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Decision Making Essay Examples and Topics

Decision-Making Process

The option to stay in the current company, finish my Bachelor's degree, and then go for a Master's degree with the reimbursement from my company is the safest option.

Ethical Data Mining in the UAE Traffic Department

The research question identified in the assignment two is considered to be the following, namely whether the implementation of the business intelligence into the working process will beneficially influence the work of the Traffic Department [...]

Microsoft Corporation’s Decision-Making Strategy

Nowadays, it becomes increasingly clear for managers that the task of improving the organization's performance can no longer be addressed within the context of a conventional management-paradigm, which implies that the managerial decision-making process cannot [...]

Data Envelopment Method in Decision Making

This study aims to investigate the use of data envelopment analysis to evaluate their use in the relative efficiency of decision-making units in the manufacturing industry with a specific focus on the Malmquist Taiwanese productivity [...]

Finance-Related Managerial Decisions

This may require the company's organizing committee, shareholders and managers sitting down to discuss the prevailing issues in the company. This is where the sales and marketing department come in to assist decision makers to [...]

King Hussain Hospital’s Decision-Making Issue

Factors that influenced the decision included the state of the patient's health, previous outcomes of similar emergency operations, superficial analysis of information, nurses' responsibility to the wellbeing of the patient, emotional thinking, limited time, and [...]

Wal-Mart Company’s Decision Making Process

The initiative will also enable the company to identify their output and analyze their competitive advantages in the market. The tool will be used by the executives in evaluating the market and assessment of external [...]

Problem Solving Process at the Workplace

It is possible to mention that the first solution may be the most optimal decision, if the managers of the new company agree to postpone the start of my career in this organization. This is [...]

Visit to the Mount Everest: Team Project

The leadership skills demonstrated by the leaders, the understanding of diversity that is witnessed within the group, and the ability of the individuals members of the group to relate with each other are some of [...]

Decision Making: Concepts and Practices

Finally, the process of decision making includes assessment of the effectiveness of the model applied to the problem. As suggested in the study by Ornstein and Lunenburg, "Decision making [is] universally defined as the process [...]

The PMI Decision-Making Technique

Another benefit of planning for the decision-making process is that a standard of measuring the effectiveness of decisions to be made is defined and established.

How People Make Economic Decisions?

According to the third principle, an individual should assess every decision in regard to the benefits he will achieve. The totality of an economy's strength influences the marginal costs and benefits linked to the decision [...]

Cross-cultural Management: Decision-Making

It is commonly accepted that the decision-making process includes the definition of the problem, the consideration of the decision criteria and their evaluation, and the selection of the most appropriate decision from the variety of [...]

Researching, Reporting, Planning

As a result, the London Coffee Company can utilise different sources of primary data to determine the market trends of the new coffee product. Thus, the disadvantages of primary data research affect the validity of [...]

The Complexity of Management

The manager that the decision is passed to may also find it hard to make and leaves it to the highest levels of the organization to deal with it.

Evaluation of Correlation

This report presents the results and analysis of an investigation on the relationship between the length of tenure and divorce status of top executives of a certain corporation.

Activity-based management

The determination of accurate information in an organization is important given that this information is used in the evaluation of the productivity of the systems of the firm.

Telstra Company Knowledge Management

There should be a clear flow of information from the management to the employees to ensure that all that they engage in are in accordance with the strategic objectives of the organization.

Business Decision Making

The locals and the politicians will also not be opposed to the construction of the hospital in this region. The location of the hospital in this region will therefore ensure that the health professionals are [...]

Global Decision Making

In a nutshell, managers must understand and appreciate the norms, beliefs, attitudes, and traditions of the employees and stakeholders that they deal with in each market or country in order to make ethical decisions.

Decision-Making with Managerial Accounting

The case of Southwest Airlines demonstrates the application of the budgeting technique in management accounting. Managerial accounting is critical to the provision of quality and quantitative data in the financial and operational performance.

Decision-Making Processes in Organizations

The manager of the targeted firm will have to make the adequate decisions in order to support every targeted goal. These practices will ensure every organization maximizes the extent to which its managers take outside [...]

Organization Design: Optimizing Trade Offs

The dynamic nature of the market requires a design that balances an organization's strategy and structure, the goals of the firm and that of employees, accountability and adaptability, as well as information coordination between the [...]

Design Methods Analysis

This study aims to establish the strengths and weaknesses of each of the tools that are applied in decision making at the product design phases and the areas they have been applied to provide solutions [...]

Design Management in H&M

The significance of quality is evidenced by the improvement in quality management approaches such as the total quality management, business excellence, and the introduction of the European Foundation of Quality Management [EFQM].

Decision Making. Bachelor’s Degree

This reflection seeks to show how a student made a decision to study for a bachelor's degree in business and quality management, the process involved in making up such a decision, information available at that [...]

Operations Decision-Making

This will save the company's money and increase the productivity of the employees, which lead to a higher profitability. Cash Flow Cash flow problems involve cash flows in and out of the company; this is [...]

Three perspectives in the organisational theory

Since one of the primary reasons why the Tecoma residents feel that they should not have a McDonald's restaurant in the neighbourhood is the littering that usually accompanies the organisation's outlet locations, one way to [...]

Organizational Learning and Decision Making

These models consist of five common steps including definition of the decision, identification of criteria for the process, consideration of possible solutions, calculations of the consequences associated with the proposed solutions and selecting the best [...]

Plant citing decision

Thilmany points out that one of the causes of its weak presence and relationship with the US is its economic policies. This will be advantageous to the company in terms of recruiting professional and skilled [...]

Management decision-making

The top management of the company made a rational decision in hiring consultants to facilitate the changes in their company. The renewal of seat assignments made the employees aware of their places and positions in [...]

Culture and Consumer Behavior

In addition, culture being the primary determinant of the nature of attitudes, values, and personality of individuals; it has many impacts on the nature of buying patterns adopted by individuals.

Consumer Decision Making Behavior

Consumers' decision on the kind of services and products to purchase is normally influenced by the brand of the company. For a company to succeed in the global market, it has to assess the needs [...]

Bottled Water: Tropical Spring Water Company

The choice of the method and the principles of running business is the first step on the way to success. The company has a limited capital, therefore, the conduction of the research with the purpose [...]

Martin Lindstrom’s Buy-ology

The norms in advertising and marketing in general dictate a lot of emphasis on the satisfaction of the sense of sight or rather appeasing the eyes with utter disregard to the other senses.

The Body Shop Australia

The group and the household to which a consumer belongs to has a significant influences on consumers behavior that is influencing the decision making process.

Life Is a Smorgasbord

Bottom line is, if one is to live a fulfilled life, critical and timely decision making should influence the choices that one makes in life.

Cereal Aisle Analysis

The various types of cereals the store deals with are identified. The consumers enquire about the characteristics of the various cereals.