Ethnographic Essay, Research Paper Examples

Ethnographic Research Methods

Introduction The world is full of many complex things which are strenuous and hard to crack. It is difficult to explain how they function, how interrelated with one another they are and how they harmoniously coexist in the ecosystem without the slightest friction emanating from the interaction. This necessitated the invention of tools and techniques […]

Ethnographic Reaction Paper

The Cheyenne people The Cheyenne people refer to the American Indians whose ancestral land lies on the western side of the Mississippi river. Economically they are pastoralists, hunters and gatherers. Socially, they live in villages while the community has clans, which separate the families. Politically, they have tribal councils, which ensure peace within the community. […]

The Significance of Ethnographic Observation

Ethnography proved to be a very important source for various data for archeological researches. Ethnographic observations may shed light on numerous β€œgaps” in the study of Prehistoric times. Data obtained during ethnographic surveys may also raise numerous questions and refute some commonly accepted theories which turn to be quite doubtful. Many remarkable ethnographic works contribute […]

Ethnographic research

Ethnographic research is aimed at understanding the main cultural peculiarities of the specific society with the purpose to understand their relations inside the society and with other cultures and societies. Considering Margaret Mead’s ethnography, Coming of Age in Samoa, it is possible to say that dwelling upon that society she paid much attention to religion, […]

Ethnographic reflection

Maps and Dreams by Hugh Brody is an ethnographical account of the research which was conducted at a Beaver Indian reserve in British Columbia. Combining the chapters with the first-person narration and the parts with verified scientific data, the author implements an original approach for providing an account of his observation and the results of […]