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Education Theories Essay Examples and Topics

Motivational Theory in the Instructional Program

As such, motivational-based strategies are acquired and developed when the students see the manifestations of those lessons in the actual sense. Lastly, motivational theory helps the instructors to develop a sense of self-drive in the [...]

Motivation in Adults and Young Learners

First, it is important to outline the major differences between motivation in adult and young learners. They may often observe other learners to complete certain tasks and utilize these strategies in the future.

Flipped Classrooms’ Advantages and Disadvantages

In addition, the tests enable lecturers and teachers to evaluate the ability of each students and reference accordingly. For example, availability of internet outside the classroom setting is mandatory for students and teachers to access [...]

Counseling Theories on Elementary School Students

This paper explores the validity of the idea that school-counselors are indeed being in the position to combine the provisions of the methodologically incompatible theories of counseling, while designing a specific counseling-strategy.

E-learning in Higher Education in Morocco

The authors of the paper 'Collaborative and Cooperative E-learning in Higher Education in Morocco: A Case Study' revealed the outcomes of the case study regarding the presentation of recent online electronics in order to defend [...]

Leadership and Learning Relationship

The assumptions contained in the 21st Century Skills, as a theory of learning, equally offer improvements to the other learning theories, such as humanism and cognitivism.

The Marshmallow Test Effects in Education

In the test, the self-regulated learning, which focuses on the process of attaining personal goals by utilizing self-generated thoughts and controls, emerges. However, the internal contributions focus on the self-regulated achievements that include self-monitoring, self-recording, [...]

Problem Solving Training

For instance, whenever a family the problem arises to a trained person, s/he could identify and evaluate the repercussion of the decisions made. First, the trainees will be able to differentiate between a problem and [...]

Transformative Education: Theory and Practice

This approach is beneficial because it enables students to understand the diversity of the community in which they live. In many cases, students can be encouraged to offer their solutions to the task that a [...]

Philosophy of Education by Nel Noddings

One of the most important and frequently addressed concepts of educational philosophy of the present days is the concept of the relationship between social and cultural diversity in the contemporary world and the changes it [...]

Types of Learning Theories for Online Education

The instructional objectives of this theory include providing organized information, improving the abilities of learners to encode and store information, improving learners' abilities to control the activity of processing information, and arranging practice in a [...]

Single-Sex Schooling in Education

Fergusson documents that in single-sex schooling, boys are able to work hard without the fear of appearing "feminine" to the girls. Another merit of single-sex schooling is that it leads to the increase in self-confidence [...]

What Is the Purpose of Education?

However, the controversial nature of education is described not only in the meaning of the word. The aim of education is connected with the reasons to have it.

Nature vs. Nurture. Differences and Common Traits

On the other hand, Paris and Barnes highlighted the impact of the environment and other influencing factors that shape individual personality. A casual review of children's behavior seems to justify the polarizing view found in [...]

Achieving Academic Excellence

The last, but definitely not the least, college education will teach me the art of communicating my ideas in a coherent and convincing manner.

Technology Revolution in Learning

With the immense growth in technology and its application in various fields, it has become indispensable in the delivery of educational content, educational strategies, and equipment.

Public Policy for Career Development

Although this is the intention of the curriculum, it is evident that the current academic system is not training the pupils to nurture their careers as they continue to acquire skills.

Education System That Encourages Creativity

Because of the recent issues regarding the solution of non-standard economical and financial tasks, the need to spur creativity in people has emerged, which can be solved by teaching creativity in schools; however, the given [...]

Eclectic Theory of Learning

The actions of parents can be viewed as a stimulus which gives rise to the response of a learner. Apart from that, it is possible to examine the application of constructivism because this learning theory [...]

Evaluation of Internship

The main aim is to ensure that the student is capable of transiting and fitting into the workplace. Since the student was engaged in an internship, it is also questionable whether the information provided especially [...]

Factors Affecting Academic Success

Self-motivation and discipline are evaluated by determining the amount of time students devote to schoolwork, levels of commitment and engagement, and their willingness to learn new things in and out of class.

Technology Adoption in Learning Institutions

The advantages brought about by the use of computers have led to the adoption of technology in modern learning institutions. Though it has a myriad of advantages, technology has also proven to be a bit [...]

High School Proposal in US

It is the School districts of the community and not the central government provides education. Teachers should guide students in schools in order to avoid failure to both the learner and the system of education.

Balanced Scorecard in Higher Education

The article "Successful Applications of the Balanced Scorecard in Higher Education" purposed to present the outcomes of successful implementation of the balanced scorecard done on two institutions of higher learning, namely the Kenneth W.

Intellectual Disability

The best way to help an intellectually disabled individual is through developing interest in learning more about what intellectual disability entails.

Writing Disability

Learning disorder is among the defects, which interferes with the writing abilities of a person or a child. The first way to identify children with writing disabilities is through observation of their behaviour.

An Evaluation of a Special Needs Learner

In this paper, we will provide an evaluation of Jamie's abilities and needs for the AT using the checklist available from the Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative and determine recommendations to improve his performance.

College Pressures

Just like in the 70s, college students of today face 'economic pressure, parental pressure, peer pressure and self induced pressure'. It is hypothesized that while parental pressure was high in the 1970s, economic pressure and [...]

Sex Education in District School Curricular

The paper will undertake the identification of the difference in the extent to which sexual education is being included in the curriculum of different school districts. The number of school districts that offers sex education [...]

Online Learning

Reviewing is done from the student side where a person analyzes the content and readability of the information contained in the online learning program.

Bilingual Education Concept

One of the reasons as to why there is opposition to bilingual education is the fact that students tend to greatly rely on their native language, keeping them from learning as well as having proficiency [...]

De Anza College Attendance Policy

Still, the conditions under which students have to study and teachers have to educate have to be investigated in order to understand better the peculiarities of the process of education and the challenges people may [...]

Education: College Life

The management of colleges should always have a comprehensive orientation program to enable high school graduates to settle well in college.

Your Image of the Child by Loris Malaguzzi

As such, adults around her have the responsibility to cooperate with one another to provide her with a stimulating environment conducive to her learning so her talents, skills and knowledge are optimized to be the [...]

Core Curriculum Education Considerations

In addition to this, the dynamic nature of the business world and the need for employees who are all rounded and well versed in every aspect of the business, that is; an employee who can [...]

Classical Conditioning

By definition, classical conditioning is the "pairing of an unconditioned stimulus with a conditioned stimulus to produce a conditioned response". Extinction is the process by which a conditioned response is lost due to lack of [...]

Multiple Intelligence Theory

Traditionally, the key focus of the education system has been to give knowledge and assess the student's ability to think. Howard Gardner questioned the educational curricula along those lines in 1983 and came to the [...]

Moral Values in Education

Schools are relied upon by the community and parents to instill and reinforce moral values among students. Those people who support the argument that schools should teach morality are of the view that it is [...]

NC Taxpayers and College Education

Further, as Research studies show, because of the expensive nature of college education, and because a good number of students come from families with average incomes, most parents cannot afford to pay their children's college [...]

Handbook ‘Good Study’ by Neil Burdess

The purpose of Burdess's Good Study is to present the most useful recommendations and guidelines for students in the brief form in order to provide them with the opportunity to concentrate on these hints while [...]

Flipping Class’ Strategy

According to Levin and Schrum, the use of technology in education is not only beneficial to the students, but it is also essential to the attainment of institutional goals by the teachers. The introduction of [...]

Personality Role in Second Language Acquisition

Understanding the effects that the context of formal and informal discourse has on the process of learning the second language and the bilingual people will help define the ways of shaping the learner's identity and [...]

Language Development in Children

In the 8th chapter of the book, the authors have discussed a number of subthemes such as defining intelligence, measuring intelligence, how intelligence is affected by the immediate environment and hereditary factors, IQ score and [...]

Racism and Education in the United States

An examination of the current system of education based on the experiences of the researcher reveals three distinct factors: that there is discrimination even though the system says there is not, opportunities for social advancement [...]

Education Systems in China and America

Given that literature only covers the wider perspective of education in China and America, little is known about the similarities and differences between the Chinese and U.S.schooling systems.

Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky

In the past, learning was thought to be transmitted from the teacher to the student because the teacher was considered a source of all knowledge while the student was considered as a passive recipient of [...]

Basic Study Skills

When using the tutorials, the learner will be expected to make notes based on the personal understanding of the concepts presented in the tutorials.

Generate Income Programe

The children's home was the intended beneficiary of the machine that was to be used for assisting them in running a laundry business. The conviction enabled the group to raise $300 within the first week [...]

Academic Honesty and Plagiarism

While rather efficient and working in most cases, the approach in question, though, is not to be considered the silver bullet of detecting plagiarism in an academic setting either, for the individual psychological qualities of [...]

College Education’ Value

American citizens, especially those working in the education sector, should know that their system of education is killing creativity and encouraging conformity and the mentality of learning for the purpose of getting employment in respected [...]

Education: The Sullivan High School

The Sullivan High School is one of the least successful schools in the state. It is important to add that the school is attended by students coming from underprivileged groups.

Ethical Principles in Education

Informed consent is one of the majorly rising ethical issues in scientific research and it means that participants should be well versed and prepared to partake in the study.

Motivation and Transfer of Learning

In addition, this condition offers a sense of ownership to learners in the anger management program. From this perspective, learners are only motivated to change their behavior in relation to the extent they receive rewards [...]

Learning to Read Between the Lines

The given skills can be tested with the help of a range of assessments; yet the idea of engaging two students in a discussion of a specific topic seems the most adequate means of testing [...]

Education: Critical Thinking Process

Critical thinking refers to the ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information or a situation. It entails the practice of engaging in independent and reflective thinking to identify and evaluate ideas to make informed decisions.

The Importance of Taking MBA Courses

Most institutions do not offer learners opportunities to specialize in subjects, and this reduces their chances of having an in-depth understanding of various issues in their professions.

Educating Special Needs Students

This partly arises from the wide range of differences in the types of intellectual disabilities, and differences in the range of impairment even among students suffering from the same type of intellectual disability.

Developmental Disabilities and Lifelong Learning

Some of the common transitional programs for children with developmental disabilities would include things such as books, learning manuals, and software programs intended to assist the children in adjusting to the new programs or settings.