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Decision Making Essay Examples and Topics

Decision Tree for Locating Expansion Opportunities

Despite the fact that, when choosing between the real estate and the real franchise, the decision based on the profitability of the former option is obvious, further analysis of the associated risks shows that the [...]

Judgment in Managerial Decision-Making

The decision was influenced by the patient's insistence, absence of the physician, my personal judgment regarding the importance of helping the patient, and ignorance of the dangers associated with defying a physician's recommendations.

Decision Process in Grocery Business Launch

The idea was to manage the business and stay in the house. Thus, the decision to purchase a house became the foundation of the decision problem that this paper describes.

Problem Solving and Decisions

The main problem in the selected scenario is the concatenation of circumstances that place the subject in a position of having to make some difficult choices, all of which have significant consequences if avoided.

Quantitative Methods for Business Decision Making

The expected completion time of the project is 40 weeks while the variance of the critical path is 9. The probability that completion of the project will take longer than 40 weeks is calculated using [...]

Decision Making and Critical Thinking

When making a certain decision, it is important to consider all the involved elements in order to achieve the desired results and avoid consequences that would affect either party in a negative manner.

Defining Moments: When Managers Must Choose?

The redeeming quality here is that ethical values tend to have the same elements in all places across the globe. In some cases, I have found that it is better to adjust my outlook to [...]

Judgment and Decision Making in Engineering

As a core competency in leadership, decision-making is the logical approach to the dissemination of guidelines and a stringent measure in how order, power, rationality, identity, and decision intelligence play a role in rule-following and [...]

Situational Awareness and the Decision-Making Process

Therefore, part of the recommendation is to have a mechanism for incorporating the view of other stakeholders in decision-making in a way that does not delay the process as a remedy to prevent bias. I [...]

The Buying Decision Making by Individual

Because all my friends often spoke well of the product, I initiated a purchase decision because I could afford it and that my exact size was available.

Group Decision-Making and Related Challenges

When it comes to problems associated with the process of group decision-making, it is important to pay close attention to the situation of decision-makers and their knowledge levels.

IPhone 8 Purchase Motivation Analysis

Belonging is greatly promoted by establishing a sense of connection through the provision of various methods of communication with friends and family, contributing greatly to forming relationships in the long term.

Project Risk Management and Decision-Making

It scrutinizes the impending threats, the probability of adverse effects bound to come, the level of interferences, financial implications, and the effect of decision making at the time.

Kava Island for Business: Decision-Making Process

Based on the solutions we formulated earlier on and the current situations, it is quite evident that these should be in favor of both external stakeholders and factors that best benefit the people of the [...]

Intuition in Strategic Decision-Making

Finally, the most important point is that intuition is quick; so, the manager is to focus on the critical issues and neglect the irrelevant ones.

Critical Thinking, Mission and Leadership Statement

This is because it consists of a detailed guideline that takes into consideration all the factors in the environment that may influence the goals, missions, and leadership statements. The position of a leader that I [...]

Legal and Ethical Scenarios of Decision Making

The standard of ethical conduct states that in cases similar to that of Generic Pharma the FDA employee in question should inform his agency and receive authorization for proceeding with the activity. She should be [...]

Lenovo Company’s Decision Making

The goal of this case study is to evaluate the decision-making of the leadership of the Lenovo company, which grew into a successful large-scale corporation, through a review of the organization's goals, point of view, [...]

Lenovo Company’s Decision-Making Process

In the case of Lenovo, the company had to reshape its strategy that emerged as a consequence of being formed as an enterprise with limited resources provided by a non-profit institute.

The Opportunity Cost Importance in Decision Making

Opportunity costs of the choice I was considering were the cost of tuition and the time I would spend studying. It also allowed me to realize that by enrolling in the program, I would be [...]

Choice Experiment: Individual Financial Decisions

In the study, this factor is measured in two questions concerning the following attributes: investment decisions, patterns, risks, potential gains, the period of starting saving, changes in the amount of savings, the selection of retirement [...]

Australian Airline Qantas Decision Making

Although the program is acknowledged to be the company's most precious resource and could help the airline to earn funds, the decision is most likely to have certain drawbacks which might entrain the opposite effect [...]

Decision Leader in the Global Marketplace

It is commonly believed that heuristics are not effective for decision-making because the business sphere is in the constant process of numerous changes and those methods that were employed in the past may not suit [...]

Agency Decision-Making Processes and Outcomes

Therefore, as much as the agency has the licensing power to revoke a license it has to observe the due process and since the waste management firm does not pose any threat, it can challenge [...]

Amalgamated Playthings: Decision Tree

The chances are high that the only condition under which there will be no competition for the API company is if the movie is a flop and W&G company decides not to make a release [...]

Brainstorming, Nominal and Delphi Decision-Making

The choice of one of the three major techniques of group decision making requires a thorough analysis of the business context to discern the factors that assist or hinder the process of consensus achievement.

Kepner-Tregoe Technique Application to Problem Solving

This case study highlights how the managers of the automobile giant continue to rely on the Kepner Tregoe technique to solve some of the problems associated with the implementation of the just-in-time technique in its [...]

Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership

In terms of the assessment of my personality, it portrays that a have to pay critical attention to the emotions and feelings of other individuals, as disregarding them will question my leadership and abilities to [...]

Educational Pension Investments Case

As the conflict was heating up, Tom made a step and talked to Dan in a rather informal manner to express the concerns of the senior partners.

Customer Decision Making in Shopping Malls

The main objective of this particular research is to better inform the Australian Westfield Shopping mall's marketing department and manager of the changing consumer trends.

Systems Thinking Role in Sustainability Challenges

The rapid evolution of science and technical devices gave rise to a number of various concerns and resulted in the increased complexity of the patterns according to which the most important activities were organised.

Decision-Making Strategies and Techniques

Consequently, in the context of this paper, it is critical to discuss decision-making strategies and apply them to practice with the assistance of the workplace examples.

High-Tech Corporation Decision Making

The managers of the organization believe that job satisfaction is one of the most influential factors in production as the more content employees are the more likely they are to pursue the goals of the [...]

The Principles of Decision Making

They are always independent and original in their thinking and operations. They like orderly steps and systems that allow them to employ their skills.

Decision-Making Process

The option to stay in the current company, finish my Bachelor's degree, and then go for a Master's degree with the reimbursement from my company is the safest option.

Ethical Data Mining in the UAE Traffic Department

The research question identified in the assignment two is considered to be the following, namely whether the implementation of the business intelligence into the working process will beneficially influence the work of the Traffic Department [...]

Decision-Making in Government Contractor Selection

The study was driven by the research objectives of analyzing the application of multi-criteria decision-making process in the construction industry and contractor selection using the analytic hierarchy process.

COALA Company: Ethical Decision-Making Process

For example, they are not rare in business, as the necessity to consider a situation from the ethical point of view and make a decision occurs when one and the same case is perceived from [...]

How to Make a Reasonable Decision for a Company?

The decision to stop the production line and make the changeover is not appropriate for the company because the production process is almost finished, and only one week is needed to complete the standard run.

Microsoft Corporation’s Decision-Making Strategy

Nowadays, it becomes increasingly clear for managers that the task of improving the organization's performance can no longer be addressed within the context of a conventional management-paradigm, which implies that the managerial decision-making process cannot [...]

Decision Making Under Uncertainty Situation

The concept of probability, in this case, uses the assumption that the extent to which an outcome was likely to occur or occurred in the past can recur in the future.

Data Envelopment Method in Decision Making

This study aims to investigate the use of data envelopment analysis to evaluate their use in the relative efficiency of decision-making units in the manufacturing industry with a specific focus on the Malmquist Taiwanese productivity [...]

Finance-Related Managerial Decisions

This may require the company's organizing committee, shareholders and managers sitting down to discuss the prevailing issues in the company. This is where the sales and marketing department come in to assist decision makers to [...]

King Hussain Hospital’s Decision-Making Issue

Factors that influenced the decision included the state of the patient's health, previous outcomes of similar emergency operations, superficial analysis of information, nurses' responsibility to the wellbeing of the patient, emotional thinking, limited time, and [...]

Wal-Mart Company’s Decision Making Process

The initiative will also enable the company to identify their output and analyze their competitive advantages in the market. The tool will be used by the executives in evaluating the market and assessment of external [...]

Microsoft Company’s Organizational Change

Change reflects the company's striving to be responsive to the needs of customers while, at the same time, creating a solid basis for the pursuit of organizational excellence.

Psychological Traps in the Human Decision Making

They include the anchoring trap, the status-quo trap, the sunk cost trap, the confirming evidence trap, the framing trap, the overconfidence trap, the prudence trap, and the recall-ability trap.

Creative Intelligence Styles’ Comparison and Influence

The paper examines the similarities and differences of four styles of creative intelligence and their role in business decision-making. In fact, this is the primary force behind the establishment of our mental models and mindsets, [...]

Problem Solving Process at the Workplace

It is possible to mention that the first solution may be the most optimal decision, if the managers of the new company agree to postpone the start of my career in this organization. This is [...]

Critical Thinking Benefits in Decision-Making Processes

It is the purpose of this paper to provide an example of critical thinking application at the personal level in addition to critically discussing the importance and benefits of critical thinking in decision-making processes.

Unstructured Data and Analysis in Decision Making

The second tool that is used the comparison of the official websites of its competitors and the third tool is monitoring the consumer discussion about their and their competitor's products.

Decision Tree Analysis in Project Management

The resulting solution is a classification because the data set used in a decision tree known to the user. In establishing a cluster, it is evident that the number of clusters is of a given [...]

Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Database

The function describes the operations of agents charged with the responsibility of coordinating efforts in the firm with the aim of achieving the set goals in an effective and efficient manner.

Automotive Industry: Participation in Intra-firm Communities

The article "Participation in Intra-Firm Communities of Practice: A Case Study from the Automotive Industry" identifies the major incentives that can encourage more engineers to share their experiences in intra-firm communities of practice.

Visit to the Mount Everest: Team Project

The leadership skills demonstrated by the leaders, the understanding of diversity that is witnessed within the group, and the ability of the individuals members of the group to relate with each other are some of [...]

Decision Making: Concepts and Practices

Finally, the process of decision making includes assessment of the effectiveness of the model applied to the problem. As suggested in the study by Ornstein and Lunenburg, "Decision making [is] universally defined as the process [...]

The PMI Decision-Making Technique

Another benefit of planning for the decision-making process is that a standard of measuring the effectiveness of decisions to be made is defined and established.

How People Make Economic Decisions?

According to the third principle, an individual should assess every decision in regard to the benefits he will achieve. The totality of an economy's strength influences the marginal costs and benefits linked to the decision [...]

Enhanced Decision Making: Agent Technology

In addition, the authors posit that collaborative learning environment and communities of practice are two key areas of knowledge management systems that are embedded in technology.

Cross-cultural Management: Decision-Making

It is commonly accepted that the decision-making process includes the definition of the problem, the consideration of the decision criteria and their evaluation, and the selection of the most appropriate decision from the variety of [...]

Decision Making Strength, Grace, and Ethics

Ethical decisions tend to interfere with other decisions, hence, the author preferring people to use strength and grace as opposed to ethics in decision-making.

Decision-Making: Quantitative Analysis for Management

To understand the meaning of a decision To investigate the steps necessary to make a good decision To formalize the decision-making process A decision is defined as the conclusion that is made when different alternative [...]

Researching, Reporting, Planning

As a result, the London Coffee Company can utilise different sources of primary data to determine the market trends of the new coffee product. Thus, the disadvantages of primary data research affect the validity of [...]

The Complexity of Management

The manager that the decision is passed to may also find it hard to make and leaves it to the highest levels of the organization to deal with it.

“Towards a More Effective Enterprise” by Robert Katz

Since the management determines the main changes of any organization, Katz opines that managers should act as agents of change by adopting alternative concepts that involve the employees' beliefs and ideas as opposed to emphasizing [...]

Evaluation of Correlation

This report presents the results and analysis of an investigation on the relationship between the length of tenure and divorce status of top executives of a certain corporation.

Activity-based management

The determination of accurate information in an organization is important given that this information is used in the evaluation of the productivity of the systems of the firm.

Telstra Company Knowledge Management

There should be a clear flow of information from the management to the employees to ensure that all that they engage in are in accordance with the strategic objectives of the organization.

Business Decision Making

The locals and the politicians will also not be opposed to the construction of the hospital in this region. The location of the hospital in this region will therefore ensure that the health professionals are [...]

Global Decision Making

In a nutshell, managers must understand and appreciate the norms, beliefs, attitudes, and traditions of the employees and stakeholders that they deal with in each market or country in order to make ethical decisions.

Decision-Making with Managerial Accounting

The case of Southwest Airlines demonstrates the application of the budgeting technique in management accounting. Managerial accounting is critical to the provision of quality and quantitative data in the financial and operational performance.

Decision-Making Processes in Organizations

The manager of the targeted firm will have to make the adequate decisions in order to support every targeted goal. These practices will ensure every organization maximizes the extent to which its managers take outside [...]

Organization Design: Optimizing Trade Offs

The dynamic nature of the market requires a design that balances an organization's strategy and structure, the goals of the firm and that of employees, accountability and adaptability, as well as information coordination between the [...]

Design Methods Analysis

This study aims to establish the strengths and weaknesses of each of the tools that are applied in decision making at the product design phases and the areas they have been applied to provide solutions [...]

Design Management in H&M

The significance of quality is evidenced by the improvement in quality management approaches such as the total quality management, business excellence, and the introduction of the European Foundation of Quality Management [EFQM].

The Role of Management Information System (MIS) in Business

The diagram below shows the relationship between the departments and underpins how the manual system which is used to conduct the primary and secondary activities within the departments is related to the performance of each [...]

Decision Making. Bachelor’s Degree

This reflection seeks to show how a student made a decision to study for a bachelor's degree in business and quality management, the process involved in making up such a decision, information available at that [...]

Operations Decision-Making

This will save the company's money and increase the productivity of the employees, which lead to a higher profitability. Cash Flow Cash flow problems involve cash flows in and out of the company; this is [...]

Decision Making Process for Entrepreneurs

Sales pipeline is represented in the form of a fraction with the numerator representing the total volume in the pipeline and the denominator representing the sales goal.

Written Individual Evaluation of Group Dynamic

At the beginning of the session, I was assigned the duty of co-leading a team of ten members. All the members of the team were made up of both males and females who had volunteered [...]

Organization Goal and Components

To improve communication amongst an organization it is vital that the prevailing method and level of communication within the organization is assessed.

Three perspectives in the organisational theory

Since one of the primary reasons why the Tecoma residents feel that they should not have a McDonald's restaurant in the neighbourhood is the littering that usually accompanies the organisation's outlet locations, one way to [...]
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