Company Information Essay Examples and Topics

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company’s Business Model

The Ritz-Carton hotel company was founded by Cesar Ritz in 1898 who he opened his first Carton Hotel in London. Cesar Ritz vision was to offer excellent personalized services that satisfied the most discerning guests. Johnson Company bought the rights to the Ritz-Carlton in 1983 and ran the North American hotels. Ritz-Carlton became a management […]

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company Information

The Ritz-Carlton luxury Hotel Company was opened as a multi-use $ 225 million complex facility in the historic Foggy Bottom district of Washington DC with 162 condominiums having three restaurants with 300 rooms and a1000 square foot sports club. The history of Ritz-Carlton Hotel dates back to 1898 when Cesar Ritz opened the Carlton hotel […]

University Shopping Mall Company Information

Executive Summary Analysis of the data collected through the survey provides important information, which can settle the dispute concerning the establishment of the shopping mall. The findings show that the students are willing and ready to shop frequently, but they lack enough shopping opportunities within the university. Hence, the establishment of the shopping mall is […]

Macy Company’s History and It’s Current Retail Stratagy

Introduction The American retail scene is characterized by cutthroat competition in virtually all niches. It calls for thoughtfully and creatively crafted merchandising strategies to gain a competitive edge. Retailers that have successfully differentiated themselves from their competitors have an upper hand in the market. A case in point is Macy’s, which is a leader in […]

Google, Yahoo and Apple Companies Stock Markets Report

Introduction This paper seeks to carry to analysis on the movement of stock prices for three companies. The companies are Google Inc., Yahoo Inc., and Apple Inc. The analysis will cover a period of 10 weeks, that is, between 1st September, 2014 and 9th November, 2014. The stock prices for these companies will be compared […]

Uses and Attitudes of Consumers: Facebook

Client Brief The need to communicate and connect with other people through viable media has been indisputable in the current world. Contextually, the emergence of social networking sites is revolutionizing the world. This sites help in knowing new products in the market, enhancing relationships, passing vital information to masses, and instant chat provisions. Facebook is […]

Toms Company: Social Networking Sites

Executive summery Internet usage is the emerging information technology with increased credibility, stronghold and immediacy. Thus, it globalizes all aspects of communication. Internet communication is more particular, effective and interactive. It has generally revolutionized advertising and brought more advantages over the conventional forms of marketing. Marketing through internet is more precise, interactive, interesting, personal and […]

My pet product

Introduction “Stainless steel travel Mug of Starbucks” is of cup of high quality which makes whichever liquid in it to remain dot for not less than 2 hours. The mug is made of steel is portable and at the same time environmental friendly. The cup is one thing one should not miss at home due […]

Disney Company: case study

Introduction: Description of products or services for Disney Company The quality of products of a company determines whether clients will buy from it. The study focuses on Disney Company whose high-quality products have attracted the attention of many clients as evidenced by its high-sale volume. Every department has its functions and products. The first division […]

Case Study: Sanger Automotive Companies

Sanger Automotive Company wants to build an exclusive franchise agreement with Fisker Automotive inc. Fisker produces plug-in hybrid electric vehicles which are not well known in the market. The firm’s managers seek to collaborate with Sanger, a well known vehicle dealer operating in Florida and Georgia to sell their new Karma Sedan models in the […]

McDonald’s Restaurant

Fast food businesses managed to survive the global financial crisis that the entire world faced since 2007. However, the fast food businesses too began to suffer the consequences of the crisis. In 2009, some fast food chains closed some of their branches as they posted low sales levels. McDonald’s, Yum Brands, KFC and Pizza Hut […]

Tamimi Foodservices at SEC

Introduction Much consideration has been given to some of the core structures of understanding the buyer behavior, the so-called “perceived value” and rewarding experience, which are described in detail in service marketing materials and special literature. However, the future research of their mutual relation is still in demand, although the undeniable importance of these structures […]


Today millions of people from France, Argentina, Brazil, China and many other countries associate the word “Carrefour” with convenience, quality, and the best service. That is why the chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets Carrefour is considered as the second greatest company in the industry round in the world. When the first store of this brand […]

A Case Study for a Business Organization

Betty can operate her business in various ways, which include a franchise, a sole proprietorship, a corporation, a limited liability company and a partnership. To start with, a limited liability (LLC) company is a business enterprise, which blends the characteristics of a partnership and a sole proprietorship. This entity gives a limited liability to the […]

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Abstract Abu Dhabi commercial bank is a financial institution that has been facing monetary transfer problems. The bank has been unable to make monthly monetary transfer of salaries to various accounts. This problem has seen customer unable to withdraw their salaries through the bank ATM services. An analysis on the challenges by the use of […]

IKEA Company Case

Background IKEA, a leading Swedish home furnishing retailer, was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kompred with a vision to service young and price-conscious consumers with a wide range of its knock down furniture sold at competitive prices. Traditionally, IKEA has been known to maintain low-cost operations by contracting and maintaining dedicated independent furniture supplier networks, […]

Ship in a Bottle

Introduction This report evaluates the strategic options for “ship in a bottle” company as it expands into the global market. In this expansion, five prospective markets (Asia, South America, Australia, Middle East, and Africa) emerge. To establish the probabilities of succeeding in these markets, this report evaluates the product sold (through the harmonized classification code), […]

WestJet Airlines Case Analysis

Introduction WestJet Airlines is an airline company in Canada that has gone beyond all odds and managed to be at the helm of the hospitality industry. All of its founders have always believed that the key behind the company’s success is their consistency in culture and service production. The origin of this company is 1994 […]

Whirlpool corporation case study

Brief Background Of The Company Whirlpool Corporation, one of the world’s leading home appliances manufactures, prides in its variety of different products in its market niche. Dealing with home appliances, the whirlpool corporation recorded an annual sale of $19 billion in the year 2011 alone (Kindel 49). It has an employee network of about 68,000 […]

Management Information Systems –

Introduction Businesses require constant information to be processed and disseminated to the relevant stakeholders on time. To achieve this, they need Management Information systems. A Management Information System is a set of connected apparatus, mostly computerized combinations that continuously acquire raw and needed data from within and outside a particular firm. Consequently, the data is […]

Global Business: Chavez’s Venezuela’s Case Study

Three kinds of political risks evidenced in Chavez’s Venezuela case study Basically from the Chavez’s Venezuela case study, there are ideally various kinds of political risks. However, the three notable kinds include; a progressive curtailing of the political freedoms; allowing the National Assembly to approve a measure which allows the state to appoint and remove […]

Enterprise Rent a Car

This case study was done on a car rental enterprise. It aimed at investigating the quality of services that were being offered to customers. By using one of the clients, the survey revealed that the enterprise was indeed providing high level of services to its clients. For instance, one of the quality service measurements entailed […]


Swisher Mower is a company specialized on the manufacturing of lawn mowers. In 1996, the company got an opportunity to extend business, drawing up a private-brand distribution contract with the major national merchandise retailer. However, such method of distribution would change the traditional marketing development of the company. Making a choice between the traditional way […]

The Case Study of Amber Inn

Amber Inn & Suites is a hotel chain that operates western as well as Rocky Mountain states. In 2005, this organization operated 250 sites (Kerin, 335). The services of this company are intended mostly for business travelers who value reasonable prices and comfortable accommodations. The composite marketing challenge is the inability to make a unique […]

Case Study of FreshDirect

Introduction FreshDirect launched its grocery delivery service in New York in September of 2002. The food delivery service started out with an initial investment of more than $100 million and 200 employees. FreshDirect has a different product blend and value proposition than most online and brick-and-mortar grocers, with about 83% of its foods being perishables, […]

Countrywide Financial Corporation

The Government’s Role The United States government had noble intentions in creating Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae and Freddie Mac. They wanted to ensure that more citizens could afford a home, and thus promote the “American Dream”. The first of these programmes was Fannie Mae. It ensured there was a secondary market where mortgage loans insured […]

Case study of Volkswagen Company

Volkswagen Company has been using various strategies to expand globally. These strategies include taking opportunity of other companies’ or competitor’s weakness to expand its market share. Despite having its product quality issues, Volkswagen Company in the United States has utilized Toyota’s negative headlines after a series of embarrassing recalls to increase its sales. Due to […]

American International Bank

Executive Summary American International Bank has been a beacon of success in wholesale banking services across the world. The company has numerous branches overseas that operate in harmony with the bank’s headquarters in New York. However, the company has clear challenges that threaten its ability to maintain a pole leadership position in the banking sector. […]


Introduction JetBlue was founded as a small entrepreneurial company. Authority was centralized with the CEO having making almost all decisions. Delegation of power was almost non-existent. The CEO basically controlled all operations at the firm. Since its inception, the CEO cultivated the entrepreneurial spirit which saw the company grow tremendously but at the same time […]

The Gaming Industry in the USA

Introduction The article under consideration written by Bernhard (2009) dwells upon the gaming industry in the USA. The author claims that the industry has often been criticized by many people, but it is proved to be one of the most transparent industries in the country. Bernhard (2009) provides some historical data to support his arguments. […]

Industry Analysis

Global market forces are identified as responsible aspects in driving major changes within the food and beverage industry. However, the food and beverage industry have also been affected by the constant changes in consumer preferences as well as increasing government regulations on businesses. The beverage industry comprises of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The nature […]

Golden XYZ Factory

Introduction Over the years Golden XYZ Company has tremendously invested vast resources geared towards making some developments as well as making implementations on the quality management initiatives. It is vital to note that the culture exhibited by an organization often has a huge impact on the workers as well as on the relationship amongst them […]

Best Games Productions

Introduction Best Games Productions is currently confronted with the challenge of releasing a new video game; however, the product is faulty and could minimize customer satisfaction, the company’s reputation, and long term sales. The strategy entails sending various press releases to the public concerning a delay in the launch date of the anticipated game. This […]

Brand Jordan Popularity

Introduction Brand Jordan is a global shoe and apparel brand synonymous with the high-end quality products. The brand is associated with a sporting legend, Michael Jordan. In 1984 while Jordan was signed by Nike to an endorsement deal. The year 1985 is a significant year to brand Jordan. This is the year when Nike revolutionized […]

The Treadway Tire Company

Executive Summary Located in Lima, Ohio, the Lima Tire Plant is one of the top plants among the eight manufacturing enterprises within the Treadway Tire Company faced the problems of high turnover and job dissatisfaction which threaten the morale and productivity. Defining the root causes of the current issues, developing the measures for overcoming them […]

Academic city in Dubai

Introduction The academic city in Dubai is one of the free-trade zones in the United Arab Emirates. It is a destination for most of the academic institutions in the region. Besides, the city is most developed in terms of communication infrastructure, experience sharing opportunities as well as in terms of technology. The academic City was […]

Pepsi Beverage Company in Israel

Introduction The Pepsi Company was founded by an American called Caleb Bradham in 1898 in New Bern, North Carolina and the syrup, currently known as Pepsi, was originally branded “Brad’s Drink” when it was first launched into the US market (Capparell, 2007). The company is the fiercest rival of the world’s number one carbonated soft […]

Nokia Case Study

Advancement in technology has facilitated the growth of mobile and telecommunication industry. The sector is dominated by leading world producers who depend on their operational management decision to remain afloat in the competitive industry; some of international companies in the industry include Samsung, Nokia, Sony-Ericson, Apples, and Google Android-powered phones. Nokia has been a leader […]

Marple Leaf Shoes’ Company

Assessment of the performance system The company carries out its performance appraisal annually during which the supervisors assess the employees by awarding scores to various aspects of their jobs. The performance appraisal forms are simple showing the varied elements for employees’ assessment. The form contains eight aspects viz. quantity and quality of work, dependability and […]

Cartopia in Portland

Food carts in the Portland area has blossomed in recent years. It has become more than just a place to grab lunch from; it’s attracting tourists as this industry became a land mark in the area. History, popularity and its effect on the community will be examined in the paper, along with other vital aspects […]

Agricultural Subsidies and Development

For several years, many countries and especially developed ones have been heavily relying on agricultural subsidies and tariffs in order to boost the agricultural production and stability to their domestic farmers. The outcome has been obvious, depressing world commodity prices and making it difficult for farmers from third world countries to produce. Agricultural subsidies lead […]

Southwest Airlines

Introduction Southwest Airline, since time in memorial, has been one of the outstanding competitors in the Airline industry. Its low fares have propelled it to glory among the commuters of United States; these fares are said to be 30% lower than its fieriest rivals in the airline industry in the US. In addition to this, […]

Case Study: Fragile Cargo Delivery

Introduction The case study under discussion dwells upon the incident which can institute different law trials where the evidence and testimonies may be contradicting. Thus, two sides, Molly Micro and Sally Seatbelt, can initiate the proceedings against Air Transport Limited and a person who conducted the transportation of the fragile cargo, Launchpad McQuack. Air Transport […]

Zain Company in Saudi Arabia

Executive Summary The Zain Group won the bid to be the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s third mobile service provider in July 2007. In a highly competitive bid, the firm managed to secure the GSM/3G operating license for an overwhelming $6.1billion. The concession would last for 20 years, and is renewable for an additional five years. […]

Chrysler Group LLC

Executive Summary The competitiveness of a business in the changing business environment is dependent on the quality of decisions that its managers make. When making business decisions, there is need to use past and the present to make futurist decisions. This calls for a pool of information to be available for interpolation and analysis. Use […]

Nike Case Study

Subcontracting is a situation whereby a company or firm being the main manufacturer (contractor) hires/contracts another firm (subcontractor) to manufacture the products as an alternative. The main benefits is that subcontracting firm focus more on other crucial business areas such as marketing, creation of more employment opportunities since work is done by other people employed […]

Lipitor Case Study: At the Heart of Warner- Lambert

Customer Value The company produces Lipitor which when compared to other medicines, has the power to lower the level of cholesterol in the body. The firm sells Lipitor at comparatively lower prices compared to other drugs of the same category. Lipitor is also a prescription for reducing the level of triglycerides in the body, this […]

The Inn on Cortes Island

The tourism industry in British Columbia has been growing rapidly over the past years thus making it quite possible for hotels within the hospitality industry such as Cortes In to enjoy more commercial success. As of the year 2000, the region had over 22 million visitors who raked in an amazing $ 10 million. Additionally, […]

Google Corporation Challenges in China

The case study of china involving a powerful Google corporation is an interesting social responsibility considering their business mission declaration “Don’t Be Evil”. The biggest challenge Google has to face is the fact that china offers an enormous profitable market considering its populace. There has to be a dilemma regarding marketing and the legal, cultural […]

Relative Advantage of the Firm

According to the case study, salton inc. enjoys a great advantage in relation to its suppliers placing it at a strategic advantage with its competitors. This strong relationship with suppliers places it at an upper hand in product development, innovation and branding. Further, the case illustrates that the firm has a strategic advantage due to […]

Wal-mart Company’ Strategies and Corporate Responsibility

The main issues in the Wal-mart case include the corporate social responsibility that the firm has adopted. In addition, the effect of Wal-marts expansion on local merchants who cannot compete favorably with Wal-mart due to their pricing strategy is discussed. Wal-mart has been rejected in many countries because of the adverse effects on local businesses. […]

Columbia Industries, Inc. by John Zerio

In a quest for the leadership of the Columbia Industries, Inc., to address the safety and performance problems with the Hyster lift trucks formally presented by the head mechanic, a number of options were explored. Crucial in the specifications to address the problems included maneuverability, safety, maintenance costs, and mast extensions that could reach 260 […]

Case Study: Harley-Davidson

Business outlets are inculcating technological changes into their systems to reach their partners and consumers. Wal-Mart, a cargo and food handling company, after getting difficulties in handling large volumes of data adopted the Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID). This device is more sensitive than the bar-code systems, as it can sense hidden items. However, implementing […] Website and Its Performance was established to help people send wine as gifts to their friends and family members in different parts of the world. The objective of the organization was to help people sell wine without being limited by any laws. was established in 1998. Its purpose was to improve the overall performance of the company […]

The Regency Grand Hotel

Introduction Organizational change is necessary for promoting business to higher levels of profitability, productivity, and performance. An organization’s performance may be high, but it cannot be improved without implementing change to organizational processes (Haines, 2004). The major challenge, therefore, is associated with empowerment and the barriers that organizational behavior imposes on effective change management (Robbins […]

Starbucks Competitors Analysis

The first product, which is coffee, its main competitors, are Seattle’s Best and Folgers. The other breakfast cereal products, its principal competitors, are Kellogg, Post, and General Mills. There are still other competitors in the market, but Star bucks uses a strategy of quality and diversification, to remove the upcoming competitors. Another strategy applied by […]

Retirement communities

Retirement communities vary a great deal in the kind of housing and services available, but the essential element of them all is that this is primarily independent living with recreational facilities, health services and social programs made a part of the community (Ferrell & Coyle, 2010 ). So how do you pay for retirement community? […]

Marriott International Hospitality Company Management

Marriott International is an international hospitality company with broad portfolio of hotels and related lodging facilities; its headquartered at Bethesda, Maryland United States. Currently, the facility has approximately 3,150 lodging properties located in the United States and 68 other countries and territories; the structure at the United States is slight different with the model the company has adopted in […]

Chinese Luxury Brand

Over the years, the world’s appetite for luxury goods has grown at an encouraging rate. This has worked in favor of the various luxury brands that have grabbed the moment by increasing their production. Economic scientists suggest that luxury goods are income elastic and their demand therefore heavily relies on the change in income. In […]

Apple iPhone

The company’s background Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak. At the very beginning this company specialized in the production and marketing of computer kits and different components such as mother boards. An important landmark in Apple’s development was introduction of Mac OS and Macintosh in 1984 (Apple Inc, […]

Organic restaurant

Organic restaurant has of late been popular, due to the fact that the world is turning green. This type of restaurant prepares foods that have been grown using organic products. They also bear in mind using environment friendly commodity and equipment. The restaurant blends in the perfect delicious organically prepared dishes as well as juices […]

Virgin Mobile Australia

In a study by Beulen, et al (2006), Virgin Mobile is an upcoming first growing company that runs mobile telephone services within the telecommunication industry. It was founded in 1999 and is presently a fully Virgin Group’s subsidiary. The company prides in having its customers being able to both shop in about 6000 retail outlets […]

Organizational Structure

An organizational structure is a concept which shows how integrated entities in an organization interact to achieve an organization’s goals and objectives. These can be departments and relates with the way different positions in an organization are identified or levels of management and the reporting relationships between these positions or hierarchies commonly referred to as […]

Mike’s Express Carwash

1. How was Mike’s Express Carwash utilized the Nordstrom method as an approach to customer service and satisfaction? The company was able to utilize the Nordstrom method through application of its principles. First of all the company offers customers a variety of choices. There are three different kinds of carwash service being offered. The first […]

Companies Web Search: Price Water House Coopers, Northwestern Mutual and Target

Price Water House Coopers Price Water House Coopers (PWC) LLP is a member of PricewaterhouseCoopers international where all the members exist as an independent unit. The company’s website on the World Wide Web is and it is very reliable. PwC is one of the most renowned companies that offer consultancy services regarding taxes, business, […]

Eddy Cue as a Creative Thinker

Most people argue that there are no secrets to success. However, successful managers assert that there are several considerations which should be taken into account while implementing a development strategy. Eddy Cue, the vice president of Apple, began working from a strategic base around which he has turned round the company. This paper looks at […]

Overbooked in Calgary

Hotel overbooking is not a rare occurrence. The process of ensuring that hotels are fully utilized leads to frequent cases of overbooking. Under normal circumstances, customers will book hotel rooms only to change their mind and leave the room unoccupied. This means that the hotel is not able to fully take advantage of high seasons. […]