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Brand Jordan is a global shoe and apparel brand synonymous with the high-end quality products. The brand is associated with a sporting legend, Michael Jordan. In 1984 while Jordan was signed by Nike to an endorsement deal. The year 1985 is a significant year to brand Jordan.

This is the year when Nike revolutionized basketball shoes with their release of Air Jordan. Unlike shoes of the time, that were plain, Nike brought in a different kind of shoes that were colored red and white. The NBA initially banned the shoe because it violated existing league dress code rules. This created a debate in the media that engendered widespread national coverage. After a long and successful sporting career, Jordan together with Nike created Brand Jordan (David 65).


What are the key-brand attribute of Brand Jordan?

The key-brand attributes of Brand Jordan is the jump man logo that shows on both the shoes and apparel. When Michael Jordan retired in 1998, Nike was prepared and in the following year, Brand Jordan was launched as a part of Nike. Inc. The brand had jump man logo branded on all Brand Jordan products.

The brand has since inception had athletes endorse it with Michael Jordan being its leading former athlete endorsee. The brand has seen sporting greats such as a basketball player ray Allen, boxer Roy Jones and a baseball player Derek Jeter.

Athletes’ Endorsements have always been a big part of Brand Jordan as it gives authenticity to the products and an emotion connection with the brand. As of 2006, the group of athlete endorsers collectively known as Team Jordan consisted of thirteen individuals.

They consisted of seven basketball players, two footballers, one boxer, and one musician. The brand has also enjoyed unofficial and unpaid endorsements from celebrities such as Eminem and Fat Joe (David 98).

Another attribute of the brand is the number of products especially shoes that they produce. The company produces a limited edition of Air Jordan. This has not only improved the balance sheet of the company but has also helped it cut a niche in the footwear market.

Even after more than 20 years, every release of the Air Jordan is anticipated by fans who eagerly snatch them from retailers around the world. The company has remained a leader in the footwear industry in terms of products design, technical features, and innovative packaging (David 105).

The brand produces a range of products that are targeted to different segments of the market. The company produces Air Jordan, a footwear line that retails for more than $120 dollars, which targets the high-end market. On the other hand, they produce training kits through the Brand’s line. This caters for training and performance needs of athletes across all sports.

How well does each Team Jordan candidate match up with this brand attributes?

Each of team Jordan candidate matches up with the brand’s attribute. The Team consists of persons with worldwide reckoning the same as the brand. As seen, the team is made up of famous athletes and musicians. All these persons are people who have excelled in their fields just like the brand. These persons just like the Brand are iconic and just like the brand’s logo they stand out from the rest through their superb performance.

Why are celebrity endorsers such an important part of Brand Jordan’s brand strategy?

The best approval deals manage to equate the merchandise with the appeal of the famous person. One example includes Newman’s Own. The actor, Paul Newman, has a brand of organic-food produce.

The association his acting career and the company has worked to his advantage. As a company Nike has always had, athletes endorse their products and Brand Jordan being its subsidiary was no exception. Sportsmen’s’ endorsement of merchandise helps to provide genuineness to a product and helps create a connection with the consumer.

Studies carried out have shown that customers are more likely to buy products sanctioned by athletes than products not certified. Sportsmen are role models and consumers tend to believe them, particularly those with good morals. However, merely having a sportsperson advertise a merchandise or company is not enough. An athlete needs to fit a company’s image, appeal to its audience, and be respectful (Scott 29).

What are the opportunities and risks in expanding Brand Jordan internationally?

When companies go international, various benefits come with this as well as challenges. Brand Jordan is not immune to this and, therefore, impact of it going international should weigh. Some of the advantages of it going international include an increased market; it would lower marketing costs and would help the company in attracting of a competent work force.

The risk the Brand would face include the difference in customers’ needs in different markets for their products, difference in customers’ response to marketing strategies and it would face differences in legal settings, some of which may be different from their home (Scott 102).

How can Brand Jordan ensure the long-term viability of a business built around a retired athlete, no longer dominating the public eye?

During his career, Michael Jordan accomplished a lot as an athlete. Having earned five Most Valuable Player Awards five times and ten NBA scoring titles, he became one of the most decorated athletes of all time. Jordan retired from basketball in order to compete as a professional baseball player.

After a short and mediocre baseball career, he returned to play for the Chicago Bulls in 1995. Jordan retired from basketball in order to compete as a professional baseball player. After a short and mediocre baseball career, he returned to play for the Chicago Bulls in 1995.

Every bit as much the leader and competitor he had been before, Jordan won another three consecutive NBA championships before retiring once again after the 1997-98 season. Individuals of all races, classes, ages, and genders could seemingly identify with him. The Jordan name became synonymous with dominance, excellence, and respect.

With a person who has all this successes, it has been easy for Brand Jordan to prosper. Another thing that has helped push the brand has been their marketing strategy of portraying Jordan as a mentor rather than a player (Scott 152).

Using the list of candidates presented in the case, which athlete would you recommend joining Team Jordan. Why?

Looking at Jamie Foxx history, he would be the best pick. Jamie Foxx is an American Academy Award winning actor, Grammy Award nominee, and comedian.

He is the fourth person in history to have had a #1 album and won an Academy Award. Raised by his grandmother from an early age, Foxx was held to a high standard, which placed him in the Boy Scouts, the church choir, and practicing at the piano. He was also the quarterback of his football team in high school.

He attended Julliard where he studied classical piano. Jamie has it all an American Academy Award, Grammy Award nomination, a musician, and comedian. He is immensely talented. This would endear and appeal to different people with different likes. He would appeal to music lovers, movie lovers and with his sporting history; he would be instrumental in reaching sports fans.

Choose to recommend an athlete not on the list

I would choose to recommend Usain Bolt as a potential athlete to join Team Jordan. Bolt was born in 1986 in Jamaica. Currently he is both the world and Olympic gold medalist in the 200 metres, 100 metres and together with his teammates, the 4 x 100 metres relay. In the year 2002 during the world, Junior Championship Bolt became notable when he won the 200 metres race. In 2004, he ran the 200 metres race in under 20 seconds.

This made him the, youngest sprinter, to ever run it in less than 20 seconds. Bolt turned professional in the year 2004 and his career has been growing successful. At only 25, this youngster is destined for great successes. He is the world’s record holder of 100 metres, 150 metres, 200 metres, and 400 metres (Bolt& Curtis 125). Having an athlete with this credentials joining Team Jordan, would not only be an honor but would push to brand to new heights. This athlete still has many years in his sport and his endorsement

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