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Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation

In these regards, Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation could be considered an important organization that guarantees the significant improvement of the educational sphere and contributes to the shift of priorities towards new and [...]

Learning Management Systems Role

One of the benefits of this approach is that it will be possible to address some of the weaknesses of the system and address areas that are problematic.

Educational Leader Skills

Overall, the given approach allows the evaluation of a curriculum in terms of its contribution to the development of social welfare including such aspects as the promotion of positive relationships, and the improvement of the [...]

Counterfeit Educational Credentials

The given paper revolves around the problem of false diplomas and frauds related to the sphere of education. The author starts the investigation of the issue from the description of a dramatic case that resulted [...]

Assessment Balance and Quality

One of the most appealing ideas of Chappuis, Commodore, and Stiggins is the addition of the students to the assessment process as self-assessors.

Inquiry Based Learning in History

The 7-10 Curriculum is notable for studying the Australian history more so in the context of the rest of the world, with a strong focus on the relevance of the local history.

Middle School: Students’ Exam Performance

As Robert Frost Middle School received grants to renovate its laboratory and there is a need to advance the performance of science courses, this study sought to establish the role of graded laboratory activities in [...]

Understanding Student Perceptions of Mental Health

In their article, Laidlaw et al.find it necessary to explore undergraduate students' understanding of such concepts as mental health and mental well-being and investigate the situations when students find it necessary to ask for help [...]

What Makes an Effective Teacher?

The paper emphasizes that the suggested list of the significant elements of effective teaching is not exhaustive; it is maintained that the personal views, professional development needs and priorities of the author are likely to [...]

Retention of Secondary Teachers

This objective was the primary justification for studying the impact of stress and burnout in relation to the significant rise in the high turnover rate within the teaching profession.

Eliminating Homework for Young Children

A lack of consensus on the effectiveness of homework as a means for improving the academic performance of children underscores the need to approach the issue in a systematic manner. The aim of this paper [...]

World Curriculum Models

The school will focus on the fostering of lifelong learners who are able and willing to think critically to contribute to the development of the community and the entire nation.

Abu Dhabi New School’ Curriculum

The mission of the NS Curriculum is to ensure that Abu Dhabi learners exhibit the essential skills as well as the relevant level of understanding of each subject that complies with the standards set within [...]

Writing Proficiency Exam’ Advantages

Such examinations aim to assess the student's writing skills, comprehension, and analysis of the text, as well as the ability to refer to and evaluate the text, form an opinion on it, and critically approach [...]

Academic Underachievement

Probably the best indication that this is indeed the case can be deemed that fact that in the preface of just about every qualitative study on the causes of educational underachievement, the authors express their [...]

English Language Curriculums Comparison

The Cycle 2 English curriculum is focused on the sixth-grade students who are literate in English; the Cycle 2 English curriculum belongs to the curriculum that was discussed in the previous paper - the New [...]

Classroom Management Practices

It is critical for a teacher to be able to address the unwanted behaviors of the student and establish the desired order in the classroom in order to facilitate productive work and successful learning for [...]

Teaching and Research Philosophy

The role of knowledge and learning in the 21st century is paramount. A century ago influence of a teacher rarely extended beyond the borders of a school or a college.

Illiteracy as a Global Issue

The cost and access to opportunities to gain an education is also a major cause of illiteracy in the developed economies, where members of the lower class are subjected to high costs of living; thus, [...]

What Impacts and Enhances Learning?

In the Learning Begins at the Home video, one of the most important facets of the presentation was the revelation that the home visit program was the brainchild of a school principal.

The Information in Wikipedia and Its Accuracy

Despite the request made to students by parents and educators to reject Wikipedia, many of them use it anyway because they deem it truthful and helpful. They consider the information reliable for use in the [...]

The Principles of Good Research in Education

By understanding the epistemological, methodological, and ethical elements of research in the field of education, it is possible to guarantee that its quality approaches levels established by "empirical traditions of the social sciences".

Houston Educators Curriculum Development

Texas educators recognize the importance of curriculum adaptation to trends and beliefs that exist nowadays in American society and use the student-centered approach in the development of their curricula.

Skinner North Elementary School

Skinner North Elementary School is one of the best-rated elementary schools in the state of Illinois. The primary concern of any school is the assessment of students' achievements.

Educational Systems of the US and France

Regardless of the differences in the background of foreign students, this similarity contributes to the growing co-culturing of the educational systems in both states due to the commonality of multicultural classrooms.

School Uniform Benefits

After the analysis of the works of modern researchers on the topic, it was found out that many of them believed school uniform policy implementation to be a good way to reduce crime, decrease the [...]

Validity and Reliability in Education

The current paper reviews three research studies in the field of special education in order to identify the means of establishing the validity and reliability of the involved test instruments.

Internal Accountability in Education

I believe that the focus on systemness and the enhancement of internal accountability as the primary quality that will encourage learners to adopt the suggested behaviors is a legitimate strategy that is bound to contribute [...]

Personal Philosophy of Education

The philosophy embraces the use of intrinsic competencies and skills that have the potential to produce the most desirable results. In order to achieve the best results, a personalized model should be developed to address [...]

Forming Partnerships in Education

Therefore, it is the responsibility of individuals, organisations and governments to ensure that learning processes in schools and colleges are effective.

Plagiarism Detection, Penalties and Consequences

The most common form of plagiarism is copying information and using it as part of one's assignment or essay, without acknowledging the original source of information Sometimes, students are dumbfounded by the amount of work [...]

US History’ Studies: Curriculum Critique

The artifact also includes the comprehensive curriculum framework which outlines the focus of the students' learning vectors, thematic objectives, and key concepts important not only for the successful testing procedure, but also for the understanding [...]

Graphic Organizer for Instructional Content

It also provides a copy of the graphic organizer and the set objective used to explain how students will organize specific lesson information for the same and how the graphic designer used is well suited [...]

Issues Affecting Contemporary Education Policy

The author focuses on the way ideologies affect the development of the educational system. The author adds that ideologies have a profound impact on the development of the country's educational system as well as [...]

US Standardized Testing to College Admission

Due to the fact that many other countries, in comparison to the USA, use standardized tests as the main method for admitting students, some of the international students as well as their families might be [...]

Gender Segregation in the Middle Eastern Schools

In this way, the preservation and maintenance of the conventional social order in which genders are strictly divided remain the main function of the present-day education in the majority of the Middle Eastern settings.

Facilities Management in Saint Louis University

In its turn, facilities management at Saint Louis University plays an integral part of the University performance. First of all, it is appropriate to identify the responsible department and responsible persons.

Writing and Spelling Progress Assessment

Alex managed to use his potential as a learner to the fullest and deploy all of his writing skills. With the introduction of appropriate memory techniques and enhancement of his critical skills, the learner is [...]

Multi-Tiered System of Support for Students

To implement a multi-tiered system of support in a school, the key stakeholders such as principals, teachers, curriculum directors, and superintendent should come to the consensus regarding methods of implementation of the multi-tiered system.

School Literacy Environment for Younger Students

For Birth to Pre-K group, the classroom environment will be organized to engage students in physical, emotional, and cognitive activities. In K to Grade 3, the students will be driven towards reading fluency and reading [...]

Single-Sex and Coeducational Schools

Viewing the idea of gender diversity in classroom from an ethical standpoint, one must admit that, by depriving learners of the opportunity to interact with the representatives of the opposite gender in the educational setting, [...]

Language Preferences in Multicultural Class

In particular, this problem solution assignment is going to discuss why students tend to always speak their first language in class if they are surrounded by individuals from different countries who cannot understand them. The [...]

Kenyan Teachers and Inclusion: Mixed-Method Study

The evaluation of the method of this article's research and its features will help to describe the relevance of the applied sample for the problem under consideration and to analyze the main characteristics of the [...]

Education and Religion: Old and New Patterns

In the film, in her attempt to teach children about discrimination using the first-hand experience, the teacher divides the class into two groups based on their eye color; one of the groups is pronounced better [...]