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Architecture Essay Examples and Topics

Essays on Architecture can be challenging, especially if you are just starting learning this subject. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to get a good grade:

  • Choosing topic the right is crucial. You should write about something that interests you or focuses on a subject that you want to pursue further. For example, if you plan to work in landscape design, use this as a subject for your essay. There are also tons of sample architecture topics that you can find online if you can’t think of a particular one.
  • Structure earns you excellent marks. The organization is a central feature of any essay, and it can be tricky to get it right if you don’t know how. Start with a simple structure containing an intro, main body, and a conclusion. Write down your ideas on the topic that could be used in these three sections. Then, for the main body, expand on these ideas to form topic sentences for each paragraph.
  • Adding meaningful information on the topic is critical. Architecture is a broad subject that has seen tremendous development over the years. Try to map how your topic fits into the overall development of architecture, from Ancient Greece until today. This will definitely impress your tutor and help you get a good mark.
  • Your personal view is relevant. Instead of offering an impartial account of the topic, try to incorporate your own views in the paper. Some tutors require you to provide an art critique as part of your essay. Check the requirements and offer your perspective on the topic where relevant.

Keeping these points in mind will help you write high-quality architecture essays. To get more ideas, browse our architecture essay examples.

Monumentalism in Architecture

The body of the paper discovers Boullee's approach to the design of cenotaphs, the monuments in a place that does not contain the remains of the deceased one that serves as a symbolic grave.

Context and Building in Architecture

The discussion would include an understanding of what a disintegrated meaning of context would imply to the architectural space and an examination of the importance of the understanding of local cultural values in architecture because [...]

Steiner House and Kantner Bar’s Architecture

Viewing architecture as an art form, Loos took Sullivan's principle to its extreme and stated that "the building's identity resides in the ornament".[2] Despite the fact that Kantner Bar and Steiner House, which are two [...]

Ancient Chinese Architecture

The physical aspects of the Chinese architectural system entailed a court layout in which the architects concentrated on ensuring a unique spatial distribution of various components and a great emphasis on the integration of the [...]

National Identity in Asian Post-War Architecture

Incorporating the concepts of colonisation and following independence with the trials and tribulations of a people traumatised by war and cataclysms, the architecture that makes up the background of Asia, the grandeur of the urban [...]

Stonehenge and Its Significance

An impressive monument that had withstood the test of time, it stands as a testament of skill and ingenuity to the people who had built it and as an eternal mystery to the archeologists studying [...]

Saudi Arabian Historical Motives in Architecture

The social change is reflected in the dynamic style of life, interest in higher education, a new status of social independence for a single-family, the appearance of new social classes, and the gradual transition from [...]

Islamic City Concept and Architectural Style

Abu-Lughod, "The Theming of Arabia: Cultural Capitalism and the Re-Invention of Tradition in the Persian Gulf" by Khaled Adham, and "Creating the 'Arabian' Architectural Style" by Mamdouh Mohamed Sakr are discussing the topic of the [...]

Ancient Greek Temples Architecture

This temple was built using the Ionic order and formed the Seven Wonders of the World. Another known and oldest temple that used this order is the Apollo Bassae constructed in 420 BC.

The Patio-House Concept

The patio house was at first introduced into America by the Spanish architects mainly after new settlers occupied the California regions leading to the revival of the Spanish colonial styles of architecture and mostly in [...]

The White House Building

The White House is the formal home and workplace of the President of U.S. The design of the building is superbly symmetric on the wings.

Solomon Guggenheim Museum

The ability of Wright to create a structure where different manifestations of form and function are intertwined makes this building an architectural icon.

Casa Batlló by Antoni Gaudí

Yet, on the other hand, explanation of the house is that the facade is a symbol of Carnival. The loft is one of the most creative spaces in the house, and is a charming mixture [...]

The Islamic Gardens

A canal is constructed at the front in a manner so that a reflection of the mausoleum can be seen in the water.

Filippo Brunelleschi and Religious Architecture

Because of the combination of the elements of the Ancient Roman architecture and the Tuscan Romanesque style, Filippo Brunelleschi managed to create a unique architecture style, which allowed for rendering a range of religious issues [...]

Chrysler Building in New York City

Description of the Work The correct name of this artwork is the "Chrysler Building". According to Stravitz, "the Chrysler Building presents the best of Art Deco architecture".

American Architecture “Fallingwater”

A building that amazingly combines the elements of Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophy of harmony, and the designing solutions, which serve as the characteristics of the Western esthetics, Fallingwater is one of the most famous [...]

Queens Midtown Tunnel

Besides, the time the engineers spent working in the Holland tunnel was three years longer than it took them to create the Queens Midtown tunnel, this is one of the advantages of the experience received [...]

Ward House Architecture

The building was constructed towards the end of the 19th century when the Industrial Revolution was the main civilization in the US.

Burj Khalifa: Behind A Wall of Text

Location and dimensions of the Burj Khalifa Starting, appropriately enough, with the description of the place in which the Burj Khalifa located, the author of the article provides not only a brief mentioning of the [...]

Emirates: Eco Friendly Construction

The goal of advancing eco friendly principles in the UAE The concept of sustainable development is a direct response to the concerns for environmental degradation and the energy crisis.

Hollyhock House/The Creative Community

Now the building is recognized a National Historic Landmark and considered to be one of the top houses in Los Angeles. I suppose that the transformation is possible due to the cultural and historical advance [...]

Construction of the Empire State Building

The way the project managers in construction projects handle the identified risks is proportional to the success of the project. Depending on the nature of the project, the managers will come up with the possible [...]

Sydney Opera House

It should be noted that the project of constructing the Sydney Opera House did not have a project manager but was actually a collaboration between the architect, J rn Utzon and Ove Arup who was [...]

Research Analysis of the Sydney Opera House

Regarding the fact that the design and construction of the Opera House are presented as the world's known masterpiece, it is necessary to study historical, social, and design perspectives to define why the Opera House [...]

The Bahai Lotus Temple in New Delhi

Reminding of the famous Yggdrasil, the tree which linked the Hades, the earth and the Heavens, Plotinus' system descends from the highest level of communicating the nature of beauty to the lowest one.

Postmodernism and autonomy Discourse

As a matter of fact, the contemporary architectural skills heavily borrowed from the ideals of postmodernism When architectural areference, ornament and wit' returned, postmodernism was fast put into place and adopted across the world as [...]

The Niels and Mellie Esperson Buildings

The second topic that should be examined is gender, especially the stereotypes about gender and the role of women in society. In this case, one can speak about the importance of Mellie Esperson who initiated [...]

Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

The fountain is surrounded by a beautiful park and it forms the heart of the architectural composition. The height of the monument is 64 feet which equals to the 64 floors of the Tower.

Blenheim Bridge

The image below shows the site of the bridge: Nicholas Powers, the man who is credited for the design of the longest wooden bridge in the world went to Schoharie in New York to carry [...]

Capstone Project

This will be done by elaborating a brief history of the building and identifying some of the functions of the offices within the building and the activities taking place in the same.

Architecture of Frank Gehry

The color of the limestone was dictated by the match it will bring with the existing building, Deusto University. The building was design in such a way that it looks like a ship, this indeed [...]

Design, size and facilities

Washington Convention Center is the largest construction in the District of Columbia. The building had to reflect the ideals of the residents.

The Palace of Fine Arts

At the side of the rotunda, there are eight large insets which have paintings for Robert Reid: four of them portray the beginning of art, the progress, and the human recognition of the art.

Harold Washington Library

HWLC is a monumental building and was commissioned as a part of the renewal of the urban landscape of the city. The next section of the paper presents the culture that prevailed during the construction [...]

Rockefeller Center

Based on my previous visits to the area as well as the contexts adhered to it in pop culture the Rockefeller center can be considered an icon of American progress due to its location in [...]

The Getty Center in Los Angeles

A review of the work done by Richard in his design of the Getty centre begins with the plan, which entails the network and paths necessary for the creation of the entire centre.

The U.S. Capitol Building

The architecture of the building portrays Greco-Roman influence as the Capitol was meant to symbolize the idea of democracy, which is connected with Greece, and the idea of power, which is associated with the Roman [...]

Architectural Wonders

The diagram below shows a picture of the CN Tower Figure 1: A figure showing the CN Tower Climate and site issues considered in the design of the building The engineers of the CN Tower [...]

Adamson House in Malibu, California

The exterior style of the Adamson house complies with the style of the outside space. The Adamson house is located on the seaside and, therefore, much of the elements in style are reminiscent of the [...]

Beijing National Stadium

The stadium is one of the major breakthroughs in the construction technology. The removal of the retractable roof helped in reducing the weight of the building holding the stadium.

Sacred Archetypes by Mimi Lobell

It was this dynastic ancestral divinity, which reigned at the height of a syncretism state-culture religious conviction that centered on the "godly" rulers ritualistic and symbolic mediation.