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  1. Jobs and Their Salaries in Canada
    Clerical and junior administration jobs are also in the category of low paying jobs especially when the jobs are full time.
  2. Steve Jobs’ Impacts on the World
    After the continued poor performance in Apple, the CEO was fired and Steve appointed chairman of the board and CEO of Apple.
  3. Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Speech
    He was also able to relate the topic to the concerns of the graduates and finally he was able to link himself to the subject.
  4. “Stay hungry, Stay foolish” by Steve Jobs
    In order to analyze gender perspectives in a speech, it is of essence to appreciate type of the audience, purpose of the expression, position of the speaker, and gender.
  5. On Personality and Qualities: Why Do I Admire Steve Jobs?
    Following his heart and intuition, the co-founder of Apple is the most remembered for his speeches and presentations where the projects he presented were more based on the paramount customer needs and concerns.
  6. Steve Jobs Commencement Speech Analysis
    In his speech, Jobs demonstrates the virtuous use of the rhetoric appeals in the development and presentation of one of the most persuasive commencement speeches in order to draw the students’ attention to the significant […]
  7. Do Investors Care if Steve Jobs Is Healthy?
    The article by Koch, Fenili and Chebula tries to investigate the impact Apple’s founder Steve Jobs health has on the profitability of the company through an analysis and evaluation of stock/share price and market capitalization.
  8. Steve Jobs’ greatest product: Apple II
    This means the Canadians’ priority of Apple II is at the essence of their classical approach from personal computers to iDevices thus their emphasis still remain gripped within their first experience with the Jobs Apple […]
  9. Steve Jobs: Quest for Perfection and Total Control
    This paper will discuss the biography of Steve Paul Jobs, well-known as a co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc.for investigating Jobs’ case and the balance between his quest for perfection and total control in their […]
  10. Speech Analysis: “How to Live Before You Die” by Steve Jobs
    In the first part of his speech, Jobs told the story of how his life’s experiences started to make sense in the end, even though that when he was young, Jobs was often unable to […]
  11. Steve Jobs’ Role at Apple
    The main purpose of this paper is to highlight whether the loss of Steve Jobs would lead to the decline of the Apple Company.
  12. Steve Jobs: A Charismatic Leader
    During the period that he was out of Apple, Steve used his knowledge and charisma to draw a team of staff close to him, which helped him to enhance his knowledge in the production of […]
  13. How Steve Jobs Changed the World
    His was the first computer to have icons mouse and computer graphics features that made it be loved by many.iPad, iPhone and iPod Jobs came up with the ideas of these gadgets and which have […]
  14. Characteristics of Business Leadership: Steve Jobs
    Most of the success in these businesses is associated with the leaders of the business. In the year 1974, Jobs started the ‘Revolutionary Macintosh’ of which he ushered to the market.
  15. Critical Factors of Executive Success: Steve Jobs
    Business leaders are the main strategists of business programs that define the success of the firm in the industry and the economy in which it operates.
  16. Steve Jobs: The Life and Times of the Great Entrepreneur
    Throughout his life he was able to face hurdles which were some kind of a stepping stone towards success, manifested through the empire and legacy that he built with the aim of improving the life […]
  17. Nature and Effectiveness of Steve Jobs Leadership
    His leadership style comprised of a mix of qualities and strategies that aimed at improving the operations and status of the organization in order to achieve the set goals and objectives of Apple Inc.
  18. Steve Jobs: Persistence and Innovations
    It has been reported that at once stage Steve was relieved of his position as the CEO of his the company he started and owned, thanks to the dynamics of corporate governance.
  19. The Charismatic Leadership of Steve Jobs at Apple
    In this form of leadership style, leaders have full control over the operations of an organisation and have clear visions that they communicate to their followers. In conclusion, ethical leadership is necessary for the success […]
  20. The Speech “How to Live Before You Die” by Steve Jobs
    He has full control of the direction of the speech and strong mastery of the subject. The last story narrated by Steve is on the sensitive topic of death.
  21. Steve Jobs’ Leadership Style
    He was a leader with an exceptional intellectual aptitude and believed in his ability to influence sustainable change in the world through development of innovative products and services.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Steve Jobs

  1. Steve Jobs’ Stanford Speech Rhetorical Strategies
    Speaking of the goals which Steve Jobs pursued when having a public speech in front of the students of the Stanford University, one has to mention that these goals had nothing to do with Jobs’ […]
  2. Steve Jobs and Tim Cook Leadership Styles Comparison
    The objective of the research is to establish the explicit value of strategic and innovative leadership application in the success of a multinational corporation.
  3. Contemporary Leadership Models: Larry Pages and Steve Jobs
    Larry Page, the co-founder, and CEO of Google is the leader who drives the change and enables his company to remain one of the top operators in the world.
  4. Entrepreneurship: “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson
    The book is very captivating because it is a discussion about one of the greatest men in the world of technology.
  5. Steve Jobs as a Historical Figure in Marketing
    He was a person of vision and action who managed to make Apple one of the leading companies in the world.
  6. Jia Yueting’s Use of Steve Jobs’ Vertical Integration
    Jia Yueting attempts to emulate the same formula, however, his foray into the “electric vehicle” industry raises a lot of eyebrows, because it seems like it is pushing the idea of vertical integration into the […]
  7. Steven Paul Jobs as an Exceptional Leader of Apple
    Most of the definitions stress the principal position of the leader in the team or organization, his range of tasks, as well as the most likely outcomes in the case when the leader is successful […]
  8. Steve Jobs and His Romantic Individualism
    It is possible to note that the two articles in question focus on the way people’s views and values affect the development of society.
  9. The Phenomenon of Business Celebrities: Steve Jobs
    It might consist of a more traditional analysis wherein you take the author to task by criticizing his/her argument. The critique should be complex and original; it goes beyond the obvious.
  10. “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson
    The first thing outlined in the book is that Steve Jobs loved to do things in the right manner. As an entrepreneur, it will be necessary to focus on innovations and ideas that can transform […]
  11. Steve Jobs’ Influence on Tech Education and Career
    He therefore developed interest in electronics leading to development of his career. He called his friend to help him to reduce the size of the chips and it worked out successfully.
  12. Steve Jobs as a Successful Entrepreneur
    As Steve got older and went to college, he encountered the same problem as in school and so he went off to search for the “meaning of life” in India.
  13. The Art of Public Speaking: Steve Jobs and His Messages
    While one must give credit to the groundbreaking ideas that the innovator introduced to the audience, the delivery of the information also played a significant part in the success of the performance.
  14. Steve Jobs’ Unconventional Leadership Style
    The success attained at Apple Inc.was clear proof that Steve Jobs did not use traditional or conventional styles of management to meet the goals of the company.
  15. Steve Jobs as an Influential Personality
    In spite of the early successes of Apple Computers, sales started to subside in the 1970s, and Jobs was forced into resigning as the company CEO in 1985.
  16. Intelligence and Creativity: Steve Jobs’s Example
    Intelligence is a construct for which there have been plenty of definitions; these usually refer to a person’s ability to perceive information, process it, keep it in the form of knowledge, and use it for […]
  17. Steve Jobs’ Public Speaking Evaluation
    Jobs was dressed the same as the graduates, therefore contributing to his confidence and the gravity of his words. His speech was well-organized, and Jobs talked of every point stated in the outline in the […]
  18. Steve Jobs’ vs. Indra Nooyi’s Leadership Comparison
    He thinks that leadership is a process and a personal expression of the people we are that it is the ‘…authentic self-expression that creates value’ Cashman.
  19. Steve Jobs: Leaders Create Vision, the Meaning Within Which Others Work and Live
    A leader with a vision is one who has the ability to see the present as it is and formulate a future that grows out of and improves upon the present.

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