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73 French Revolution Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

French Revolution essays are popular in colleges and universities, as the event was pivotal in human history and spurred the rise of democracies throughout the world.

As such, you should know what you are expected to write when given this topic. A discussion of the overall worldwide context in which the uprising took place is good to have in your paper.

Advances in both human thinking and technology created the revolution. The affair itself is also full of potential ideas you can expand and explain, as it lasted for a while and eventually led to the establishment of Napoleon’s tyranny.

The consequences of the revolution, locally and internationally, are also a significant matter for discussion. By covering these three ideas and following French Revolution essay plans, you should be able to create a powerful work.

Prior to the Revolution, Europe was a land where monarchy was a dominant mode of government. It was enabled by religious figures, with their propositions such as the divine mandate, and the general illiteracy of the population.

However, the Enlightenment changed the situation, as more and more people became educated and interested in the affairs of the state.

Furthermore, the industrial revolution reduced the power disparity between armies and the populace through the introduction of firearms and contributed to the gathering of people in cities.

The Revolutionary War in the United States showed that monarchy could be overthrown, and so the French were the first Europeans to attempt to achieve the same goal.

The history of the movement is complicated, with several factions taking the lead at different points and considerable amounts of infighting. Many of the Revolution’s functionaries, such as Robespierre, can be the topics of separate essays.

Due to the transparency of its events compared to many other revolts, the French Revolution can be viewed as the archetypal uprising, one of the many French Revolution essay titles you can use.

You can discuss the dynamics of power in its execution and show examples of how pragmatic leaders eventually replaced idealistic ones through the use of titles.

Napoleon Bonaparte serves as a good example, as he emerged as the ultimate victor of the revolution. France began as a monarchy and ended as an empire under dictatorial rule, showing the issues inherent in revolutions.

The revolt was the trigger that led to a variety of developments in Europe that culminated in the end of most monarchies and the institution of democratic governments. Napoleon’s conquests and their disruption of traditional systems were major contributors to the change.

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen significantly influenced our modern concepts of human rights. At the same time, France’s failure to achieve its desired form of government showed the weaknesses of armed uprisings as methods of protest, inspiring people such as Gandhi.

The influence of the event on human history can produce many French Revolution essay topics.

After discussing some or all of these topics, you will want to consider your presentation. Follow the standard essay format, with an introduction, a conclusion, and a strong thesis. Be sure that you can create a French Revolution essay summary for your work that is concise but informative.

Try to concentrate on a specific topic instead of discussing everything you can think of. Use side topics as arguments in support of your thesis to achieve a sense of concentration.

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🏆 Best French Revolution Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. A Tale of Two Cities: A Balanced Portrayal of the French Revolution
    The novel paints a vivid picture of the French Revolution, the fervor and radicalism of the revolutionaries and the terror and bloodshed spread by the revolutionaries.
  2. Absolutism in French Revolution
    It means that the contemporaries of Louis XIV did not use this term, but preferred to use the word-combination “absolute power of the crown”, which they understood as the “concentration of sovereign authority in the […]
  3. The French Revolution
    The American Revolution: In 1775-1783, America experienced a revolution and the government of France sent its troops and navy to help the rebelling colonists. This consequently led to the rise of hunger and high prices […]
  4. History of French Revolution
    The whole French terrorism was a means of dealing with the rivals of the bourgeoisie that is feudalism and absolutism. In the estates general, there was the clergy, nobility and the rest of the people.
  5. French Revolution: Liberal and Radical Portions
    Of course, a hope that the presence of revolution promoted certain changes and made the government to think about the improvement of citizens’ lives and wellbeing was inherent to the French.
  6. Major social groups in France prior to the French revolution
    The First Estate consisted of the clergy; the second one was nobility while the third estate was known as the commoners. The major goal of the commoners was to attain more power and independence from […]
  7. The French Revolution Movie
    The movie by the name Marie Antoinette tells the story of the Austrian-born queen and the events leading to the collapse of the monarchy in France.
  8. Origins and trajectory of the French Revolution
    The Second Estate consisted of the nobility, another privileged group which held the highest positions in the government, the Church and the army.
  9. How Did the French Revolution Impacted the Issue of Slavery and the History of Santo Domingo?
    The French Revolution led to the spread of revolutionary ideas. After the French Revolution, the law prohibited slavery and abolished in Santo Domingo.
  10. The effect of the French Revolution on Lazare Carnot
    The period of the French revolution was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and it can be perceived to have laid the groundwork and the birth of the new world socio-political order.
  11. The French Revolution and Napoleon’s Governance
    Like any substantial change in the political life of any country, the French Revolution consisted of several stages of the dramatic transformation of the state system, political and social life in France. During the decade […]
  12. The French revolution
    Romanticism was anchored in the work of the poets which was evident in the daily lives of the society. Besides, the role of women in romantic literature was significant, thus; they were greatest poets and […]
  13. French revolution and the Napoleon era
    The enlightenment era consisted of quite a number of ideas that changed the French society in addition to growing wave of civilization in the West.
  14. Industrial and French Revolutions
    In addition, people from the middle classes were the greatest beneficiaries while peasants and the poor were the losers in the revolutions.
  15. Edmund Burke: Reflection on Liberty and the French Revolution
    One of the things that Burke seems not to appreciate is the fact that freedom and liberty are not a one-time achievement.
  16. French Revolution and Napoleonic Era
    Subsequently, rebellion and a spirit of revolution began to ferment among the commoners, the nobility and the clergy as well as the wider French society.
  17. Neoclassicism in French Revolution
    As a matter of fact, the roles played by art in the social realms could not be ignored during the revolution years. The cruel nature of the French regime was depicted in the Marat’s figure […]
  18. Industrialization, Enlightenment, French Revolution
    Human history has been shaped greatly by three periods: The industrial revolution, the period of enlightenment, the French revolution, and finally the period of protest and revolution 1815-1850.
  19. The French Revolution Role in the History
    The French Revolution was a major event not only in the history of the French Empire but also in the history of the world.
  20. French Revolution and War Periods
    The themes of the songs before the French Revolution of 1848 and shortly before and during the time of the Paris Commune in 1871 were mostly political and revolutionary.
  21. Food Scarcity Factor in French Revolution
    Many writings and works devoted to the investigation of European history in the 18th century have captured the chronicles of a long-term hunger that was spread across France on the eve of the Revolution.
  22. French Revolution and Societal Transformation
    The French Revolution was a period of political and social instabilities in France, which lasted between 1789 and 1799, and was partially planned and carried out by Napoleon in the course of the French Empire […]
  23. Napoleon Bonaparte’s Role in the French Revolution
    Despite the outstanding development, Napoleon stayed in the position of the second lieutenant for six years; it was not until the beginning of the French Revolution that he was able to advance his career in […]
  24. Robespierre’s Influence During the French Revolution
    Besides, the title of the article does not directly capture the interest of the reader since it approaches the focus of the reader from a broad perspective; The Economic Terror of the French Revolution.
  25. French Revolution, Its Social Causes and Legacies
    The French revolution owes its occurrence, foremost, to the significant increase of the French population throughout the eighteenth century. The implication of this stratification was the lumping of a majority of the population into the […]
  26. The French Revolution and Its Factors
    The French revolution is seen as a period of both social and political upheavals in the History of Europe and France. It was the French revolution that was seen to overthrow this old regime to […]
  27. French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars: Idea of Nation
    While studying the French Revolution of 1789 and the Napoleonic Wars of 1803-1815, I was challenged by the question of their impact on the ideas of nations.
  28. How Revolutionary Was the French Revolution?
    The French Revolution was the most revolutionary era in the history of France as the country underwent radical reforms. One of the greatest landmark revolutions was the spread of the Napoleonic culture and some of […]
  29. Music and the French Revolution
    They also wanted to do away with the Christianity as well as the old method of days of the week and naming the years from the birth of Christ.
  30. French Revolution and the European Music
    For instance many of the ideas of democracy taken for granted in many parts of the world today like the freedom and impartiality of individuals, the importance of written establishments in supervision of a country, […]
  31. Western Civilization: The French Revolution 1789-99
    One of the most popular theories includes the idea that the fall of the monarchy was simply a result of the fall of the social class with which it was most closely associated, that of […]
  32. Women During the French Revolution: Olympe de Gouges
    As a move to fight for the women rights, I wrote the Declaration of the Rights of Women and the citizens in 1791.
  33. French Revolution in World History
    The French revolution, in this part of the world at least, was the inspiration for all subsequent uprisings and revolts throughout Europe in the nineteenth century and its ideals, in part, are visible in many […]
  34. Enlightenment Ideas During the French Revolution Period
    This happened due to the adoption of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen which was approved on the 26th of August 1789 and which promised legal equality and liberty to every […]

🎓 Simple & Easy French Revolution Essay Titles

  1. An Analysis of a Document Written by an Anonymous French Sugar Planter Who Escaped the French Revolution by Going to Saint Domingue
  2. An Analysis of French Revolution Differ in American Revolution
  3. An Analysis of Political Upheavals of the French Revolution
  4. A History of the French Revolution and the Origin of Totalitarianism
  5. An Analysis of the Significance of the Reign of Terror in the French Revolution
  6. An Analysis of the Significance of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars to Modernity
  7. An Analysis of the Causes and Impact of the French Revolution in the 16th Century
  8. Age of Enlightenment and French Revolution
  9. An Overview of the Preliminary Stage in Politics and the Causes of the French Revolution
  10. A Biography of Maximilien Robespierre, a Famous Leader of the French Revolution
  11. An Analysis of the Goals of the French Revolution Produced by the Enlightenment
  12. An Analysis of the Specific Themes in Charles Dickens’ Novel A Tale of Two Cities Regarding the French Revolution
  13. An Overview of A True Revolution in French Revolution and the Brutality
  14. An Analysis of the Primary Causes of Social and Political Upheaval in the French Revolution
  15. A Description of the French Revolution as a Significant Milestone in European History
  16. A Look at France and England During The French Revolution in A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
  17. An Analysis of the Beginning of Time on the Concept of Revolution and the Principles Behind the French Revolution in Europe
  18. An Analysis of the Investigation on Napoleon’s Betrayal in the French Revolution

📌 Most Interesting French Revolution Topics to Write about

  1. A Better Understanding of the Causes of the French Revolution in the 1700’s
  2. A Description of Both Conservatism and Liberalism Which Were Both Born in the French Revolution
  3. A Look at the French Revolution and the Killings During the Devolution
  4. An Analysis of the Ideological Connection between the Enlightenment and the French Revolution
  5. An Analysis of the Great Changes in the Society and Government of France Brought By The French Revolution
  6. Anne Robert Jacques Turgot and His Relevance to the French Revolution
  7. An Examination of the Estates General: The First Step to the French Revolution
  8. Advantages And Disadvantages Of The French Revolution
  9. An Overview of the French Revolution as a Major Theme of Change in the 18th Century
  10. An Examination of the Influence of French Revolution on the Society of Europe
  11. An Analysis of the Causes of the French Revolution: the Financial Debt of the Government and the Long-Standing Political Differences in the Government
  12. An Analysis of Queen Marie Antoinette’s Involvement in the French Revolution
  13. A History of the Fall of Bastille and the French Revolution
  14. Assess the View That the Enlightenment Had Been the Main Cause of the French Revolution
  15. An Analysis and an Introduction to Revolutionary Leaders and the Effects of the French Revolution
  16. A Comparison between the American Revolution and the French Revolution
  17. An Evaluation of the French Revolution, Social Injustice, Love and Compassion in Les Miserables, a Play by Victor Hugo
  18. A Discussion of the Creation of Conservatism and Liberalism During the French Revolution
  19. A Look at the Major Revolutions and the Differences in the French Revolution
  20. An Analysis of the Essential Cause for the French Revolution in the End of 18th Century
  21. An Analysis of the Three Main Views Interpreted in the French Revolution

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