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Curriculum Development Essay Examples and Topics

Classroom Schedule, Transitions, and Academic Play

The intended audience of the schedule are parents and caregivers, and the language of the schedule is appropriate. The teachers helped to resolve the argument, which helped to minimize the delay and prevent the distraction [...]

Curriculum for Adult Multicultural Students

The objectives of the class and the characteristics of target learners are also highlighted in the instructional plan. Learners will be expected to develop new knowledge and skills on the use of new technologies to [...]

Curriculum Design Reform and Current Trends

While some scholars tend to narrow down the origins of the problem-centered approach to the introduction in medical schools in middle-nineties, the exact starting point of the phenomenon is less specific.

Curriculum Cycle in Brookline Public Schools

The curricula of the Public Schools of Brookline are developed by the Office of Teaching and Learning. After this, the curriculum is implemented in four phases: the production of a curriculum product, the testing phase, [...]

Big Mountain High School’s Curriculum Change

The larger issue associated with the problem faced by the school administration is the problem of collaboration between teachers, policymakers, and stakeholders in the process of change, and the importance of the application of relevant [...]

Agency Learning Goals and Plan Development

Discuss the information from the peer-reviewed articles with the supervisor Participate in supervision sessions Examine agency reports Point out the differences between the information obtained from different sources Define what sources are better to [...]

Abu Dhabi Education Council Curriculum

It should be noted that the process of learning is central to the curriculum's activities, which, in turn, are directed by the educational objectives of the corresponding level.

Curriculum Cycle and Development Timeline

Importantly, the realities of a modern world present certain challenges for individuals involved in the curricular development. Therefore, the updated curriculum is to be built upon a broader learner-centered theory, with particular emphasis on experience.

Music Curriculum, Its Elements and Difficulties

Composing is another element of music curriculum that promotes a variety of experiences among learners such as experimenting, organizing ideas, making decisions as to the chosen direction, and overall exploring musical genres and styles.

Magnet School’s K-1 Curriculum Recommendations

Furthermore, given the fact that a lot of learners come from an EFL background, it is desirable to shape the curriculum so that the process of acquiring the necessary English language skills could occur at [...]

Curriculum Stakeholders in Brookline Public Schools

The teachers are the ultimate implementers of the curriculum and have the closest contact with the learners. The responsibilities of a superintendent include establishing the communication between the committee and the school board, providing an [...]

Curriculum Approaches and Practice

The choice of a certain curriculum approach determines the focus on specific teaching strategies and classroom practices to guarantee the adherence to the principles of this or that curriculum.

The World Around Us: Curriculum Planning

For instance, the goal of the first plan is to improve the students' comprehension and to promote collaboration, aiding the students in improving their social skills; the activities of the experience were chosen following this [...]

Educational Material on World History

The high school world history curriculum designed by Georgia Department of Education for the World History course of the state of Georgia is targeted at providing students with a comprehensive overview and study of the [...]

Backward Design, Its Stages and Benefits

The result of the student's knowledge per lesson is predetermined, and this will assist the teacher to follow a clear path in the instructions to the students; the content is already laid down in the [...]

Learning Cycle: Chemistry

In the following section, a student needs to answer the questions about the reactants and products represented in the scheme, and the answers require the application of critical thinking and analysis skills.

Teaching Mathematics Plan: Big Idea’s Focus

The advantages can be assessed in two perspectives in terms of the importance to the student and teacher because the big ideas concept focuses on making learning and instructions easy and understandable.

National Security College: Curriculum Enhancements

The curriculum will be designed by factoring in the various aspects that align the curriculum with the requirements of the national symbols, citizenship, representation of the country, and fostering the sense of being ambassadors.

Learning Cycle Activities: Chemistry

In the invention phase, the teacher leads the students to the core of the lesson. Which reactant is in excess?" are of the invention or introduction phase because students are asked to compare and analyze [...]

Curriculum Design Critical Evaluation

The main purpose of this paper is to understand why child-centred approach to education is the core idea of the modern curriculum, how new acts, reports and reviews changed the curricular and why motivation and [...]

Modern languages: Key Stage 3 in English Curriculum

Continuing the discussion of the topic of the importance of languages and the planning in English curricular, the following report should be dwelt upon."Inspection of Modern Languages: Observations and Issues" is a report which is [...]

Lesson Plan Assessment: Endangered Languages

The goals of the lesson are the following: primarily, it introduces the science of linguistics and the concept of endangered languages to the students, but it also naturally focuses on the diversity topic and the [...]

Curriculum and Intervention for Young Children

This paper explores the definition of young children at risk, their recognition in the society, background of the social attitude to the individuals with special needs, legislative practices when it comes to the fulfillment of [...]

Physical Education Curriculum

Physical education has significantly contributed towards the realization of the school philosophy as it helps in the development of the physical aspects of the students.

The Curriculum and Instruction Specialization

The main problem associated with the topic is the different level of the students' abilities in perceiving and understanding the same material, and the way to overcome the problem is the concentration on the methods [...]

Curriculum as PRAXIS Proposal

The measure of effectiveness of technology use as a means of instructions to the students also determines the purpose of the curriculum to the students and the school.

Curriculum Design Project – Evaluation

This is the objective and systematic assessment of the proposed solution in terms of design, implementation and attainment of results. The developer and executioner of the tests must also be trained in order to do [...]

Curriculum Theory & Practice

The essay suggests the adoption of a pragmatic curriculum in the schools as a way of renewing the curriculum by focusing on the teacher and the subject matter to drive social aspects of learning and [...]

Curriculum Evaluation

When the thorough plan is ready and implemented it is essential to evaluate it: define strong and weak point of the plan, make the necessary amendments and think over the future implementation of the curriculum [...]

Differentiation and Curriculum

This fallacy ignores the fact that differentiation will promote learning in a mixed institution since teachers will group students according to their learning abilities.

Leadership in the American Elementary Schools

The inception of the recent curriculum policies that involve development of the No Child Left Behind Act and the Race to the Top are among modern changes that have put principals and teachers in accountability [...]

Neutral Curriculum and Christian Approach to It

In this work, we are going to discuss the concept "neutral curriculum" and analyze the relevance of the biblical-based education in elementary and secondary schools, as well as legal implications of such curriculum.

Curriculum Analysis

The program was designed so as to breach the gap that existed in the skills of the individual student. At first, the lexile levels of the students are determined so as to know which novel [...]

Rationale: Integrated Curricula

As part of the curriculum integration Honoring Heroes and History is a unit the has been developed with the intention of incorporating art and social studies effectively to aid student learning, not only of art [...]

Curriculum Design

The first thing is that the instructors and the school heads have to be in serviced since they are the main agents of implementation.

Formal Curriculum

According to the University of Zimbabwe Distance Education, a formal curriculum refers to the entire work that is planned and used by teachers in conjunction with students.

Multicultural Education Curriculum Design

The articles to be discussed dwell on the issues of multicultural education, namely the article by Eteokleous and Christodoulou "The process of multicultural education in a centralized and homogeneous educational system" focuses on the problem [...]

Curriculum Development Paper

The purpose and objective of the curriculum provided in primary school is to prepare the students for the post-primary education and also to enable them have knowledge of different languages After completing the primary school [...]

Curriculum design and development

Curriculum design and development The process of curriculum development involves the design and development of integrated plans for learning, how to implement and evaluate the plans, and checking the outcome.

Virtual Lesson Course Design and Teaching Online

Students are provided with the topic for discussion and the reasons of why the chosen theme is interesting and important in education; Students get the worksheets on the basis of which the lesson will be [...]

Factors Affecting Curriculum Development

Technological innovations may be applied to curriculum development in several ways "as a plan for the systematic use of various devices and media" and as the issue that "is found in models and procedures for [...]

Integrating the Math and Art Learning Centers

For example, the operations of addition and subtraction are made easy to understand for young children with story problems and more practical activities. Materials and activities are organized in each learning area to develop the [...]

Social Expectations

Defining Similarities and Differences in Academic Courses Requirements in both the American University System and the Indonesian University System While considering the course requirements, as well as the teaching methods presented in both universities, specific [...]