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The White House Building Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: Jun 3rd, 2020

The White House is the formal home and workplace of the President of U.S. The building rests on the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington, D.C. (Hess, 2004). Every presidential family has implemented some transformations to the White House, since Kennedy’s renovation.


The North front, which is the main facade of the White House, has eleven bays and three floors (Hess, 2004). The facade seems to have two floors because ground floor can not be seen. The roofline of the building can, as well, not be seen because of a blocking wall. The Southern facade of the building has three floors that can be seen. The facade has a bow with three projecting bays, at the center. The bow gets bordered by 5 bays. The most recent third floor gets concealed, by a barrier wall and has no function in the structure of the facade.


The design of the building is superbly symmetric on the wings. The well ventilated windows in every wing make the building appear lighter than when there were no windows. Devoid of these elements, the house would appear top heavy.


The building has a floor space of 5,100 M² (Yanuck, 2006). Besides, the East Wing contains extra office space. The Central air conditioning and two other subbasements became added, in order to offer space for storage, bomb shelter and workrooms. The recently renovated interior has an enormous deal of natural light ensuing from the unblocking of both ground floor and first floor windows.


The house uses repetition in several ways. Each Wing of the building has several windows, which get repeated. Bays and pediments, also, get repeated. Windows are in sets of three on the Southern Wing.


Because of rainy summers and cold, windy, winters, the house suitably has tiny, covered, porches and the doors sway inward to let quick entry on a snowy, cold or rainy day. Besides, the building has large blowers close to the ceiling, for heating and vast ceiling fans, which can be reversed in hot summers. Indicate how the Building either assists, or inhibits a Smooth Traffic Flow through its Space, or Spaces.

The building divides into several crosswise pathways, as well as, lengthwise pathways for passage by foot. Besides, the interior has a grand staircase that connects to the Entrance Hall. The adjacent passageways allow traffic ease around the peripheral of the building. The building has a main entrance, at the centre of the portico, which makes it easy to enter directly to the house. Besides, the house has 412 doors for easier accessibility of facilities in the building (Yanuck, 2006). Point Out, how the Building Stimulates the Senses.

The location of the house is pleasant because it is away from the central streets. The house rests on the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington, D.C. (Hess, 2004). The outside is visually friendly as it looks rather like a house of worship (due to its white painting, which symbolizes purity). Thus, the building is pleasant to view. Also, the neoclassical style of the building catches the eye to view the beautiful pediments and wings. The stone feel comfortable under the feet and are easy to walk on, since they do not get slippery even in the rain. Since the White House is away from the traffic and different artists sing and play in the passageways, the sounds are extremely pleasant. Lastly, one breathes fresh air as he walks inside the building since it has central air conditioning.

Line, Form, Color, and Texture

The structure has several powerful lines. Some vertical lines of the building pounce directly into the sky even as, its horizontal lines that exist between doorways and windows are all stark although significant, generating a solid feel to the whole area. The vertical lines from the ground floor to the pediment make the building distinguishable from other intriguing structures, in the region. These vertical lines and the pediment dominate the appearance of the building.

Form follows function with principal workplace and official residence of the U.S president. The house gets firmly designed and remains true to its novel requirements as a president’s house. This house remains purposeful and yet appealing to the eyes and striking to the numerous visitors of the White House.

Natural colors are an element of the White House surroundings with shades of green, blue, brown, yellow and white. The white color in the building offers it a true, regional appearance. The yellow, red and green painted rooms match well with the surrounding of the building because they conjure up the colors of the region. Hence, these colors help to build the feeling of geographic position for this house and, also, add to the Holy feel of the building.

White House rests at Washington’s 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the texture of geography is that of smooth and well-shaped trees and flowers. Similarly, the building has a smooth geographic texture.

The white-painted, Aquia, sandstone furnishes the house. Hence, the physical texture of the building appears does not appear rough, even from a distance. While bricks are rough to touch, their physical texture fails to give the house much of a rough look. Nevertheless, bricks can lead to magnificent shadowing, and these bricks are no exception. The building has just enough texture, but from a distance, the house does not appear flat.


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