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Education Essay Examples and Topics

School Uniform and Maintenance of Discipline

Some prefer to implement the use of school uniform citing various benefits such as improvement of discipline in schools while others see the whole issue of school uniform as a cover up of failed social [...]

College or Work

This will reduce the work of the supervisors as well as the fear of damages in the organization for they will be having the right person in their organization.

The Importance of Action Research

It is a significant tool in ensuring that the teacher understands his/her practice, ways of improving the same, enable him/her understands the ways in which the person is able to understand changes from outside and [...]

Personal position on Inclusionary practices

Further, putting students with disabilities and other limiting factors in a regular classroom provides an opportunity for the less fortunate children to experience their full potential in an inclusive community and hence have a sense [...]

Child Development

During the age of 1-3yrs;toddler, much growth is achieved and great changes also take place, the child also have opinions and can solve problems and important of all is that the child learns to be [...]

English-Language Learners in the Modern World

One of the main arguments against the use of primary languages in teaching is that English language is the predominant means of instruction and academic content writing and reading and students do not get exposed [...]

Is University Education Necessary for Success?

One of the greatest limitations of university education, which is also the main defense for critics of university education, is the fact that university education equips graduates with problem solving skills.

Courses outside of a student’s major

Among the main shortfalls of taking marginal courses is the fact that such courses take a lot of time and thus they may make students fail to master the intricate details of their majors.

Retention Strategies

This piece of work discusses the retention of students in learning institutions much emphasis being given to the variables that affect student retention, the goals and strategies that can be applied to handle the variables, [...]

Action Reading CDs

The paper also discusses how the students responded to the different interesting applications of the program such as the play cards, dices, games, pictures, shortcuts, highlighters and different drills and most importantly how the students [...]

Savage Inequalities by Jonathan Kozol

These include, Rachel and Her Children: Homeless Families in America, Savage Inequalities: Children in America's Schools, and Amazing Grace: The Lives of Children and the Conscience of a Nation In the United States, the mainstream [...]

Research Project on Education

In light of these considerations, this study seeks to critically analyze the business economics curriculum with the aim of identifying a controversy in the development of the curriculum.

Hopi Education Theories and Practices

The most important aspect to consider in the traditional education system of the Hopi people is the emotional commitment involved in this particular type of process which enabled them to resist cultural change.

Studies in the Education of Adults

The study required that the teachers recognize the learners' prior knowledge on the academic disciplines chosen while the teachers controlled the challenges in each academic program and the learning processes as well as the accommodation [...]

Language Development in Early Childhood

On the other hand, it will give an overview of the various aspects that address the language acquirement in the early childhood, as well as the factors that influence the language development in young children.

Rhetorical Situation of a Resume

The audience for the resume is the employer who has to make a decision whether the writer of the chosen work deserves a chance to take the position offered.

The Process Analysis

In the following sections, I will describe the stages of the idea development and writing of the essay, and then describe the process of proofreading and editing of the essay.

Working during high school

The students who do part time jobs in companies get the opportunity to meet their future employers and if they become good employees while doing their stints as part time employees they will improve, their [...]

Career Goals in Educational Technology

The University offers the Master of Arts and the doctor of Philosophy degrees in Educational Technology. One of the spread and reasonable career goal for an applicant is to achieve success in the field of [...]

Special Education

The changes have however not been without their positive impacts and limitations for instance due to economic constrains, the education system has been negatively affected as the need to accommodate more students, both the ordinary [...]

Constructivist theory

Constructivist theory is the theoretical structure of the active learning practice which involves use of either present or precedent knowledge in the structure of new ideas.

Paraphrasing and Plagiarism

A majority of the students fails to realize that they need to give credit to the original author even when they have paraphrased their work.

Do Elite Colleges Produce Elite Snobs?

In the same way, elite schools have a tendency to cultivate a certain sense of liberal attitudes, in effect ensuring that their students are often confronted with a paradoxical dilemma of seeking to promote the [...]

Maintaining Academic Honesty

It is considered a severe academic offence; consequently, the students should be aware of the chastisement that is commensurate to such academic vices.

Service Learning Strategy: Process and Outcomes

They help the students in appreciating some of the activities that take place in the community as they learn. Through the linking of issues taught in the classroom with participation in the community, students get [...]

Concept of the Multicultural Education

It is also possible to ask children to copy one of the pictures on the walls. Moreover, it is necessary to encourage people to start the discussion of such issues so that appropriate materials for [...]

The No Child Left Behind Policy

Notably, all the NCLB provisions seek to advance education standards thus benefiting, first the students and then to the United States of America as a country.

Special Education; the Inclusion Debate

On the other hand, if the disability is such that the child cannot keep up the pace of others in class understanding, there should be recorded learning tools to be given to the child.

Personal High School Experience

Teachers and students as the main participants of the teaching-learning process are inclined to shift the responsibility for the low effectiveness of the programs on each other.

Behaviors in Preschool and Home Setting

In addition, interfering with the development of prosocial skills tends to weaken the protective factors discovered to be vital to the successful adaptation and resiliency among the children in their later life.

Should Public Education be Terminated?

From these aspects, students are able learn the value of team work, how to cope in competitive times, how to strategize, apply the available resources to the maximum and how to interact with different people.

Early childhood program

Customizing the curriculum and tailoring it with the needs of the diverse children will form the basis of the early childhood course.

Experience of Taking Online Courses

By far the most compelling reason that made me to choose E-learning program was because of the flexibility of the program that I was undertaking in terms of time, duration and pace.

John Holt and Daniel Pink

Within the school setting, the child that he does not know how to learn and must adapt himself to the methods of the teacher."In a great many other ways he learns that he is worthless, [...]

Introduction to Education

It is aimed at highlighting the reason following the general poor performance of America's schools and in particular the public ones, a case that threatens the future of the country's economy.

Staff/Family Relationship and Communication

Information sharing amid families and staff is crucial in the daily updates of occurrences in the school; furthermore, there are several ways of attaining this concept. The family fraternity should be invited at the start [...]

Academic integrity and academic dishonesty

It is very often that leadership and integrity are regarded as two incompatible things, since the majority of people use the easiest way to cope with difficulties, violating the main principles of the right and [...]

Concept of Academic Portfolio

In this context, the academic portfolio will demonstrate the quality of work that one is engaged in and the development in it over the period covered by the portfolio.

Selection of the gender of correctional officers

It is for the above reasons that females working in correctional institutions were allocated the posts of matrons in the female institutions or clerical officers in the male institutions such that they hardly interact with [...]

Multicultural Education: Concepts and Strategies

Multicultural education is different from other forms of education in the sense that apart from being based on theoretical concepts also entrenches the use of practical strategies to ensure that students are in a position [...]

Aspects of contemporary parenthood

Lastly, understanding of the family by the teacher is recommended whereby, today children and their families are facing huge personal and social pressures which, when understood by the teacher, will be helpful in understanding how [...]

Marginal Analysis of Cheating

Of the various forms of cheating in existence, arguably the most prevalent one is the use of cheat notes. The major disadvantage of this cheating technique is that there exists physical evidence of the cheating [...]

Instructional Design Model for Adult Education

Instructional design models are based on theories of learning with each model designed through the analysis of the requirements of training, design of the program to meet the needs of learning, development of the model, [...]

Multicultural Education Literature Review

Multiculturalism is said to be the process of accepting and appreciating the diversity of people and their cultures. Some of the teachers in the survey from the dominant culture expressed dissatisfaction in having multicultural students [...]

Classroom Management Strategies

If a teacher sees students in the laboratory or on the field playing and talks to them about the activity, they are doing, these students will have respect to the teacher both inside and outside [...]

Classroom management comprehensive plan

All students will have to be attentive in class, to contribute in class; the students will have to raise their hands or politely bring me to their attention, the students will always complete and send [...]

Child Psychology: Poor-quality Home Environment

In their article "Early educational intervention, early cumulative risk, and the early home environment as predictors of young adult outcomes within a high-risk sample", Pungello et al.involve in researching the effects of early educational intervention, [...]