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Entrepreneurship Essay Examples and Topics

Social Entrepreneurship in the New York City

The process of social entrepreneurship and its strategic goals for improving social welfare of the society harnesses a variety of capacities across different sectors which helps facilitate the initiation and maintenance of the activities.

Entrepreneurship Themes: Potential and Skills

The main drive of an entrepreneur is to achieve his set personal and business objectives. The complex nature of human beings makes it difficult to assess their potential accurately; the FACETS approach is significant as [...]

Small Business: Features and Development

From the article of how to start a small business, we can formulate a question of how a small business is started and identify the steps that are followed in starting a new business until [...]

John Merck: How to Become an Entrepreneur?

This report is about a study that was conducted to determine the factors that motivated John Merck to become an entrepreneur selling computers, software programs, and related accessories, how the entrepreneur operates the business, the [...]

Large-Scale ‘Managerial Enterprise’ Models

The major purpose of the paper is to evaluate the role of the model of large-scale amanagerial enterprise' discussed by Chandler in the economies of the powerful and leading countries, namely the United States, Japan, [...]

Entrepreneurship Centers’ Financing Methods

Consequently, one of the most practical methods of financing an EC is by soliciting money from government organizations. Another risk that is associated with establishing the EC is lack of a strategic plan.

Entrepreneurship: John Spence Interview Project

In a much broader definition, Long and McMullan stated that an opportunity is an elaborated vision of venture development which entails a preview of the architecture for the translation of the concept into real-life application.

Entrepreneurship Meaning and Characteristics

The report will discuss and compare the characteristics of the entrepreneur with those commonly cited in the entrepreneurship literature and Elnaugh, stories. All the entrepreneurs in Elnaugh book are risk takers, driven by independency and [...]

Social Entrepreneur: Business Model and Market

It is imperative for the company to understand that both strategies of social values and commercial revenues can support or weaken each other. The company must fully integrate hybrid model in its strategies to support [...]

Entrepreneurs and Opportunity Recognition

It focuses on establishing how they seek for various development opportunities in the market, strategies they adopt to drive their expansion plans and how they make use of the opportunities they get.

Problems Faced by Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE

To investigate the problems that women entrepreneurs face in the UAE that limits their performance in the business sector. As noted, women entrepreneurs in the UAE region have been facing immense problems that limit their [...]

Women in Management

The enactment of this proposed policy will not only address the issue of women discrimination in organisations, but also in the top management positions. The implementation of this proposed government policy will require all the [...]

Networking in Entrepreneurship

What the Topic is about The topic of this paper is about the role of business networks in promoting entrepreneurial success in the creation and sustenance of new business ventures.

The Definition of Entrepreneurship

However, the congruence of both definitions with that extracted from the Harvard definition fall short of capturing all the elements of the definition of entrepreneurship, leading to the conclusion that the definition is useful for [...]

Entrepreneurship in UAE

The success of entrepreneurialism in the US is due to a number of Factors; Access to capital, research and quality infrastructure; the relationship between American universities and Industries is very close and the education system [...]

Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE

This is evidenced by the fact that nearly 54% of all university graduates within the UAE are women and that a growing percentage of them focus on furthering their own careers and the development of [...]

Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring

The key objectives of GEM are to weigh the distinction between countries entrepreneurial activity level, to resurface factors that determine the degree of entrepreneurial activity and finally to identify policies that triggers entrepreneurial activity level.

Concept of an Entrepreneur in Business

Unlike a business man who runs a business and becomes part of a larger business community, an entrepreneur takes the risk to star up a new venture, which he expands and grows to a full [...]

The Role of Entrepreneurship in Business

First, he or she is creative by virtual of being able to organize business ideas before effectively managing the start of a business and later runs the business in order to monitor ideas.

Free Enterprise Systems

From the above understanding, this paper seeks to investigate the influence of free enterprise systems on the moral and economic development of the society.

Sources of Business Start-up Capital

The repayments rates of the grants is flexible and one that can allow a business to generate the funds and repay the grants comfortably, thus they offer a cheap and reliable source of capital to [...]

Business Press Coverage of Politics and Policy

The triangulation of media, politics, and business explains any possible interactions between business and political bodies, their impact on the other spheres of life, and the consequences of such cooperation.

The Artwork Brinco by Judi Werthein

The term Brinco refers to the act of crossing the border from Mexico to the United States. The profit realized from the sale of the shoes was used to support the immigrants living in Tijuana.

Women in Entrepreneurship

It is said that women are worse at micro and small business entrepreneurship than men Women in business and entrepreneurship are rarely driven by money as a motivator for engaging in any kind of business [...]

Inside the Entrepreneur

The idea to the initiative of planting trees as was established by Wangari was based on the social issues that people especially women were faced with in her immediate society.

Innovation, creativity and design

In addition, design acts as the plan to be used in the process of developing a product or service. In other words, innovation is a brilliant new concept while design refers to the structure of [...]