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Entrepreneurship Essay Examples and Topics

Entrepreneurial Leadership Characteristics and Types

Thus, economic and social entrepreneurial leadership use the same tools in pursuit of improvements in society and the business sector. However, emotional intelligence is positively linked with mental health, excellent job performance, and contributes to [...]

GreenIt Ltd.’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Countries all over the world are now promoting the production and consumption of renewable energy as a way of ensuring that they reduce environmental pollution and improve the sustainability of their energy sources.

UAE Family Firms’ Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The aim of the following paper is to explore the current views on entrepreneurial orientation in the academic literature, discuss the advantages and shortcomings of viewing it as a multidimensional construct, and determine the applicability [...]

Phenomenon of Entrepreneurship

The main goal of this paper is to analyze the phenomenon of entrepreneurship, highlighting its major aspects. The major attribute of this concept is a passion as it drives a person through difficulties and failures.

Critical Success Factors for Entrepreneurs

Consequently, the issue of entrepreneurial success factors is a significant problem because identification of these factors and their implementation by entrepreneurs is likely to increase the performance of the entrepreneurial activity and thus provide a [...]

Starting a Company in Singapore

Despite the need to adapt to the unique cultural characteristics and legal requirements for setting up a business in Singapore, the state can be viewed as a perfect example of an impeccable location for a [...]

Corporate Entrepreneurship Analysis

Urbano and Turro recognize the role of corporate entrepreneurs in economic growth and the consequent interest of scholars and economists on the subject of corporate entrepreneurship.

“Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

The first thing outlined in the book is that Steve Jobs loved to do things in the right manner. As an entrepreneur, it will be necessary to focus on innovations and ideas that can transform [...]

Andrew Chreng and Panda Restaurant Group

The chain has become the largest fast-food restaurant in the United States that offers Chinese food. The entrepreneur has also helped in understanding that minimal funds can be used to start a business.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship: Future Trends

In order to show leadership in a complex business environment, it is necessary to practice aspects of guidance that different balance dimensions of power in order to minimize the gap between supervision and perception of [...]

Start-Up Companies’ Issues in Global Expansion

However, on the way to growth and recognition in the market, many start-up companies face some challenges that significantly inhibit the development process and force the management to find solutions to these problems.

Corporate Form and Its Neglected Benefits

An entrepreneur takes up operation costs of a market and forms an organization in order to direct resources. A firm, in summary consists of the relationship between the employee and employer.

Social Enterprise for a Day: Student Conference

Hope Blooms are involved in the manufacture and sale of salad dressing and because the business is a social outfit, the entrepreneurs use most of their profits to organize cooking classes, fund scholarship classes, and [...]

Jeff Bezos and Gladwell’s Success Principles

This paper will highlight the successful pathway of Jeff Bezos and outline how his success connects with the principles of success by Gladwell among others. In addition, Gladwell studied and examined the lives of the [...]

Corporate Entrepreneurship in Family Firms

Finally, the use of strategic planning as the foundation for the decision-making processes in the organization can be considered the crucial concept introduced to the environment of the family business by the authors of the [...]

Silicon Valley’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The third important feature is the environment that supports businesses taking risks despite failure because the majority of entrepreneurs fail in their first attempts to establish themselves, the business environment in the Silicon Valley does [...]

Corporate Entrepreneurship and Organizational Culture

The researchers claim that the consideration of the mentioned factors in the selection of instruments and methods for the organizational engagement in CE activities may significantly minimize the risks of failure and ensure the sustainable [...]

International Entrepreneurial Culture

In the first place, the authors expect that it is necessary to develop effective measures and assessments that can assist in evaluating the ability of the company to take advantage of opportunities of foreign markets.

Resource Planning in Small and Medium Enterprises

Further, this measurement is usually taken against the increased levels of the transparency of the whole system The other risk is on the enhanced clearness and transparency, especially if some departments do need to conceal [...]

Social Entrepreneurship in the New York City

The process of social entrepreneurship and its strategic goals for improving social welfare of the society harnesses a variety of capacities across different sectors which helps facilitate the initiation and maintenance of the activities.

Entrepreneurship Themes: Potential and Skills

The main drive of an entrepreneur is to achieve his set personal and business objectives. The complex nature of human beings makes it difficult to assess their potential accurately; the FACETS approach is significant as [...]

Small Business: Features and Development

From the article of how to start a small business, we can formulate a question of how a small business is started and identify the steps that are followed in starting a new business until [...]

John Merck: How to Become an Entrepreneur?

This report is about a study that was conducted to determine the factors that motivated John Merck to become an entrepreneur selling computers, software programs, and related accessories, how the entrepreneur operates the business, the [...]

Large-Scale ‘Managerial Enterprise’ Models

The major purpose of the paper is to evaluate the role of the model of large-scale amanagerial enterprise' discussed by Chandler in the economies of the powerful and leading countries, namely the United States, Japan, [...]

Entrepreneurship Centers’ Financing Methods

Consequently, one of the most practical methods of financing an EC is by soliciting money from government organizations. Another risk that is associated with establishing the EC is lack of a strategic plan.

Entrepreneurship: John Spence Interview Project

In a much broader definition, Long and McMullan stated that an opportunity is an elaborated vision of venture development which entails a preview of the architecture for the translation of the concept into real-life application.

Entrepreneurship Meaning and Characteristics

The report will discuss and compare the characteristics of the entrepreneur with those commonly cited in the entrepreneurship literature and Elnaugh, stories. All the entrepreneurs in Elnaugh book are risk takers, driven by independency and [...]

Social Entrepreneur: Business Model and Market

It is imperative for the company to understand that both strategies of social values and commercial revenues can support or weaken each other. The company must fully integrate hybrid model in its strategies to support [...]

Entrepreneurs and Opportunity Recognition

It focuses on establishing how they seek for various development opportunities in the market, strategies they adopt to drive their expansion plans and how they make use of the opportunities they get.

Problems Faced by Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE

To investigate the problems that women entrepreneurs face in the UAE that limits their performance in the business sector. As noted, women entrepreneurs in the UAE region have been facing immense problems that limit their [...]

Women in Management

The enactment of this proposed policy will not only address the issue of women discrimination in organisations, but also in the top management positions. The implementation of this proposed government policy will require all the [...]

Networking in Entrepreneurship

What the Topic is about The topic of this paper is about the role of business networks in promoting entrepreneurial success in the creation and sustenance of new business ventures.

The Definition of Entrepreneurship

However, the congruence of both definitions with that extracted from the Harvard definition fall short of capturing all the elements of the definition of entrepreneurship, leading to the conclusion that the definition is useful for [...]

Entrepreneurship in UAE

The success of entrepreneurialism in the US is due to a number of Factors; Access to capital, research and quality infrastructure; the relationship between American universities and Industries is very close and the education system [...]

Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE

This is evidenced by the fact that nearly 54% of all university graduates within the UAE are women and that a growing percentage of them focus on furthering their own careers and the development of [...]

Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring

The key objectives of GEM are to weigh the distinction between countries entrepreneurial activity level, to resurface factors that determine the degree of entrepreneurial activity and finally to identify policies that triggers entrepreneurial activity level.

Concept of an Entrepreneur in Business

Unlike a business man who runs a business and becomes part of a larger business community, an entrepreneur takes the risk to star up a new venture, which he expands and grows to a full [...]