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The Patio-House Concept Essay

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Updated: Jun 4th, 2020

The word patio is a Spanish word that is used in the United States mainly to refer to courtyards that are traced to the architectural origins. The American poet, Longfellow, introduced the word into the English language in 1827, which he used describe his travels to the South West regions of the United States. The patio house was at first introduced into America by the Spanish architects mainly after new settlers occupied the California regions leading to the revival of the Spanish colonial styles of architecture and mostly in the bigger homes. Here, the larger houses were built using brick or adobe, while the smaller ones were built taking the shape of the early traditional patio forms. This shape and form of the patio was majorly preferred for defense purposes. Indeed, the style of a building or the form of architecture varied from one geographical location to another. For instance, there were buildings with battered walls, projecting unhand beam in Mexico, while others had gently sloping roofs in California.

This tradition did not manage to survive for a long time, but instead it survived for a few decades. This was so because the arrival of people from other regions brings about an amalgamation of cultural values and traditions, which often than not, reduces to nothing the notion left by the fast disappearing landmarks of the other races. Therefore, the coming settlers brought with them the Spanish colonial method of building. As a result, the patio house became a household name in the domestic architecture of the United States. In recent years, there have been revolutions and significant changes in architecture, which have been inspired by a desire to create a truly homegrown structural design. The purpose of this new drive is to replace the historical styles of a building, which were imported from European regions.

The houses in this topography, Mies van der show the ancient technology in construction of a two-storey scheme in the hillside. He suggested that it was possible to build this with entry and bedrooms above, while the main floor was positioned below. The houses proposed by this architect would have glass walls, a terrace, and flight of certain steps, which would connect the house to the garden below it. There was to be a double glass at one end to provide a slim conservatory in running the depth of the garden below. Based on my understanding, construction of buildings is the will of the time translated into space. Until this reality is clearly recognized and appreciated, the new structural designs will be uncertain and tentative. In anticipation of this, then it must remain a confusion of undirected forces. It is necessary to understand that all architecture is associated with its own time that it can only be noticeable in living tasks and in the medium of its era. This has never been otherwise in any generation.

In conclusion, the patio-house was not an accident but a beginning of greater developments in the field of architecture. In addition, the writer recommends that if we wish to change the way we think about housing it is crucial to revise existing taxonomic criterion.

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