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Approach to Learning Essay Examples and Topics

Scaffold Learning: Concepts and Strategies

Reflectively, the content of the topic for every lesson must function on the periphery of practicality and relevance in line with the objectives of the study topic, that is, the relation of the theme to [...]

Teaching Early Reading in Students

For a student, the application of the monitoring comprehension entails the recognition of the issues that they understand, as well as the ones that they do not understand.

Literacy Coaching in Modern Education

The standard is also utilized by these individuals in assessment of the candidates and effectiveness's of the program. The NCATE utilizes a criterion which is based on this standard in making decisions related to accreditation [...]

Second Language Acquisition

Motivation: it has been established that the motivation that inspires an individual to learn a second language and the thoughts that this person holds concerning speaking a second language play a big role in the [...]

Two Versions of California Arts

Other funds provided by arts programs like, California Arts Council's Arts in Education and Artist-in-Residence are meant to support arts. However, arts education in public schools of California has a long way to go.

Language experience with young children

Another essential factor is lighting in the reading environment for this age bracket since they are concentrating more on the words written in their books, and some are starting to understand and read them.

Knowledge Management in e-Learning

A study of the e-learning shows that, the best way to understand Knowledge management is by focusing on the government and corporate organizations process of knowledge management cycle.

Bilingual Education

On this note, the fact that a vast number of researches support bilingual education efficacy is evident that children exposed to these programs are more successful that those in all-English programs.

Components of the original IDEA

The program details the services that the affected individual is entitled to receive, the environment in which the program will be conducted and the duration of time that the program is expected to take.

Student Learning Outcome

They reveal the learners' progress in the course, certificate, diploma and degree programs and the level of experience in the places of work after the completion of their programs.

Verbal learning

Acquisition of responses signifies the strengthening of connection between the responses and the stimuli to which the students attach the responses.

English-Language Learners in the Modern World

One of the main arguments against the use of primary languages in teaching is that English language is the predominant means of instruction and academic content writing and reading and students do not get exposed [...]

Hopi Education Theories and Practices

The most important aspect to consider in the traditional education system of the Hopi people is the emotional commitment involved in this particular type of process which enabled them to resist cultural change.

Constructivist theory

Constructivist theory is the theoretical structure of the active learning practice which involves use of either present or precedent knowledge in the structure of new ideas.

My style of learning

It is not complicated for me to make notes while lectures as I know that I will save time in the future.

Computer Use in Schools

The learning efficiency of the student is significantly increased by the use of computers since the student is able to make use of the learning model most suited to him/her.

Personal Responsibility

The main aim of one's personal responsibility is to ensure that the environment can also benefit from the gift of your appearance in that particular place or the society. Personal responsibility is the ability to [...]

Multiple Pathways of Learning and Personal Spectrum

The achievement of effective communication and collaboration has been a challenge in learning and personal spectrum. In conclusion, the ability to achieve communication and collaboration within learning and personal spectrum provides a learner with myriad [...]

Verbal Learning Process

Verbal learning is the use of words or the process of speaking to express ones ideas or thoughts. In verbal learning, the ability to recognize improvement is only achievable through comprehension of input.

Computer-based Learning and Virtual Classrooms

E-learning adds technology to instructions and also utilizes technologies to advance potential new approaches to the teaching and learning process. However, e-learners need to be prepared in the case of a technology failure which is [...]

Report on Reading and Writing

In order to examine the historical development of reading, it is necessary to refer to the analysis and definition of spoken language and human communication and consider reading a necessity to sharing and retaining information.

English Language Learning

Using the language by referring to situations as well as pattern of events which are well-known to the learner enhances comprehension in the learner.

Brain-based Learning

Learning Instructional In brain-based learning, the learning content should be designed to connect the learning to learners' previous experiences so as to ensure active processing of the learning content.

The Brain Based Learning Fundamentals

The Concept of How a Student's Brain Learns Jensen & Jensen affirms that learning process of the brains depends on the emotions of the child since the power of cognition has a correlation with emotions.

Principle of Observation

The principle of observation can be defined as the art of passing knowledge or ideas by viewing the actions of a model from which one imitates.

Bilingual Education, Should It Be Done? Yes

Considering the diversity nature of students in any classroom scenario, it is important for the teaching orientation to adopt a variety of mechanisms, which will ensure there is satisfaction of all learner needs.

The Best Way to Learn

So, the works by such writers like Daniel Pink and Peter Singer should help me to comprehend how education is important and prove once again that one of the best ways to learn is to [...]