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80 Ethical Dilemma Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

Emotional intelligence essays are an essential part of education for many professions that involve working with people, such as managers and teachers.

The concept is somewhat new, having been first introduced half a century ago and popularized at the end of the last century.

As such, you have to approach the topic carefully and rely on the latest available evidence to avoid citing outdated ideas.

Furthermore, as with any psychology-related topic, you should exhibit general caution and avoid the numerous pitfalls associated with the study of the human mind.

This article will help you understand what you should or should not do to write an excellent paper.

Remember that the purpose of psychology is to help people improve themselves, not to stratify society based on vague ideas.

Emotional intelligence is not inherent and can be learned by most people, a concept your writing should reflect. Be sure to discuss the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset, promoting the idea that anyone can adopt the latter and improve himself or herself.

Discuss parts of the concept of emotional intelligence, such as patience, in depth to make the idea easier to understand.

There is a variety of topics and emotional intelligence essay ideas you can utilize to create an engaging work and make your essay excellent and unique among the offerings of your peers.

As emotional intelligence is a skill set anyone may learn, you should avoid language that implies that it is an inherent trait, a quality that is often associated with its non-emotional counterpart.

Whenever you discuss the difference between people with developed communication skills and those whose abilities are somewhat lower, remember to do so in a positive context. Someone is not inferior because his or her emotional intelligence is lower than another person’s.

However, he or she can benefit from undergoing appropriate training, especially if these skills are important in his or her work. As such, respect people’s individual approaches and offer suggestions instead of treating the theory as universal facts.

Here are some further tips for your work:

  • Psychology relies on scenarios where a person’s behavior can be as free of outside factors as possible. Toddler observation and scholarly experiments with carefully selected conditions are excellent examples of such situations, and you should use them to ground your descriptions in reality.
  • Be sure to adhere to academic guidelines, avoiding the use of first person, calls to action, and other additions that do not match the format. This approach is useful in general, as it applies to most essays and will be beneficial for future reports and similar submissions.
  • Write an emotional intelligence essay introduction and conclusion at the end of your paper. They make your work easier to read by giving it structure and direction. The introduction should contain a description of the topic and a thesis statement, and the conclusion should sum up the main points.
  • Try to set a central theme and address it in your essay instead of providing a general overview of the topic. There are many emotional intelligence essay questions that can be answered in considerable detail. As such, you should concentrate on one of them without getting distracted and sidetracked.

Come to IvyPanda for emotional intelligence essay summary and sample sets as well as various titles that will help you begin your writing process!

🏆 Best Ethical Dilemma Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. The Ethical Dilemma – How to Make the Right Decision
    It is noteworthy that I acted in the right manner, as I could not tell a lie just to protect my friend.
  2. Ethical Dilemma in Accepting or Rejecting of Offers
    What will be the legal implications on the part of Henry in accepting a camera and a color printer for his son and to Clare in providing that assistance in view of their positions? According […]
  3. Ethical Dilemma in Healthcare Administration
    Ethical concerns root for the distinction and separation of clinical ethics and business ethics in order to avoid complications of the responsibilities in the health care system.
  4. Globalization and Its Impact on the Health Care System: Ethical Dilemmas of Medical Treatment
    Globalization is one of the processes that have a considerable impact on the development of the health care system and the way of how people are able to get treatment; the spread of an ethical […]
  5. Decision Making Challenges Facing Ethical Dilemma
    In the same way the performance of line managers is judged by the quality of the decisions they make. From the management of Herbs garden products, the following steps could be taken: State the problem […]
  6. Ethical Dilemma: the Husband’s Right to Confidential Treatment
    The ethical principle requiring the respect of the autonomy of the individual can mean that the autonomy of the husband is distinct from that of the wife from.
  7. Ethical Dilemma: Heroin Prescription
    One major ethical issue is whether a heroin addict is capable of assenting to prescription of heroin. Nothing is said about whether the subjects targeted for heroin prescription are capable of competent voluntary consent to […]
  8. Ethical Dilemma
    They should keep a boundary in the way they relate to the clients to ensure that their relationship with the client does no harm or pose potential harm to the clients.
  9. Ethical Dilemma: “A weak Dollar Versus A strong Yuan”
    In terms of balance of trade, the undervalued Yuan will make US products exported to China to be expensive thereby decreasing the volumes of products being sold to China. The supply of the currency should […]
  10. The ethical dilemma: Siemens
    In relation to the above dilemmas, the bounded bribery applies to the psychological tendency of the conspirators to fulfill selfish interests of self enrichment at the expense of the shareholders’ goals and objectives.
  11. Ethical Dilemma- The Fate of Opel
    Foreign direct investment has a number of benefits to the economy of the host countries. In case the host countries do not have adequate labor necessary in the accomplishment of organizational goals, the multinational companies […]
  12. Ethical dilemmas facing teachers
    The proponents of this system claim that it is authentic and offers a first hand experience to the learners. The needs in this system include having a strong foundation in the areas that the knowledge […]
  13. Ethical Dilemmas in Animal Testing
    This means that both humans and animals have rights that need to be respected, and that is what brings about the many dilemmas that are experienced in this field.
  14. Ethical Dilemma at the CornCo Company
    The decision to sell such products to foreign markets is a sign of neglecting the written rules of engagement and expected behavior in business.
  15. Solving the Ethical Dilemmas
    With the shift to employees-centered policies within the majority of organizations, the issues of ethical behavior and both individual and organizational responsibility require special consideration. This is the topic of the conversation and peculiarities of […]
  16. Ethical dilemma of psychologist
    The ethical dilemma for the therapist in this case is whether to obey the law and ethical requirements which in turn may ruin the counseling or therapeutic process with the client, or continue with therapeutic […]
  17. Ethical Issue/Dilemma
    The particular ethical principles that are inherent in this case include the following: Justice: the doctor, in this case, feels a strong sense of duty to serve the patient, though the patient cannot clearly satisfy […]
  18. Richard Angelo: A Serial Killer and His Ethical Dilemma
    The convicted claimed he made the injections to cause crises to be able to revive patients and become a hero in front of his colleagues.
  19. Role of Codes of Conduct in Child Labour Practice
    As it will be observed in the following case, the issue of child labour is among the many challenges that have continued to affect the management of modern global supply chains.
  20. Ethics in Professional Psychology: Abortion Issue
    The woman is carrying a pregnancy she did wish to have and it was forced into her, the psychologist is faced with the dilemma when advising the mother on whether the conceived fetus has rights […]
  21. End of life: the medical ethical dilemma
    To begin with, medical ethics must focus on the rights of the patient in light of the medical condition the patient is suffering from.
  22. Ethical and Moral Dilemma: McDonald’s
    Due to the power of self-interests, McDonald’s should focus on its objectives, which is to increase the wealth of its owners rather than distributing its revenues to people.
  23. Discussing an Ethical Dilemma
    In this respect, the main task of the principal is to construct a framework that would make the organization remain faithful to ethical standards and approaches accepted among the members of the community.
  24. Cultural Clash in the Board Room. An ethical dilemma among top management in Almond China.
    The first option he has is to resign from the company because he says that one of the reasons that motivated him to join the company is the values and standards the company up holds.
  25. Ethical and Integrity dilemma within employees in the Global Economy
    In the case of China, which is one of the most sought after destinations in the world for outsourcing manufacturing services, the business culture within the country considers CSR to be a foreign and “alien” […]
  26. Ethical Dilemmas
    In the case of predictive genetic testing for HD, clinicians and other health care team members must consider the benefit to the patient.
  27. Ethical Dilemma
    Secondly, I was supposed to show other employees that no one is above the policies of this company and if anyone commits a mistake the individual must be punished.
  28. Public Scrutiny and Accountability: An Ethical Dilemma
    The idea of loyalty according to the governor meant that all the employees would have to portray his administration in the best light.
  29. Ethical Dilemma: Participation in Volunteer Activities
    Even though Carolyn Clark was forced by her boss to volunteer her services to the charity program, she ought to realize that there is a need to help the needy in society.
  30. Reporting Inflated Numbers: Ethical Dilemma
    From an ethical perspective, Barbara and the management team of the company conspired to inflate the asset values, overstate the reported income, and eliminate the liabilities from the financial reporting.
  31. International Satellite Images Ethical Dilemma
    Comprehensively, when the code of ethics is entrenched as part of ISI’s business culture, the company would have a seamless process for managing ethical dilemmas.
  32. Topics in Ethical Dilemma: When the Choice Becomes too Complicated
    To solve the given issue, the principle of consequentialist theories can be used, i.e, the rightness of the employees’ actions can be evaluated only by its results.
  33. An Ethical Dilemma in the “Government, Regulation and Business Ethics”
    Costas will be sure of getting good business in the future considering the fact that Dionisis is the Mayor and he is usually in charge of most contracts.
  34. Normandy Crossing School Ethical Dilemma
    There was a massive pressure from the stakeholders in the education sector on the teachers to ensure that learners excelled in their examinations.
  35. BP Oil Company Ethical Dilemma
    The damages caused by the spill originated from the effects of the oil on the environment and the damaging effects of the cleanup activities.
  36. “Erin Brockovich” Movie Ethical Dilemma
    The response of the company when it became apparent that the chromium was causing cancer was to hide the evidence regarding their operations and its connection to the increased rates of cancer.
  37. Journalism Ethical Dilemma: Moral Discourse
    This situation resulted in an ethical dilemma for the journalist who has to decide whether to publish the article about the accident and potentially dangerous products or to take the money and remain silent.
  38. SuperCom Company Ethical Dilemma
    This section of the paper shows that the lack of informed consent, failure to report the ethical issue to authorities, and integrity issues are the possible ethical pitfalls in the case study.
  39. Ethical Dilemma in the Workplace
    Her partner is adamant, which means she should overlook the guidelines and influence the audit to reflect an outcome that will be good for both her career and the company.
  40. Medical Error Disclosure: Ethical Dilemma
    The topic in question was chosen due to the obvious conflict between the interests of the patient and the population, in general, which medical ethics supposedly protects, and the interests of the provider, who is […]

📌 Simple & Easy Ethical Dilemma Essay Titles

  1. KLM Company Responsibilities Ethical Dilemma
    To ensure that the expansion plan remained alive, the director suggested that a small team of employees should be a commission to start surveying the new market to identify the location where the firm would […]
  2. Ethical Dilemma: Political Involvement in Abortion
    The development of medicine brought the issue to the fore in the late 19th century. Therefore, it is but natural that it is the right of a woman to make the choice.
  3. Employee’s Role in Ethical Dilemma
    Jan is aware of the possible layoffs at JLT that could affect Steve, and she knows the expenses that Steve, unaware of the resolution by the leadership, is about to make in building a house […]
  4. Early Childhood Education Center’s Ethical Dilemma
    Therefore, it is necessary to involve different people in the discussion of this case because there are several ethical responsibilities applied to a new child, the children of the class, the staff, parents, and the […]
  5. HBOS Plc Company’s Ethical Dilemma
    The ethical dilemma in the case is that the top management of the company used complex nature of the financial statements and the weaknesses in the accounting standards to manipulate the financial records with an […]
  6. A Compliance Officer Ethical Dilemma
    According to the compliance officer that was interviewed for this project, the SMAA program anticipated the high cost or unnecessary expenditures that are going to affect the reimbursement process if the physicians and other health […]
  7. Teacher’s Ethical Dilemma and Legal Responsibilities
    However, she is legally obligated not to leak exams to her students in any way because that would defeat the very purpose of the exams.
  8. The Right to Die: Legal and Ethical Dilemma
    Consequently, the primary goal of the paper is to discover the freedoms of a patient, specifically, the right to die with the help of a controversial and confusing case of Mrs.
  9. Patient’s Secret Revelation: Ethical Dilemma
    She had to choose whether to hide the information, which she had received from a cancer patient and which was relevant to the treatment, from other nurses and doctors or to reveal it despite the […]
  10. Ethical Dilemma: Swimming Pool Building
    This is evident when the contractor conducts the private work of the mayor without any delay, as well as the birthday gift that the contractor advances to the mayor as a friend.
  11. Arranged Marriage and Its Ethical Dilemma
    His family would be happy to see him married to the person they chose, and his father would save his reputation.
  12. Ethical Dilemma in Business Communication Today
    This paper explores this dilemma in terms of the extent to which a firm may abide by the ethical provisions against the backdrop of the heightening competition.
  13. ProTech Company’s Ethical Dilemma
    According to the analysis of the data performed by Staci, the company seems to be having a high potential for growth over the next half-decade.
  14. Ethical Dilemma and Environmental Surveillance
    Companies, for example, Planet Labs and Digital Globe have dispatched many miniaturized satellites in the most recent year with the objective of recording the status of the whole earth in real-time.
  15. Post Foods Company: Ethical Dilemma Case
    In this case, some experts believe that it is a vivid instance of the unethical business practices, as Post Foods’s consumers do not expect to find any pesticides in the products that are overtly advertised […]
  16. California Micro Devices Company: Ethical Dilemma
    In 1989, Price Waterhouse, the firm’s chief auditor, observed that the company was engaging in questionable accounting practices and business dealings.
  17. Hyundai Dispatch Workers and Ethical Dilemma
    According to the workers, the leadership of Hyundai was responsible for the safety of the employees at the workplace. The representatives of the temporary employees occupied the company requiring changes in the employment terms.
  18. Samsung’s Ethical Dilemma of Child Labor
    The paper will critically analyze the ethical dimensions of the dilemma from the perspective of the utilitarian ethical theory. It will be argued that according to the fundamental principles of the theory, the company’s behavior […]
  19. Suicidal Ideation as Ethical Dilemma in Nursing
    According to the ethical guidelines that govern the profession of a nurse and other health care providers, their primary role is to protect life by enhancing the status of wellness of the patient.
  20. Physician-Assisted Dying: Legal and Ethical Dilemma
    The case study relates to the right of a patient to die in various ways. To begin with, terminally ill people have the right to choose whether to live, or be allowed to pass on.
  21. Public Administration Ethical Dilemma and Theories
    Smith should take the responsibility of ensuring that the needs of the majority are upheld since the welfare of the community, and the organization is of importance.
  22. Environmental Protection Agency’s Ethical Dilemma
    It is trying to find ways of meeting the demands of the new administration but in a way that will not compromise the need to protect the environment.
  23. Women’s Ethical Dilemma in the United States Army
    I had wanted to demonstrate to girls in schools across the country that it is possible for a woman to succeed in the American military. One of the greatest principles I have embraced in my […]
  24. Ethical Dilemma Involving a Social Worker
    As a social worker, I have to decide whether to support the community group, which is unanimously opposed to the decision of the housing authorities to rent to the local mental health department to establish […]
  25. Police Corruption and Citizen’s Ethical Dilemma
    There are three key stakeholders in the given situation, which are the policemen, who set the terms; the father, who is to take the pivoting decision; and the family, who depends on the decision which […]
  26. Flight 93 Incident and Ethical Dilemma
    This paper evaluates the ethical standing of this question from a utilitarian point of view to establish the rightness or wrongness of the decision to shoot down the plane before it crashed.
  27. Ethical Dilemma on the Company Valuation Mistake
    I could inform my team and the company boards of the said mistake; I could inform the team but keep the company in the dark, or I could ignore the mistake altogether.
  28. The Ethical Dilemma: Case of Chantu
    The ethical dilemma in the case of Chant is that her father wants her to leave school to manage the house and look after her three siblings.
  29. Wasta (Nepotism) Ethical Dilemma at the Workplace
    Moreover, with the present social costs in our society that have arisen through the use of wasta, it is impossible to justify the use of wasta in hiring and performing business transactions.
  30. Post-Dated Cheque Ethical Dilemma in Accounting
    First, the recipients of the delayed check will lose interest corresponding to the duration of the delay. In this scenario, Tabitha will be held responsible for the unethical actions and the incurrence of losses by […]
  31. Joe Smith and Bill Bateman: Ethical Dilemma Analysis
    Indeed, their cooperation is attributed with the features of gray zone business conduct where the boundaries between the personal and the business issues are blurred.
  32. Performance-Enhancing Drugs Use as Ethical Dilemma
    According to Christian beliefs, Paul should refuse to partake in the team’s abuse of PEDs because it offers him and his teammates an unfair advantage over other athletes.
  33. Ethical Dilemma in “The Reader” Film by S. Daldry
    She is surprised and confused by the hypocrisy of the judges and her co-defendants, who act as if they do not remember that period and as if they were not part of that society.
  34. The Acme Title Pawn Employee’s Ethical Dilemma
    While the situation is controversial, it can be stated that Joe should change the workplace and explain to his family the reasons for such a decision.
  35. Ethical Dilemma in Mental Health Patient Care
    My ethical response to the situation was that Catherine should only be attended to by the female staff especially when she was naked and that only the female staff needed to have access to the […]
  36. Ethical Dilemma in the Psychologists Career
    Therefore, the dilemma that I faced as a school psychologist dealing with the psychological issues of Ayesha has been the ethical choice needed to be taken between what is good and what is wrong that […]
  37. Ethical Dilemma: Solving a Situation, Decision Theory
    Under business ethics, this is a form of art which is said to examine the ethical principles or even the moral problems which might tend to occur as a result of running the business and […]
  38. Ethical Dilemma in Teacher Career
    One was the departmental association vice president and the professor in the university; he was also the advisor of a student that had a hard relationship with one’s colleague the professor of physics.
  39. Ethical Dilemma of Law Enforcement Code of Ethics
    Police officers are the example for citizens of the country which they serve, and they should correspond to the position which is occupied.
  40. The Tobacco Marketing Ethical Dilemma
    The epidemiological evidence of the deadly tobacco effect in 1964 set the precedence for the mistrust between the tobacco production stakeholders and the public interest groups, that has led to long battle between the two […]

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