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Problems of Unpaid Internship Critical Essay

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Updated: Sep 16th, 2019

The article in question deals with the issues related to unpaid internship. Hananel (2013) notes that many companies abuse internship and get free labor rather than providing coaching to the interns. The article highlights flaws in the system of internship. The author also provides arguments of both sides.

The major issue related to the internship is whether companies should pay interns. Hananel (2013) notes that educators and interns claim that companies should pay minimum salaries, whereas companies are reluctant to pay interns who often fulfill unskilled tasks. The author also stresses that the result of the case with Fox is only the start and soon the issue will have to be solved at the national scale.

It is necessary to note that the present article is a valuable source as it provides insights into the problem which relates to two major aspects of the American society, i.e. education and employment. Hananel (2013) highlights internship as it is supposed to be and internship as it is in reality. Internship should be a beneficial practice for both the intern and the companies.

Fitzgerald and Jayachandran (2012) claim that interns benefit from internship as they gain the necessary experience and are able to understand what their responsibilities will be and the way the business works. Interns are also able to list the internship on resume, which can be helpful for looking for better jobs and higher salaries.

Noteworthy, companies also benefit as they can potentially hire a young and motivated employer who will be loyal and effective. However, Fitzgerald and Jayachandran (2012) also note that companies should be responsible and provide adequate coaching and give certain projects which can facilitate the interns’ learning.

However, major rules of internship are often abused as companies are struggling with economic issues. Even though companies can afford paying interns, companies are reluctant to do so. One of the major reasons for that is the present situation in the world.

Lots of companies are facing numerous financial constraints and they are trying to reduce their expenditures. Unpaid internships are a golden opportunity for many companies. Admittedly, this is unethical but it is a common practice.

It is necessary to add that the movement to diminish companies’ abuse has already started. Perlin (2013) notes that numerous organizations and groups have started campaigns to make the companies pay minimum salaries to interns. Admittedly, this is a fair practice as interns are often young people who need money. Interns may not be as experienced as other employees.

Interns require attention and companies’ employees have to provide certain coaching; this can be distracting for the fulltime employees. Nonetheless, interns still complete certain tasks which help employees. Thus, interns’ work should be paid.

In conclusion, it is possible to state that the article provides insights into the causes of the tension between companies and interns. It draws people’s attention to an important issue which can affect the US economy in the long run. Thus, companies are often reluctant to pay more to employees. Clearly, businesses tend to support unpaid internship as it means free labor force.

Nonetheless, the vast majority of interns need salaries and simply cannot afford unpaid internships. As a result, many talented young people do not have an opportunity to gain experience and show potential employees the knowledge and skills obtained at the university.

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