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Entrepreneurship Essay Examples and Topics

Social Enterprises During the Recession in the UK

This means that the social enterprises are less likely to suffer from corruption as the regulations have been made to ensure transparency in the running of social enterprises.

Second City Comedy Enterprise’s Creativity

Employees who use their creativity are able to generate new ideas, some of which are used to improve the quality of work performed.

Nonprofits’ Long-Term Sustainability in the UK

What was seen was that while the current operational models of U.K.based nonprofit organizations were capable of addressing the needs of the various population sets that they were providing aide to, numerous inside sources within [...]

Business Form, Plan, and Investment Law

Such a statement is important in spelling out the goals of a company, functions and the form adopted by the business.

Jack Lewis’ Interview on Entrepreneurship

Reflectively, Lewis advised that there is a need for a certain level of operational risks in the business management matrix in order to track any changes and success of different business strategies.

Managing Non-Profit Organizations in Australia

Considering the dynamic nature of the environment within which non-profit organizations operate, the candidates to be considered for hiring should possess diverse entrepreneurial skills.

Steve Jobs as an Influential Personality

In spite of the early successes of Apple Computers, sales started to subside in the 1970s, and Jobs was forced into resigning as the company CEO in 1985.

“Venture Capital Dispatch” by Georges Hoegaerden

Creativity, Innovation & Dynamic Change Innovation contributes a lot towards the growth and development of a nation in spite of the degree of innovation itself.

International Business Professional’s Aspirations

I want to leave behind a legacy of having been a good servant to others, as opposed to a good boss. I want my actions to help shape the lives of others for the better, [...]

Entrepreneurship Course: Ten-Weeks Experience

I learned about the expectations of me as a student and the expectations I could place on the instructors. As I get into entrepreneurial ventures, I will go in with a renewed understanding of the [...]

The Incubation of a Business Idea

As a group, we chose the development of a business plan because of the urge to develop the wellbeing of the society while aiding us in the learning process.

Entrepreneur Interview: Local Business Store

After brainstorming for three months, the spouses, looking to start up a small business at the time decided to open the local store in the San Francisco Bay local area.

Elon Musk on Start-Ups and Entrepreneurial Duties

Still, it is part of the process, and a business person should not give up as it is the only way to build an efficient and profitable company that will become a leader in a [...]

Widescreen International School’s Head’s Interview

He stated that the school mission was not only to follow the content of the curriculum but also to provide students with the opportunity to take part in curricular and extracurricular activities, sports programs, community [...]

Small Business Creation in the Step-by-Step Guide

Starting a small business is a process that requires determination motivation and general know-how in regards to how to operate a business and ensure that it remains profitable despite the various challenges and risks that [...]

Andy Keller’s Company “ChicoBag”

Although he is based in California, Keller travels across the US not only to promote ChicoBag as a business but also to raise awareness of the population's bad habits regarding plastic bags.

Diagnosing Innovation Readiness in Family Firms

Consequently, although the problem is not explicitly stated, the article attempts to examine the issue of members' readiness before implementing their plans as a major factor to consider when evaluating the success of innovation in [...]

Social Sector as Beta Site for Business Innovation

The article identifies the problem of the study as the lack of private-public partnership in the development of innovations, which have meaningful and lasting impacts on social challenges that communities and individuals face.

Open Innovation in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Research on the past improvements caused by the introduction of open innovation determined that in the coming years the data on this topic would be more accurately measured, the role of appropriability would be better [...]

Entrepreneurial Initiatives in New South Wales

In particular, the valuable data and recommendations that would be obtained and analyzed in the course of the study would shape the foundation for further research and funding from various interested parties.

Entrepreneurial Self-Analysis and Career Aspirations

Based on the outcomes of testing, I can say that my strengths are creativity and the desire to achieve individual goals, which I consider the significant aspects of entrepreneurial activities.

Biotechnology Commercialization: Business Model

The aim is to test the hypothesis regarding the applicability of this new method in biotechnology and manufacturing. The use of protein and iron as catalysis for this technology can replace the current model that [...]

Start-Ups and Legal Issues in North Carolina

However, issuances of licenses depend on the form of business that an entrepreneur intends to operate, and restrictions in areas where businesses will be operating.

Small Firm Theory and Economic Systems

To explore the ethical issues that affect the small firms' environment and their implications on productivity. To explore the effects of government regulations on small firms.

Entrepreneurial Orientation in Small Businesses

A lot of the decisions come based on very close connections of the small firm's owners to the potential customer in addition to the strong technical knowledge of the industry in the term of technology [...]

Disruptive Innovation and Non-Consumption

The notion of non-consumption is closely connected to the notion of disruptive innovation in a way that when the process of disruptive innovation begins, it inevitably leads to non-consumption which is the main reason for [...]

Corporate Entrepreneurship in Business Articles

The research method used in the paper is based on the analysis of articles on corporate entrepreneurship and the results of research by other authors.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Characteristics and Types

Thus, economic and social entrepreneurial leadership use the same tools in pursuit of improvements in society and the business sector. However, emotional intelligence is positively linked with mental health, excellent job performance, and contributes to [...]

Monzo Company as a Small Entreprise

Monzo invites people to join "to get a taste of what" the company is creating and help them "make it amazing".

GreenIt Ltd.’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Countries all over the world are now promoting the production and consumption of renewable energy as a way of ensuring that they reduce environmental pollution and improve the sustainability of their energy sources.

UAE Family Firms’ Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The aim of the following paper is to explore the current views on entrepreneurial orientation in the academic literature, discuss the advantages and shortcomings of viewing it as a multidimensional construct, and determine the applicability [...]

Phenomenon of Entrepreneurship

The main goal of this paper is to analyze the phenomenon of entrepreneurship, highlighting its major aspects. The major attribute of this concept is a passion as it drives a person through difficulties and failures.

Critical Success Factors for Entrepreneurs

Consequently, the issue of entrepreneurial success factors is a significant problem because identification of these factors and their implementation by entrepreneurs is likely to increase the performance of the entrepreneurial activity and thus provide a [...]

Starting a Company in Singapore

Despite the need to adapt to the unique cultural characteristics and legal requirements for setting up a business in Singapore, the state can be viewed as a perfect example of an impeccable location for a [...]

Corporate Entrepreneurship Practices

After completing the study, the author observed that such aspects of organizational culture have significant implications on the performance of every business firm.

Corporate Entrepreneurship Analysis

Urbano and Turro recognize the role of corporate entrepreneurs in economic growth and the consequent interest of scholars and economists on the subject of corporate entrepreneurship.

Steve Jobs as a Successful Entrepreneur

As Steve got older and went to college, he encountered the same problem as in school and so he went off to search for the "meaning of life" in India.

Zachman Framework and Current Trends

The columns were then briefly retracted the next year to simplify the process of delivery of the framework to the stakeholders.

Foreign and Native Beginner Entrepreneurs

Thus, the present study offers its contribution to the understanding of the specifics of the transport business obstacles in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

Dubai Support of Entrepreneurship and Innovations

It is claimed that innovation is a major tool that can be used to improve "education, health, and the environment, encourage the implementation of best practices, and support sustainable entrepreneurship".

Family Business: Success or Challenge?

A family business is different from the others due to the presence of the family. Since it is a family business, a Family Council is needed to manage the company.

Entrepreneurial Innovation in American Schoolhouse

The first chapter of Leonard's "Innovation in the Schoolhouse" is devoted to the issue of entrepreneurial innovation that is believed to be capable of saving the American school system.

Entrepreneurship and Comparative Advantage

In the third subsection, the authors reject the neoclassical idea that comparative advantage is the result of the intrinsic qualities of the country.

“Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

The first thing outlined in the book is that Steve Jobs loved to do things in the right manner. As an entrepreneur, it will be necessary to focus on innovations and ideas that can transform [...]

The Phenomenon of Business Celebrities: Steve Jobs

It might consist of a more traditional analysis wherein you take the author to task by criticizing his/her argument. The critique should be complex and original; it goes beyond the obvious.

Steve Jobs and His Romantic Individualism

It is possible to note that the two articles in question focus on the way people's views and values affect the development of society.

Andrew Chreng and Panda Restaurant Group

The chain has become the largest fast-food restaurant in the United States that offers Chinese food. The entrepreneur has also helped in understanding that minimal funds can be used to start a business.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship: Future Trends

In order to show leadership in a complex business environment, it is necessary to practice aspects of guidance that different balance dimensions of power in order to minimize the gap between supervision and perception of [...]

Start-Up Companies’ Issues in Global Expansion

However, on the way to growth and recognition in the market, many start-up companies face some challenges that significantly inhibit the development process and force the management to find solutions to these problems.

Jia Yueting’s Use of Steve Jobs’ Vertical Integration

Jia Yueting attempts to emulate the same formula, however, his foray into the "electric vehicle" industry raises a lot of eyebrows, because it seems like it is pushing the idea of vertical integration into the [...]

«Shine: The Entrepreneur’s Journey» by Niko Alexopoulos

The main points raised in it are as follows: entrepreneurship is not what it looks like at the beginning, failures give the feeling of clarity and certainty, there is always a price to pay, and [...]

Corporate Form and Its Neglected Benefits

An entrepreneur takes up operation costs of a market and forms an organization in order to direct resources. A firm, in summary consists of the relationship between the employee and employer.

Apple Inc.’s Entrepreneurship: iPod and iPad

Thus, the main role of an entrepreneur in business is to combine a number of inputs in a creative manner to produce value to the customer. To conclude, the concept of entrepreneurship is a key [...]

Freeplay Radio as a Social Entrepreneurship

In the first place, one of the major difficulties was an increase in expenses and the rise of the production costs, as the target audience continued to emerge.

Social Enterprise for a Day: Student Conference

Hope Blooms are involved in the manufacture and sale of salad dressing and because the business is a social outfit, the entrepreneurs use most of their profits to organize cooking classes, fund scholarship classes, and [...]

Canadian Small Businesses and Governmental Impact

The burden, effects, and the response of the government according to the report will be discussed in this paper. It is unfortunate from the report that the government of Canada oversaw the closure of many [...]

Eco-Friendly Packaging for Food and Beverage Industry

This product was chosen because of the direct impact of the quality of food products on the health of ordinary people regardless of the region of living of country of origin.

Jeff Bezos and Gladwell’s Success Principles

This paper will highlight the successful pathway of Jeff Bezos and outline how his success connects with the principles of success by Gladwell among others. In addition, Gladwell studied and examined the lives of the [...]

Sole Proprietorship, Its Benefits and Limitations

On the other hand, the partnership involves the formation of a business through a combination of two or more people with the aim of forming a business entity.

Institutional Corporate Entrepreneurship

The authors come up to the conclusion that the normative dimensions, such as history and culture, can influence the very orientation of entrepreneurship and its success.

Corporate Entrepreneurship in Family Firms

Finally, the use of strategic planning as the foundation for the decision-making processes in the organization can be considered the crucial concept introduced to the environment of the family business by the authors of the [...]

Silicon Valley’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The third important feature is the environment that supports businesses taking risks despite failure because the majority of entrepreneurs fail in their first attempts to establish themselves, the business environment in the Silicon Valley does [...]

Corporate Entrepreneurship and Organizational Culture

The researchers claim that the consideration of the mentioned factors in the selection of instruments and methods for the organizational engagement in CE activities may significantly minimize the risks of failure and ensure the sustainable [...]

International Entrepreneurial Culture

In the first place, the authors expect that it is necessary to develop effective measures and assessments that can assist in evaluating the ability of the company to take advantage of opportunities of foreign markets.

Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture at Two-Year Colleges

Finally, the article also claims that poor development and the integration of entrepreneurial culture in the colleges result from entrepreneurial staff failing to utilize entrepreneurship opportunities to solve real world situations.

Canadian Small Agricultural Business and Its Trends

Some of the misconceptions are illustrated in the report are that the sector is shrinking with no modernization and innovation. In reality, the study showed that over 95% of the farmers in Canada take measures [...]

Strategic Entrepreneurship: Creating Values

Hitt, Ireland, Sirmon, and Trahms focused on the topic of strategic management and entrepreneurship and their contributions to strategic entrepreneurship in their journal article.

Dubai Support of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has developed over the last decade in Dubai due to the expansion of the economy and the existence of several business opportunities.

Resource Planning in Small and Medium Enterprises

Further, this measurement is usually taken against the increased levels of the transparency of the whole system The other risk is on the enhanced clearness and transparency, especially if some departments do need to conceal [...]

Entrepreneurship: Restaurant Business and Arkady Novikov

After the evaluation of the current state of affairs, it is necessary to underline that the restaurant business is one of those where the idea of competitiveness and the desire to introduce the best services [...]

The Strategic Entrepreneurship and Its Values

The fact that the purpose and the main topic are clearly stated in the executive overview makes it easier for the readers to make a judgment about the content of the article and its relevance [...]

“Toward a More Effective Enterprise” by R. Katz

In the introductory part of the work, Katz mentions the faulty assumptions that hinder the quality of modern enterprise. The author of the article emphasizes that there is no space for entrepreneurship success if the [...]

Social Entrepreneurship Activity in Chautauqua County

Social entrepreneurs who have these characteristics such as ethics and morality can be able to identify failed opportunities in the market and use their resources to revert the failed opportunities to successful ventures.

Social Entrepreneurship Advancement in Chautauqua County

We present social entrepreneur activities in Chautauqua County and focus on engagement strategies not-for-profit organizations should employ in solidifying their presence and improvement of the overall economic condition of the county.

Social Entrepreneurship in the New York City

The process of social entrepreneurship and its strategic goals for improving social welfare of the society harnesses a variety of capacities across different sectors which helps facilitate the initiation and maintenance of the activities.

Entrepreneurship Themes: Potential and Skills

The main drive of an entrepreneur is to achieve his set personal and business objectives. The complex nature of human beings makes it difficult to assess their potential accurately; the FACETS approach is significant as [...]

Small Business: Features and Development

From the article of how to start a small business, we can formulate a question of how a small business is started and identify the steps that are followed in starting a new business until [...]

The Entrepreneurship, Its Theories and Networking

The engineered realities increase the chances of finding an opportunity with regards to the activities of the individual. In spite of the contradiction between the two points of view, it is apparent that both hold [...]

John Merck: How to Become an Entrepreneur?

This report is about a study that was conducted to determine the factors that motivated John Merck to become an entrepreneur selling computers, software programs, and related accessories, how the entrepreneur operates the business, the [...]

Large-Scale ‘Managerial Enterprise’ Models

The major purpose of the paper is to evaluate the role of the model of large-scale amanagerial enterprise' discussed by Chandler in the economies of the powerful and leading countries, namely the United States, Japan, [...]

Chinese and Japanese Business Systems Comparison

What are the peculiarities of the Chinese and Japan business systems in terms of ownership, corporate governance, internal hierarchy, networking, employment relations, and skill formation?

Maha Al-Ghunaim, a Kuwaiti Businesswoman

She is the founder and now the chairperson of Global Investment House, which is one of Kuwait's and the region's largest investment companies.

Entrepreneurship Centers’ Financing Methods

Consequently, one of the most practical methods of financing an EC is by soliciting money from government organizations. Another risk that is associated with establishing the EC is lack of a strategic plan.