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Educational Resources Essay Examples and Topics

Distance Learning and Its Evolution

Definitions of distance education are varied and diverse, but the main concept of distance learning can be summarized from the situation wherein the student and the educator are separated by distance and time and the [...]

State-Aid for Schooling in Post-War Australia

The need to improve education standards and the widespread call for students' aid in both vocational and higher learning institutions prompted various governments to appoint committees with varied responsibilities to probe into the funding system [...]

School Library

Given the transformations in the learning environment occasioned by the changing informational landscape and developments in technology, the School Principal requested for a report that documents how the school library will be used as a [...]

The Impressions of Emirati Youths on ISIS

The objectives of this research are; To establish the perceptions of the Emirati youths on the ISIS group To make recommendations and suggestions on how to view and deal with ISIS Importance of studying the [...]

Why Educators Should Do Research

To adapt to the requirements of the constantly developing school environment, it is necessary to be a reflective practitioner who is able to rethink and analyze the achievements and weaknesses in conducting the definite teaching [...]

Hearing Impairment

In comprehending the dynamics associated with hearing impairment, this study seeks to define how educationists and other specialists have in the past treated the problem after which focus will shift on strategies to identify possible [...]

Mentoring: Analysis of the Articles

The peculiar feature of this article is that the authors focus on early career of a teacher and the necessity to mentor new teachers to cope with the duties set.


It is more effective when co-teachers realize that each of them is not sufficiently equipped to respond to the diversely unique needs of a class.

Formal and Informal Assessments

This paper highlights formal and informal assessment by defining the two assessment methods, giving the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two methods of assessment and suggesting the best assessment choice between the two.

Lesson Plan ‘The Concept of Leadership’

Historical accounts of leaders in the social, political, and religious sectors of American life will be analyzed with a view to helping the students discern the role of leaders in changing society for the better.

Writing a Learning Objective

The objective of the lesson is to learn how mathematics is related to art through understanding of the linear perspective and relation between proportions that enable the viewer to recognize the real size of objects [...]

Diagnostic Test Application

The issues of testing are highly important in the field of studying and teaching, and the propriety of using certain kinds of tests is widely discussed by both practitioners and theoreticians in the area of [...]

Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test

In most cases, the Wilcoxon signed-rank is used in the circumstances that the population is not normally distributed. The application of the Wilcoxon test is motivated by the improbability relating to the assumptions of normality [...]

Usage iPads in Schools

The iPad offers a lot of flexibility to both learners and teachers on learning methods used in the classroom and outside the classroom. Students are able to access different classroom assignments and exercises which their [...]

The School Culture

They involve ceremonies of the positive aspects of the school, hence bringing the members of the community and the school together.

Multicultural Education Literature Review

Multiculturalism is said to be the process of accepting and appreciating the diversity of people and their cultures. Some of the teachers in the survey from the dominant culture expressed dissatisfaction in having multicultural students [...]

Assistive Technology

Discuss the role and importance of assistive technology in the lives of individuals with disabilities AT has several roles in the lives of people with disabilities, and there are wide ranges of devices to cater [...]

The Peculiarities of Transition Planning

The determination of the student's long-term goals is the most important task of the educators according to which it is possible to work out the other aspects of the transition plan.

Effective Teaching of Reading in Education

However, as a result of learning the importance of communicative approach and applying it in the teaching of reading, I have had a better perception of the role of reading as well as the types [...]

First Grade: Classroom Analysis

The paper presents the summary and analysis of the observations of the classroom and school environment second grade school. As a teacher candidate, I would employ in my classroom the organization techniques used by the [...]