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Abu Dhabi Municipality Essay

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Updated: Apr 26th, 2019

Abu Dhabi Municipality

Abu Dhabi Municipality is a United Arab Emirates based company. The company is well-known for providing services to the public. It offers services such as construction permits, customer service, urban planning and legal affairs and real estate management among others (Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, 2012). The main goal of the company is to deliver high quality and sustainable service for all residents of the city.

Abu Dhabi’s Knowledge acquisition and collection technique

Harrington and Voehl (2007) say that information is found at any place in the organization. Thus, it is the role of the organization, through Knowledge Officers to determine the mode of collection and use of the information. Harrington and Voehl (2007) cite that an organization can acquire knowledge from various sources. Some of these sources are individual’s creative ideas, observation and the internet among others.

The Abu Dhabi Municipality relies on knowledge banks to acquire new knowledge. Mostly, it uses libraries and the internet as the source of acquiring new knowledge. Similarly, the company has established brainstorming sessions. This approach allows workers to meet and share ideas.

Strategies such as brainstorming sessions, libraries and the internet has enabled Abu Dhabi Municipality to collect and add more knowledge to its knowledge bank. Other than the methods mentioned above, the company uses action reviews and customer surveys to acquire new knowledge.

Knowledge storage and Integrity of Knowledge Repository

Leask et al (2008) cite that knowledge repositories provide the company with effective platform where knowledge acquired is stored. A repository simplifies storage and retrieval of information on business intelligence (Leask et al., 2008). Abu Dhabi Municipality manages its own informatin by owning a knowledge warehouse.

The knowledge warehouse serves as the storage medium for qualitative knowledge generated from various sources (Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, 2012). Similarly, the knowledge warehouse helps the company extract captured information from different business applications (Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, 2012). The knowledge warehouse also sorts the information stored to facilitate decision making.

Abu Dhabi Knowledge Dissemination Strategy

Ruggles (1997) points out that knowledge dissemination is the process where knowledge collected is directed towards creating an action in the organization. Information dissemination occurs using social channels such as; the internet, telephones, face-to-face communication among others (Ruggles, 1997).

The social channels forms part of Abu Dhabi Municipality knowledge dissemination strategy. The company views that in order to ensure effective and timely dissemination, knowledge has to reach designated points on time (Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, 2012). Besides, the company places important information on the company’s notice board (Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, 2012).

How Abu Dhabi Municipality uses knowledge collected to enhance service delivery

Ruggles (1997) illustrates that when a company collects new information, ideas and thoughts, it improves its operations in terms of service delivery. Owing to this fact, Abu Dhabi Municipality will achieve a competitive advantage by embracing knowledge management in its supply chain activities. The company will use the knowledge acquired to enhance the availability of relevant customer information. This knowledge will equip the company on the customer’s tastes and preferences (Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, 2012).

Also, the information collected will help the company customize or develop new and superior service which meets the customer’s needs. This will be in tandem with Harrington and Voehl (2007) who claim that organization reduces time interval required for service delivery when using new knowledge. This saves on costs and other overheads.

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