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Ethical Dilemma: Swimming Pool Building Essay


This paper offers a normative decision and defense about whether a swimming pool should be built or not by the contractor. The actions of the contractor and the mayor disregard existing business ethics. The code of conduct stipulates the professional ethics that guide the completion of a certain activity. The practitioners should adhere to the stated ethical practices to satisfy the needs of the parties concerned.

The violation of professional ethics normally results in an ethical dilemma and, in this case, Costa a contractor with the municipal authority wants to build a private swimming pool for the mayor. The Mayor is his old friend, but the cost of the pool should be included in the financial accounting of a municipal project. Based on this idea, the contractor is on a dilemma on how to undertake the private project without minimal complaints from his family and employees. In essence, the contractor should not build the swimming pool for Dlonosis.


The contractor and mayor are jointly responsible for the violation of business ethics. This is evident because both of them are engaging in fussy deals that violate the set ethical behavior. The contractor is incorporating private work with the construction of the municipality, and the favor is centered at acquiring tender for new projects in the municipality. As such, the private work of constructing a swimming pool for mayor will cost government revenue, amounting to misuse of government resources to satisfy personal interests. Cumulatively, the contractor and mayor should take responsibility of guarding public resources, as well as upholding business ethics.

It is a crime for the contractor to make a false claim of construction accounting knowingly to gather for the construction of the pool. The consequences of the violation are severe and the contractors can lose the eligibility to be given government contracts, face criminal suits, with possible suspension, consequential fines, and prison sentences.

The contractor is also prohibited from prior access to any information that is essential in the process of tender selection. In this case, the contractor is accessing the information because the mayor is an old mate. The association between the contractor and the mayor is being considered in municipalities’ activities. This is evident when the contractor conducts the private work of the mayor without any delay, as well as the birthday gift that the contractor advances to the mayor as a friend. The contractor and mayor should not be involved in joint businesses for them to safeguard public interests.

Alternative actions

The contractor needs to respond quickly to this issue through several actions. This is because the violation may negatively affect the organization, the contractor as well as the reputation of the profession. The contractor should carry out a fact-finding mission that will take primacy with the objective of establishing the truthfulness of the construction. The facts originate from contacting the employees and checking whether they agree to the transfer of the municipality funds towards the construction of the private swimming pool. The employees will give an account of what they think is ethically right. Also, the contractor makes consideration of whether the move was ethical.

The contractor will look into the issue to establish whether the construction will consider the ethical issues caught up in the business ethics and guidelines. The legality of the violation should also be put into consideration. The contractor, after considering the legality of this construction should pen down the possible courses of action. The importance of it all is the necessities of the constructions and the modalities due in the sector. This should include both external and internal influences such as the municipality at large, public, and management.

Moreover, the contractor should identify the affected parties. This action will help in putting down effective ways of dealing with the concern. These will also aid in designing a response strategy for the ethical issue at hand. It will have it possible for the contractor to deal with parties that he is well familiar with, and by extension give them tailored solutions that suit their concern. The other aspect that needs an in-depth analysis is the basic principle that the contractor is violating. In this case, there is a violation of business ethics and guidelines, especially tendering procedures and practices. The contractor can determine the extent to which the violation of the principle affects the tendering process in the municipality. Furthermore, the contractor can seek legal and professional advice concerning the ethical issue violated.

This will enable him to grasp and understand the weight of the violation. It will also provide a platform for any possible, but an efficient decision that is necessary to avert the effects of the violation, as well as provide sufficient explanation to the concerned parties. Finally, the contractor should refuse to remain associated with the violation this does not limit him from taking responsibility, but it will save him of any wrongdoing.

This implies that as a contractor before making any decision must follow the guidelines available. First, it is essential to identify the problem that is the cause of the alarm. In this case, various techniques that aid in problem identification such as listening carefully to the mayor’s story can give a green light on the exact problem leading to the violation. This will create an in-depth understanding of the nature of the violation. The second step is to identify the possible issues that the contractor violated that is guided by the affected parties’ complaints. This will indicate the detailed principles that the contractor is violating.

In this case, study, the contractor is violating the tendering procedures and practices in the municipality by rendering favor to the tendering officer. A review of relevant ethical guidelines follows closely as the contractor seeks to establish the extent and legality of the ethical issue eliciting concern. The review of the guideline will help the contractor have his facts right before making any decision. The contractor needs to be in a position to encourage the basics in the developments and within the law. In addition to the review of guidelines, it is also essential for the contractor to seek legal and professional advice. Out of consultation, the right and necessary steps can be taken. It will also shed light on the key responsibilities of the contractor as far as the issue is concerned.

Likewise, the contractor should consider several probable courses of action. This will give a wide range of possibilities to make a choice, as well as a decision. The alternative causes of action help to limit biases and individual judgment, rather it incorporates objectivism on the part of the contractor. Also, the likely consequences of each available course of action should be specified to give a clear picture of its suitability in dealing with the situation. The nature of the decisions could be costly as well as ruin the reputation of the contractor. Such consequences will aid the contractor in picking the best decision. Finally, the contractor is at liberty to choose, from the existing alternatives, the best course of action. This choice relies on the nature and number of consequences it exposes to the organization.

Justification of the action

Ethical guidelines are professional tools that any professional must follow to uplift clients’ confidence and trust. The guidelines stipulate principles that all people in a rigorous profession have to follow. It ensures that there is a smooth running of the affairs and responsibilities associated with a challenging task. However, a breach of such guidelines leads to some consequences that can affect both the organization and the executor.

This implies that timely and rightful decisions must be made to limit those consequences. Also, before making any justifiable decision it is necessary to follow certain steps. This will ensure the implementation of the best courses of action. Furthermore, the observance of the stipulated code of ethics will safeguard the public against any misuse of resources and favored the allocation of tenders. As a result, quality and efficient services will be rendered to the public since contractors will be responsible and accountable for their work. The best ethical practices should be adopted in any business to safeguard the interest of the parties involved, and government resources.


Corey, MS & Callanan, P 2010, Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions, Cengage Learning, London.

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