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Drawings as an Alternative Measurement for Students’ Learning

Thus, it represents the matter of crucial importance for educators to be able to gain an insight on how students perceive the actual learning process, because without taking into consideration the specifics of students' cognitive [...]

Workplace Security Awareness: Instructional Unit

This unit of instruction is being developed for employees of an organization required to meet standards set forth under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Emergent Literacy and Reading Lesson Plans

Topic or Unit of Study: Derivations Subject: Word recognition Grade/Level: 3 Grade: 3rd Subject: Language Arts Time: 30 minutes Amount: 10 students C1.

Instructional Unit: Historical Animals

The focus of this thematic unit is on historical animals by integrating science, language, and mathematics and emphasizes on the need for children to recognize the importance of environmental conservation to prevent extinction of endangered [...]

Galena Park Middle School’s Board Meeting

The major sections of the agenda included the approval of the personnel items, the discussion of the business, the approval of the student code of conduct and the student-parent handbook for the school year, the [...]

African American Greek Sororities in Colleges

The National Pan-Hellenic Council is a national organization that comprises nine African American Greek sororities and fraternities. The members of this organization are usually referred to as the 'Divine 9' and include: Alpha Kappa Alpha [...]

Interest Profiler and Career Development

I think it reflects my disposition as an individual and in my career since I like working with people and communing in a friendly and skillful manner.

Montessori Students’ Performance Assessment

After the presentation of the lesson, the students completed exercises, which tested their ability to sort, compare, and to write numbers. Following the completion of the first lesson, I was able to integrate the Montessori [...]

Cyberbullying Prevention in Learning Institutions

In the beginning, the students are provided with a way of reporting their concern to the educational institution, when the staff members of the institution receive the report, they evaluate the information together with the [...]

Foreign Student’s Personal Development Plan

The second aspect of culture shock is the need to adapt to a new place, with its people, language, and social norms. It models the changes in the morale of the person as he tries [...]

Curriculum Design and Its Components

As it is critical in the framework of education to provide students with knowledge and skills, this source is often considered to be among the main ones.

Inclusion and Achievement in Mainstream Schools

One of the key findings of the research is the very small statistical relationship between the inclusivity of children with special educational needs to mainstream schools in England and the achievements of their students.

Career & Internship Expo at the Field House

I talked to the representatives of the different companies and asked them about the selection process of the candidates. I even applied for the intern position in one of the companies.

Learning Styles Assessment for College Students

I am certain that the assessment gives pertinent explanations of learning styles and personality. This will, in my opinion, enable people to know and appreciate their personalities and focus on the best learning styles.

Effects of an Intervention Program for at-Risk Males

Some of the risk factors that were explored in the study included: the relationship between the student and the teacher, the relationship between the parents and the students, the motivations for the students, the socioeconomic [...]

Field Experience Project: Education of Children

The methodological tools I have chosen to utilize, within the context of proceeding throughout assignment's consequential phases, should help me to reveal the essence of children's attitude towards the reading.

Faculty and Staff Development Approach

While reactive faculty and staff development deals with eliminating the occurring challenges and problems, the proactive approach rather focuses on using the current opportunities and applying the existing potential.

Change Process at Deira International School

The application of the framework will be discussed in the context of Diera International School. The performance of the institution in terms of the students' achievements in academics is evaluated regularly.

Learning Styles Models and Theory of Motivation

Of particular interest in the essay is the Honey and Mumford learning style that is the result of the work done by Peter Honey and Alan Mumford.

American Curriculum and Its Historical Development

The development of the American curriculum can be traced back to key individuals whose decisions and actions resulted in the changes experienced in the education system today.

Universal Design for Learning Social Studies

Title: Making of a New Nation Author: Subject: Social Studies Grade Level: 5 The model is designed as a UDL strategy to provide an opportunity for the students to explore the arrival of Colonial British [...]

Meaningful Learning in the College Settings

The activity of a teacher alone does not lead to learning, but the activity of the learner combined with that of the teacher does.

Genders and Leaders in the Educational Process

Regarding the project topic "The Role of a Leader in an Educational Process: Gender Differences and Importance of Leadership Qualities Being Developed by Students", the following research questions can be offered: What are the main [...]

Technology Process Lessons for Level 3 Students

It enables the tutor to assess the creativity and understanding of students concerning technological processes. Nonetheless, the rubrics should be friendly to the students and help the tutor.

Working While Studying: Pros and Cons

Working while studying helps students to realize their potential and develop crucial professional skills. Only in the working environment, it is possible to gain invaluable practical experience and knowledge.

Professional Development and Learning Team Assessment

It is imperative to mention that the importance of professional development plan should not be disregarded, and it can be used to address some of the areas that are in need of improvement.

Assessment Practices in the Teacher Career

Instead of having a big final quiz in the end of the session, the students are provided with several mini-quizzes, which are bound to help spot the emerging issues at the earliest stages and allow [...]

Group Learning and Cheating in Classrooms

The aim of the project is to clarify the conditions under which students should work, evaluate the conditions students create independently, observe how different students can work in groups, and introduce new approaches to how [...]

Internship in the Computer Service Department

In fact, I know that I am on track because I have been assessed by the leaders in the facility with the aim of establishing whether I have gained the required skills and knowledge.

Grades at Student’s Intelligence and Performance

Department of Education should not use grades to define student's intelligence and performance because grading system depends on the judgment of a professional teacher, but not the learners, the performance of a student relies on [...]

Curriculum-Based Measurement for English Learners

Dependent variables included the measurement of the effects that the reforms influenced in the way the English language was taught, as well as the learning experiences for English Language Learners in New York City high [...]

Pedagogy and Transformative Approaching Education

Therefore, pedagogy is more than knowledge because it entails exposition, direction of activity, invitation of imitation, motivation, and criticism of knowledge during the process of teaching and learning.

Education World: Handwriting vs Typing

It is not surprising that they prefer to use tablets, laptops, and smartphones as tools of communication. Schools should not focus on handwriting because it is no longer as necessary as it used to be [...]

Ban on Laptops in American Education

New technologies are being developed every day. Integration of them into the learning process is extremely necessary. However, there are some issues. The point of education is to prepare students for their future careers but they are distracted by their gadgets. This is a huge problem and laptops should be banned in classrooms in the […]

Blended Learning Usage

This survey collects data regarding the use and preference of blended learning as the mode of delivering instructions. The other point is that the advancement of study tools is making virtual classes effective and interactive.

Lesson Plan and Assessment: ABC and Word Recognition

Standards: 1d, 4c Theme: Training ABC and Word Recognition Lesson Topic: ABC and Word Detectives Students will be able to: name letters; distinguish between upper and lower case letters; sing the song ABC; recognize [...]

Creative Art Observation and Lesson Plan

In particular, the teacher prompted children to draw pictures of their homes. Additionally, during the lesson, the teacher prompted children to identify various colors.

David Kitts’ Video Summary “Historical Change”

The teacher's main aims are to introduce the concepts of the passage of time and historical change to the class and to teach the children to identify similarities and differences between things.

Tradition of Pledging for Students Nowadays

The practice of going through a ritual to initiate a new group member has been occurring for thousands of years and is intended to allow the initiate to emerge from the process knowing they have [...]

Importance of Tests and Self-Learning

The problem is that most students do not trust the current education system, and this legislation should allow students to protect themselves from dangers that may happen in the college environment.

Lesson Plan on Learning Alphabet

According to the standards of NAEYC and IRA, learning to read at the PK level should involve and be based on learning the alphabet.

Observation Lesson Plan: Math, Science and Language Arts

As far as the science lesson plan is concerned, it incorporates elements of the student-centered approach and the so-called Montessori method. Researchers stress that the development of students' creativity is important as it positively affects [...]

Online Lesson Plans: Math, Science and English

Activities: The lesson plan includes effective activities that enable the students to achieve the goals. Differentiation: The lesson plan in question is quite effective as the teacher manages to reach all the students through different [...]

Learning Style and Goals Statement

Moreover, I will need to develop a schedule for my daily activities and make sure that the needs of my children are not overlooked.

Educational Administration: Calvin James’ Case

The position of the university was that the tenure files were protected by the Ohio Public Records Act and that disclosure of the information would be a violation of "the university's academic freedom".

Education Precedent-Setting Cases

According to the Chapter 2 of the Educational Consolidation and Improvement Act of 1981, one of the requirements for allocation of funds to public and private schools for the purchase of equipment and other educational [...]

Shared Reading as a Literacy Strategy

Reading strategy involves determining mental actions that learners take when they are reading to assist them to build and maintain the meaning of what they would be reading.

Social Science Literature in the 3rd and 5th Grades

The author of the book is clever enough to provide the information that the students need to draw their conclusions about the French and the English language, the similarities, and differences between them, and at [...]

Chemistry Teaching & Learning: Science or Alchemy?

As the outcomes of the experiment demonstrate, the efficient learning implies the ability to discern the key points in texts. The development of the ability to comprehend new knowledge the way it enriches and expands [...]

Formal and Informal Assessment Techniques

Methods of delivering information to the students would improve as the various planning and programming strategies addresses the key areas that help the weaker students to catch up with the whole class. The diagnostic assessment [...]

Career Plan for a Realtor Agent

During this process, the realtor also acts as a financial advisor to the buyer if the buyer does not have enough money to purchase the property.

Educational System in Different Countries

As far as the evaluation of the education systems in both states and the definition of the one that works best for teaching students, one must mention that both the effects of the propaganda, which [...]

Linguistic Barriers in Education

Linguistic barriers can be the cause of discrimination that adversely affects the learning experiences of international students who are not able to achieve educational outcomes, which can be attained by people who speak English fluently.

The Class on Cross Cultural and Conflict

I felt that is not possible to make one cultural group conform to the ideological beliefs of the other party and thus the main importance of the dispute resolution is to create a middle ground [...]

The Transition From School to Work

In this way, young employees can find more efficient solutions to the problems that they can face at the beginning of their career.

Higher Education and Professional Work

Another principle revolves around the fact that my learning engagement in institutions of higher learning should have the capacity to equip me with various life and professional skills, not to mention that it should help [...]

Been There, Done That: Stories from Perry’s Life

At this point, Perry started to wonder how he was going to survive the six periods of the day. The fifth period came after lunch and Perry had a lot of time to plan for [...]

The Perils of Higher Education

Therefore, I agree with Kotler's premise that some of the challenges people face in their professional life such as poor memory may be attributed to their retrospective behaviors when they were undergraduates.

Memory Model of Teaching and Its Effectiveness

The main objective of the research study was to find out the difference in the effect of the memory model and the traditional method of teaching on students' performance.

Cooperative Learning in Social Studies Lesson

Lesson Title: We Are Members of the Same Community: Our History, Customs, and Traditions Grade Level: 1st Grade Main Subject Area: Social Studies Subjects Integrated: History, Culture, Art, Language Arts Time Constraints: Two periods [...]

Elizabeth Palmer Paebody and Childhood Education

Introductory Information Character’s Name Elizabeth Palmer Paebody Birth–Death Years 16th May 1804-3rd January 1894 Picture of Character: Find a digital photo of the individual and paste it here. Most Noted For Pioneering kindergarten education Character Profile Report Biographical Information: Include life experiences that impacted thoughts and impact on education. Elizabeth Palmer Paebody was an American […]

Improving the Writing Performance of Young Writers

Allowing students to express their own thoughts and ideas in writing is a form of training. When students are in groups, they have the opportunity to learn from one another.

Personal Assessment of Learning Style

I am a kinesthetic learner; I process information by muscle movements and experience that are hand and touch-based, I love practical things and using my hand to get things done.

Engineering Science Course

The student should have learned vector presentation in 2-dimension and in 3-dimensions, vector algebra, and the different vector quantities that are encountered in mathematics and physics.

Graphical Communication and Computer Modeling

The course aims to equip the students with the knowledge of computer applications in Graphic Communication and Design. At the end of the course, the student should be able to produce orthographic drawings through geometric [...]

Personal Teaching Experience

Furthermore, I needed to develop programs that could increase the cultural awareness of these people. Moreover, I was able to apply various teaching techniques that could improve the academic performance of students.

College Admissions Scandal

"I do not think we should be super surprised," said Bari Norman, the co-founder, and director of counseling at Expert Admissions, a Manhattan-based firm that helps teens around the world prepare for the exams and [...]

Virginia Commonwealth University’s Current Challenges

However, the key problem is that the quality of education can be impaired since many teachers may not be fully committed to the goals of this university. In particular, the university has been able to [...]

English Class Observation and Analysis

The teacher wanted to equip the learners with the best skills. That being the case, the teacher embraced the most appropriate teaching styles to ensure the targeted students understand every lexical item.

Education Syllabus: Students’ Communication Practices

Therefore, it is important for the education fraternity to be aware of the impact or the repercussions communication can have on the learning environment especially the students.

Transformative Learning

To my surprise, I was still able to pass my preparatory education to join school; this was a cultivating day, as I understood all the problems of dealing with a bad teacher behind me.

Education Theories and Teaching Philosophy

In my opinion, it is of the crucial importance that students are able to critically evaluate the ideas and views, expressed by other people. I hope that this approach to learning will avail them in [...]

Changes in Society and Schools

This piece of work gives an insight to the changes that are to take place in the United States' schools and the society at large and the different ways in which the changes are received [...]

Constructivism Understanding

The task of the teacher is to facilitate this change and expand them with the help of various tasks that put the students in a troublesome situation that requires reflection.

Teacher and Students Effective Interaction

To sum up the observation of the advanced level Vocabulary lesson, I want to discuss the most successful parts of the lesson and focus on the unsuccessful practices implemented by the teacher in my next [...]

Personal Career Plan

As for the primary career goals, after I leave the university, I would like to start my own business related to the travel industry or the restaurant industry as I am interested in both business [...]

Career: Postsecondary Education Administrator

The increase in career opportunities as an administrator is due to the growth in the number of students enrolling in colleges, universities, and schools.

Observation on the Fifth Grade

When the teacher entered the class, all the students who had not assumed a position at their desks hurriedly moved to their seats and took out the books for the unit.

Improving Study Skills for 6th Graders

By the end of the session, the students would be expected to: Identify weaknesses in the study skills that they currently apply during their studies.

Persuasive Writing Components

The sense of smell is also used in the description where the author states that both the dog and the rug smelt.

Key Areas of Professional Knowledge

This has not only enabled me to impart knowledge and skills to my students, but also improve my teaching techniques to suit the needs of fast and slow learners. According to my student population, formative [...]

The Royal Spoon: Imaginative Story

Sterling was a spoon unlike any other; supposedly made from the finest silver and inlaid with gold and intricate designs from stem to head; he distinguished himself as a spoon fit only for the hands [...]

STEM Education: Teacher Approaches and Strategies

It is the interest of science, science education, and society to help students and all citizens develop a greater understanding and appreciation for some of the fundamental concepts and the processes of technology and engineering".

Language and Culture in the Classroom

The author of the article is quite categorical that the success of students in any classroom setting depends on the input of teachers.

Research in Education

In accordance with the research findings, critical multiculturalism and applied critical leadership are prerequisites of leading culturally diverse educational communities successfully.

Peer Instruction Learning Approach

My organization PMU is the first university in the country to implement the use of the Peer Instruction learning approach. This is why the PI learning approach was invented to bridge the gap between teachers [...]

Early Childhood Education Methodology

Early childhood policymaking is the issue that I would like to gain a better understanding of from the journal readings in Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood. There is a firm and nurturing environment for the [...]

Reading and Writing Experiences

This paper is a reflection on the reading and writing experiences I have had during the course, the biggest challenges, the perceived personal performance, and ideas for improvement. To sum up, during this course, I [...]

Teaching by Integrative Science Approach

Most of the class readings explore some of the best concepts for teaching "Integrative Science" in classrooms today. The approach is relevant because it helps learners appreciate the elements of the two sciences.

Teacher Empowerment Through Curriculum Development

The PCE aims to achieve the goal of internalizing the necessary skills and abilities to the learners. From these findings, it is apparent that the future of the American education system is bleak if the [...]

Student With Disability in Saudi Arabia: iPad Usage

Introduction and Overview In order to improve the quality and accessibility of education, it is necessary to welcome diversity amongst students and create a learning environment that will allow maximum participation of students with special [...]

Philosophy of Multicultural Education

The amalgamation of cultures is both a benediction and blasphemy of the K-12 teaching space. It is safe to say that the majority of schools in richer districts are mostly white scholars and recognized teachers.

Flipped Learning

The last dramatic changes in the technologies and creation of the new devices gave rise to blended learning classrooms and promoted the evolution of the unique educational phenomena known as the flipped classroom.

The Scholarship Coordination Office: Conflict and Leadership

Along with other structural units of MoPA, such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Economy, and Ministry of Education, SCO strives to develop high-quality competence and applied skills for the [...]

Adult Learning and Performance Theories

The adult learning theory suggests that communication is a crucial aspect of the process of learning, and it may also be affected.

History Program: Australia

This will be facilitated through storytelling and will ensure that the students have processed all the information as required and they are able to narrate it. This will entail the accomplishment and improvement of the [...]

History in Social Context and the Curriculum

History is important in understanding humanity and the development of civilizations, as it is possible to trace the evolution of human thought and understanding. It is interesting to see the connection of world history to [...]

K-12 Learning Institutions’ Leadership

The interest of a substantial number of researchers is to establish the essence of deploying technology in the education system and the payoffs it brings in the administration of education and the impacts on the [...]

Teaching Profession

The strategy I used to handle the situation was first to calm the students down because they were ready to talk to me because of my affable nature.

Teaching Career’ Concepts

The goal that I want to set is that by the end of the year, more than eighty percent of the students in grade 7 should be above the grade level in English.
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