employees do not understand the work portion they should take without working for other lazy employee.

Essentially, lack of work division avoids the determination of quality work from poor work. Managers should set resolution styles and educate employee about conflict handling. They ought to show employees the necessity of listening to ideas and applying courtesy when speaking to other employees.

These attributes could prevent distractions when arguing and avoid aggressiveness aroused by misunderstanding other people during dialogue.

Managing in the Global Environment

Personal reflection

My educational performance is usually driven by the desires to attain the goals of studying. Therefore, attending assignment and other task is motivated by the inspirations to understand and gain the necessary skills of my future job. Encountering worldwide engineers and reading about people who have made discoveries in this field keeps me motivated towards achieving my goals.

Moreover, my performances have shown capabilities and revealed the possibilities of being the best engineer the world has ever produced. If I attain these goals that I have desired for long, my life would be successful because I would be working on the area I love most.

Topical Discussion

Computer technology has enabled studies to people who are not available during class sessions. People can download learning materials and receive assignments from instructors through phones. Online learning facilitates the access of information and enables class interaction at any time. It reduces the distances travelled when attending classes.

Moreover, assignments are accessible and could be submitted at any time without awaiting specific lessons. Face to face classes require a person to be present for assignment submission that occurs during class time in most cases. Online learning could be done from distant area where people argue point and participate to discussion sessions during their activities.

In other case, learning from all over the globe is able to take courses from foreign countries without going to the country for the studies. In fact, online learning has allowed workers to study because they can access information when they are not working. Construction worker have the advantage of studying degree program without being in the university.

They could be 200 miles away and still study similar issues with people who are close to the university. Distance and work are the factor affecting studies of most employees. However, online learning will facilitate learning through I-pads and other gadgets.

Online learning provides efficient and unrestrictive access of information unlike class work that demands punctuality and excludes most people with other duties in the country.

Use of the I-pads will allow many first year students to access the online learning and participate during various discussion forums. However, we cannot ignore the loss of facial expressions that are available during class sections. Also, practical sessions cannot operation well on online classes because practice is not applicable.

Similarly, this technology could be employed by managers to supervise and deliver information to the workers. A manager could monitor several constructions when working from a control room with videos indicating the operations of employees. The videos keep record for misconducts, conflicts, and good performance of the workers. The funds required to hire supervisors would be allocated to other departments.

Also, the manager could meet with stakeholders on Skype to deliberate on sale of houses. Organizations are able to contact the manager and describe their requirements. However, modern constructions require the manager to be near the construction site. Availability at the construction site ensures rapid response to injures and resolutions to conflicts. When the manager is far injures could lead deaths and fights.

Workers require accessible advice and available points to deliver idea. They need a manager to boost their confident by participating in their working environment. Additionally, employees require a manager who can set the pace for them to follow when working. Sustaining the spirits of workers from the virtual environment requires assurance of safety setting reward for high performance.

Security assurance and provision of quality houses play vital roles in the popularizing the organization. These technological advances have participated very well in the development and appraisal of profit, and selling houses to interested individuals. In future, technology is expected to play bigger roles of assisting organizations to market houses.

Working with People and Quality Management

Personal reflection

I am a democratic leader who allows the participation of other people before making a decision. The style allows me to collect information from employees and interacting with them the gain their trust.

However, I have a limited socialization that demands active participation in the construction site. This participation will give me enough time to talk and socialize with employees. Therefore, I will improve my ability to work with other people after interacting with worker for some time.

Topical Discussion

Total quality management (TQM) is applied by construction industries by seeking advices from customers. After receiving adequate prove that customers are interested in something. They plan and improve the earlier techniques to satisfy customer’s requirements.

Finally, the industry produces a quality house with all the requirements of the customers. TQM makes distinction between organizations by determining those that produce better products than others. It describes the quality of materials applied, qualification of personnel, equipments used and the final appearance of the house.

Distribution of ownership is vital for organizations that require a lot of funding (Rice & Emery 2003). This outsourcing allows sharing of cost to prevent collapsing of an organization if one person went bankrupt. However, outsourcing requires depiction of trust. This implies that a manager must create elaborate explanations regarding how an organization will succeed to facilitate funding from other people.

Moreover, proper management and donors must be available to enhance funding. Use of quality materials facilitates the quality of a house. The right standards must be followed to approve houses that have accurate examination of using qualified materials for their construction. Most buildings are built using low quality materials that compromise the final building.

In fact, these building end up collapsing and causing high losses. Usually, managers apply low quality material when trying to save money that could facilitate completion of the building. In other cases, unqualified managers are employed to direct the construction leading wrong directions involving the mixing of sand and cement.

For instance, a manager who is not conversant with the alignment of buildings could build a slanting house that is prone to collapsing. Some of these issues could be addressed by proper planning that considers the right materials and personnel.

Other challenges could be handled through attracting investors through giving building lands among other attractive attributes. The manager could ensure that the organization has been having proper progress before call investors or donors.

An organization could face unfortunate events that either degrade its reputation or cause high losses (Grabler 2000). High losses could be caused by collapsing of buildings due accidents or occurrences such as earthquakes. On the other hand, reputation could be degraded through collapsing of building made by the organization without significant causes.

When the quality of an organization product is compromised, its market share reduces. This reduction causes low profits to the organization and deprivation of trust. Furthermore, the organization incurs extra costs when rectifying the established mistakes. If the mistakes arise quite often, the chances of rectifying the errors could be little in case there are competing companies.

For instance, housing issues are long term contract that cannot afford errors. The money use when letting or buying the house is also huge and cannot accept any doubts.

However, an affected organization could boost their accuracy to prevent such issues from occurring often. In a competitive world, regaining trust might be a tough thing to attain. In fact, some organizations have decided to change their names to attain trust and new customers.


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