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Graphic Design Essay Examples and Topics

What Is Multimedia Design?

In this essay, we will determine what media design is, give the definition to multimedia, establish the fundamental premises of the terms and present the examples of interactive and non-interactive multimedia design.

Graphics Design – Literature Review

It is based on this that the researcher has developed the assumption that an understanding of the intended audience of a particular type of graphics design work is one of the elements in the creative [...]

Background of Graphics Design

By utilizing this particular theory as the framework for this study the researcher will be able to properly correlate the opinions of the research subjects regarding their assumptions over what practices lead to the greatest [...]

Readability in Publications

Vocabulary level refers to the technicality of the words used in the document, whereby, longer and jargoned words belong to the category of words regarded to be most difficult compared to simple ones.

The Concept of Design Icons

And both elements have evolved to be the base on which design wholeness is created becoming the source of the beauty as is seen in the production of design icons.

How can a visual language be composed

When developing a design, the choice of colour to use will be determined by the intended purpose of the designs. The most important element to consider in visual language is the mind set and the [...]

Rhetoric in design

Kennedy summarily, states that the ethos of a speaker exudes the speaker's character credibility, logos comprise of the persuasive evidence presented to the audience and then pathos carries with it the emotional appeal that arouses [...]

The Socialite club logo and brochure design

Each element was created individually using the text, colour, and shaping tools from the Indesign palette. After assembling the text and shapes into the desired logo design shown below the elements are then grouped together.

Graphic Design History

This was a phase of the broader industrial revolution.period is believed to correspond to the end of the 19th century up to world war 1.the raise of technological revolution was marked by the use of [...]

Graphic Design: Timelines

The following trends have to be mentioned: Functionality: the vast majority of artists truly believe that the form of the work should be determined by function, this is why it was necessary to consider the [...]

Visual Argument

In fact, the use of colors in this advertisement has largely realized the ultimate goal of enticing the target group of the product In the advertisement shown above, the advertisement seems highly appealing by presenting [...]