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How Steve Jobs Changed the World Research Paper

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Steve Jobs is a person who had a vision of ensuring things changed for millions of people. He was a technology visionary who changed computers, digital music and mobile phones. He put the music in people’s pockets. Many consider Jobs as a brilliant man, an enormous motivator and a charming worker.

He is, however, too demanding and his desire for perfection cause havoc to employees who are unable to meet his standards. At the age of 21 years, Jobs and Wozniak came up with a personal computer called the Apple. This changed computer from bulky vacuum tubes to a small box which is convenient for use by anyone.

Not a single company had ever done so to ensure computers were user friendly (Isaacson, 2011). Jobs software reintroduced technology of mouse and windows interface which acted as a standard for all applications. In 1976 Jobs and Wozniak put up their first computer by name Apple 1 and marketed it at a price of $666. It commanded the computer how to load programs from external sources.

Thesis statement: Steve Jobs is an innovator who changed the world for better.


Steve Jobs born in 1955. He was an orphan and adopted by a couple by name Paul and Clara Jobs who lived in Mountain View. Jobs unhappiness in Mountain View schools made the parents move to Los Altos California. In California Jobs was enrolled in Homestead High School. Steve Jobs was considered to have a different way of perceiving things (Beahm, 2011).

After school, Jobs could attend lectures at Hewlett-Packard electronics firm and after some time he and Stephen Wozniak were hired. Wozniak was a dropout from university. He had a strong passion for inventing electronic devices, and by the time he was recruited he and Jobs sold a pocket size telephone that could make long distance calls though it was illegal.

After completing his high school studies Jobs enrolled in Reed College in Portland. He studied for one semester and dropped. Instead of going home he roomed around the campus for one year and took classes in Philosophy. In 1974, he took a job as a video game designer at Atari. In autumn 1974, he attended conferences of Wozniak’s by name Homebrew Computer Club. Jobs together with Wozniak in Job’s bedroom designed Apple 1 computer.

They put up a prototype in Job’s garage. When Job showed the machine to local electronic vendor he was impressed and ordered twenty-five. Jobs brought digital technology to all people regardless their status. He felt computers can improve human creativity and bring happiness to people.

Discussion on how Steve Jobs changed the world.

Personal computer

His innovative idea led to revolutionizing the computer hardware and soft ware industry. Apple 1 changed peoples mind from large mass of vacuum tubes, which were only, used by the government and the enormous business to a small box which an ordinary person could use. The Apple 11 was the world’s mass market personal computer. It could be used in every place be it in homes, schools and offices (Kahney, 2009).

The iMac

This reintroduced the windows interface and mouse technology. iMac led to many people being able to use computer because people were not required to memorize the computer commands as it was the case. Jobs innovative idea of user friendly software for iMac transformed design and functioning of software interface created by computers. The iMac had twice the memory of PC which could also be expanded. His was the first computer to have icons mouse and computer graphics features that made it be loved by many.

iPad, iPhone and iPod

Jobs came up with the ideas of these gadgets and which have brought internet services at fingerprints of many people in the world. iPod also enabled music industry to have a place in the digital world. Many people are and will continue to enjoy the iTunes thanks to Jobs creativity. iTunes started as an interface for one to play music a thing that has made it biggest music warehouses in the world (Elliot, 2011).

It accounts for more than a fourth of music sales in the planet today. With iPod one does not need to have physical collection of VHS tapes, photos or CDs looming with them from place to place.

IPod was the first portable music machine that transformed music so fast. In iPhone manufacturing, Jobs got involved in every stage of its invention. It is believed that iPhone revolutionized the Smartphone market due to its responsive touch screen, minimalist design and solid operating system. The users of this device are able to enjoy Visual Voicemail all because of Jobs invention.

The iBook

It was launched in 1999 and had Wi-Fi technology and updates. It had a unique clamshell design, and it came in the choice of two colors-blueberry and tangerine. It enables users to download books, view them fast and at any view, they want by just rotating the screen. It helps in conservation of trees. Every government should encourage the use of this product as it is reducing global warming. This is because with digital book reading, fewer trees will be cut to manufacture books.


Jobs stressed on the need and importance of uniqueness whereby the iPad, iPhone and iPod are extraordinarily unique a thing that makes them stand out among other smart phones. This is calls for people to enumerate that whatever they want to bring to market should be unique if one certainly needs to succeed. This makes it hard for other companies to make counterfeit of these products. This leads to ensuring consumers have loyalty with the company’s products.


Through Jobs invention complex systems are modified to be easier to anyone by use of user friendly systems than the ones used before. His work has helped people to pass information fast with little struggle. The data visualizations people often share in the internet is created by individuals using tools invented by Jobs. Job ensured that one does not need to be a computer engineering graduate in order to run a highly powerful computer.

He made it a reality for the common people to do ordinary things with the computer as well as the scientists doctors and other professionals to use it in their fields (Gallo, 2010). Jobs made computers are affordable and available almost to everyone.

Before his entry to this technology, the IBM had computers which only the rich could afford them. Jobs inventions were always aimed to be simpler to use than those of the rivals such as MS-DOS or Linux. Jobs operating systems such as; Mac OS System 7 is usually easier to use than MS-Dos. His operating systems retain a strong fame for stability and accessibility.


Jobs had an absolute passion of his work, and this made him succeed. He could spend much of his time in his work only to ensure nothing goes amiss. This idea many people have embraced it and a reaping the rewards of their handwork. Every person should enumerate him in every job he is doing.

Mr. Jobs was inseparable from his work. When Jobs came back to Apple company in1997 the company was making loses but when he changed this and Apple became the best company. Jobs built it to technological giant companies which outdo Microsoft and HP. Workers should follow their leaders and therefore the leader should be result oriented.


A lot of people have used Jobs inventions such as iMacs with iMovie and garage band to come up with podcasts and videos to inform, entertain and inspire other people. Jobs work has been used to transmit knowledge to different people. This led to many artists reaping massive profits as a result of selling their music online.

The Pixar Animation Studios was the first to demonstrate how computer animation could be used to narrate imaginative stories. Jobs innovation has led to an enormous transformation in the way music is being purchased and distributed. This has allowed record companies to reach a lot of their consumers in the efficient way possible.

His innovation has also helped in the recording field. He personally negotiated music deals, and this led to many music artists benefiting a lot. i phones provided consumers a choice to buy specific track instead of a whole CD. This led to many people being able to purchase the songs they want. The price for buying a track was considerably reduced.


The short lived NeXT Computing, which mainly made, computers for higher learning institutions and corporations. Tim Berners used NeXT knowledge to create the World Wide Web. Jobs innovation has taken corporate learning into new, admirable heights making it possible for trading of knowledge through social.

The iPod and iPhone products have made study mobile and instantaneous. It has transformed the social learning of many peer groups (Bilbao, 2011). Jobs contribution to technology has led to adoption of mobile learning. Indeed his inventions are forces that bring change in learning behavior, authoring of learning content and learning processes.

Jobs innovation has also enabled boundaries between work and learning to come to an end. One can now work and learn simultaneously which has significant importance to society and the workplace. Technology has enabled everyone to learn about anything which expands frequency, reach and consistency of communication across a global workforce.


The ecosystem concept is one of the Jobs lasting contribution he made to universe. He created software, hardware and services that genuinely have a substantial impact to users. A clear example is the iTunes where buyers are able to listen to millions of songs and upload them to iPhone or iPod. Today’s smart entrepreneurs are trying to emulate what Jobs did to come up with such an ecosystem.

Apple stores

The layout of the Apple stores is consumer oriented. Consumers are in a position of checking printers and cameras worked with the computers, spaces for multimedia oriented tasks among other things. Consumers were free to handle the goods by themselves. Jobs believed that everything should be put in place with much emphasize on meeting consumer needs.


Jobs not only defined design as how a certain product looked responded and trumped raw technical specifications but how a product could meet the clients’ needs and satisfy them. Jobs persuaded for talented and minimalist design apart from faster processor speeds.

Future projections

Jobs innovation will be much embraced in future than now. People will prefer to have iBooks application to real books. This is because once a person downloads a book he is capable to view the book. One can view the book in any style that he fills suits him by just rotating the screen.

The i devices of Jobs may seem to be too expensive for now, but with time, there is likelihood their prices will drop. The drop in price will ensure many people afford these i devices. Business world will undoubtedly in future prefer Jobs innovation such as iWork which has created professional documents, spreadsheet and has made a presentation be done just by a swipe of a finger.

Digital music will be preferred to CDs, and both the artists, and consumers will be happier. The Apple company future looks stable as Jobs have already shown them the best path to follow. Since Jobs have inspired many through his work many innovations will going to emerge.


Steve has not only brought a revolution in the computer technology business but also he made innovations that genuinely changed the lives of millions. Through his innovations, people with little education background are able to access computers. Through his innovation in i devices he made the world a better place (Greene, 2009).

He made musicians and recording companies reach most consumers. The consumers were made to have a choice of the music they want to enjoy thus pay only for it. Jobs believed in himself and took risks to come up with devices that filled people life with joy. Steve Jobs work brought enormous positive change to the world in different ways.


The CEOs should enumerate Steve Jobs in that they should ensure their products meet the needs of their consumers. The consumer satisfaction should be the drive to come up with a new product. The companies should try to bring into market unique products if they want to out win their competitors.

They should not copy what others are doing, but innovate their own product. Passion to work should be within every staff member of the company because passion leads to success. Jobs secret to success was due to passion he had for his work. The Apple Company should keep on with indulging in innovative activities to ensure they remain in the first position. Companies should employ experts in order to succeed in competitive markets.

Hiring well trained personnel is the best choice that any company can make. This is because experts are able to deliver thus propelling the company to greater heights. Team work in work places should be stressed. Team work leads to exchange of ideas and eventually better decisions are made.

The competitors are supposed to motivate companies come up with better products. Every company must accommodate competition. The company’s leaders should not be contended by their positions but by the impact they have to those they lead and their clients. The Apple Company should try to minimize the prices of their products so that many people can afford them. In this way, they will go to dominate the market and have an appreciable impact to most people in the world.

Companies should take risks and come up with new products instead of staying with just one product in the market forever. If one product fails, to meet the company’s expectations the company should move ahead. Failures should be the learning experience and not the discouraging moments.


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