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Company Information Essay Examples and Topics

JetBlue Airways Company’s Background

This company decided to place its value at $26 and the results were surprising because there public interests in its shares was unexpected This is a passenger airline company that was incorporated in 1998 and [...]

Outsourcing Company’s Website Content

We provide flexible, reliable, and cost-effective outsourcing services in the following areas: Software development Commercial software solutions rarely address all your needs as efficiently as a custom solution would do.

Chipotle vs. Illegal Pete’s Restaurants

One of the main ways in which the deployment of this technology has helped is through boosting the scalability and flexibility in the company's operations in the quest to expand to the rest of the [...]

Poptent.net as a Crowdsourcing Web Platform

It provides the independent videographers to implement their ideas and connect to various companies in order to create branded content. According to their own words, the aim of the community is to "connect to brands [...]

IKEA Company’s Pricing and Consumer Service

IKEA firm, a Swedish company manufactures furnishing furniture products that are natural and radiant for home use. For instance, the Klippan sofa is a famous piece of furniture sold and made by IKEA Company.

Abu Dhabi Companies’ Internship Opportunities

The core mission of the company is to become the most appreciated food and beverage company in UAE. The mission is achieved through a constant provision of nutritious and responsibly produced food and beverage of [...]

Golf Company Startup’s Business Model

In this research, my business "problem" goal was to choose the proper option and present the business model of a golf company startup in order to attract more people to golf and help them to [...]

Procter and Gamble Company: Organization Profile

P&G embraces an organizational structure associated with hierarchy, lines of communication and reporting responsibilities; this type of structure is in regards to centralization and decentralization in terms of geography In P&G, the staffing policy is [...]

Reebok and Adidas Companies: Activities Description

The Reebok company was created in the 20th century as a small industrial enterprise and several decades later developed into one of the world's largest organizations specializing in the production of sports goods, in particular, [...]

Toms Shoes Company and Its Challenging Start

This strategy worked for TOMS Shoes considering that the shoes were cheap and to top it all, the consumer gained the bragging rights of saying that he/she had contributed to the charity initiative and also [...]

Wireless Zone Franchise: Business Plan

The paper will also show why and how the external environment provides support or threat to the operations of the business.the objective of the paper is to understand the feasibility and prospective success of the [...]

Eastern Yields: Company Description

To deliver significant financial results to our clients, maintain our competitive advantage, and improve the reputation of our company, we apply a multi-faceted approach to analyzing the current situation and the potential of small businesses [...]

Abu Dhabi Education Centre’s Strategic Planning

The results of teams participating in these competitions reflect not only the personal qualities of the members but also the level of professional training and the general level of quality of services in the country [...]

Apple Inc. in Fortune 500 Ranking List 2017

One of the most notable aspects of the Fortune's activity is their annual rankings, in which they sort out the world's managers and organization according to a set of different criteria, as it is mentioned [...]

Tata Motors Group’s Innovation Report

The second segment is the innovation theory review, which explores key theoretical underpinnings of the study by examining the role of the diffusion of innovations theory and the five-stage high involvement framework in Tata's innovation [...]

Puma Company’s Business Conduct and Ethics

As it is evident from the report, Puma has currently succeeded in achieving the title of an 'ethical company.' According to the definition, business sustainability or corporate sustainability is the coordination of social, environmental, and [...]

Toyota Company’s Self-Assessment Quality System

I believe the high quality of the products is largely ensured by the self-assessment system used in the organization. According to the Business Excellence Institute, self-assessment is one of the key elements of the production [...]

Intuit Company Among Innovation Catalysts

The Intuit company, which was attempting to break free from a stagnating performance, launched an initiative to redesign itself with the purpose of innovation. Overall, it was the grassroots approach focused on experimentation that led [...]

DHL Global Delivery Services Analysis

With the majority of inbound aircraft arriving in the morning, the morning shift is focused on receiving the parcels and arranging them to be shipped to a regional hub for further sorting and delivery.

IFurniture Business Definition and Sources

It is crucial to note that when developing an international business strategy, it is necessary to focus on the target consumer segments and the main methods of competition. In addition, it is necessary to comprehend [...]

China Southern Airlines History Research

First of all, it is essential to consider the path which the company had to take to become one of the most successful airlines in the Asian region and, later, throughout the whole world.

TopGlass Pte Ltd: Company Description

A notable addition to the product line is the premium foods and beverages segment, which requires a unique bottle design to underline the luxurious qualities of the product.

Goodwill Industries International’s Strategy

The company's overall strategy in its delivery of services includes being in a network of 164 autonomous community-based institutions around the world in places such as Canada, the United States, Finland, and Korea.

Nvidia Corporation’s Finances and Governance

In the beginning of the twenty-first century, the popularity of the products sold by the company among the users began to increase rapidly, and its founders were able to buy some of the companies that [...]

UTi Worldwide Company’s History

Feitzinger joined the company as a consultant in 2009, later becoming the Executive Vice President of the Contract Logistics and Distribution branch in 2010 and the Executive Vice President of the Global Operations branch in [...]

The Coca-Cola Company and Subsidiaries in 2016

In the discussion "The Coca-Cola Company and subsidiaries", the author focuses on the description of an annual report of the Coca-Cola Company in 2016 and the evaluation of its parts and their importance in the [...]

Abu Dhabi Bank, Telecom and Oil Companies

This indicates the diversity of the fields of the companies and the recognition of the different achievements and progresses. The development and growth of the bank has resulted in the opening of branches in different [...]

Carrena Bakers Limited’s Business Plan

The main goal of this marketing plan is to attract the youthful clients to the Carrena Bakers Limited through the company website, where customer will get baking services and skills all-under-one-roof just by a click [...]

Innovative Aluminum Closets Company’s Business Plan

The firm will not only ensure that its closet systems offer efficiency with reference to storage but also address the customers' aesthetic needs. Therefore, the firm's will ensure that its closet systems are customized effectively [...]

Dubai Airports Company’s Innovation Strategies

The details of the initiative were presented to the public in 2014 as Dubai Airports Company revealed the plan of investing $32 billion in introducing the innovations and expanding the structure of Dubai World Central [...]

Etihad Airways’ 2016-2026 Destination Statements

In the customer sphere, Etihad maximizes the effectiveness of on-ground specialty commodities for customer's comfort and safety and extends the range of available in the air facilities and commodities to cater to the needs and [...]

Starbucks Company’s Trade Theories

The firm was the first to present a revolutionary approach to coffee consumption in the US. According to the theory, Starbucks operates in a competitive and profitable industry.

Samsung as Color TV Manufacturer in China

At the time, China's market was the third greatest in the world after NAFTA and EU in TV sales. As for the market environment, the first mover enjoyed major advantages such as the loyalty of [...]

Dutch East India Company’s Transformation

This move was mainly motivated by the need to stabilize the profits accrued by the government from the spice trade and desire to monopolize the entire trade through a monopoly charter that provided a foundation [...]

Cat & Snack, an Anti-cafe in New York

In this case, Figure 2 presents the structure of the organization and depicts the reporting system, as it is critical to understand the flow of the information within the company.