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150 Building Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Inspection of the Inn’s Building and Its Compound
    In addition, the inn needs to prepare plans to repair the windows and the roof of the building within the same period.
  2. Peter Eisenman; Building Germany, the Holocaust memorial
    The Jews were not the Nazi’s only victims during the holocaust, other casualties were the weak and disabled people in the society, who were killed on the pretext of the Euthanasia program.
  3. Leadership in Vision Building
    At this level, it is the responsibility of the management to assess the needs of the employees in relation to the proposed vision.
  4. Building a Better Workplace through Motivation: Kellogg’s Case SWOT Analysis
    In the Kellogg’s Case, the writer discusses motivation in places of work by relating theories of motivation to Kellogg’s motivation techniques.
  5. Several Lessons Important in Building an Impressive Portfolio
    I have worked at different levels of this organization and this presented a lot of challenges to me and the colleagues we worked together.
  6. Sustainability of building
    In this case the buildings which are put up need to meet certain standards which are in line with the expectations of environmental sustainability as well as ensure that the quality of the building is […]
  7. Building a Residential House – Risk Management Plan
    Critical risks are those risks that have the potential to bring the project to a halt or cause the project to be terminated due to associated costs.
  8. Empire State Building Structural Analysis with Comparisons
    It was constructed in 1931and stood as the tallest building in the world until 1971 when World Trade Center was constructed although; it reclaimed the tallest building in the world in 2001 after the destruction […]
  9. The U.S. Capitol Building
    The architecture of the building portrays Greco-Roman influence as the Capitol was meant to symbolize the idea of democracy, which is connected with Greece, and the idea of power, which is associated with the Roman […]
  10. Peace Building and the Arts
    The peace builders in Middle East should take the advantage of love for culture in the region and use cultural arts such as carving, theater to educate and hence nurture peace.
  11. The Estidama Project: Towards a Sustainable Building Design
    It is the purpose of this essay to offer a critical summary of the two articles, in the process bringing into fore issues that are relevant to the Estidama Project.
  12. Green building in the United Arab Emirates
    Consequently, the government in the United Arab Emirates resolved for the implementation of better and advanced construction strategies that would ensure energy was conserved therefore providing a solution to the increased rate of pollution that […]
  13. Lloyd’s Building
    At the time when the construction of the Lloyd’s Building started, the British government was in the process of bringing about some major changes in the government policies, mainly pertaining to the labor class.
  14. Cisco’s Building of Brand
    The management realized that the only way of making its brand strong in the consumer market is to ensure that the public knows it.
  15. Building Effective Teams
    In this context, team members must be aware of the objective of the team and specific periods for realising the set targets.
  16. Singapore’s Advancion in Economy, Tourism and Other Economy Building Sectors
    Singapore is a country in Asia and is known officially the Republic of Singapore. They are mostly found in the affluent areas of the city, in Singapore.
  17. Building More Effective Unions
    Formal and informal socialization procedures are extremely important in the accommodation of the individual to a new working place, his or her acquaintance with formal and informal aspects of the organization’s functioning, the rules, customs, […]
  18. Queen Victoria Building
    The symbols on the left side of the first panel symbolize architecture and the Sidney City Council whereas Ipoh Gardens Berhad, the company that renovated the building is represented on the third panel by letters […]
  19. Building workplace equality
    Moreover, the Indian sales personnel will have the idea of the mentality of Indians and will have the tactics to convince them.
  20. Concept of Sustainable Buildings in the Modern Day Building Industry
    The nature of energy for use in a building is dependent on a number of factors such as the landscape and orientation of the land on which the building has been constructed.
  21. Services Industries Are Important In Building Economic Growth
    Ettlie Rosenthal postulates that a customer is always engaged in provision of a service, and the reaction of the customer to the service affects the quality.
  22. Service Industries are Important in Building Economic Growth
    For example, service industries form the largest category in the Australian and Canadian economy in regards to employment, and businesses. In addition, the need for organizations to develop their service offerings is due to the […]
  23. The Role of Building Design in Building Construction
    These procedures require the collaboration of the team of designers and architects as well as the owner of the building at all the phases of the project.
  24. The perfect machine: building the Palomar telescope
    On the other hand, the impact of the war resulted in the stopping of the building of the telescope by drawing of the labor force as well as resources.
  25. Understanding the Role of Integrated Marketing Communications in Building and Maintaining Positive Brand Image
    In other words, IMC permits a scenario whereby the strengths of the product or service and the strengths of the organization are intertwined in the marketing mix to develop and maintain a positive brand image.
  26. High-Rise Building
    In this case, the height of the building starts from the lowest ground level a fire truck can access outside the building to the floor of the highest story human can occupy.
  27. Ascent: Building a Learning Company
    There was limited contact and interaction between the top management and the employees and also there were no meetings that were held between the management team and the employees of the company.
  28. Social Work, Capacity Building in Human Services
    This paper presents a firm argument in support of the Littlejohns and Thompson’s assertion that those interventions that take in account and are founded up on the available community capacities are likely to realize the […]
  29. Strategic Planning for Community Building
    The study by Barron et al utilized data obtained from different people with reference to the general use of public libraries, the use of libraries for business purposes, the use of public libraries for personal […]
  30. The Plan for a Two-story Office Building in Colorado that Houses 50 Employees
    The understanding of the various forms of disasters that the building is vulnerable to is critical to the developer of the facility.
  31. Building Implementation Modelling
    The leader should be dedicated and have the capacity to encourage all the other members to contribute to the process. The next step involves picking a technology to be used in the documentation process.
  32. Building Quality Organizations: Saudi Arabian Airlines
    In order to discuss effectively the organization structure of the Saudi Arabian Airlines, it is good to have an understanding of the strategies of the company and the strategic goals of the airlines company.
  33. Employee retention and building competitive advantage
    The importance of ensuring employee retention has improved in the wake of the high rate of liberalisation and globalisation being experienced in the business environment.
  34. Yacoubian Building by Alaa Al-Aswany
    First, the reader is introduced to Hatim as he is walking into Chez Nous, a famous club occupying one of the larger rooms in the lower floor of the Yacoubian building.
  35. Building a Restaurant
    The restaurant also aims at being recognised in the restaurant round up by downtown news in the top ten of nutritious in-house and delivery providers’ restaurants.
  36. Services Industries’ Role in Building Economic Growth
    Overview of the task There is a compelling need to highlight the importance of services economy which policy makers and entrepreneurs alike can benefit from, by making use of the economic and business potential in […]
  37. Building Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Project
    Total float This is the total delay time that a single activity in the non critical path can be delayed without affecting the duration of completion of the project.
  38. Building Small Hospital
    00 Activity Budget for Hospital Project The following is the estimated amount of patients to be treated at the new facilities in the hospital. 0 $363,000.
  39. Exploring Representations of Difference and Disability. Building Blocks or Barriers?
    As it can be concluded from the above-mentioned, creating disabled characters which disabled children can relate to and with the help of which children can cognize the world is a good idea.
  40. A Project Plan for Building a State of the Art Office and Warehouse
    The clients support the location of the new headquarters because the facilities will be close to the airport, enhancing the logistics involved in transferring the goods from the point of arrival to the point of […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Building

  1. Green Building in the Boston Area
    On the whole, this project illustrates how innovative technologies and creative decisions of the architects can improve the sustainability of buildings.
  2. The Role of Relationship Building
    A proper understanding of all the dynamics involved in the formulation of a company’s communication strategies will go a long way in ensuring that the company consolidates a satisfactory customer base and that there is […]
  3. World Heritage Sites: Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens
    Currently, the building is in the process of being restored to the theme that was there in the 20th century. The Royal Exhibition Building is the building and the Carlton garden is the site in […]
  4. Building a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
    Therefore, start and finish of a task is a representation of two stages of the project. The longest path linking the start and finish point in a network diagram through a series of intermediate activities […]
  5. Audi Car Dealership: Building and Construction Description
    Other issues discussed include: Site selection for the building Role of the building and the challenges encountered during the entire process of coming up with the wonderful structure Relationship between design, materials used and structural […]
  6. Refurbishment of the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne
    The study will be ultimately used to support the use of readily available resources and technologies for the improvement of one of the world’s heritage sites so as to tap in to emerging market trends […]
  7. Afghanistan State Building
    From the 1980s the Taliban, which began as a resistance group fighting against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, has played a key role in the affairs of Afghanistan. This paper has argued that the presence […]
  8. Integrating Building Information Management (BIM) into Construction Supply Chain Management
    The events are part of the whole production process, starting with the inception of the facility and all materials involved, to the end users and products delivered at the last phase.
  9. Brand building for Coca-cola
    The product perspective is one that seeks to indicate that the most attribute of a brand is its ability to meet the expected needs of the consumers.
  10. Property Management of a Company Headquarters Building, Dubai
    As mentioned earlier the building cost “X” Company a fortune to make it the way it is now, therefore, it was necessary for the team managing it to maintain the quality of the building and […]
  11. Business Modeling: Customer Value Proposition, System Building and Its Analysis
    According to the existing descriptions of the specifics of the Harvey Norman Model, the guiding principle of the enterprise lies in allowing the numerous franchisees operate the largest part of the company and, therefore, shape […]
  12. Building Material – Timber
    One analyses the environmental feasibility of a material on the basis of the effect it has on the environment during manufacture, construction of the facility and energy use after constructing the house.
  13. Nation-State Building in Southern Sudan
    According to Ashamu, the cornerstone to political development currently witnessed in Southern Sudan entails the involvement of the OLS in tripartite agreements with other two important actors, viz.the Southern Sudanese government, which is commonly known […]
  14. Building a Compensation Plan
    The aim of the paper is to design a compensation plan for the sales force of an engineering company that mostly entails in B2B sales.
  15. Organizational and Capacity Building
    The deputy director is the head of a department tasked with enhancing capacity building in the organization. The best outcome of capacity building is improved social fabric and impact in the organization.
  16. Postmodernism Building and Understanding
    In the field of art, postmodernism refers to the new approaches that were taken by modern artists as the world experienced various changes. However, his works on art are generally believed to have shaped postmodernism […]
  17. Administration of Building Development in Tempe, AZ
    In the course of the discussion, the following issues have been considered: Re-painting of the community art property; Designing the landscape plan; Getting the public approval for the re-painting of the property; Considering the possibility […]
  18. Building Identity Through Language
    In contrast to Amin Maalouf, she emphasizes another side of the problem of the identity mentioning the unwillingness of the native speakers and the society to recognize the fact that the immigrants have their own […]
  19. China National Building Material Company’s and ABC Supply’ Merger
    However, the success of the merger will be determined by the extent to which the management teams analyze and understand the United States and China’s cultures and values.
  20. Chrysler Building in New York City
    Description of the Work The correct name of this artwork is the “Chrysler Building”. According to Stravitz, “the Chrysler Building presents the best of Art Deco architecture”.
  21. Limestone Mineral in Tuynhuys Building
    The interior of the building was fabricated with limestone blocks from this island in the Atlantic Ocean. The limestone used in the interior finishing of the Tuynhuys building came from the Tristan da Cunha Island.
  22. The Empire State Building Architecture
    Most people believe that the construction of this building was fastened because the owners and constructors wanted it to be the tallest in New York.
  23. Building Design and Construction Methods
    This means that the ground where construction is intended to be put up must be strong enough to bear the weight of the building.
  24. Yacoubian Building Film Analysis
    Hatim, a successful journalist of a French language daily newspaper is also another main character in the film. Azam was a shoeblack who later turned to be one of the wealthiest men in Egypt.
  25. Building Peace through Environmental Cooperation
    One of the possible ways to build peace through environmental cooperation is to prevent any kind of violence and conflicts between the parties and minimize the chances of eco-destruction.
  26. Building Consrtuction for Fire Protection
    The parts are the path of travel to an exit, the exit itself, and the exit discharge that is also referred to as the path to a safe assembly point.
  27. Plantscape in Mason Office Building
    In the proposal for plant service, the author clearly and coherently states the necessary objectives of the proposed project. Firstly, the size and number of plants should conform to the size of the cabinet.
  28. Green Building Codes and Standards
    The building industry in the United States is not spared when it comes to the question of embracing the green paradigm in building and construction.
  29. House of Quality: Steps and Parts of Building
    A house of quality is a model built to show the relationship between the needs of a customer and the capabilities of a firm’s product.
  30. Cambridge Building Society Competitive Position
    In an effort to develop a strong relationship with its customers, HSBC has incorporated effective interior designing within its retail branches as illustrated by the image below. HSBC has effectively configured its digital posters to […]
  31. The White House Building
    The White House is the formal home and workplace of the President of U.S. The design of the building is superbly symmetric on the wings.
  32. The BMW Central Building: Location and Structure
    Before the erection of the structure, the plant had three disjointed houses, which assumed an important position in the construction process of the company. The BMW Central Building is located in Leipzig, Germany.
  33. Business Website Building Process and Costs
    Here is the list of tasks and steps that should be followed in the process of website building: Define the principal purpose of the site.
  34. The Saint Paul’s Cathedral Building
    Hence, the design and construction of Saint Paul’s Cathedral was to be accomplished in a manner that reflected the status of the city of London.
  35. Building Strategic Corporate Partnerships Podcast
    In the video, Vanessa and Erica hold the opinion that there are three primary concepts of a strong non-profit corporate partnership.
  36. Building a Strong Foundations by K. Paciorek
    The people in the profession should remember that their job could not be forgotten at the end of a workday; it requires skill and dedication to bring out the best qualities in the generations growing […]
  37. Building a Multi-Project Battalion: Leadership Styles
    The similarities in the behavior of Daniel and Yaron are in their approach to team members: each of them valued their input and was attentive to their opinions.
  38. Building of Memory: Managing Creativity Through Action
    It could be important for the team to understand Kornfield’s vision of the project, the main and secondary tasks, the project timeline, and the general outline of it. The third technique is to ensure face-to-face […]
  39. Toyota Company’s Building Services
    Therefore, it is evident that building services, in this case, do not represent the principal focus of the company’s activity, but serve to be a support service that the company provides.
  40. State-Building Process and Its Components
    In this respect, the aspect of good governance is one of the essentials in strengthening the capacity of public institutions. This is the reason why some countries are run by economic cartels that benefit from […]

✅ Simple & Easy Building Essay Titles

  1. Nissan Motor Company: Building Operational Resiliency
    The earthquake of March 2011 has left a significant mark on not only the lives of thousands of Japanese citizens but also on the economic well-being of a range of companies.
  2. Building Access Control Systems: Elements and Types
    The systems facilitate in setting the criteria used to determine the individuals that are allowed to access the facility or sensitive sections of the building.
  3. Strategy Execution: Building a Balanced Scorecard
    In the present article, the author’s purpose is to explain the latest techniques for designing an integrated strategy cascade tool the balanced scorecard or BSC that supports the realization of performance targets and indicators based […]
  4. Longxiang Building Material Co.’s Human Resources
    As the company is looking to expand and reach out to the markets outside of China within the next 5 years, it subsequently faces a challenge that every Chinese company has to face the problem […]
  5. Longxiang Building Material Co.’s Management
    The company retains good positions in the region and wishes to expand its reach to the foreign markets to increase its profits.
  6. Building a Coalition
    The primary purpose of the paper is to provide the reflection on the power point presentation related to the international negotiations.
  7. Building Successful Coalitions
    It is clear that to utilize these methods, one needs to carry out a detailed analysis of the party or parties one is intending to interact with and is considering the possibility of allying with.
  8. Ethical Dilemma: Swimming Pool Building
    This is evident when the contractor conducts the private work of the mayor without any delay, as well as the birthday gift that the contractor advances to the mayor as a friend.
  9. Tea House Building and Functioning in China
    The following project aims to detail the main factors connected with launching a successful tea house project including the location of the facility, the decoration patterns, the tea serving ceremony, and the organization of cultural […]
  10. Character Building in The Reluctant Fundamentalist
    By building his character, Changez, in a very original manner and displaying him as both the lover and the critic of the American traditions, the author of The Reluctant Fundamentalist makes the audience realize the […]
  11. Australian Green Building Innovation and Ethics
    The field has a direct impact on the quality of life and the environment. The concepts to be discussed include the origins of the project, its impacts, and how the innovation addresses sustainability concerns.
  12. Ezra Holdings’ Entrepreneurship and Capability Building
    From 2002, when the market has recovered, and the demand for vessels surged, the company has collected funds intended for the purchase of new OSVs, but with the arrival of the Initial Public Offering in […]
  13. Building a Community in the Classroom
    A,” Keech suggests that the exploration of the history of the city, in general, and the areas that the community inhabits, in particular, should be considered a foundation for enhancing the links between the members […]
  14. Moral Code in Richins’ Building an Ownership Economy
    One of the factors that expose people to continued economic problems is the ignorance of the fact that economic systems and business operations change with time.
  15. Building Information Modeling in Dubai Municipality
    The goal of the project is to outline the use of Building Information Modeling in the construction industry and to identify the benefits expected in the case of Dubai Municipality.
  16. Green Building Programs Assessment
    Each of the initiatives evaluates the impact that buildings have on the environment as well as the way these buildings were built and how they can be disposed of in the future. The main objective […]
  17. Green Building: the Impact of Humanity on the Environment
    A growing awareness of humanity’s impact on the environment resulted in the emergence of regulations and evaluation systems across the world. Green Globes is online-based and requires a design team and a project manager for […]
  18. Longxiang Building Material Company’s Problems
    As a general manager, Steven will have to deal with all kinds of problems and challenges that plague the Longxiang Building Material company, and the greatest challenge he has to face is the HR problem.
  19. Green Building and Green Practices Promotions
    One of the aspects of LCA is life cycle costing, which evaluates the financial cost of the design and maintenance of the building and is important for estimating the expenses associated with green buildings’ characteristics.
  20. Community Engagement in Democracy Building
    The first form of community engagement is the effort made by public administrators aimed at encouraging communities to participate in social and political processes.
  21. Planet B-Girl: Community Building and Feminism in Hip-Hop
    The main idea of the article under analysis is the intentions of female hip-hop artists to prove their choices and demonstrate their abilities by using the same rights male hip-hop artists have already got.
  22. Building Peace Worldwide
    According to the 2014 Global Peace Index, the universal peace continues to worsen every year. 2 The nations should ensure that governments have the capacity to negotiate for peace in times of disputes.
  23. Longxiang Building Material Company’s Analysis
    Frequent rotations cause a disconnection between the junior and the senior managers, and because of it, the general managers and the owners of the company receive a warped perspective on the situation within the company.
  24. Building Information Modelling’ System
    In particular, the building project under review is the Flood Alleviation Project, which is designed to protect the city of Leeds from floodwaters.
  25. Building Information Modelling: Canaletto London Project
    Among the main advantages of the residence, the project description lists being situated by the water in a prestigious part of London as well as the quality of apartments proposed and the service provided.
  26. Humanitarian Interventions and Peace Building Obstacles
    Recently, another kind of contribution to the maintenance of global peace and security has emerged in the forms of peace-keeping and peace-building.
  27. Context and Building in Architecture
    The discussion would include an understanding of what a disintegrated meaning of context would imply to the architectural space and an examination of the importance of the understanding of local cultural values in architecture because […]
  28. Somalia’s State Building and Failing Approaches
    Finally, the paper will make the argument that consensus building and a bottom-up approach to state-building are needed to develop a strong and stable nation-state in Somalia.
  29. Health System Building Reform in Abu Dhabi
    The focus of this paper is a discussion of the effects of two elements of the ongoing health system reform with the help of specific examples of health system building blocks.
  30. The Role of Law in State-Building
    The introduction of the rule of law is an integral part of state-building. Their importance in state building is to ensure that the actions of both leaders and citizens are controlled.
  31. Waste Management: Building Information Modeling
    The amount of waste generated in construction and demolition processes is enormous and is considered the largest portion of global waste.
  32. Building Security: Software Assurance Maturity Model
    The primary resources offered by OpenSAMM aim at the points listed below: Evaluation of existing software security processes used by an organization The building of properly balanced and optimized security assistance programs Demonstrating significant improvements […]
  33. Modernity in Traditional Islamic Building Design
    The bifurcation of scholarly opinions on the place of modernity in traditional Islamic building design is a testament to the complexity of the issue.
  34. Effects of Continuities and Changes on Building Strong States
    The emergence of states was the critical moment in the history of Europe, which was opposed by monarchs but supported by people.
  35. Changes and Continuites Effects on Strong States Building
    Several European nations underwent significant changes and continuities in the 17th and 18th centuries due to the process of establishing and building strong states.
  36. Media People Building the “Bridge” Across the Globe
    The cultural interactions within the European continent are just a shadow of the level of intercultural exchanges going on in the world today.
  37. Correctly Building Lesson Processes for Students
    Most importantly, the objectives set should reflect on what is going to be trained, the way it will be trained and the mastery level of the section to be trained.
  38. Building a Community of Practitioners Through Interaction
    The adaptability to a community of practice and participation in the same are determined by location and identity in the social world.
  39. Al Qir Shopping Centre Building Project
    The Al Qir shopping center project is a project for the current year in the Mall investments and is aimed at diversifying their business in fulfillment of the company’s growth strategy enshrined in the company’s […]
  40. Abu Dhabi Queens School Building Project
    Abu Dhabi Queens school project is a project of the Abu Dhabi group of schools which is a private company with a wide range of investments mainly in the education sector.

🔍 Good Research Topics about Building

  1. Building Information Modeling in the UK Transportation
    The study focused on examining the relevance of Building Information Modeling in transportation projects and the key drivers and barriers to the implementation of BIM in transportation infrastructure projects.
  2. Project Management: Building ICT Center
    The project director will be in charge of the reporting and the running of the project’s expenses throughout the specified timeframe.
  3. Building Structure Issues in Tall Edifices
    It further compares the structure of the buildings created in the past and present. The paper analyzes the problem in tall buildings and then discusses the rectification of those problems.
  4. Building Business Intelligence Using SAS
    The respondents were chosen to provide an answer on the questionnaire; the results of the answers are the following: It is evident that the system used by Traffic Department should keep pace with the progress […]
  5. Intelligent Building Capabilities in Healthcare
    The possible security and privacy concerns that the medical facility must put into consideration before venturing into the plan include: While the doctors may be monitoring and snooping about the patients’ vital symptoms in their […]
  6. Consulting Longxiang Building Materials
    Longxiang is planning to expand its reach to the budding markets of India, Russia, and the Middle East and later use them as a trampoline to expand further into Europe and the Americas.
  7. Building Reuse and Its Environmental Value
    Therefore, in Boston, one of the main approaches in support of retrofitting existing buildings can be the identification of the first targets and soliciting the opinions of the population about the importance of the chosen […]
  8. The Building of Salk Institute in La Jolla
    This decision preconditioned the future of the whole project and contributed to the appearance of the unique view of the Salk Institute that is now recognized as an outstanding example of modern art.
  9. Architects , General Building Contractor and Civil Engineer: Career Research
    My configuration is ISTP, and I think that the selected occupations are a good fit for my personality as they demand specific features and qualities that I possess.
  10. Sustainability and Building Information Modelling
    The purpose of this report is to discuss the role of such concepts as sustainability and Building Information Modelling in changing practices used in the building sector of the United Kingdom and globally.
  11. Building a Health History
    One should address health risks connected to adolescence, pregnancy, and peer pressure for the patient, for which the framework of HEEADSSS can be used.
  12. The Basic Building Blocks of a Contract Analysis
    When a legitimate offer is made, the offeree has the capability of acceptance – in the case where the offeree accepts the offer, an enforceable contract is made.
  13. Venture Dynamics: Buying, Building and Selling Enterprises: Defining an Entrepreneurial Firm
    Thus, the development of a new product or modification of an existing one to respond to customer tastes or preferences is a defining feature of an entrepreneurial firm.
  14. Resilience Building Against Natural Disasters in the Caribbean
    The objectives of this research are the need to investigate the current practices of construction in the British Virgin Islands to determine the levels of resilience that the buildings in the region have.
  15. Registered Nurse Building Professional Capacity
    According to Flinkman and Salantera, during the first year of practice, many GRNs choose to abandon the profession for a variety of reasons, including poor practice environment, lack of support, and choosing nursing as a […]
  16. Granite City Building Inspectors: Service Crime
    Since the issue was complicated by the press attention and the attorney’s refusal to disclose the formal investigation, Reardon resorted to the internal investigation.
  17. The Road Building Issues
    According to the report on the matters of cutting down the forests in Croatia for the needs of road building, the issue of construction forest roads in low-lying woodlands is linked to the detachment between […]
  18. Forum of Trajan and Roman City Building Techniques
    The Forum of Trajan building architecture forms the structure of Roman city building construction/ The Forum of Trajan in Rome, built at the commencement of the second century AD, is one of the most remarkable […]
  19. Indian Culture and Its Building Blocks
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the building blocks of a culture that is different from that of the author of this writing.
  20. Ceramics in Japan. Isamu Noguchi: Building Bridges
    Japan is one of those areas of the world that never wholly abandoned its appreciation and exploration into the art of ceramics.”Nowhere is there as great an appreciation for the potter’s art as in Japan.
  21. Green Building Leeds Certification – Childcare Center
    These provide regulations for the design of the facility, the infrastructure required, the size required and the specific services to be provided by the child care facility.
  22. Lightening Solution for a Green Building
    Now better is the efficiency of electricity to light conversion, lesser is the electrical energy wasted and lesser is the amount of fossil fuel burnt and greenhouse gases produced to get the same amount of […]
  23. Building Studies. Risk Assessment and Management
    Environmental degradation is causing a lot of harm to the buildings being constructed in the current era, and there is a dire need of involving a hazard alleviation sector while undergoing a developmental project.
  24. Native Americans in Anglo-American Nation Building
    The Natives became resistant and hostile towards the whites, and in the 1830s, the government made a policy to get rid of the Natives.
  25. Building Campus Housing Near School
    Off student, housing has become a pressing need as more and more students join college and the campus housing is insufficient to house the students.
  26. Public Administration Activity: Nation Building
    This paper will therefore discuss the process of nation building in countries and the consequences faced by the countries where nation building is not a success.
  27. Effects of Economy to Home Building Industry
    According to a study, the reason why there is a scale pattern in the home building is because of greater access to capital and the kind of economic environment that is experienced.
  28. Covington Building Supply: Market Position
    The main concern of a bank when it credits a company is the ability that this last has to repay the debt.
  29. Building a Space Launching Pad in Australia Advantages
    Such programs as operation of satellite and its services, processing of signal and space data, space instrumentation, designing of ground equipment, tracking of space debris and GPS usage are useful in Australia just as it […]
  30. Citizens National|: Building Information Systems
    This is why in the year 2001 due to Mark Singleton the use of Siebel was one of the most popular, competitive and innovative at that time.

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