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Writing Skills Needed for Higher Education

Students should arrange the sources in alphabetical order by the surname of the author, the surnames are to be separated from the commas as well as other substitutes of the reference, the initials are to [...]

Deaf Studies and Deaf Education

A faculty member is supposed to offer the necessary support to ensure that the student gets used to the learning environment of the university and can use the available resources.

Cooperative Learning at American Civil War Lesson

I will introduce the questions after giving the following short statement, "Having heard some of the causes and consequences of the war, you are required to answer some short questions to determine your current level [...]

The Key Learning Outcomes

In online learning contexts, it is important for educators to align all educational activities and resources with the anticipated learning outcomes of a learning module or course with the view to assisting the students in [...]

Courseware Design in Al Amal School for the Deaf

He was assigned the task of interviewing the learners and parents to determine the acceptability of the methodology used by the teachers to assist their special needs learners and how effective the method was in [...]

Action Research Plan in Education

The epistemological, theoretical, and disciplinary perspectives of qualitative research in the context of STEM activities and how the learners respond to the activities provides the rationale to use the qualitative paradigm to address the data [...]

Handwriting Teaching Guidelines and Lesson Plan

Name: WGU Competency Number: Subject: Handwriting Topic or Unit of Study: The Introduction of Lowercase Letters 'l' and 't' from the Basic Stroke Family Grade/Level: 1st grade Instructional Setting: the lesson plan will be [...]

Word Identification Lesson Plan

Subject: Reading/ vocabulary Topic or Unit of Study: Word identification: phonics recognition and decoding Grade/Level: Grade 1 Instructional Setting: classroom of 20 pupils in a reading lesson context sited in groups of 4 pupils.

Behavioral and Academic Effects of Skill Streaming

The purpose of the research paper was to find out whether social skills training improves social skills and academic performance. The research design is utilized in the study requires the collection, processing, and analysis of [...]

Return on Investment Rubric

The class had a very easy time due to the availability and assistance of the instructor who was always ready to assist in areas of difficulties and so, in the area of learner support and [...]

Textual Arrangements: Reading across Texts

Therefore, exposing students to a variety of texts heightens and stimulates their memory, in the process-increasing their learning and understanding ability as is required for each reading texts and the educational goals.

The Northeastern State University Case

The focus of the case is discussing when the university should be heard and when it should remain silent. The primary problem in this case is that the university has remained silent on a social [...]

Education and Reading Issues

The nature of human beings is that they are ready and willing to learn and read interesting materials that focuses on areas that they have high interests; with the notion in mind, I will be [...]

University Education Values

The following objective is proposed by the researcher as aiding in achieving the above stated aim: To study the students impressions of the value of university education. How does student's impression inform the value of [...]

Studying Levers and Pulleys: Lesson Plan

4 Competency 602.4. 17: Teaching Methods Science Activity Title and Subject: Solid-State Statics, Mathematics Topic or Location in Lesson: Levers and Pulleys Grade/Level: Grade 3 /Primary 7 day lessons Instructional Setting: a group of 15 [...]

Creative Arts and Music Lesson Plan and Activities

The focus on the listed activities is essential not only for developing skills in music but also for improving students' knowledge and abilities in different areas because music activities provide individuals with opportunities to enhance [...]

School Data: Different Types Analysis

During the first meeting of the visitor with the website of the Michigan Department of Education, he/she gets a wonderful chance to read urgent topics to be aware of the changes in the educational system [...]

Engineering Students at the Oregon State University

The light-speed trends that have been observed in technological advancement have necessitated the development of educational structures that streamline education and training to the needs of the labor market. The study is expected to be [...]

Biochemistry and Volunteer Work

In particular, I was the volunteer at ophthalmology center to work with patients and learn more about physiology and biochemistry of the eye and its parts.

Importance of Education in Life of People

My personal experience and encounter with other people who gave up their education proves that lack of ambitions and goals in life can deprive a person of professional fulfillment and personal realization in various spheres [...]

Pedro Martinez: Defining Equity Case

Therefore, he should come up with a policy framework on whether to use the average or actual teacher salaries; whether to allow schools to employ the teaching staff with little regard to the salary levels [...]

Personal Course Evaluation

I learnt the importance of understanding the artist and look at the picture for what it is as opposed to hearsay.

ABC School Board of Education Meeting

Some of the people present were the principal of the school, chairperson of the board of governors, and two parents. The two representatives from the local community were a part of public participation in the [...]

The Orientation Events Importance

I can focus on a lot of advantages of the orientation procedures, which are accepted at the business school because all the associated events and procedures are important for building positive relations with the other [...]

Visual Arts in Australian Secondary Education

To support the research process, Lewthwaite et al.used the conceptual framework of culturally relevant pedagogy that implies educators' use of "the cultural knowledge, prior experiences, frames of reference, and performance styles of students to make [...]

Special Education Teacher Burnout in Saudi Arabia

Among the subtopics that the chosen studies cover, there is burnout in general and special education, burnout in support workers taking care of intellectually disabled individuals, the state of knowledge concerning burnout and demographic characteristics, [...]

Problem-Based Learning and Cultural Diversity

Issues of cultural conflict and diversity are almost perfectly aligned with the kind of topics that problem-based learning is designed to address. The practice of problem-based learning can be highly beneficial to students.

Big Mountain High School’s Change in Value System

By introducing a system of values that will enhance the processes of communication and negotiation between teachers and administrators, one will be able to encourage the target audience to strive toward achieving a common goal, [...]

Secondary School Teachers’ Issues in Turkey

Among the key concepts and terms used by the author of the chosen dissertation, there are employee burnout, inclusion classrooms, and the history of disability education in the country where the research was conducted.

Muddy Point Techniques in Science Classes

The issue of active learning in favor of the outdated methodology of lectures is relevant due to the opportunities that students receive through involvement in the learning process.

School Crisis: Recovery Plan

More so, the students, staff, children and existing families will be put to programs that will assist them to recover from the psychological impact of the crisis.

Communication in Learning Mathematics

As it is mentioned by Clements and Sarama, the use of talk in the educational processes is a part of the complex of instructional issues, which are typical of contemporary math teachers.

Classroom Research: Teachers’ Course Reflection

In the weeks that followed, we began our research projects, and it is then that I realized the importance of narrowing down a research question and the relevance of reading the previous journals of research [...]

Critical Thinking and Writing Skills Reflection

I have gained so much academically from studying this writing course, and I believe that the skills and knowledge gained from Clouse and Grevstad's The Student Writer: Editor and Critic will go a long way [...]

Ethos Builder: Photo Journalist Thinking

Therefore, the heavy snowfall in the picture directly affects the lifestyle choices of the inhabitants of the area covered by the photo. The green vegetation in the background seems to validate the existence of the [...]

Education: Personal and Team Leadership

Last but not least, students would learn to integrate their leadership knowledge and skills and apply them in practice, thus proving the value of the proposed course and facilitating their career opportunities. Utilizing the portfolio [...]

Education Plan: Formative Assessment

Similarly, the Writing standards embrace the assessment of the students' ability to engage in a meaningful discussion and provide support for the claims that they make.

Philosophical Perspectives in the Classroom

One's philosophical position help in explaining different responses to educational questions like the purpose of education, the worth of knowledge, how to treat students, the role of teachers and the contents of the curriculum among [...]

Using Technology to Improve Sight Words Identification

A brief review of literature is conducted; key definitions are provided, the benefits of using technologies for teaching children with learning disabilities reading sight words are identified, the significance of the problem is elaborated, and [...]

Etihad Museum in Dubai: Internship Analysis

One of the most useful and valuable activities within the course was the one dedicated to the facilitation of meetings for the purpose of the establishment of a basis for collaboration between the museum and [...]

Group Dynamics and Research Methodology

Initially, it was perceived that developing a topic would have been easy in comparison to the main bulk of the research proposal which would involve considerable research and developing the necessary methods of data collection [...]

Education Goals in Computer Science Studies

Considering the current situation all over the world, everything seems to involve some change in technology and way of life as a measure to aggressively meeting the harsh economic experiences.