Ethical Dilemma Essay, Research Paper Examples

Emotional intelligence essays are an essential part of education for many professions that involve working with people, such as managers and teachers.

The concept is somewhat new, having been first introduced half a century ago and popularized at the end of the last century.

As such, you have to approach the topic carefully and rely on the latest available evidence to avoid citing outdated ideas.

Furthermore, as with any psychology-related topic, you should exhibit general caution and avoid the numerous pitfalls associated with the study of the human mind.

This article will help you understand what you should or should not do to write an excellent paper.

Remember that the purpose of psychology is to help people improve themselves, not to stratify society based on vague ideas.

Emotional intelligence is not inherent and can be learned by most people, a concept your writing should reflect. Be sure to discuss the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset, promoting the idea that anyone can adopt the latter and improve himself or herself.

Discuss parts of the concept of emotional intelligence, such as patience, in depth to make the idea easier to understand.

There is a variety of topics and emotional intelligence essay ideas you can utilize to create an engaging work and make your essay excellent and unique among the offerings of your peers.

As emotional intelligence is a skill set anyone may learn, you should avoid language that implies that it is an inherent trait, a quality that is often associated with its non-emotional counterpart.

Whenever you discuss the difference between people with developed communication skills and those whose abilities are somewhat lower, remember to do so in a positive context. Someone is not inferior because his or her emotional intelligence is lower than another person’s.

However, he or she can benefit from undergoing appropriate training, especially if these skills are important in his or her work. As such, respect people’s individual approaches and offer suggestions instead of treating the theory as universal facts.

Here are some further tips for your work:

  • Psychology relies on scenarios where a person’s behavior can be as free of outside factors as possible. Toddler observation and scholarly experiments with carefully selected conditions are excellent examples of such situations, and you should use them to ground your descriptions in reality.
  • Be sure to adhere to academic guidelines, avoiding the use of first person, calls to action, and other additions that do not match the format. This approach is useful in general, as it applies to most essays and will be beneficial for future reports and similar submissions.
  • Write an emotional intelligence essay introduction and conclusion at the end of your paper. They make your work easier to read by giving it structure and direction. The introduction should contain a description of the topic and a thesis statement, and the conclusion should sum up the main points.
  • Try to set a central theme and address it in your essay instead of providing a general overview of the topic. There are many emotional intelligence essay questions that can be answered in considerable detail. As such, you should concentrate on one of them without getting distracted and sidetracked.

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Ethical Dilemma

Introduction An ethical dilemma is a situation where people are forced to make a choice between two options available to them. It is necessary to explain that regardless of the option an individual takes both options have negative consequences. However, the individual chooses an option that have few negative impacts on the event or people […]

Ethical Dilemmas

What defines Michael J. Sandel as a professor at Harvard? What makes his lecture on justice so stimulating and inspiring? The basic daily life of every instructor in a learning institution involves making appropriate decision in line with the Florida code of conduct for professionals. Every professional will in his everyday life strive to make […]

Cultural Clash in the Board Room. An ethical dilemma among top management in Almond China.

Background The case presents an ethical dilemma among top management in Almond China. One side (Chongqing Executive) is of the opinion that the company should avoid wasteful procedures and standards which among other things require that management should not bribe customers by giving them commissions or oversea trips in order to do business. Almond Chemical, […]

Discussing an Ethical Dilemma

Educational leaders, like any other leaders, encounter challenges because of cultural and socio-political contexts. Thus, an educational leader, a principal Mr. Brown in a school faced a serious dilemma while communicating with student Jack. Mr. Brown realized that to deserve Jack’s confidence, he should assure the student that his assistance is confidential and that he […]

Ethical and Moral Dilemma: McDonald’s

In the contemporary business environment, many companies are embarking on the corporate social responsibilities to not only enhance a positive public image but also show an act of social responsibility and moral obligation to the society. In particular, McDonald’s fast food company embarks on an aggressive social responsibility strategy. The company has suffered criticism over […]

End of life: the medical ethical dilemma

The medical profession is increasingly facing a number of dilemmas today. Such dilemmas as what medication to give to a patient, what type of treatment to administer, or even wrong diagnosis are prevalent today. However, topping the list of the medical moral dilemmas is euthanasia. Euthanasia is also referred to as mercy killing. It is […]

Ethical Issue/Dilemma

Abstract This paper seeks to explore the concept of ethical dilemma as faced by a medical practitioner, in this case, a doctor who is taking care of a patient who has just had a stroke and is physically incapacitated at the patient’s home. There are several factors that cause the ethical dilemma. These factors make […]

Ethical dilemma of psychologist

Abstract The issue of ethics is paramount in counseling practice whereby practitioners are required to carry out their different therapeutic roles within specified Codes of Ethics. Ethics within practice has become important especially in guiding the practitioners on the appropriate ways of making sound decisions in their daily therapeutic roles. In principle the Code of […]

Solving the Ethical Dilemmas

With the shift to employees-centered policies within the majority of organizations, the issues of ethical behavior and both individual and organizational responsibility require special consideration. At present, a number of firms have vacancies for communication specialists who could train employees to behave ethically in both formal and informal settings. Ethical training has impact on employees’ […]

Ethical Dilemma at the CornCo Company

Providing questionable products to foreign countries Business ethics are obligations that the management of a business should follow in doing business activities. Reflectively, when a business fails to follow these obligations, ethical dilemmas are likely to occur and negatively affect such the business (Bustin 24). Based on the code of ethics, the management of a […]

Ethical Dilemmas in Animal Testing

Introduction Using animals for testing, research, and developing new products has brought about tremendous scientific and medical advancements. Animal research continues to help man in his understanding of the nature of diseases thereby aiding in the developing of new vaccines and cures. People living in the world today enjoy better quality life thanks to the […]

Ethical dilemmas facing teachers

Introduction The role of teachers in the current society is more than imparting knowledge among students. Teachers are involved in developing skills, knowledge, and attitudes among the children. Present day parents are involved in activities that raise income to a level that children are left to spend most of their time with teachers in schools […]

Ethical Dilemma- The Fate of Opel

Costs and Benefits of FDI on the Host County Many developing countries embarked on a serious campaign to promote foreign direct investment in their countries following the economic surge of 1990s. Economic policy makers established that their economies could not perform any better without foreign investors in their countries. However, some were of the contrary […]

The ethical dilemma: Siemens

The costs and benefits of bribery The ethical dilemmas identified in the Siemens’s case study are conspiracy, fraud and false statement that have negatively affect such parties in the form of bribery. Based on the code of ethics, the parties should exercise integrity when reporting accurate information to all stakeholders. Moreover, good moral ethics define […]

Ethical Dilemma: “A weak Dollar Versus A strong Yuan”

The importance of Yuan relative to the dollar The relationship between the two currencies is critical in evaluating the balance of trade in both countries (Williams and Donnelly 96). In fact, weak Yuan in relation to the dollar has advantages and disadvantages. The argument being advanced by economic pundits is that China has increased benefits […]

Ethical Dilemma

Introduction Professional counselors should establish good relationships with their clients to provide the therapeutic healing that these clients require. They should keep a boundary in the way they relate to the clients to ensure that their relationship with the client does no harm or pose potential harm to the clients. While relating to the clients, […]

Ethical Dilemma: Heroin Prescription

The client in question could be suffering from heroin addiction. In this case, there may be need to provide her with medically prescribed heroin to treat her addiction. The ethical dilemma in this case is whether she is sufficiently competent to make a decision regarding this type of treatment. This kind of treatment raises complex […]

Decision Making Challenges Facing Ethical Dilemma

Introduction Decision making is a major managerial function in the sense that the attainment of organizational goals and objectives directly depends on the quality of decisions made by managers. In the same way the performance of line managers is judged by the quality of the decisions they make. Good management will be largely associated with […]

Globalization and Its Impact on the Health Care System: Ethical Dilemmas of Medical Treatment

Introduction The process of globalization is considered to be one of the most important and influential issues in all spheres of life. Different cultures, societies, and even economies undergo considerable changes within a short period of time. Nowadays people get used to rely on their financial status to have appropriate and in time treatment and […]

Ethical Dilemma in Accepting or Rejecting of Offers

Memo TO: Henry Carpenter, ABC, Inc. Manager FROM: Clare Cook, XYZ, Inc. company representative DATE: October 1, 2010 SUBJECT: Offering Material Assistance. Having informed me in confidence about your son’s requirements to work on a project at school and your financial position, I have resolved to offer desirable assistance. I propose to send over to […]