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What Is Multimedia Design? Essay

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Updated: May 12th, 2020

In this essay, we will determine what media design is, give the definition to multimedia, establish the fundamental premises of the terms and present the examples of interactive and non-interactive multimedia design. Moreover, we will observe the areas of utilizing the multimedia design and producing and developing multimedia type products. Moreover, we will think about the assets of multimedia design in the United Arab Emirates and present the examples of multimedia design products.

The basics of multimedia design

Media design appears to be a creation of a fundamentally new medium of communication. The media environment is multi-disciplinary and variable by the means of its promotion. As a result, the profile of media design includes web design, art design, land design and television design. The flexibility of the current media space provides an opportunity for applying the most recent approaches and mechanisms for the formation of renewed media of communication and cooperation, which can create reverberation among the population. Current media industry consists of various conventional components. Its channels include television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, movies, and music. However, with the advancement of new technologies, the Commerce has extended and now also contains the Internet, video and computer games, mobile devices, and smartphones.

The media design is distinguished by a great degree of interactivity. Specialists in the area of media design are able to devise and advance design in any aspect: the development of concepts for the creation of media design; organization befitting for this communication medium; creation of image effects when dealing with advertising; working with the media, audio, visual and printed products.

Multimedia design is the craft of combining diversified models of media. Most frequently, it finds application in video games, web pages, CD-ROM and various others applications, usually in the interactive pattern. However, sometimes the multimedia design is used in the non-interactive form, such as by the multimedia specialists in the TV and World Wide Web. A lot of disparate assortments of media and its methods are involved in manufacturing.

Multimedia specialists are proficient in handling pictures and materials that are taken from a wide range of origins, such as audio, video, pictures, animated images, documents, wordings, music and even automated materials by the means of utilizing assorted abacus applications and other relevant audio and video modes that are connected to multimedia design. Interactive and non-interactive multimedia designs could be compared by several criteria that will be listed below.

Interactive multimedia design “includes work on kiosks, interactive DVDs, Blu-ray apps, and web design. Audio, video, animation, photos and more can be elements in the overall design of the output. But it is the graphical user interface (GUI) that sets the interactive design apart from audiovisual design” (A simple multimedia definition, 2010, para. 4). Moreover, the interactive multimedia design includes the development of the navigation through the interface, which would provide a user with an opportunity to select a content of an interface any time that is convenient for him. The job of an interactive multimedia designer is to ensure an efficient work of all media components; moreover, an interactive multimedia designer has to provide a user with a convenient Graphical User Interface, where he would be able to access all necessary material (Grau, 2003).

The product of non-interactive multimedia design can be observed in such production as television and World Wide Web. Commercials, web pages with Flash Player or HTML5, and motion pictures are a result of the work of an audio visual specialist. “Multimedia designers will often work with programs such as Adobe Premiere, Macromedia Director, Adobe Photoshop, and sometimes Microsoft PowerPoint for business presentations. On the Internet, it has become popular to use Macromedia Flash to present a multimedia experience in a quick downloading format” (A simple multimedia definition, 2010, para. 5).

Multimedia design demands not only professional mechanical experience but also innovative and visionary skills in order to combine two, three or even more forms of media (Dubois & Vial, 2010). The application of these skills is most needed in the Internet area, as demand for creating a page with a merger of visual and audio effects and text might occur. In order to attract an immense audience, the commerce of advertising and marketing has taken note of applying various models of media to their interface. Moreover, such tendency has been also observed in video gaming, training, and education directing.

How is multimedia design currently used in the UAE and to what effect?

The multimedia design is currently broadly used throughout the world, and the United Arab Emirates are no exception. We have already defined what a multimedia design is, now we will continue the paper with establishing the areas of utilizing the multimedia design and producing and developing multimedia type products. Moreover, we will think about the assets of multimedia design in the United Arab Emirates and what kind of opportunities do we have in the United Arab Emirates as multimedia innovators.

Not so long ago, in September 2014, the first informational 4D cinema had opened in Dubai. The primary feature of the cinema is the accumulation of the immersive image space. The technical progress gives an opportunity to create a new level of illusions with the help of mechanical equipment. The technology of the 4D cinema allows consolidating the movie and the viewer in the tree hundred and sixty degrees of space of images with the integrity of time and location (Packer, & Jordan, 2002). As for the standpoint of amusement, the Dome Box at Box Park directs at a goal of providing entertainment not only for the children but also adolescents and even adults.

Meraas is the organization that provided the multimedia design world with a conception of 4D cinema in Dubai. The general manager of the organization Jean-Marc Bled implies that “our movies are different from the ones you find at conventional cinemas. It is our mission to inspire and engage families with the story lines, and to this end, we screen cinematic productions that are educational. There is a dire need for additional high-quality indoor entertainment in the region, and the Dome Box adds a novel experience to Dubai’s leisure and entertainment landscape. As Eid is traditionally spent with the family, this is the perfect time to come to the Dome Box with loved ones and enjoy quality time” (Swan, 2015, para. 4).

In contrast to the all the usual conventional cinemas, a 4D cinema gives the audience an opportunity to take pleasure in the three hundred and sixty degree participation, along with the cloudy air, gentle breeze and smell bouquets in order to live through the fully audiovisual experience. There already have been the first viewers, and the comments about this new product of multimedia design are uniquely favorable. For example, public relations executive Omar Kandil claimed that the “introduced conception was innovative, moreover, it was a different and a very immersive experience” (Swan, 2015, para. 6).

Nonetheless, the 4D cinema is not the only product of multimedia design innovations in the United Arab Emirates. The Spherical Projection Theater ‘Dubai 360’ was created in order to provide the audience with a life-size reciprocal adventure (see Image 1-4). Dubai 360 project manager Ismaeil Al Hashmi said, “The launch of Dubai 360 has established new standards for how people experience a city. The Sphere is another extension of that experience. Obscura Digital has demonstrated the incredible possibilities of immersive entertainment and education” (Dubai 360, 2015, para. 1). Dubai 360 is a designed substantial globular object, where high-quality scenic compositions from a Web page of a project were able to be demonstrated in an exclusive, deeply engaging fashion.

The work of the Dubai 360: Spherical Projection Theater is described on their website: “visitors step inside The Sphere and walk along a suspended footbridge to the center, where they experience a fast-paced, six-minute film of Dubai shot in 360 degrees. Powered by 18 synchronized projectors, the show includes iconic locations such as Burj Khalifa and The Palm Jumeirah from perspectives never seen before. The Sphere is the world’s largest interactive city tour in the world’s biggest mall — and the first of its kind in the Middle East. The Sphere showcases Dubai’s pioneering spirit by integrating innovative ideas with technology to promote the wonders of the city” (Dubai 360, 2015, para. 1).

As a result, we could observe that the United Arab Emirates provides a variety of opportunities for the development of the multimedia design and the construction of its products. The most favorable areas for the implementing multimedia design in life is Dubai, as it is the most developed city, which provides various opportunities for advancement of the technologies.

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