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Steve Jobs’ Influence on Tech Education and Career Research Paper

Career refers to an individual’s course and path in life. It involves learning and working. It also refers to a person’s profession or occupation. Career in technology and education is a preliminary step to prosperity. This is because it prepares careers to a wide range of opportunities. This work explains on how Steve Jobs’ informal technology career influenced the development of technology and education system in the world. (Sarno & Goffard 1-4).

Jobs was born to parents who were hitherto in college. They wanted to get married but the lady’s parents didn’t agree. He was therefore adopted and raised up by non biological parents who promised to take him to school. He however dropped out of school soon after enrollment. The man who adopted him was a carpenter and a mechanic. He therefore apprenticed him. He thought him how to handle and operate electronics. Soon he was able to assemble parts. He therefore got hands-on experience on dealing with electronics like televisions and radios. He took this as mere hobby. He therefore developed interest in electronics leading to development of his career (Sarno & Goffard 1-4).

Jobs mother worked for an accounting firm. He learned how to read English from her. She also showed him accounting and auditing. Jobs’ career therefore started at early age. During his first days in high school he met a friend who completed his sentence. They both had interest in electronics. This friend introduced him to another student who had the same interest. Job was however not interested in school. He dropped out to pursue calligraphy classes (Bensen & Paige 22).

Jobs concentrated more on technology and his career started in earnest. At the age of nineteen he got a technician job but left it after a short while. He took a trip to India with his college friend so as to be enlightened spiritually. After a short period of stay Jobs became acculturated and assimilated into Buddhism. His endeavors started when he got the technician job. He started working on developing circuit board for games. However, he was not perfect because he had dropped out of school early. He called his friend to help him to reduce the size of the chips and it worked out successfully (Sarno & Goffard 1-4).

During their twenties they got more attracted to technology. Hitherto Jobs had undergone the process of apprenticeship and was already well equipped with hands on experience and knowledge. He only lacked professionalism because of dropping out of school (Bensen & Paige 22).

Jobs however continued cementing his career. The duo started attending computer clubs. In late 1970s life took a slightly different path. They got intensively involved in technology and managed to develop a digital machine that could alter telephone network by generating tones. They started selling these items and would make good money from it. It was fun earlier but they later decided to venture fully. (Sarno & Goffard 1-4).

They soon formed the famous Apple Company. His friend single handedly invented computer called Apple1. He however shared his invention with Jobs and they started selling. The duo together with there common friend kick started Apple limited. They got financial support from a marketing company for their start up. Jobs however left the company and acquired another that ran parallel to it. It soon started experiencing financial problems but he managed to secure funding from a billionaire. He developed a workstation. Later he acquired Graphics Company and started operating it before it was bought over by Apple which he co-founded. He became Apple’s chief executive officer following the merger (Markoff 1-5).

During his reign at the helm of Apple, he improved the company’s profitability. He culminated several projects which were not paying off well. He developed iMac computers. The company also developed designs and brands which were warmly welcomed in the market. It also ventured into distribution of music and digital appliances (Bensen & Paige 22).

Jobs developed various electronics used around the world today. Apple Company developed technological gadgets including computer tablets, mobile phones and computers. He also contributed largely to revolution in education albeit a school drop out. He was not one of the best professionally because he did not complete school. He built his education through career that was full of failures and successes. To many he is a role model. His special phones have facilitated the education of children who cannot communicate. He has expansively influenced education from word processing to typography (Sarno & Goffard 1-4).

He also largely contributed to learning and teaching methods through his gadgets. These materials are used in class to aid the learning process. Computers are great learning materials in the world. He donated several computers to schools (Moss, Jensrud, & Berkas 26-48).

Schools in the United States and other parts of the world have replaced the use of text books with computers and smart phones. Tablet computers have also been welcomed greatly. This cuts down the costs that schools incur and enables students to complete their assignments efficiently. It also promotes interaction during learning (Markoff 1-5).

Many students and educators paid tribute to him when he died. Others identified him as a hard working and innovative man. They also said that he paid attention on what he thought would bring change to his life. Others lauded that he inspired them to work hard. This ensures that the right way out is followed. During his career, he greatly inspired his consumers and followers. He was a good salesperson and could use an opportunity at his disposal to his benefit. He therefore became a career person as well as an astute business man. He believed that during early age, a child needs guidance and course control so as to follow the right path. He therefore proposed that teachers are inevitable for career establishment. He would have ended up behind bars had he not been guided by his parents (Moss, Jensrud, & Berkas 26-48).

Jobs therefore beat all the odds. He clearly demonstrated the importance of career in developing education and technology. He managed to succeed in his technology career albeit he didn’t complete schooling. Apprenticeship worked out for him. The teachings he received from his father and mother came in handy to build his career. He used a job based learning approach and the principle of learning by using. Therefore the role of education and technology in career development cannot be gainsaid (Markoff 1-5).

Jobs’ life proved that career is very important for development. It enables students to be ready to undertake their courses in college and high school. Career based education remains very essential albeit it keeps reducing every now and then. Technology helped him to develop sleek mobile phones and other electronics. His company finally made a breakthrough into the phone industry with the introduction of smart phones. Sales improved because Jobs was very persuasive and had good consumer skills (Moss, Jensrud, & Berkas26-48).

Jobs however believed that technology alone cannot cause tremendous change in a person’s life. He argued that learning inevitably requires teachers. He went through early teachings during the apprenticeship from his father. His mother also thought him how to read and speak English and a bit of accounting. He also argued that teachers are imperative. This is because they show students how to use technology in the gadgets during learning. Since computers are active students also needs active aspect which is provided by teachers. Several students who have made reference to Jobs while presenting their admission essays have been successful. This is because Jobs’ career was a peculiar one (Zhao 5-9).

Several institutions in the United States and whole the world are using the machines and electronics developed by Apple limited. These devices are very important in research and general learning process. Jobs’ influence on career, education and technology cannot be gainsaid. There are several companies in the world which cannot operate without Apple’s electronics. Many business operations and processes borrow the technology provided by this company. Therefore besides contributing to career, he has also influenced other people outside school. Some people have opted for informal career just like him. There are people who do not go to school. A number just go through apprenticeship and then start up their businesses (Moss, Jensrud, & Berkas 26-48).

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