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Adult Education Essay Examples and Topics

Summer School for Adults: Program Evaluation

The evaluation of the Summer School for Adults program at the Nationwide University of the Academic Success will be provided with the aim of revealing its strong and weak points. The primary goal of the [...]

Spirituality Focus in Adult Education

A major challenge in adult education is lack of professional development opportunities for the facilitators of adult education, and especially when it comes to the skills required in the incorporation of spirituality in the learning [...]

Adult Basic Education Funding in British Columbia

The following paper is devoted to the issue of the Adult Basic Education fund decrease in British Columbia. The paper argues that the shortages of ABE funding are unjustified: funding decrease, together with the elimination [...]

Massive Open Online Courses Impact on Adults

This paper examines the advantages and disadvantages of MOOCs and compares them with traditional online courses. With MOOCs, one does not have to search for online courses and worry about the admission.

Adult Education Federal Policies

Adult Education Act was proposed and approved by Congress in 1966 and marked the start of projects developed for the improvement of the economic state of disadvantaged populations.

Adult Education on Operating Room Technology

The introduction of advanced technology into the environment of operating rooms has predisposed the necessity for training the staff. However, the development of the required skills demands impressive amounts of time, whereas insufficient skills may [...]

Canadian Public Policy: Returns to Education

From an in-depth review of literature on the topic, the researchers found that the existing information provides evidence that the influence of the returns to education on schooling decisions and the education system is profound.

Adult Learning: Features and Challenges

For instance, in certain workplaces, the management can make arrangements to have part of the staff undergo the adult learning process through the provision of the necessary facilities such as well equipped adult learning libraries.

Adult Training Program

However, "some of the theory's principles are not exclusive to adult learning". The theory provides a holistic model of learning.

The Main Aspects of Adult Learning

With this in mind, it is possible to analyze this issue to understand the main aspects of its functioning, First of all, it should be said that there is a great variety of adult learners [...]

Adult Development and Collaborative Learning

For adult educators who develop and control adult degree programs, the theory of adult learning provides a valuable instrument to manoeuvre the immense sphere of adult education, including hypothetical standpoints and their realistic applications.

Adult Learning Assumptions

Hence, the scope of Knowles model is based on the six basic assumptions concerning adults and their attitude to learning: Adults are more self-directed rather than dependent; The main resource for learning is constant accumulation [...]

Consolidated Model for Teaching Adults

Cordie, Wilke & Medina explains this by stating that some adult students are merely so used to the traditional face to face setting of teaching that when presented with the lack of a "familiar face" [...]

Learning in Adulthood

For instance, an immigrant who acquires citizenship to the United States with a view to pursuing a career say, in medicine or law using the qualification that they had acquired in the country of origin, [...]

Adult Education: Effective Teaching Methods

The Three Basics of the Effective Framework Context-based learning is one of peculiarities of adult learners who try to develop links between their previous experiences and new information as well as teaching and learning methods [...]

Adult Learning Methodology

The controversy surrounding andragogy is however not the essence of this study because this study focuses more on the basis of the teaching paradigm in imparting knowledge to adult learners.

Improvements in K-12 and Adult Learning Programs

It is the work of the instructor to provide learning resources and guidelines to the student. Learning modes in both andragogy and heutagogy are geared towards equipping the students with knowledge that will enable them [...]

The role of adult learning

Overall, teachers have to accept the idea that many traditional methods of instruction may not be applicable to these people because they can have different cognitive abilities and needs.

Studies in the Education of Adults

The study required that the teachers recognize the learners' prior knowledge on the academic disciplines chosen while the teachers controlled the challenges in each academic program and the learning processes as well as the accommodation [...]

Instructional Design Model for Adult Education

Instructional design models are based on theories of learning with each model designed through the analysis of the requirements of training, design of the program to meet the needs of learning, development of the model, [...]

Adult Learning and Education

This leads to the question of the roles played by adult educators and learners with the influences of the context of learning determining the nature of adult learning.