Decision Making Essay Examples and Topics

Business Decision Making Methods and Examples

Joint versus separate preference reversal Joint evaluation is making a decision after jointly considering several options whereas separate evaluation is making a decision in which options are considered one by one and decided separately. Joint and separate preference reversals affect our decisions in different situations in life. There are times we make a decision after […]

Researching, Reporting, Planning

Collection of Market Related Data Using Primary and Secondary Research Decision-making process facilitates the growth and development of business organisations. The primary responsibility of a business manager is to conduct, manage, and proffer decisions that support the firm’s vision and objectives (Browne & Keeley 1998). As a result, the business decision process relies on decision […]

The Complexity of Management

Introduction All sectors in the economy are continually growing; from hospitals to businesses (Wolff, Starfield and Anderson 2002). This is because the customer needs are changing and technology and business structures are also evolving steadily. This means that there is always a new part of a business aimed at expanding customer bases and differentiation of […]

“Towards a More Effective Enterprise” by Robert Katz

Introduction This study is a critical analysis and reflection of the article, Towards a more effective enterprise, by Robert Katz. Katz (80) argues that the conventional way of organizing and operating an enterprise is outdated. Katz demonstrates how the usual way of doing business leads to uninformed decisions coupled with loss of motivation and inefficiency. […]

Operational Decision Making Dubal Company (Dubai Aluminum Ltd)

Company description Dubal is a major manufacturer and supplier of aluminum products. The company’s mission is to be the leading company in global aluminum production. The company also aims to lead in marketing of aluminum products by the year 2020. The company is perceived to be a major supplier of alloy products to the automotive […]

Evaluation of Correlation

Introduction This report presents the results and analysis of an investigation on the relationship between the length of tenure and divorce status of top executives of a certain corporation. Data was collected about the length of tenure of these and whether the executives have has a divorce. The information obtained from this study and analysis […]

Making Strategic Decisions. Gillian Tett’s “Fool’s Gold”

Introduction Business management executives require skills in decision-making processes for them to arrive at strategic decisions that enhance the performance of their organisations. Arriving at the most effective decision implies that other possible alternative decisions are ignored or found inappropriate. Evaluation of the repercussion of decisions that are left out in the development of the […]

Activity-based management

ABM is a management technique employed in an organization in order to streamline an organization’s production activities towards meeting the objectives and goals of the organizations. This technique incorporates activity based costing system, which provides valuable cost information. This information enables managers make sound and informed decisions in the course of managing of the operation […]

Telstra Company Knowledge Management

Introduction Information is a very important tool in the normal running of organization. Within an organization, there should be a clear management and flow of information between the management and the employees in order to harmonize its operations. Knowledge management has gained a lot of attention from various scholars and managements in the past. It […]

Acme Electronics and Omega Electronics Companies Operations

Issues This is a tale of two companies that operated in a similar field. A large company bought a majority stake in another company. The new company was not interested in the electronics division the previous company had. Therefore, it sold this division to two persons. Acme Electronics and Omega Electronics were born. Subsequent operations […]

Analyzing Data in HR and Presenting Findings to Make Decisions in Crown Prince Court

Crown Prince Court: HR Policies Investigation The Crown Prince Court is a successful governmental organization that assists the Crown Prince in performing his official responsibilities both at the local and international levels. The organization also seeks to foster the interaction between the Prince and the residents of the United Arab Emirates by means of general […]

Business Decision Making

Introduction This document is a decision document whose aim is to carry out analysis of the possible sites and come up with a decision on the location to build a hospital for the Mid South Hospitals NHS trust. The project will be financed by several companies which include banks, building firms, developers and service providers. […]

Equity Investment: Decision Making – Business Valuation

Introduction The acquisition of capital is a challenge faced by businesses. However, business enterprises can obtain startup funds from venture capital firms. Venture capital focuses mainly on high-risk startup businesses. Often, entrepreneurs seek venture capital once their businesses are operational and need expansion. Venture capitalists, however, prefer to finance high-risk businesses that promise high financial […]

Leading in Project Management & Operation

Although the hiring process involves mutual decision making between the organization and the job candidate, available literature demonstrates that hiring the best person from among many good candidates is often a challenging task for many leaders (Lin & Kleiner 108). However, as suggested by these authors, several devices, models and approaches have been developed over […]

Efficient Methods for Making Decisions

A decision-making process does not always imply passing through a great number of preliminary stages and steps. The solution may occur spontaneously even when you are not expecting it. However, there are decisions that constitute a serious challenge to solve because they depend on sophisticated circumstances that cannot be noticed at a glance. Therefore, there […]

Managing Power and Influence in Organizations

It is reported that power corrupts even though in the real sense, it is the use of power that determines whether people with authority succeed or fail. In a local school, the new principal found himself between a rock and a hard place when the president of the board approached him and proposed that the […]

Global Decision Making

Introduction The modern business environment is characterized by high competition, integration of markets, and changing economic trends. As a result, businesses have embarked on joining international markets to improve their sales and profits. Companies that have adopted global strategies are increasingly finding it difficult to manage organizational behavior due to the social, cultural, and economic […]

Important Concepts for Engineering Managers to Make Right Decisions

Engineering Managers and Organizations The success of any organization is heavily dependent on its management. The style deployed by managers has a direct effect on the employees. Managers decide the direction of the organization, as they are the decision makers. Engineering management can be defined as a specific form of administration relevant to engineering due […]

Decision-Making with Managerial Accounting

Introduction Various business traits determine the techniques that are used in managerial accounting decision-making processes. For example, during a business start-up phase, management accountants may deploy budgeting and capital investment techniques. However, in case of a business that is in the mature phase, such accountants may depend on cost management and quality control to make […]

Decision-Making Processes in Organizations

Introduction Managers must make appropriate decisions in order to achieve the best results. The leadership styles embraced by different managers will determine the appropriateness of their decisions. A proper decision should focus on the best goals. This fact explains why managers should possess the best decision-making skills. The approach will make it easier for them […]

Organization Design: Optimizing Trade Offs

Organizational design in the 21st century remains a delicate issue, not as it was in the pre-industrial revolution times. The dynamic nature of the market requires a design that balances an organization’s strategy and structure, the goals of the firm and that of employees, accountability and adaptability, as well as information coordination between the top […]

Design Methods Analysis

Introduction Studies show that each phase in the product design process can be made efficient depending on the effectiveness of the tools used in the decision making process. Among the decision making tools that are used include brainstorming, generating alternatives-morphological analysis, and the evaluation matrix. The tools have different areas of application and effectiveness decision […]

Design Management in H&M

Analysis on the significance of quality manuals Organisations’ long-term sustainability is dependent on the management teams’ commitment in formulating and implementing feasible operational strategies. The strategies, policies, and procedures implemented determine an organisation’s ability to achieve business excellence (Chase & Aquilano 2006). The contemporary business environment has undergone remarkable developments over the past few years […]

The Role of Management Information System (MIS) in Business

Abstract Information technology has leveraged firms in their core primary and secondary activities in the information value chain and business processes. Manual systems have been shown to have a retrospective effect on the performance of companies, which underpins the need for organisations to shift to the use of the intranets and extranets. The trend towards […]

Decision Making. Bachelor’s Degree

Decision-making implies choosing one option among several available options . It can be conscious or unconscious. A conscious decision arises from a series of deliberate consultations either with self or other people while an unconscious decision arises as a reaction to a particular happening. A well-chosen goal leads to happiness and fulfillment while a bad […]

Operations Decision-Making

Introduction Operations decision-making is one of the major functions carried out by company’s management. Most of the decisions determine on whether a company should stop producing a certain product, increase production of a certain product, maintain the current level of production or reduce the current level of production (McGuigan, 2008). The process of productivity involves […]

Decision Making Process for Entrepreneurs

For young businesses, it is difficult for entrepreneurs to acquire enough information to help in making decisions. In spite of businesses taking a short period to break-even, it is not reasonable for an entrepreneur to assume that he or she has succeeded. Entrepreneurs ought to bear in mind numerous considerations when making decisions on matters […]

Written Individual Evaluation of Group Dynamic

This essay offers a reflective insight of a group that I worked with in the past in some class assignments. It is worth to mention that the formation of the group was triggered by various issues. In any case, the set goals were attained by the end of the group work. This essay has highlighted […]

Organization Goal and Components

Introduction An organization is basically an entity that is made of a number of components and strives to achieve a particular goal. The nature of these goals vary, they can be either monetary or non-monetary (Jackson & Schuler, 1985). As mentioned before an organization comprises of a number of components. These components have to work […]

Three perspectives in the organisational theory

Introduction There are three perspectives that are instrumental in the analysis of organisational theory, viz. the modernist, symbolic interpretive, and the post-modernist perspectives. The focus of this paper is the decision by McDonalds to open a new station at Tecoma Victoria, which has been met by opposition and hostility by the limited populace (2085 residents) […]

Management Styles and Organizational Performance

Introduction Management styles are methods of leadership for organizing, directing, influencing, leading and facilitating organizational performance. They dictate how managers are to make decisions, whether to involve subordinates or whether to disregard them. In addition, each style has its unique features that dictate how employees and managers are to relate and communicates. On the other […]

Commoditizing the enterprise: MIT Sloan Management Review

Best practices in an industry are identified after close monitoring and evaluation of a company’s performance. Industry best practices play a great role towards company productivity and this makes them to be the best in a company. In addition, they help a company while making key operational decisions at any given time. This means that […]

Cross Cultural Management: the UK

Introduction According to studies done by scholars and other researchers, the aspect of leadership style or type closely relates with the particular culture of a country. In other words, countries adopt their own unique leadership styles that match their culture and belief in the society (Hur, 2008, p. 359). This paper seeks to undertake an […]

Nolop’s “Rules to Acquire”: Article Analysis

An acquisition presents a perfect chance for a business organization to expand its operations and provide a prospect of increased revenue. As a result, many managers jump into an offer as soon as it surfaces. However, the deal is not always smart and therefore, calls for critical evaluation. In his article “rules to acquire by,” […]

Creating partnership: Enterprise Resource Planning

Complexities of measuring ROI in an inter-organizational systems implementation Decision making in an inter-organizational systems implementation is a continuous process that involves many stakeholders. Since the decision makers possess different experiences, measuring ROI becomes a complex process. It becomes difficult in choosing the most effective methods for measuring ROI and risks involved in the system […]

Modern Organizations: Towards Understanding how They Cope with Fast Information Turnover

In today’s ever-shifting business environment, it is fundamentally important for modern organizations to develop structures that will enhance fast information turnover to facilitate equally fast decision-making processes aimed at sustaining the competitive advantage of these organizations. To achieve this important feat, organizations have turned away from maintaining rigid structures and embraced the creation and internalization […]

Organizational Learning and Decision Making

Introduction This paper covers an organizational analysis focusing on organization’s decision-making process, learning methods and knowledge management systems. The cognitive structure and biases that affect the decision-making process is also analyzed. The analysis took place with the organization’s director and SV supervisor, who participated in an interview. The interview was well organized and structured following […]

Concept of Decision Support (DS)

Decision Support (DS) is a term that is frequently applied in a number of contexts which are associated with decision making. For instance, it is usually mentioned in relation to Data Warehouses as well as On-Line Analytical Processing (Watson, 1998). It has also been established that Data support is closely associated with Data Mining. Data […]

Conflict, Decision Making, and Organizational Design

A conflict in any organization occurs when there is an involvement of many parties in duty performance. This happens because the parties concerned have different goals and interests to accomplish. In many organizational structures, different conflicts may arise such as fund allocation, terms of employment, retrenchments and promotions. This mostly occurs when one business is […]

Conflict, Decision Making and Organizational Design

Introduction Conflicts are disagreements in which the parties involved perceive a threat to their needs, interest, and/or concerns thus raising noticeable differences in positions of the involved parties. A conflict is more than a disagreement when based on the expected influence to human relationships. Decision making is basically a process of the mind aimed at […]

The Importance of Forecasting on Sales Management Decision Making

Introduction In recent times, the business environment has increasingly become more unpredictable. This has made it very important for organizations across the globe to become vigilant when it comes to the issue of forecasting. In fact, for any organization to be successful in today’s business world, its methods of predicting the future in the key […]

The Decision Process in Operations

Abstract The paper explores the concept of decision-making as it applies in a business organization or any other organization. The meaning of decision-making as well as the necessary steps that are taken to ensure effective decision-making process is also tackled. Some typical situations that may require an effective decision-making are also described alongside practical examples […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Problem Solving and Group Decision Making

Problem Solving and Group Decision Making In every organization there are problems that arise from time to time. These problems affect the performance of the entire organization. When problems arise all the people who work in that particular organization must be involved on finding lasting solutions to the problems. There are advantages and disadvantages that […]

Plant citing decision

The success of a business venture that plans to expand to new regions relies greatly on selection of a beneficial geographical location where its plant can be established. Research point out that selecting a plant site requires making of careful decision. Thilmany points out that in making decisions to move to new locations, there are […]

Management decision-making

Introduction The success of companies lies in their ability to train and develop their human resources. In order to do so a system of rules and regulations as well as clear definitions of job descriptions and responsibilities are prerequisites. On top of all such requirements it is critical that the working environment of the company […]

Developing a Winning Strategic Plan for Blink

Competitive strategy The onset of World Wide Web gave consumers access to a wide range of information regarding different products. Consequently, most of the consumers take a thorough research about the functionality and benefits of a product they intend to purchase. Besides, customers compare products with other readily available products with respect to their functionalities, […]

Culture and Consumer Behavior

Introduction Understanding of the consumer behavior forms the backbone of any successful marketing strategy. This is the case primarily because; through critical evaluation and study of desired market segments; which involves understanding of the consumer behavior, an organization not only acquires the ability to decide where to sale their products, but also the nature of […]

Consumer Decision Making Behavior

Introduction Starbucks restaurant is a brand name known within the United states for provision of high quality beverage especially coffee drinks. The company has developed through good experience on provision of high quality products. The restaurant is known for employees who are well informed about coffee and best ways of producing products suitable for human […]

Bottled Water: Tropical Spring Water Company

Modern business is run in the period of change and innovations. Each day new decisions are created and new methods are applied into life. There are several aspects according to which business should be run. The choice of the method and the principles of running business is the first step on the way to success. […]

Straight foward book review of Martin Lindstrom’s Buy-ology

So much controversy had been brewing in the business world as to the reason why consumers often settle for certain goods and services in the market with various scholars expressing their views on the subject matter from individual points of view. This state of affairs influenced Martin Lindstrom’s decision to try and bring the various […]

The Body Shop Australia

Introduction The Body Shop Australia is a shop that deals in beauty products such as skin care, hair care, lotions, make up, and community trade. Although The Body Shop Australia currently offers online shopping to its consumers, safety and security over the cyberspace has become such an important issue in determining consumer behavior. The consultancy […]

Innovative Designs with Traditional Marketing

Case situation The case study entails an analysis of POP Design which deals with architectural designs. The case is aimed at evaluating a number of marketing issues. This arises from the fact that effective marketing can result into a firm’s success. One of the ways through which this can be achieved is by increasing a […]

Strategic Decision Making using Positioning and Positioning Maps

Introduction The environment creates opportunities for business investors to satisfy the needs created in the society while at the same time earning returns for it. Since there are several people that see the same opportunity or seize an opportunity based on the prospects of already existing businesses, businesses owners need to make strategic decisions to […]

The factor in marketing communication

Abstract This research is about the beer market in Vancouver and the strategies that can be used to strengthen the industry. Marketing of beer in Vancouver has been experiencing major challenges and new entrants are finding it difficult to survive in the market. Existing breweries are experiencing financial difficulties due to the competition from local […]

Introducing the calcium-fortified Pepsi drink in the UAE

Introduction Consumers are generally influenced by two factors: internal influences and external influences. Internal influences are personal feelings and thought that includes self-concept, motivation, attitudes, emotions and perceptions. These factors generally influence perception, purchasing patterns, and attitude customers develop towards a product or a service offered by business. Besides, these factors are directly linked to […]

Life Is a Smorgasbord

Summary The narrator of this article avoided making early decisions in life because of his fear of failure. The decisions that he had made were not very fulfilling. He claims his life is like an enormous menu that does not offer a sampler plate. He says he cannot make an order of fear, saying that […]

Cereal Aisle Analysis

Introduction Background to the study Krexox is a store owned by a sole-proprietor and is located within the suburban Mill Run shopping center. The store has been in operation for 5 years. In its operation, the store deals with a variety of food products such as cereals. To ensure that consumers easily access the cereals, […]

3 Criteria that Determine Whether the Manager Is Making Good Decisions

When a manager makes decisions, he/she thinks about the outcome of the affair. A good decision-making process is resulted in a successful project. This criterion may be considered as one of the signs that good decisions are made. The second criterion, which may determine whether the manager is making good decisions or not, is the […]