Entrepreneurship Essay Examples and Topics

Social Entrepreneur: Business Model and Market

Introduction A social entrepreneur spots and solves social challenges on a large-scale. Just as other businesses create and change different industries, social entrepreneurs play the role of change agents for communities, identifying opportunities other entrepreneurs have failed to “identify, enhancing systems, developing, applying new models and promoting sustainable solutions with greater social impacts on majorities” […]

Entrepreneurs and Opportunity Recognition

Introduction Entrepreneurs are individuals who hold immense ability to utilize and coordinate scarce factors of production at their disposal to satisfy the needs of society members. They continuously focus their potentials in organizing and operating business entities to promote economic performance in various settings. Notably, entrepreneurship is a concept that holds requisite capacity to revolutionize […]

Problems Faced by Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE

Introduction There have been a growing number of women entrepreneurs in the UAE who have shown determination in transforming the region economically. Indeed, women in the region are becoming key investors in various business portfolios or ventures. They hold a strong passion in providing economic solutions in the region that has immense business potential that […]

Women in Management

Introduction For many years, women have faced challenges in the effort to rise to top positions in organisations. The number of women in boardrooms is too low compared with the number of men. As Ridgeway notes, gender discrimination has continued to dominate many organisation both public and private (1997, p.218). An invisible barrier exists (‘glass […]

Networking in Entrepreneurship

Introduction What the Topic is about The topic of this paper is about the role of business networks in promoting entrepreneurial success in the creation and sustenance of new business ventures. Basically, networking refers to the connections an entrepreneur establishes with other individuals and business organizations. Thus, networks are crucial aspects in any business ventures […]

The Definition of Entrepreneurship

Introduction Entrepreneurship is defined from different perspectives depending on the discipline and context where the definition is applied. Here, the general definition of entrepreneurship captures the core elements of “discovery, evaluation, exploitation of opportunities, and the organisation of markets that had not previously existed” (Bruton, Ahlstrom & Li 2010, p.34). Another definition is the “new […]

Entrepreneurship and Its Peculiarities

Definition of Entrepreneurship The investigations around such critical element of entrepreneurial theory like entrepreneurship have been taking place for a long period of time due to inability to give one agreed definition and introduce it to a wide range of people. Basically, entrepreneurship may be defined as a powerful catalyst of economic development and growth. […]

Female Entrepreneurs in the UAE 10 years ago and in 2013

Introduction Entrepreneurs, regardless of their inherent location or gender, share similar problems in relation to properly accessing sufficient capital to start their business, being able to attract customers, developing a sufficient cash flow to sustain their venture and a variety of other nuances that are connected to the process of developing a business. Within the […]

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: The United Arab Emirates

Introduction: Business Endeavors and Results Evaluation Introducing innovative strategies into business is essential for the economic development of the state and the growth of its enterprises. As long as a country acquires the information on the latest strategies in business, it is capable of keeping in pace with the rest of the world and, therefore, […]

Entrepreneurship in UAE

Overview Problem Definition Entrepreneurship is originates from the word entrepreneur which according to the Oxford dictionary is “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of making profit.” A recent research conducted by the Forbes with Odesk (the leading online employment agency) shows that the definition of […]

Entrepreneurship, Innovation in Dynamic Business World

Can Entrepreneurship be Taught in Class? This article highlights teaching entrepreneurship skills in class to business students. Normally in science, scientists are taught how to operate equipment before they start making them. With this idea in mind, the writer says that also entrepreneurship skills should be taught to business students to equip them with skills […]

Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Dynamic Capitalism

Executive Summary Enhancing the use of technological program was initiated to improve the efficiency in business achievement through the use of table computers. For instance, the use of iPad, iPhone iPod, and other mobile applications has revolutionized the technological development. Through the program, all mobile users are expected to be technologically literate by the time […]

Social Entrepreneurship and Social Change

Background In the current world, increasing pressure from problems that arise due to daily changes in the business sector is driving businesses towards finding alternatives to abate the problem. In fact, businesses are drifting further away from the old forms of thinking and incorporating sustainability programmes to create new market (Elkington, Schwab, & Hartigan, 2008). […]

Start-up Businesses in Saudi Arabia: Challenges of finding finance

Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia Information on business venturing suggests that Saudi Arabia is increasingly becoming involved in this kind of business approach (National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce, 2010, p. 1). For the last few years, very many businesses have been established in the Arab region, but the rate of failure has always been proportional to […]

Women and Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia:”Can Women Entrepreneurial Micro Businesses Grow in Saudi Arabia”

Characteristics of an entrepreneur There are certain attributes associated with entrepreneurs though with conflicting arguments. The first attribute of entrepreneurs is that they derive motivation from the need of achievement. Entrepreneurs desire to start something new that has been inexistent. The second characteristic of entrepreneurs is that they are tough, pragmatic, and unwilling to submit […]

History of Multiculturalism in Business

Multiculturalism in business is applied by establishing enterprises in various regions and also integrating people from diverse cultures into the business work force. Before the existence of multiculturalism, people used to do business within the borders of their regions. Communities were hostile to their neighbors hence people were limited from trading with people from other […]

Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE

Overview Introduction Entrepreneurs, regardless of their inherent location or gender, share similar problems in relation to properly accessing sufficient capital to start their business, developing a sufficient cash flow to sustain their venture and a variety of other distinctions that are connected to the process of developing a business. With the development of new internal […]

Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring

Introduction The entrepreneurial activity cross-national assessment by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) cycle is now in its eighth stage. The GEM began in 199 comprising of ten countries. However, the project in 2006 expanded to encompass forty-two countries. GEM being a principal research project in wide variety of countries aims at analyzing and describing the […]

Concept of an Entrepreneur in Business

Introduction This essay talks about an entrepreneur. It seeks to define who an entrepreneur is, how one becomes an entrepreneur; whether he is born an entrepreneur already or whether he acquires the skills of entrepreneurship in life. It will therefore, examine various aspects that are likely to influence one into entrepreneurship. It will analyze character […]

Concept of Social Entrepreneurship in Modern Business

Introduction Entrepreneurship is defined as the power to introduce and build a concept to create something from nothing. It is the ability to sense an opportunity where other people find chaos, confusion and dispute (Mohanty, 2005 P.1). Social entrepreneurship is a very valuable aspect that brings about self help in which people work together for […]

The Role of Entrepreneurship in Business

Week 1: Definition and Meaning of Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship is the act of starting or reviving new or existing business in order to capitalize on new and emerging opportunities in the business industry. An entrepreneur is a person who owns a business venture or a firm and is in-charge of its development (Nielsen & Lassen 2012, […]

The opportunity to succeed for women entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia

Abstract Women play a momentous role in facilitating change and development in our society. Their daily contribution to socioeconomic well being of the society cannot be overstated here. One of such areas of importance where women play an integral role is in the private sector through the establishment of Small and Medium-sided Enterprises (SMEs). While […]

Free Enterprise Systems

Free Enterprise Systems Introduction Free enterprise systems have been adopted by many countries as the main form of business model. This model allows people to transact businesses without excessive government control and external influences from third parties (Hayek and Hamowy, 2011). The free ownership of property, rule of law, competition and free pricing are encouraged […]

Sources of Business Start-up Capital

Sources of Business Start-up capital When starting a new business, there are different sources of funding, however every source has its own advantage and disadvantage, the following are the main sources of business startup capital and their rationale: Personal savings and borrowing from friends and relatives: this approach happens mostly with small-scale businesses whose capital […]

Entrepreneurship & Strategic Thinking

Abstract This paper is about footwear industry of USA. It discussed the major market segments and respective target customer of the USA shoe market. The internal and external analysis of the industry will help to understand where US footwear industry is standing today and what its scope is. PEST Analysis Political: Political instability effect people […]

Social entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Know by Bornstein and Davis

Bornstein’s and Davis’ Social Entrepreneurship offers an outstanding introduction to social entrepreneurship. This enables the readers to contribute in creation of a social change. The authors explore the meaning of social entrepreneurship and its pioneers. The book differentiates social entrepreneurship from traditional entrepreneurship, activism and government. It also prepares the readers on how to handle […]

Business Press Coverage of Politics and Policy

Business, politics, and media are three the most important spheres of our every day life. Business deals with provision various goods or service to customers, politics helps to make the necessary decisions in order to present safe life for people, and media is a collections of different tools, which aims at delivering information. Journalists complete […]

The Artwork Brinco by Judi Werthein

Judi Werthein was born in 1967 in New York. She lives and works in a city called Brooklyn. Since she was a child, Werthien has been involved in art work and that is where she gets her inspiration. One of Werthein’s artwork is the Brinco. This is a type of a high-top tennis shoe found […]

International Entrepreneurship: the Firm Implement in the US Market

Strengths The firm’s product is a well known fragrance that is recognized for satisfying customers’ needs in its European target markets. This makes it possible for the firm to implement best practices in the US market to help it increase consumers’ loyalty in its products. However, the firm needs to take note of other products […]

International Entrepreneurship Discussion Board

The US versus Germany Germany and the UK have different cultural backgrounds hence the two countries respond differently to international entrepreneurship. The greatest notable factor is the language difference. In the UK, English is the major languages while Germans speak the German language. In the UK for instance, it is in their cultural practices to […]

International Entrepreneurship Group Project

Business Plan The need After conducting thorough research on the market concerning kitchen appliances, it is clear that there exists a market gap for dish washing machine. From the findings, currently in the market, there are only two business entities providing the dish washing service – one dish washing machine and the house help. The […]

Expanding the Firm’s International Business Operations

Business plan The firm’s management has unanimously agreed to inject a new lease of life into the waning firm’s business life; this comes after carrying out a successful market research. This comes in the wake of the emerging trend of the declining pace of the firm’s growth over the past year. As was established by […]

An Article Overview: Identifying Obstacles Encountered by Swedish Entrepreneurs

The greatest changes that ever occur in the world are often made under the influence of the tiniest and the least significant factors. The world of business and entrepreneurship is no stranger to this paradoxical law; over the past few years, a considerable rise in the effects of small companies and private entrepreneurships on the […]

Women in Entrepreneurship

What Does Entrepreneurship Mean? Entrepreneurship in layman’s language or explanation is where an individual forms or establishes something such as a business, by coming together or bringing people together into a structured group, manages and endures, deals with, accepts, or puts up with the risks that come with operating a business, especially when it is […]

Entrepreneurs and the Entrepreneurship Process

Introduction This assignment is a discussion about entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurship process. The discussion is based on background research on three business people namely Shai Agassi (Better Place), Donald J. Trump (Trump International Hotel & Tower) and Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey Network). The discussion begins with a brief explanation of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurship process […]

Inside the Entrepreneur

Introduction An entrepreneur is an individual who uses ideas to identify opportunities and undertake the process of acquisition and allocation of resources for the creation of value. This paper seeks to give an overview of an entrepreneur. The paper will identify an entrepreneur and illustrate a specific entrepreneurial process undertaken by the individual. Professor Wangari […]

Entrepreneurship skills from Washington’s life experiences

Booker T. Washington was famous for representing the blacks in terms of enterprise and their civilization. This was as a result of the efforts that he had put to gain success while working in the coal mines and salt furnaces. He later succeeded in developing the Tuskegee Institute. He was also involved in the fight […]

Innovation, creativity and design

Innovation refers to the process of translating a particular idea or invention to a product or service to be paid for by people. This means that innovation involves an economic cost in an effort to satisfy a particular need. For innovation to be effective, a great deal of imagination, creativity and initiative is required in […]