Educational Resources Essay Examples and Topics

School Library

Abstract The report was commissioned by the School Principal to document how the school library will be used as a learning space and resource centre to accommodate twenty-first-century learning. It was informed by the ongoing technological changes in the information age and their impacts on learning and reading. A careful review of pedagogical developments, changes […]

The Impressions of Emirati Youths on ISIS

Introduction Research background The ISIS crisis is in its fourth year despite several efforts by the international community for reconciliation. It is necessary to establish the impression of the Emirati youths on the ISIS, since they are indirectly affected by the current military activities of the group in Syria and Iraq (Al-Jenabi, 2008, p. 15). […]

Why Educators Should Do Research

To adapt to the requirements of the constantly developing school environment, it is necessary to be a reflective practitioner who is able to rethink and analyze the achievements and weaknesses in conducting the definite teaching strategy in order to be more successful or improve the results in the future. From this point, the reflective practitioner […]

Hearing Impairment

Apart from hearing impairment problems being a health issue, they are also an educational problem. Often, hearing impairment occurs if a student is unable to detect sound frequencies, either completely or partially. There are a number of policies which have been formulated across the globe on how to deal with students suffering from this condition, […]

Mentoring: Analysis of the Articles

Strengths and weaknesses of the articles Mentoring teachers seems to be one of the most important concepts in education. It is not always possible for tutors to choose an appropriate approach and teach students in a good way. This is why it seems to be helpful and rather effective to promote the development of special […]


One of the most novel ideas in education instruction is collaborative teaching. Learners with special needs learn alongside ordinary students in an ordinary class setting. A special needs teacher is supposed to assist the regular teacher in preparing materials for special learners, delivering assisted learning during and after the regular classes. The purpose of collaborative […]

Effect of student-based Special Education Teaching Methodology on Special Children.

Introduction Implementing the child –based teaching strategy will be physically, mentally, and emotionally advantageous to all parties within the classroom environment. The research focuses on the resolving the problem statement. The research also focuses on the history of the strategic learning disabled teaching strategy. The research includes the researcher’s reflection as a current special education […]

Formal and Informal Assessments

Abstract Assessment is very important in pedagogy in order to ensure that the instructor is giving his/her students the best materials using the best methods. Pedagogical assessment may prove to be a challenge without a proper understanding of the options available and the advantages and disadvantages for the same. There is, therefore, a great need […]

Analysis Psychoeducational program for parents of dysfunctional backgrounds

The article “Psycho-educational program for parents of dysfunctional backgrounds” discusses parent education outlining the effective methods of parenting for people with dysfunctional backgrounds. The operation of dysfunctional families has been generalized. The author has outlined one particular pattern of parenting exhibited by parents who grew up in dysfunctional families. Although this phenomenon presents itself in […]

Lesson Plan ‘The Concept of Leadership’

Parallel Model Overview Lesson Plan The parallel Overview Lesson Plan presented involves a lesson on ‘The Concept of Leadership’, suitable for pupils in grades 5 and 6. Unit Name: The Concept of Leadership; Subject Area Concerned: Social Studies; Grade level: 5, 6 The above lesson is designed for a grade five and/or grade six classes […]

Writing a Learning Objective

Learning Objective The objective of the lesson is to learn how mathematics is related to art through understanding of the linear perspective and relation between proportions that enable the viewer to recognize the real size of objects and objects depicted in pictures. In this respect, we should focus on the three simple components such as […]

Diagnostic Test Application

The issues of testing are highly important in the field of studying and teaching, and the propriety of using certain kinds of tests is widely discussed by both practitioners and theoreticians in the area of education. The article of Anderson (2006) is dedicated to the discussion of the diagnostic testing propriety in the educational setting. […]

Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test

Introduction Wilcoxon signed-rank test is applicable while weighing against corresponding samples to evaluate whether there is a variation in their ranked population averages. In other words, Wilcoxon signed-rank tests are applied in samples that do not meet the requirements of the parametric tests. In most cases, the Wilcoxon signed-rank is used in the circumstances that […]

Child practice in western countries and eastern countries

Education is one of the most important spheres which should play primary role in any society. However, in many countries governments pay quite little attention as there are lots of issues (which seem more urgent) to address. Of course, development of educational system depends on the economic situation in the country. Thus, educational system in […]

Usage iPads in Schools

Several schools are using i-Pads to improve the way students are learning mathematics. I-Pads have several applications which have widened students’ access to maths learning resources. This has led to improvements in the way students are studying math. Research shows that iPad devices encourage different schools to share ideas which improves learning outcomes in such […]

Home School versus Public School

Introduction Home schooling is the education of students at home by parents or tutors instead of learning in the formal school setting. Public schools are institutions of learning that are offered to all students by the government and that are paid for by the state taxes, either partially or in full. These two types of […]

The School Culture

Describe the artifacts you find or recall that define the culture of the organization In this paper, I will describe the culture of a school organization. Essentially, organizational culture of a school entails its personality, which includes the values, assumptions, norms and tangible signs (artifacts) of the members and their behaviors. When walking across the […]

Education as a Tool for Creating a New Society That Is Democratic, Equitable, Humane, and Informed

Introduction Education can be and must a tool for creating a new society that is democratic, equitable, humane, and informed as education is one of the main ways for formation of human consciousness. Teachers intrude their knowledge and ideas in students’ heads, therefore, forming students’ preferences teachers create the new members of the society who […]

Multicultural Education Literature Review

Karabenick, S. & Clemens Noda, P. (2004). Professional development implications of Teachers’ beliefs and attitudes toward English language learners. Bilingual Research Journal, 28, 55-72. Summary Multiculturalism is said to be the process of accepting and appreciating the diversity of people and their cultures. Multiculturalism takes different dimension in terms of social, economic and cultural community […]

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology device According to Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), assistive technology (AT) device is “any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of a child with a disability” (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, […]

The Peculiarities of Transition Planning

The period of transition from school to the adult life can be considered as rather challenging for every student. Moreover, those students with learning disabilities can experience much more difficulties while transitioning in comparison with the other students. Suzie is an eighteen-year old high-school student who is currently in the tenth grade. She has a […]

Effective Teaching of Reading in Education

Effective teaching of reading is an important aspect as reading does not come as naturally as speaking. Children do not learn how to read just by being exposed to reading materials, but rather, for them to learn this important skill, they ought to be taught explicitly and systematically. To start with, it is important to […]

Compare and Contrast Private and Public Schools in Saudi Arabia

The quality of education that parents offer to their have an impact on life successes that the children will have in future. In Saudi Arabia, the government does not restrict parents to educate their children in a certain school whether private or public; however, parents for various reasons, they choose the schools for their children. […]

First Grade: Classroom Analysis

The paper presents the summary and analysis of the observations of the classroom and school environment second grade school. The key issues that the given paper addresses are psychosocial development, motivation, behaviorism, constructivism, cognition, intelligence, and diversity in the classroom and school environment. The class under analysis was composed of 18 students of diverse cultural […]