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📃 7 Tips for Writing a Civil War Essay

Every student of politics or history has to write a Civil War essay at some point. To make the process easier, we have collected the best tips on nailing the content, research, and structure! Here is how to earn an excellent mark on your paper:

Tip 1: Check the instructions carefully. You would be surprised to know how many students earn a C or less because they missed something in the instructions.

To avoid making this mistake, check all the materials provided by your tutor, including civil war essay topics, titles, and the grading rubric. Highlight the most important parts of the instructions to memorize them better.

Tip 2: Select a particular topic. Obviously, you will be focusing on the Civil War for this assignment. However, to make your paper stand out, try digging deeper and examining a specific aspect of the Civil War that interests you.

Would you be interested to evaluate how slavery impacted the Civil War? Or would you like to examine the causes and effects of this period? Pursuing your interests will aid you in adding more depth to your essay, and your tutor will certainly appreciate the effort!

Tip 3: Browse sample papers on the Civil War. Whether or not you are struggling with the first two tips, this process will be beneficial. There are plenty of resources on the Internet that you could search to find Civil War essay prompts and examples.

Reading those will aid you in defining the focus of your paper and structuring it well. Make sure to note what works well and what doesn’t in each paper you read. This way, you’ll know how to avoid making the same mistakes while writing your essay.

Tip 4: Do extensive research before you start writing. While you may have some basic information about the Civil War in your textbook, your tutor probably expects you to go beyond that and add more details.

In order to do that, you should search online resources or your institution’s library for books and articles about the Civil War. Be creative about your search! Try to examine all possible keywords and their combinations.

For instance, instead of merely typing in “civil war,” consider other search phrases, such as “civil war causes and effects,” “civil war politics,” and more. The more topics you include in your research, the more high-quality resources you will be able to find.

Tip 5: Avoid using unverified sources. While you may find a lot of useful information about the Civil War on various web pages, don’t be tempted to use them in the paper. The information contained in a blogs, non-academic website, or a civil war essay example may be unverified, false, or biased.

Don’t worry, the Internet still has a great selection of reputable articles and publications that you could rely on.

Hence, try limiting your search to peer-review journals, publications by universities, museums, or government entities, and history books. Doing so will help you to show your proficiency in secondary research while also preventing your tutor from taking away the deserved marks.

Tip 6: Structure your essay well. Each paragraph of your essay should have one central idea, and all of your statements should follow in a logical sequence.

For instance, if you are writing a paragraph on the events that led to emancipation proclamation, you should not mention the Great Depression there. Re-read each paragraph after completion to ensure that its content is relevant and there are no gaps.

Tip 7: Cite your sources correctly. Whenever you write down ideas that are not your own, include an in-text citation. Make sure to check the instructions to see which citation format is acceptable with your tutor!

If you are unfamiliar with a particular citation style, you can always search out website for formatting tips and guidelines, as well as for Civil War essay titles.

🏆 Best Civil War Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Industrialization after the Civil War
    This work explains how the industrial workers and farmers organized themselves in response to industrialization in the United States of America after the civil war.
  2. Letters from the Civil War
    In relation to the opposition of the election and ideas of President Lincoln, 11 states on the Southern part of the United States of America separated from the rest of the states and formed the […]
  3. Slavery, the Civil War & Reconstruction
    Market revolution, which was crucial to the American lives contributed to new components of consciousness, politics and social life, which in turn brought about Civil War. Social change in the American history was brought about […]
  4. The aftermath of the American civil war
    The war took four years after which the northern states won and that meant end of slavery end of the confederacy and the beginning of a functional federal government in the United States.
  5. The Most Disastrous Civil Conflict in American History
    Most of the war was fought in the South but it took a lot of time for both states to recover from the effects of the war.
  6. The United States Civil war
    At the end of the war, the Union forces were declared the victors because of a number of strengths and advantages they had over their opponents.
  7. Why Confederate and Union Soldiers Fought?
    The American civil war was idealistic since the combatants were driven particularly by principles rather than comrade power.”A large number of those men in blue and gray were intensely aware of the issues at stake […]
  8. Racism in America after the Civil War up to 1900
    This paper highlights the abolitionist views on race and change since the civil war to the year 1900 and how they affected the American view on race.
  9. Liberia: A country struggling from the effects of civil war
    The second civil war was ignited by conflict between the Liberians for Reconciliation and Democracy group and the local community; however, the government could do little to quell the situation as a result of sanctions, […]
  10. Why the Reconstruction after the Civil War Was a Failure
    The reconstruction era refers to the period following the civil war whereby the numerous different affiliations in the government intended to find a solution to the socio-economic and political problems imposed by the civil war, […]
  11. The Role That the Northern and Southern Women Played in the Civil War
    Some of these issues include the social cultural perspective of the war, the economic aspects, the political dimensions of the wars and the roles that various people played in the war.
  12. Impacts of English Civil War
    This was as a result of the growth of the colonies in terms of strength and liberty due to the authority Cromwell and the Puritans had bestowed to them which were against England’s laws3.
  13. Civil War Paper: Valley of the shadow
    The valley of the shadow explains the history the citizens especially the blacks had to go. The free blacks got involved in farming as this constituted a large part of the valley prosperity and wealth.
  14. American history: The Civil War (1861-1865)
    It was a belief of Federalists that in order to ensure the union does not collapse, there was need for the federal government to hold on to power.
  15. Causes of Civil War
    The government that was put in place entrenched the concept of African slavery in that the Africans were regarded as lesser humans and unequal to the whites. The states that encouraged slavery saw this as […]
  16. Period of Civil War in the American history
    Economics was one of the main reasons which caused the development of the Civil War as the slavery in the South was caused by the desire of the Northern Americans to get more money at […]
  17. What Led up to the Civil War and Could It Have Been Prevented?
    The economy of northern states relied heavily on industry and development of technology whereas southerners tended to keep their ways as they were in the eighteenth century.
  18. Civil War in United States
    In the early 19th century, the main issue that threatened the unity of the North and the South was slavery. In this view, the North and the South gradually differed on the issue of slavery, […]
  19. How and why the Union was the Civil War
    Needless to say, both the economic power and huge population proved to be vantage points for the Union in claiming victory against the southern states.[3] Perhaps, the most fundamental contribution of the Union in the […]
  20. The American Civil War Causes and Outcomes
    In this deadly war, the Northern States went into battle against the Southern States for the sake of preserving the unity of the Union of States.
  21. American Civil War Strategy and Leadership
    Thesis statement The paper highlights Abraham Lincoln’s role in the American civil war of 1861-1865 fought during the time when he was the President of the United States of America.
  22. Ghost of Civil War Past 1850-1859
    The period is considered one of the chaotic in the American history since the slave states of the South engaged in confrontations with the Free States of the North.
  23. Racial Injustices and the Cost of Civil War: The African American Perspective
    Owing to the fact that academic interest in the Civil War has grown substantially in recent years, it is of immense importance to look into the racial injustices and the cost of Civil War from […]
  24. The American Civil War: Rules, Chronology and Turning Points
    The Confederate leadership felt suspicious of the members of the guerrilla forces and so the guerrilla war failed because the Forces underestimated its capability.
  25. The Civil War Dilemmas: Slave-Owner Relations
    From other letters, it becomes clear that the vast majority of people could not realize a true essence of slavery and properly define the reasons of why people had to be divided into slaves and […]
  26. Gone with Wind: The Ideas of the Civil War in the Movie
    Gone with the Wind is a historical movie about the War between the States, the Reconstruction, and the inequality that was inherent to those times with all its cruelty and unfairness.
  27. The American Civil War as the Turning Point in American History
    The American civil war was one of the major turning points in American history and is responsible in shaping the modern America.
  28. The Civil War and Its Aftermath
    Legislators in the US government avoided the issue of slavery and tried to uphold peace between the north and south. While the north believed invading Richmond in Virginia, the capital of the confederate states of […]
  29. The Political Aftermath of the Sri Lankan Civil War
    The Tamil and Sinhalese communities which are the two major communities in Sri Lanka started disagreeing on major national issues during the process of preparing the first constitution of the country after the country gained […]
  30. Causes of Civil War in the USA
    Conflict arose during the Mexican war, the question being what would happen to the new states upon the victory of the US in the war.
  31. Blood Diamonds and Financing Civil Wars in West and Central Africa
    This essay shall thus discuss the process of mining diamonds, the conflicts that arise from diamonds and the role that the World Bank and other international bodies can play to minimize these conflicts and ensure […]
  32. The Main Impacts of the Civil War in the Democratic Republic of Congo
    However, as a result of the paradox of the plenty, much of these natural resources have resulted in the death and destruction of man, decline in economic growth and political unrest.
  33. Sierra Leone’s 1991 Civil War
    According to Zack-Williams, the political turmoil experienced prior to the start of the civil war was very important in pointing out the rot in the government and its degenerative monolithic rule which were the fueling […]
  34. The United States in the Aftermath of 1860-1870’s Civil War
    In order to reconstruct the United States in the aftermath of 1860-1870’s American Civil War, an analysis that would take a holistic approach addressing the root causes of the war ought to have been scrutinized.
  35. “Reconstruction: The Second Civil War, Parts I and II”: Revealing Narratives and Lesser-known Lives
    It was largely the result of the actions of small numbers of people, rather than the masses of men involved in the Civil War itself.

🥇 Most Interesting Civil War Topics to Write about

  1. Religious ethnic factions of Syrian civil war
    In addition to this, Syria experienced a drought of astonishing proportions in 2008 especially in the northern regions; with effects including seventy percent of livestock and eighty percent of people living in these regions moving […]
  2. Reconstructing the United States After the Civil War
    Basically, the rationale behind acquiring knowledge about the history of the past is because one will stand at a better position to understand the people and the societies we live in today and, hence, appreciate […]
  3. The U.S. Civil War and Its Aftermath
    In the aftermath of the bloody war, the South was devastated by the scorch earth policy of the North. Many of the abolitionists believe in the power of the written word to influence and open […]
  4. How did Reconstruction Change the United States after the Civil War?
    Reconstruction can as well refer to a period in which the southern states were to be transformed with the aim of reintroducing them back to the union.
  5. Syrian Civil War and its Possible Ramification on Turkey’s National Security Interests
    Not only that, tensions between the two states have become considerably strained as Syrian rebels often utilize the border between Syria and Turkey as a staging ground for their attacks on the regime of Bashir […]
  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Civil War or Religious Conflict and the Role of Women
    This paper therefore, provides an historical overview of the conflict witnessed in Bosnia between the Croats, Serbs and Bosniaks, the role of women in this conflict, and an analysis of the role of both national […]
  7. Post-Civil War Reconstruction in the American History
    Prior to the American Civil War of the 1860s, the American economy, particularly the Southern States, was driven by agricultural production.
  8. Effect of Civil War on Economic Growth: Evidence from Sudan
    Of greater essence in the paper is the collection of a set of data and literature that will help in linking the scale of violence and instability caused by the civil war in Sudan and […]
  9. Ethnic Polarization and the Duration of Civil War
    The causes of civil wars can be analyzed in relation to their onsets, the duration of the wars, as well as the incidence of civil wars.
  10. Effect of Civil War on Economic Growth
    The sources will provide data about the state of Sudan before the civil war and the state of the economy after the war.
  11. Causes of Civil War in America
    The southern politicians managed to maintain the control of the federal government throughout the first half of the 19th century by assuring the southerners to defend the abolition of the slavery in those states that […]
  12. Role of the Woman during the Spanish Civil War
    This impact of the Spanish war is even clearer by consideration of the fact that the war had the implications of making women take up the jobs that originally belonged to men in the industries […]
  13. Slavery and the Civil War
    Thus, the main impact of the Civil War was the abolition of slavery which changed the economic and social structures of the South and contributed to shifting the focus on the role of federal government.
  14. United States History Since the Civil War
    In the beginning, there was the Treaty of Versailles that was to be ratified by Germany, a villain of WWI, in the build-up to a peace process in the post-WWI.
  15. How to End the Syrian Civil War?
    In the meantime, the war continues and innocent civilians, especially women and children continue to pay the price for the war.
  16. American History: the Road to Civil War
    Though the Civil War occurred in the 19th century, the roadmap to the war began back in the 17th century. In 1807, the United States senate passed a law that led to the abolition of […]
  17. The Coming Civil War Predict Reasons
    Thus, the development of the Civil War in the second part of the 19th century was triggered by such two reasons as the promotion of the Western settlement started in 1784 because it led to […]
  18. Modern Civil War in Ukraine
    The event selected for this paper is the current conflict on the territory of Ukraine. The portal demonstrates how the conflict appeared and escalated, how it moved from the center, to the West, to the […]
  19. The Civil War in America
    The main origin of the civil war in America was the declaration of seven states that had split from the U.
  20. Slavery and the Civil War Relationship
    In the era of the revolution, the black man presence in the American society had become a pivot point in the argument over slavery.
  21. North Carolina’s Role in the Civil War
    This research paper focuses on the role that the state of North Carolina played during the Civil War to ensure victory against the adversary. Firstly, North Carolina provided close to 134,000 personnel to help in […]
  22. American Foreign Policy on Syrian Civil War
    Further, it is important for business people to understand countries that actively fight cyber-crime in order to predict the success of their investment.
  23. US Progress in Freedom, Equality and Power Since Civil War
    When it comes to the pursuit of freedom and ideals of democracy, progress since the Civil War can be seen in the establishment of a sufficiently capable Federal government, efficient judiciary and presidency systems with […]
  24. Syrian Civil War: Origins and Geopolitical Consequences
    Instead, much attention should be paid to the combination of factors that are related to the political landscape of the country, its religious tensions, economic recession, and geographic peculiarities.
  25. Was the Civil War Inevitable?
    The Civil War in the United States continues to attract the interest of many historians who want to discuss the underlying causes of this conflict and its effects.
  26. Industrialisation after the Civil War
    In other words, industrialisation shaped political and economic aspects in the country, as the country’s leadership was forced to allow some openness in the way public affairs were conducted.
  27. Slavery Arguments and American Civil War
    On the other hand, Lincoln argued that he was against the act of slavery even though the constitution was in support of the law.
  28. American Civil War Issues
    In the following weeks after the capture, both the Union army and the Union navy worked together, gaining ground upstream till the clash that later would be named the Battle of Shilloh.
  29. The English Civil War: Causes, Costs and Benefits
    The final stage occurred in 1649 1651 and involved the Rump Legislature and the Royal leadership under King Charles the second.
  30. The Inner Civil War: the Lost Cause System
    The Lost Cause was a mechanism that they developed to make sense of the aftermath of the U.S. The Lost Cause grew in the soil of a Southern culture that was steeped in the admixture […]
  31. American Civil War: Factors and Compromises
    By the end of the eighteenth century, the southern states of the country had already acquired the status of pro-slavery ones.
  32. Libya Civil War Since 2011 Until Today
    Following the ouster of the Tunisian and Egyptian presidents, Libya reported small political revolts in some parts of the country. However, experts believe that France was at the forefront in demanding a forceful intervention of […]
  33. Syrian Uprisings and Civil War
    Breaking out in the city of Deraa, the uprising preaching the ideals of nonviolence and social justice and democracy in Syria has evolved to spread across the territory of the country and become an organized […]
  34. The Civil War’s Real Causes: McPherson’s View
    In his essays McPherson studies various views of the causes of the Civil War and namely the role of slavery as one of the reasons of rupture of the armed conflict.
  35. Industrialization After the American Civil War
    Industrialization that occurred in the USA in the 19th-20th centuries changed the face of the country. At the same time, development of business, unfair practices of entrepreneurs and various deadly accidents led to creation of […]
  36. American Civil War in the Article “Classmates Divided”
    This article covers the story of the soldiers before, during and after the war, “the cadets were almost completely dependent on their classmates for companionship, and the friendships they formed would last a lifetime of […]

📑 Good Essay Topics on Civil War

  1. Reconstruction in the US After the Civil War
    It was rather hard to implement the Reconstruction, as the Congress and presidents had different views on the situation and saw different ways of reaching the goal.
  2. Battle of Antietam in the American Civil War
    It emphasized the legitimacy of the Union forces in the country. It meant that the Union forces achieved their primary aim of going to war.
  3. US Army’s Challenges After the American Civil War
    The problem was caused by the use of contaminated water, poor sanitation at the camps, and general lack of hygiene among the soldiers because of the nature of the battle.
  4. Military Technology in the American Civil War
    During this time, victory largely depended on the size of the army, the effectiveness of the generals to plan and execute ambush, and the morale of the military unit.
  5. Syrian Civil War and Need for Mediation
    With this in mind, it is possible to say that the conflict is very tensed as a great number of countries are involved in it.
  6. Great Awakening, American Civil War, and Feminism
    In this regard, the anti-federalists implied that the bill of rights was not added to the original text of the constitution.
  7. American Civil War in the “Glory” Movie
    Glory is a movie that depicts the story of the very first troop to fight in the Civil War for the Northern America.
  8. American Civil War in “Glory” and “Lincoln” Films
    The movie Glory is a biography drama film reflecting the events during the Civil War between 1861 and 1865, as well as the contribution of the Captain Robert Gould Shaw to the abolition of slavery […]
  9. The Chinese Civil War in the 20th Century
    The Chinese Civil War was one of the key conflicts in the 20th century and had a lasting impact on the development of the country and the lives of future generations of Chinese.
  10. Poverty as a Cause of the Sudanese Civil War
    The connection between poverty and conflict has been analyzed in the West African region where “11 of the world’s 25 poorest countries are contained and is currently one of the most unstable regions of the […]
  11. Post Civil War: The Bay of Pigs Invasion
    It strengthened the positions of the Castro’s government, as well as the relations between Cuba and the Soviet Union, which eventually led to the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  12. The American Civil War’ Issues
    There are a lot of reasons why the North won the Civil War and the South lost. The North had a strong merchant marine fleet and a lot of naval ships that managed to blockade […]
  13. The Civil War in the History of the USA
    First of all, one should realize the fact that the representatives of the southern and northern states had different mentalities and perspectives on the way the USA should evolve.
  14. Illustrations After the American Civil War
    The underlying argument of this paper is that illustrations were used to shape the opinion of the public towards the support of the American civil war.
  15. Reconstruction After the Civil War: Enforcement Acts
    The analysis of the reactions to the acts adopted throughout the Reconstruction Era helps to reveal the views and societal beliefs that prevailed during that time in the country and complicated the attempts to improve […]
  16. Union Soldiers in the Civil War
    In this way, it was hoped to assure the popular support of the army, which was consistent with the decentralized nature of the country of the time.
  17. Industrial Revolution After the Civil War
    The cause of America’s industrial revolution can be attributed to the creation of the first factories in the country, its westward expansion in the territory, the rise of the railroad industry as well as the […]
  18. Industrialization Period After the American Civil War
    The leadership roles of authority, through the government, took the responsibility of promoting peaceful relationship and mobilization among the Americans. The introduction of the new business opportunities from the traders were affected by the disruption […]
  19. Civil War in the Film “Gone With the Wind”
    The American Civil War and Reconstruction era together had a significant impact on the entire history of the USA and a number of major changes that happened in the states of the Old South.
  20. American People II: Post Civil War Era
    In most of the wars associated with the United States, it is evident that the ultimate objective has always been to pursue its national interests.
  21. Post-Civil War America: Political and Economic Changes
    The main objective of the act was to eliminate the social and cultural traditions of native residents and make them a part of an established system.
  22. Reconstruction Era After American Civil War
    The Reconstruction Era in the US refers to the period after the Union victory in the Civil War when slaves were freed and given the opportunity to change their future.
  23. Industrial Revolution Influence on US Civil War
    Furthermore, both sides, the Union and the Confederacy had to mobilize their economies and engage business in the war due to their dependency on different industries and suppliers.ii The industrial revolution changed warfare by introducing […]
  24. Sri Lankan Civil War as 20th-Century’s Inhumanity
    The 20th century is considered one of the worst centuries in human history in terms of human-made atrocities that resulted in the deaths of millions of people.
  25. Pre-Civil War Antislavery Movement and Debates
    The first one was the introduction of a newspaper by the name The Liberator that was against any form of servitude.
  26. American Industrialization, Romanticism and Civil War
    In the article, the Romantic Movement Romantic impulse meant the liberation of the Americans to a point of freedom regarding respect and love.
  27. Medicine During the American Civil War
    The reason why the disease was prevalent among the army was partly because of the lax recruitment processes that admitted underage and overage men into the army. The most common treatment during the Civil War […]
  28. Battle of Chancellorsville in American Civil War
    Although the Confederate Army was outnumbered two to one, General Robert Lee’s ability to devise a simple plan and accept risk by splitting his force to counterattack his opponent’s flank, resulted in the significant defeat […]
  29. Cooperative Learning at American Civil War Lesson
    I will introduce the questions after giving the following short statement, “Having heard some of the causes and consequences of the war, you are required to answer some short questions to determine your current level […]
  30. Slavery, American Civil War, and Reconstruction
    Indian removal from the Southeast in the late 19th century was as a result of the rapid expansion of the United States into the south.
  31. Slavery as a Cause of the American Civil War
    On the other hand, one is to keep in mind that many historians are of the opinion that the reasons for the war are not so easy to explain.
  32. Syrian Civil War Threating Turkey’s National Security
    The paper explored all the possible causes of the ongoing Syrian civil crisis, with the historical perspective from the mayhem between Syria and Turkey being significantly imperative.
  33. History of the United States Since the Civil War
    Basically, the student touched on entirely every aspect that was a thorn in the flesh of Americans: social, economical, and political.
  34. The United States Since the Civil War
    During the ‘roaring twenties’ people were seeking at least a decent life devoid of war as a way of escaping from the trauma that emanated from the ‘Great War.’ The worst thing to have happened […]
  35. Private Security Strategy in the US since the Civil War
    Based on the factors provided above, it could be concluded that the modern definition of security and its purposes as defined by the consequences of the Civil War due to the presence of the accumulation […]

🎓 Good Research Topics about Civil War

  1. The US Civil War Funding
    The author claims that during the war, the confederacy was in serious need of money to fund the war because the south could not sell cotton to European markets because the union had blocked the […]
  2. American Civil War Chapter of Deloria’s “This Land”
    Importantly, the Confederates sustained more attacks on the Union forces of the North, and in July 1861, under the command of General Thomas J.
  3. American History, the Civil War and Reconstruction
    In this context, his first inaugural address can be seen as a call for the South to avoid civil war, as opposed to a call upon the North to start one, and the second inaugural […]
  4. General Meigs’ Role in Civil War
    Often referred to as America’s Quartermaster, Meigs is now considered the epitome of a strategic leader that took upon the logistical challenges that the Union Army faced and refused to give up even during the […]
  5. Civil War in Mississippi. “Free State of Jones” Film
    He narrates about the deportations of Mexicans from the USA in the first half of the 19th century that was organized to foster Euro-American colonization of the Texas territory. One of the differences between the […]
  6. The Battle of Chickamauga in the American Civil War
    The topic that is the focus of this paper is the battle of Chickamauga and its influence on the course of the Civil War.
  7. “The Civil War” Documentary: Strengths and Weaknesses
    Therefore, the attention to detail and the inclusion of a vast variety of documentary items may be considered as the biggest advantage of the movie.
  8. Military Conflicts at the Civil War
    With regard to the case of humanitarian assistance to the people of Somalia, it is important to consider the factor of the effectiveness of the measures taken in terms of their impact on the domestic […]
  9. History of the Civil War in Sierra Leone
    The need to restore peace and facilitate reconciliation in Sierra Leone prompted adoption of the idea of transitional justice. The SCSL and the TRC constituted the major forms of transitional justice in Sierra Leone.
  10. Underlying Causes of the Sierra Leone Civil War
    The unfortunate outcomes of the war, both in numbers and in the reality of the situation, raise the question of what other factors may have further contributed to the war.
  11. Climate Change and the Syrian Civil War by Selby et al.
    The authors note that the purpose of their paper is to explore the quality of the evidence provided by the supporters of the thesis. Selby et al.note that there is no relationship between climate change […]
  12. Yugoslav Civil War
    However, the collapse of the Soviet Union meant the end of this era and the start of the post-Cold War period, with its unique peculiarities of the international discourse.
  13. Civil War Effect on American Industrialization
    The “Beard-Hacker Thesis” had become the most widely accepted interpretation of the economic impact of the Civil War which believed that the impact of the war on American industrialization was profound.
  14. World Cultures: Somali Civil War
    The Somali National Movement gained control of the north, while in the capital of Mogadishu and most of southern Somalia the United Somali Congress achieved control.
  15. The Economics of the Civil War
    Evidently, the chief outcome of civil war is the loss of life and general depression in the healthiness of the population at large.
  16. The Black Confederate Soldier in the Civil War
    The free blacks of New Orleans who created a regiment of “Native Guards” for the Louisiana armed force and the Confederate effort late in the war were to employ slaves as soldiers”.
  17. The Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939
    The main reasons were the reformist and the conservatives. This was the Spanish Confederation of the Autonomous Right.
  18. Civil War in USA: The North and the South
    The differences in the lifestyles and ethics of the North and the South are one of the main reasons for the start of the Civil War.
  19. Slavery Without the Civil War: Hypothesis
    The demand for slaves and the positive effect of this in the slaveholders’ profitability as well as the fact that both slaveholders and the slaves need one another to survive saw to it that the […]
  20. Why American Civil War Was Initiated
    Historians argue about the level of significance of each of the reasons, but generally, they agree on the following roots of the major inner conflict that has ever occurred in the USA.
  21. “Drawn with the Sword: Reflections on the American Civil War” by McPherson
    It also deconstructs assumptions made about the battles that took place and the consequences of the war for the United States and the world in general.
  22. “Victims: A True Story of the Civil War” by Phillip Shaw Paludan
    The course of this war and the way it affected the people who suffered from it presents the main concern for the author of the book.
  23. The Civil War: The Course of Events and Reasons
    This paper also hypothesizes that due to the differences and political conflict between the North and the South, the Civil War erupted.
  24. Tarrow’s “Power in Movement” and Wood’s “Insurgent Collective Action and Civil War in El Salvador”
    The role played by external actors such as the government, non-government organizations, and political parties in the emergence, spread, and decline of the rondas campesinas, employing Tarrow’s concepts of political opportunities and constraints, frames, repertoires […]
  25. Why Germany and Italy Supported Nationalists During the Spanish Civil War
    The Republican government won by narrow margins which lead to the emergence of the Spanish Civil war. The war also weakened the power of the countries which were considered to be superpowers.
  26. English Civil War and Glorious Revolution
    This war led to the introduction of the parliamentary democracy system of governance in England and the abolition of absolute power by the monarch.
  27. The Conclusion of The Civil War
    The main reason that the Confederacy succeeded from the Union was the issue of States’ rights which are guaranteed by the Constitution but were almost completely lost following the Civil War.
  28. Civil War and Strategy in Lebanon
    Egypt was considered to be a powerful supporter of the front which is located on the left wing in the area.
  29. American Civil War Causes Analysis
    The first position was formulated by David Wilmot who opined that the Congress had the power to abolish slavery leading to the declaration of the Ordinance of 1787, also known as the Wilmot Proviso stating […]
  30. American Civil War as a Historical Topic
    The Southern faction’s worries of relinquishing control of the federal administration to antislavery groups, and the Northern faction’s qualms relating to the power of the slaveholding states of the south in the regime, amplified the […]
  31. The Spanish Civil War, Franco vs. Hitler, Juan Pujol, Double Agents
    The war ended with the conquest of the revolutionaries and the dawning of the authoritarianism led by General Francisco Franco, a fascist.
  32. Civil War and Reconstruction
    After the Civil War, the country faced problems in the economy, politics, and social sphere but the changes which occurred during the period of Reconstruction alleviated these problems and influenced positively the overall situation in […]
  33. Culture Shock: Civil War in Bosnia
    This can b described as the state of emotional, physical and psychological discomfort one undergoes when interacts with new culture as opposed to the old culture which comes about as a result in the change […]
  34. American Civil War: Brief Retrospective
    This resulted in the divide between the free territory in the North and the practice of slavery in the South, an issue which the federal authority was unable to resolve hence, creating a boundary between […]
  35. Civil Rights in America From the Civil War to 1974
    Energized and encouraged by the successes of the civil rights movement, activists worked to reverse the discriminatory laws restricting the influx of darker-skinned peoples into the U.S.

❓ Civil War Essay Questions

  1. Why Should the United States Intervene in the Syrian Civil War?
  2. Why Did the English Civil War Begin?
  3. How Did the 1975 Lebanese Civil War Start?
  4. How Did the Civil War Affect African Americans?
  5. Why Did North America Win the Civil War?
  6. Which Was the Most Important Reason for the Outbreak of the English Civil War?
  7. What Is the Role of Women During the Civil War?
  8. What Degree Did Slavery Really Play in the Civil War?
  9. Why Did the Bolsheviks Win the Russian Civil War?
  10. Was the Irish Civil War a “Natural” Conclusion to Previous Years Events?
  11. Could the South Have Won the Civil War?
  12. Why Did the Communists Win the Chinese Civil War?
  13. Why Was the Civil War So Long and So Bloody?
  14. Who Caused the English Civil War?
  15. Which Ethnicity Factors Can Explain the Escalation of an Ethnic Conflict to a Civil War?
  16. Why Did the Communists Win the Civil War?
  17. How Close Did Britain Come to Civil War in 1912-1914?
  18. How Did the Constitution Set the Precedent for the Civil War?
  19. What Are the Reasons for the Success of the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War 1918-1920?
  20. Was Slavery the Only Cause of the Civil War?
  21. Why Did the Reds Win the Russian Civil War?
  22. Why Did Great Britain and France Pursue a Policy of Non-intervention During the Spanish Civil War?
  23. Who Controlled the Mississippi River During the Civil War?
  24. Why the American Civil War Lasted for Longer Than 90 Days?
  25. Can the United States Justify the Civil War?
  26. Syrian Civil War: Could It Have Been Avoided and How Vast Did the Conflict Become?
  27. Was the English Civil War a War of Religion?
  28. Why Did the Union North Win the Civil War?
  29. The Problems That America Faced During the Reconstruction Period After the Civil War?
  30. Why Could the South Not Win the Civil War?

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