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When Miracle Still Can Occur: Photoshop as It Is Analytical Essay

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Updated: Jul 8th, 2019

Introduction: When the Magic Starts

Crossing the threshold of the XXI century, the humankind has developed a number of peculiar and incredible computer technologies, including the ones that deal with visuals and change people’s perception of reality completely, offering the transformations that capture with their beauty and make the world of the ordinary brighter.

With the help of the Photoshop effect, a number of emotions and ideas can be expressed, even though an image lacks certain expressivity, being completely deprived of the sound component. Once comprising certain visual effects that Photoshop can provide, one is likely to reach the pinnacle of artistic expressivity, creating an original masterpiece out of the piece of the ordinary.

Analyzing several specific properties of Photoshop, as well as the skills that it allows one to master and the projects that can be implemented with the help of Photoshop, one will be able to obtain a general idea of the amazing program.

Once seeing the prospects that the given program offers to the world of design, one will be able to use it more efficiently. With the help of Photoshop skills and projects, images will speak to the public and address the latter on behalf of the artist.

Why People Need It: On the Purpose of Photoshop

It cannot be doubted that with the help of Photoshop, images obtain the specific tint of authenticity. On the one hand, the standard Photoshop filters make images rather artificial; however, on the other hand, with the help of Photoshop skills, one can crate the image that will bear the unique features that none of the images does.

Adding either the effect of the artificial, or, on the contrary, the illusion of complete realism, Photoshop skills and projects offer a plethora of ideas to consider. Among the most promising projects and skills that Photoshop offers, Selection, Painting, Puppet Warp and 3D Repousse should be mentioned. Considering the above-mentioned elements closer, one can obtain a clear vision of what Photoshop can offer to its users.

Mastering the Art of Painting: Photoshop Skills

Even though some people consider Photoshop one of the most complicated programs to master, acquiring the skills that are necessary for an efficient work with Photoshop is rather fast process.

However, since it is obvious that the options offered by Photoshop are truly countless, it will be wiser to consider several most enticing ones in the given paper. Offering a detailed overview of several properties that Photoshop includes and skills that the program helps to develop in the inexperienced artists, one will be able to demonstrate the efficacy and the importance of and skills in the modern design.

Selection: Making the Right Choice

One of the most enticing options that Photoshop can offer its users, the Selection procedure presupposes that the user has the skills to operate a number of specific tools in Photoshop, like the Magic Wand, the Lasso tool, the Move and the Quick Selection. Once mastering the tactics mentioned above, one is likely to come up with the most inspiring project.

It is necessary to mark that with the abundance of the selection types that Photoshop offers, the program allows to choose the exact portion of image that is required for the given composition and to insert it precisely into the place that you have picked for your picture. Hence, the most unbelievable and at the same time the most credible collages can be created with the help of the given tools.

Considering the elements somewhat closer, one should mark that the Move Tool, which is not technically designed for selection, also belongs to the given category, since it allows to locate the chosen piece of picture that has already been selected.

Painting: The Colors of the Rainbow

However, even though selecting certain pieces of pictures plays great role in the art of Photoshop, one must admit that the given program is much more about creating images and, hence, the art of drawing.

As an integral part and parcel of the latter, the skill of painting in Photoshop is the talent that also has to be learned by any designer. It must be admitted that the program offers more than enough possibilities for mastering the art of painting, which s why the toolkit that allows the user to paint should be considered closer.

Using the techniques of selection mentioned above, one can edit any picture with the help of the painting option. One of the most important functions that Photoshop allows to use is the choice of brushes, their size, shape and the thickness of the line.

It is also essential to mention such element of painting in Photoshop as the ability to imitate the charcoal painting, as well as the pastel one and painting with pastels and oil.

The Projects to Implement: Photoshop Assistance

In addition to a number of specific Photoshop techniques and skills that one can mater with the help of the program to create the most expressive pictures and the most outstanding masterpieces of digital design, one should mention the opportunity to introduce the specific projects with the help of Photoshop.

Once learning the techniques that allow to create all sorts of design in Photoshop, one is likely to reach the top of designing art. Taking a closer look at the abundance of the existing projects that Photoshop allows to implement, one will be able to embrace the pool of opportunities that Photoshop offers the public.

When considering the specific projects that Photoshop suggests to learn more about, one should take into account that each of the projects that Photoshop offers presupposes mastering a number of Photoshop skills. One of the basic skills, Selection, is used efficiently in the given project, which makes it obvious that the elements of Photoshop design are intertwined and depend on each other.

Puppet Warp. Become a Puppeteer

Feeling the lord of puppets might sound not quite enticing, yet the project called Puppet Warp involves a number of specific elements that are likely to entice the user with the scale of the opportunities that they presuppose. One of the most impressive ones, the Puppet Warp permits the user to distort the images with the incredible accuracy and create the warped images of the original visuals.

It is essential that once you have your image in front of you in your Photoshop project and can shape it according to your plan, you can have the mesh visible on your puppet; moreover, the mesh on the object can be readjusted according to the initial demands, which is rather impressive and contributes to the high precision.

As soon as the points are attached to the alleged puppet and are reshaped, one will obtain the image with the elements that can twist and bend. However, it is essential to mark that the flexibility of the elements depends on the initial mesh; the more points the object, a letter in the given case, has, the more rubber-like it looks, which provides an unforgettable impression.

When Words Speak Louder than Actions

Another amazing technique that requires considerable attention and thorough research, Painting with Words is more than merely using certain font – this is the point at which the idea of conveying a verbal message and creating an image that will convey both the textual and the visual message. However, it is essential to mark that the procedure presupposes taking several steps to create a work containing painting with words technique.

One of the most important elements of the given procedure, the use of the lasso tool is absolutely necessary. Grabbing the text with lasso, one can merge it with the visual part, thus, creating an original painting.

It is also crucial to use the brushes of different textures and sizes to readjust the text to the visuals and create compatible patterns. Thus, Painting with Words proves another means to incorporate the textual and the visual message into a single entity, which is the basic principle of an artist’s work.

Summary: The Point Being

There is no doubt that with the help of Photoshop, one can improve one’s designing skills and crate the works that contain the most impressive visuals and emphasize the idea of the project.

With the help of such techniques as selection, painting, Puppet Warp and Painting with Words, one is likely to create lively and gripping visuals that convey a specific message to the public. Hence, it is obvious that with the advent of the new Photoshop technologies, one is likely to crate the most expressive visuals to convey certain ideas to the public.

Considering the idea of using the Photoshop filters from a viewpoint of a graphic designer, one must admit that the program offers a plethora of opportunities for the users and allows to create more expressive patterns and designs.

Conclusion: Click the Red X in the Right Upper Corner

Though it is obvious that Photoshop allows designers to look beyond the horizon of the horizon of the ordinary, it is essential to keep in mind that the program presupposes not only the use of the technologies and the visual effects that Photoshop offers to the devoted public, one should keep in mind that mastering the designer skills is also important in the given case.

What should ne learned once and for all is that the program offers merely a bunch of top-quality instruments and the ability to choose the most efficient ones. Moreover, it is important that in Photoshop, one can erase the dissatisfying result and start anew; yet it is worth remembering that the program is merely an assistant in acquiring skills and developing one’s own taste and instinct for the fine art.

Photoshop Strengths

Assessing my own skills in the field of picture editing with the help of Photoshop, I need to say that my Photoshop strengths concern the ability to introduce the image in an original way using the new approaches.

The Researcher’s Qualities

Speaking of my researcher qualities, I would like to emphasize my ability to incorporate the unique approach and to follow the established scheme, incorporating previous experiences. Hence, it seems that with my researcher abilities, I will handle the new Photoshop project in an efficient and original way.

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