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Students Protection from Infectections

First of all, in a limited space where groups of children are put close to one another it is important to keep the germs from getting in the air. In every school there are areas [...]

Assessing Student Learning: Domain B

This domain proves that assessment is a serious and long process that cannot be neglected as it helps teachers to evaluate the effectiveness of their work and the level of students' achievements.

Central Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis

The reflection covers the climate of the school; health and safety; and policy and procedure issues. For instance, the new school, known as 'quiet school', has incorporated several aspects of modern designs and is equipped [...]

Engaging and Supporting Students in Learning

Classroom activities, the necessity to develop a lesson plan, and the evaluation of an individualized education program are the three main factors that help to comprehend how it is crucial to engage students in an [...]

Teaching Speaking and ESP Students

Feak claims that, by reducing the complexity of the tasks and simplifying the instructions, teachers will be capable of catering to the needs of ESP students; as a result, the process of language acquisition will [...]

Pedagogical Scenarios: Teaching Arabic

Each task could be divided into several stages, and accomplishment of each phase will lead to the better understanding of the material and the increase of the level of satisfaction of students.

Professional Learning Communities

The principal further stated that to ensure that students are learning the school has remained committed to ensure that the school goals and objectives value the demands of the PLC model.

Virginia Commonwealth University

This leads to expansion of the university as new facilities are built to meet the demands of newcomers and attract more students. New parks and squares will contribute to transformation of the city into a [...]

Mini-Games in Education

It requires an exploration of the perceptions of teachers, who play a role in the integration of the technology into the classroom, to determine how the games support learning.

Reinforcement Role in Learning

The fault in this argument is that it fails to consider the notion of reinforcement history. This paper reiterates that learning is the result of a reinforcement history.

Power and Student Behaviour in the Classroom

Coercive power is the ability to control the behaviour of challenging students using punishments or by the withholding of privileges. An example of how teacher behaviour contributes to student misbehaviour is the failure to name [...]

School District Budget Development

Thus, it alerts the owner of the organization about what is going on with the money and helps organize spending and savings, makes the leader decide in advance how the financing strategy will work within [...]

Classroom Management: Limitations and Benefits

Taking class composition into consideration is highly important for the success of management of the class, where an educator is to provide positive student-teacher relationships and capitalize on human resources making cultural backgrounds a part [...]

A Five-Year Career Development Plan

In other words, selecting a career is not enough; rather, one has to be willing to work on acquiring the skills and competencies needed to pursue a chosen career successfully. The development plan further assists [...]

The Saudi Arabian Students Challenges

It is assumed that the misrepresentation of the culture of dialogue in most of the Saudi Arabian schools, as well as the lack of opportunities for students' self-expression, must lead to drastic results, including a [...]

The Impact of Leadership in Higher Education

Motivation of staff, effective planning of resources of resources, maintenance of a positive learning environment for students, and the creation of a favourable working environment for the faculty are aspects of leadership, which foster growth [...]

Language Needs of an English Learner

The purpose of the paper is to make an accent on the level of English and what approaches and methods can be implemented into the studying process to improve the learning process of the foreign [...]

How Inclusion Impacts Autistic Children?

Furthermore, the normalization theory advocates for the creation, support, and defense of the social attributes of the individuals with disabilities. Therefore, this implies that the impacts of inclusion on autistic children can be productive and [...]

Critical Reading Importance in Education

This paper discusses the process of critical reading of literature and how to avoid plagiarism. The process of critical reading involves comprehension and in-depth analysis of literature.

Importance of Sex Education for Teens

One of the advantages of cohabitation in modern society is that it eliminates the obligations of marriage while providing sexual and emotional intimacy for couples. One of the disadvantages is that for most couples, cohabitation [...]

The Relationship between Poverty and Education

My research paper tends to provide investigation towards the amount of characteristics that alter the degree of registration into institutions of higher education of scholars from inferior social groups; to define the relative importance of [...]

Co-Educational and Same-Sex Education Programs

The thesis for this paper is that co-educational programs have the potential to support the learning, social, and developmental needs of different students, thus making them successful adults.

Motivational Theory in the Instructional Program

As such, motivational-based strategies are acquired and developed when the students see the manifestations of those lessons in the actual sense. Lastly, motivational theory helps the instructors to develop a sense of self-drive in the [...]

Staffing Ratios and Class Sizes in the US

Quality education is one of the key measures that many stakeholders in the learning sector have put the focus on as they try to restructure the education system to meet the changeable needs.

Introduction with Logical Fallacies Arguments

The research conducted by Blunt was directed at the evaluation of the efficiency of a game-based approach compared to the traditional teaching for the groups of students determined by gender, age, and ethnicity.

Education Funding Sources and Laws

Studying Title 1 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Black notices that the initial purpose of the Act was to provide equality about educational opportunities for the students coming from low-income families.

Motivation in Adults and Young Learners

First, it is important to outline the major differences between motivation in adult and young learners. They may often observe other learners to complete certain tasks and utilize these strategies in the future.

Flipped Classrooms’ Advantages and Disadvantages

In addition, the tests enable lecturers and teachers to evaluate the ability of each students and reference accordingly. For example, availability of internet outside the classroom setting is mandatory for students and teachers to access [...]

Counseling Theories on Elementary School Students

This paper explores the validity of the idea that school-counselors are indeed being in the position to combine the provisions of the methodologically incompatible theories of counseling, while designing a specific counseling-strategy.

E-learning in Higher Education in Morocco

The authors of the paper 'Collaborative and Cooperative E-learning in Higher Education in Morocco: A Case Study' revealed the outcomes of the case study regarding the presentation of recent online electronics in order to defend [...]

Sharjah Capabilities in Exporting Education

The government of Sharjah supports the education system in conjunction to the UAE country which has set up the national leadership in learning. The development of the education systems in UAE is effective and reliable [...]

Educational Challenges in the UAE

This paper aims to present the discussion of the educational challenges in the UAE, depending on the review of the primary and secondary sources and to provide a comparison of the education systems in the [...]

Girl-To-Girl Bullying and Mean Stinks Program

The positive results can be achieved by the implementation of the multiple educational programs, the increase in public awareness, and promotion of the values of the healthy relationships."Mean Stinks" is exactly the program with the [...]

Christmas Balls Making in the Art Classes

In anticipation of the holidays, it is expected that the students will be eager to create objects related to Christmas, and this eagerness will serve as the activator of the motivated behavior that will enhance [...]

Read 180 Research-Based Instructional Program

The reason for the statement above is that the program under analysis introduces people to the concept of literacy as an integral part of their life: Success in READ 180 is far greater than any [...]

Play-Based Learning: Games and Creativity

The articles viewed for this paper discuss the role of the educator during the play, and the effects a play has on the learners, what has not been discussed is the kinds of games that [...]

Leadership and Learning Relationship

The assumptions contained in the 21st Century Skills, as a theory of learning, equally offer improvements to the other learning theories, such as humanism and cognitivism.

The Marshmallow Test Effects in Education

In the test, the self-regulated learning, which focuses on the process of attaining personal goals by utilizing self-generated thoughts and controls, emerges. However, the internal contributions focus on the self-regulated achievements that include self-monitoring, self-recording, [...]

Steps for Writing a Research Report

It is useful to participate in online discussions of the topic and list keywords to focus on the research. Ideas in body paragraphs should be supported with evidence and results of the research.

Motivation and Change in Schools

Thus, the chapter is devoted to the exploration of the culture of a typical XXI century student, who, as it turns out, is quite different from the students of the previous era.

Education Funding in England and Cuba

Today, with the growth of demanding to the academic level of working professionals and rapid growth of requirements to the quality of education at national and international levels, achieving of high standards of education is [...]

Problem Solving Training

For instance, whenever a family the problem arises to a trained person, s/he could identify and evaluate the repercussion of the decisions made. First, the trainees will be able to differentiate between a problem and [...]

The Problem of Plagiarism

The problem of plagiarism is of great concern to many teachers who want to ensure that learners can acquire knowledge and skills.

Discipline and Managing Behavior in the Classroom

Attainment of discipline and acceptable behavior within a child is important; hence, the purpose of this paper, which is to give insight into the strategies that educators can adapt to discipline and guide behavior during [...]

Teacher Subjectivity Influence on Education

The opinion of the author is also supported by his identity of a botanist; so, the readers believe the ideas introduced in the article because his evidence are strong and grounded while his specialization serves [...]

Diversity in School and Its Advantages

School classrooms need to be responsive to diversity for varied groups to interact and leverage the benefits of diversity. Most researchers agree that education founded on diversity offers the capacity for schools and teachers to [...]

University Gender Segregation and Its Advantages

This paper presents a three-point argument in favor of gender segregation in universities based on: cultural values, differences in psychological attributes, and sexuality. Thus, university gender segregation helps in the development of positive civic virtues [...]

Pre-School Behavior Management Plan

This is why all of the activities have to be directed at the achievement and perfecting of certain types of skills and knowledge. This rule helps develop the feeling of responsibility and love to order.

Environmental Education and Literacy Program

Although scholars and environmental experts are in agreement that environmental education plays a key role in assisting young people in comprehending the nature and complexity of environmental challenges and in developing their capacity to take [...]

Teachers’ Right to Strike Debates

The essence of teachers' strikes is of doubtful nature: teachers may be allowed to strikes as they have the freedom of speech and rights that cannot be neglected by the government, the necessity to talk [...]

Pedagogical Principles and Practices

The essay will explore the principles and practices of pedagogy with reference to the various theories that teachers should adopt as presented in the contemporary times.

Transformative Education: Theory and Practice

This approach is beneficial because it enables students to understand the diversity of the community in which they live. In many cases, students can be encouraged to offer their solutions to the task that a [...]

Education’s Goals in Krishnamurti’s View

The analysis of the author's thoughts reflected in the article demonstrates that the primary aim of education is to help young people understand the nature of the universe, the purpose of their lives, and the [...]

Philosophy of Education by Nel Noddings

One of the most important and frequently addressed concepts of educational philosophy of the present days is the concept of the relationship between social and cultural diversity in the contemporary world and the changes it [...]

Brown v. Board of Education and Its Modern Effects

Board of Education case is often considered to be the event signifying the acquisition of irrefutable rights for African Americans, as well as the event-related solely to the education system of the United States, the [...]