Education Essay Examples and Topics

Flipping Class’ Strategy

According to Levin and Schrum, the use of technology in education is not only beneficial to the students, but it is also essential to the attainment of institutional goals by the teachers. The introduction of [...]

Bullying and Child Development

Bullying is one of the common vices in schools that influences a lot of growth and development of children. Bullying also affects the ability of children to concentrate in school because they are always on [...]

Teaching Early Reading in Students

For a student, the application of the monitoring comprehension entails the recognition of the issues that they understand, as well as the ones that they do not understand.

Personality Role in Second Language Acquisition

Understanding the effects that the context of formal and informal discourse has on the process of learning the second language and the bilingual people will help define the ways of shaping the learner's identity and [...]

Academic Integrity Definition

In addition, the concept of academic integrity strengthens the faculty and students' relationship. Therefore, students and faculty have critical roles to play to ensure academic integrity and define excellence in institutions of higher learning.

Foreign Language in High School

The purpose of this paper is to examine the need for the US to introduce compulsory lessons in foreign language in the national high school curriculum.

Discrimination of International Students

The need to preserve one's culture and position though language-based discrimination is likely to persist in the US to show that Americans are in control and foreign students must learn English to coexist with them.

International Students Discrimination

International students lose their focus having to go through the process of adaptation to the new culture and new society, their lack of social and academic command of the English language is causing a lot [...]

Why Universities Should Attract Creative Students?

This paper will argue that universities should aim to attract creative students who would use their ingenuity for the benefit of the university and the society. Creative students will help raise the profile and positive [...]

Higher Education Value and Importance

Whereas this sentiment has become prevalent in the modern popular culture, this discussion provides an argument to the effect that the higher learning is essentially important in the academic realm.

Language Development in Children

In the 8th chapter of the book, the authors have discussed a number of subthemes such as defining intelligence, measuring intelligence, how intelligence is affected by the immediate environment and hereditary factors, IQ score and [...]

Racism and Education in the United States

An examination of the current system of education based on the experiences of the researcher reveals three distinct factors: that there is discrimination even though the system says there is not, opportunities for social advancement [...]

Sexual Harassment in Schools

Sexual harassment is one of the many forms of violations that an individual can be subjected to in society. The reason is that this form of abuse is common in the school setting.

Education Systems in China and America

Given that literature only covers the wider perspective of education in China and America, little is known about the similarities and differences between the Chinese and U.S.schooling systems.

Literacy Skills Learning

In this essay, the focus will be to discuss the most appropriate approach for a teacher to facilitate the learning of literacy skills among children.

Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky

In the past, learning was thought to be transmitted from the teacher to the student because the teacher was considered a source of all knowledge while the student was considered as a passive recipient of [...]

Basic Study Skills

When using the tutorials, the learner will be expected to make notes based on the personal understanding of the concepts presented in the tutorials.

Should Students Study Abroad?

Studying abroad offers students an opportunity to travel to new countries and have new experiences that expand their perceptions of the world.

Consequences of Binge Drinking in College

Although some of the abusers cite stress as the main factor that influences them to engage in binge drinking, most of these college students get lured into this habit by peer pressure and the need [...]

College Students Alcohol Drinking Effects

Findings of the study were divided into three categories those related to college binge drinking in 1984, those related to binge drinking and problems in college and those related to alcohol dependence and abuse after [...]

Learning Foreign Languages in High School

As a result, people from different parts of the world meet in educational institutions, conferences to discuss the development and use of technology and other global issues such as global warming.

Roles of Universities in Education and Society

The university should play several roles in developing education especially with regard to research and innovation, character development, preparation of students' minds, and professional development. One of the major roles that universities should play in [...]

Generate Income Programe

The children's home was the intended beneficiary of the machine that was to be used for assisting them in running a laundry business. The conviction enabled the group to raise $300 within the first week [...]

Andragogy and Pedagogy Comparison

In this model and method of teaching, it is the teacher's role to make decisions and guide the students on what to be done, as well as provide the timeline for this to take place.

Education: Why Do Students Cheat?

Lack of adequate skills and knowledge are some of the reasons that lead to the loss of confidence by students. Teachers should evaluate their students in order to determine the most important teaching methods that [...]

A Concept of Context of Research

Also, the context will include the originality of approach and the future aspects of research that cannot be incorporated in the current research.

Bachelor Degree and Employment

The evidence provided confirms the research hypothesis that wage inequality is responsible for graduate role incompatibility with the requirements of the labour markets.

Studying Abroad: Targeted Research Projects

It should also be born in mind that the participation in the research projects in question will presuppose that the most impressive and profound project will top the list of the research contestants, and the [...]

Justice in the Education System in the US

Richmond is one of the cities in the United States struggling to stem the tide of a deteriorating number of students transitioning from high school to college education. This perspective is narrow and it fails [...]

St. Louis City Charter Schools Analysis

Louis City charter schools provided above shows rather graphically that a major update of financial strategies and school programs is required for charter schools to survive in the academic environment of the 21st century. Therefore, [...]

Understanding Youth

Thus, because young people represent the specific social group, it is important to reflect on such issues typical for the development of the youth as the questions of consumption, gender, and education.

Academic Honesty and Plagiarism

While rather efficient and working in most cases, the approach in question, though, is not to be considered the silver bullet of detecting plagiarism in an academic setting either, for the individual psychological qualities of [...]

Education: Teaching Philosophy

Therefore, discussing the teaching philosophy, it is possible to state that a teacher is a person who assists in developing the personal potential of an individual, and teaching is a process of adopting an individual [...]

College Education’ Value

American citizens, especially those working in the education sector, should know that their system of education is killing creativity and encouraging conformity and the mentality of learning for the purpose of getting employment in respected [...]

Strategies for English Language Learners Classrooms

Thirdly, teachers should identify significant concepts in the content, define the language, and outline the content objectives to guide each lesson. Therefore, small groups may be used for ELLs to facilitate the learning of new [...]

Education: The Sullivan High School

The Sullivan High School is one of the least successful schools in the state. It is important to add that the school is attended by students coming from underprivileged groups.

Challenges Faced by Young Immigrants

Many of the immigrants are fresh from abroad or they are born to immigrants in the U.S. Thus, the immigrant is forced to learn and appreciate the new educational strategies to adapt to the new [...]

English Language Learner Assessments

The ELL program offered at my school is for the students who have the elementary and intermediate levels of knowledge in English as well as for those who achieved the advanced level.

Ethical Principles in Education

Informed consent is one of the majorly rising ethical issues in scientific research and it means that participants should be well versed and prepared to partake in the study.

Plagiarism: For and Against

Therefore, the argument against plagiarism is based on the loss of the perpetrator in terms of the shame of the act and the loss of the original author.

Education Issues: The Shrinking Enrollment Problem

One of the contemporary issues affecting universities, especially in the United States, is the problem of shrinking enrollment. Some of the positive developments that can be realized by solving this problem include supplying the labor [...]

Solution to Parking Space Problem on Campus

The campus administration should increase the parking options for students, reduce the current parking fees, and present alternative means of transportation to tackle the inefficiency of the current parking system.

Ms. Gregorio’s Concept of Education

The key role of metacognition is to enable students to take control of their thinking process while learning.Ms. The concept of metacognition advances the notion that when learners become aware of their thinking process, it [...]

Motivation and Transfer of Learning

In addition, this condition offers a sense of ownership to learners in the anger management program. From this perspective, learners are only motivated to change their behavior in relation to the extent they receive rewards [...]

Learning to Read Between the Lines

The given skills can be tested with the help of a range of assessments; yet the idea of engaging two students in a discussion of a specific topic seems the most adequate means of testing [...]

Education: Critical Thinking Process

Critical thinking refers to the ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information or a situation. It entails the practice of engaging in independent and reflective thinking to identify and evaluate ideas to make informed decisions.

The Importance of Taking MBA Courses

Most institutions do not offer learners opportunities to specialize in subjects, and this reduces their chances of having an in-depth understanding of various issues in their professions.

Educating Special Needs Students

This partly arises from the wide range of differences in the types of intellectual disabilities, and differences in the range of impairment even among students suffering from the same type of intellectual disability.

Developmental Disabilities and Lifelong Learning

Some of the common transitional programs for children with developmental disabilities would include things such as books, learning manuals, and software programs intended to assist the children in adjusting to the new programs or settings.

Replacing Notebooks School by Notebook Laptop

Therefore, the world is yet to adopt notebook laptops in schools in order to eliminate school notebooks, as some students will be disadvantaged by the high costs of buying and maintaining notebook laptops.

Integrating Technology into Classroom

The analysis of literature in the article seems insufficient and requires adjustment since they present general information concerning the status of learners' achievement and instructor's professional advancement in the incorporation of technology into classrooms, technology [...]

SlideShare as a Tool in Education

The teacher must thus make such presentations brief and visually appealing to the young users through the use of audio and visual elements as opposed to strictly sticking to text data.

University of Miami Business Program

Among the advantages, the graduates of the University of Miami Business Program will have is a great understanding of the today's business world, the influences of globalization, its modern tendencies and future outcomes through the [...]

Writing: 14 Tuesdays With Lionel Messi

If one will take a look at his success in the present time it is hard to believe that at one point his life was about to end in terrible defeat because of a medical [...]

Education Theories: Formative and Summative Evaluations

Thus, it is necessary to focus on the discussion of using different formative and summative evaluations in K-3 and Birth-Pre-K learning environments; on the importance of informal evaluation; on the role of diagnostic evaluation; and [...]